Open interest futures

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Analysis Of Open Interest Build UP In Stock Futures

3 129 views | 10 Oct. 2020

How to analyse OI buildup

How to analyse OI buildup in stock futures.

Software used : Amibroker

Twitter :- AmitJai86688709

Rocky R

Sir ,Ye indicator tradingview me mil sakta he ?? Ek bar tradingviem me bhi samja dijiye kese use karna he ..pls make video in hindi...

Vinod Thakare

Very nice explanation and strategy

dharmendra kumar

Excellent content sir... Keep it up...

Hanish Maghu

Good video Amit ji, keep it up.

Suren Negi

Great video bro

Raj Sakhare

how to get OI Change indicator in Amibroker it's not there

Ravindra Kamath

your strategys always booming bro


Great learning sir, thanks

Munish Mongia

Thankyou Sir for sharing, very well explained. Keep up the good work.. new way to trade breakouts safely

Guru Industries

Will you provide that amibroker scanner?

rms vb

if possible share the AFL

krishna Cipher

good sir.

bharat dawane

i dont have amibroker. From where i can get daily change in open interest?

Prad Bourne

how do you get the historical volatility of stock?

Open interest futures

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What is Open Interest in Future Contract - Hindi | NISM Series 8 Equity Derivatives

20 756 views | 10 Jul. 2019

Open Interest कैसे काम

Open Interest कैसे काम करता है How open interest is created in future contract. What is open interest in future contract.

If you are preparing for NISM Series 8 Equity Derivatives Exam or CFA Level 1 or FRM Level 1, this video will be helpful.

I have tried to explain open interest in Hindi for better understanding, still if you have doubt ask me in comment box.

What is future contract:


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Purchase Complete 36 Option strategies study pack with examples:



Start with our Basic of stock market videos:

1. What are shares, how it looks and how it is made?


2. How to chose a good IPO


3. How startup grow big and divide their shares/equity


4. Why most of the traders lose money




Biswajit pal

Sir how to identify how much new & old buyer and seller in a day...................?

Rejil Raj E P

best explanation sir!


Bhut hi aachha sir....No words...

Prakash singhji

Thanks ?

anil surana

If open interest of any option is increased it means the price of that option will increase tomorrow .....

venkateshwarlu gandla

Mera dout clear hogaya

Venu Srk

Wow, I have never seen any one explain open interest in such a simplified manner

Chetan Tadole


schön herrlich

I do love your learning dear sir ? . May you be blessed with happiness and success.

Zulfiquar Ali

Concept clear very well explained

Gyane vlogs

sawing lots of video in open interest didnt understand after seeing this i understand tq

Raaul _v

Sir thank you for giving this valuable information
I want to ask a question that what if we dont square off our position in call option
How much panel nse would impose?

Monika Sharma

sir, pls make video for all chapter wise

Bunty Best

thankyou sir
exam ki prepration kaise kre 5 days left
please help

Rajbeer singh

Sir 'I'ne 'B 'se buy kiya then why 'I' was in seller column?

Maroti Dasarwad

How does F&O affect the share price of a particular stock in a cash market?

Rajesh.K K

Very Well explained ?


Very good sir??

Sanjay Mohite

Very nice... Tarikese samzaya hai.. Sirjee


Sir, agar 1 trader 100 qty sell kiya, 1 ne 100 qty buy kiya. Yaha pe volume 1 hoga yaa 100.

Ranjit jha

Sir kuch question suggest kar sakte hai kya mere ko exam dena hai ???

Richness Business

Explain with options chain

Lavina Shringi

Thanks for your information in simple

Affan A

very nice explanation for science student

Sanat Kumar

Very well explained ??

Manny Bains

Does contract run from month to month n start from zero at the beginning of every month

suhas INSYNC

Hi, please aap muze ek baat batato, ki Open Interest ki jo value aati hai
kya usme Total number of contract hote hai? ya fir Total number of contract
multiple by lot size = Open Interest? Open interest ki value ka calculation
kaise hota hai? kya issme lot size include hoti hai ya nahi.

Rajat Audichya

Very nice video, helped me clear my doubts, I have a video request for you can you explain Implied Volatility in the same way?

rajeev gupta

Well explained sir....simplicity...

schön herrlich

?Hatts of to you dear sir.

Aswini Kumar Panda

Nice video.. but sir Why there is so much difference in Volume and Change in OI. technically both should be same. Sometimes OI is high and Volume is low.. what does it mean? i am unable to get a proper answer in this context anywhere... please help to understand thank you sir

Ravi Khanna

Well explained

Ekansh Shukla

good video sir Ban period and circuit ke baare me bhi Hindi me video bnaiye please

Mahendra Patel

Nice information

Mukesh Kumar Saini

Sir Ji crude oil me bare me bi batao na please

sherin nadar

sir... if A n B execute 10 contracts .. will oi n volume show 10..or.. oi will show 10 n volume 1

Mr.ansari Bilal

salam i m from pakistan but main open interst ka data kaisy or kaha hasil ker sakta hoon

Ramesh P

Awesome Example for learners. Thanks

santu Patil

Please sir one live example for call , put .


thankyou for wonderfull knowledgeur explain in so easy manner ..
sir open intrest negativity ho sakta he... and im in cs final one group is panding i want to go in stock market after my cs so pls guide me any course which i can do

Open interest futures

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Open Interest Analysis For Futures Trading (Option Chain Analysis) - Part 3 ??

15 527 views | 13 Jul. 2019

Open Interest Analysis For

Open Interest Analysis For Futures Trading (Open Interest And Volume) - In this Open Interest trading strategy video, I have covered how to combine Futures Open Interest, Options Open Interest and Price Action together to incorporate this trading framework into any Trading strategy.


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Concepts discussed in this part can be used in your own Open Interest Trading Strategy. I have begun this video by explaining importance of tracking price movement with Futures Open Interest Analysis. I have also shown how Option chain analysis should be used as confirmation of Price trend. To make this simple, I have given out 3 specific rules for Futures Open Interest Analysis and Option Chain Analysis.

I have then explained importance of Rollover data in this Futures trading framework along with explaining which data point in this framework should be given move importance. I have advocated that Price analysis and Futures Open Interest Analysis are two data points that should be tracked at all times.

I have also explained the importance of Price Analysis using Moving averages, Candle Volume chart and Trend structure in this futures trading framework. Furthermore, I have then taken up a case study to show how trader needs to combine price analysis, open interest analysis and option chain analysis in order to identify high probability trading setups.

Towards the end of the video, I have explained the importance of Account size in Futures Trading. Along with this, I have explained why consistency is the key to profit from Open Interest Analysis and Option chain analysis.

First Two parts of Open Interest Trading Strategy can be found below.


?? Open Interest Analysis For Futures Trading - Open Interest And Volume - Part 1



?? Open Interest Analysis For Futures Trading - Open Interest And Volume - Part 2



?? Intraday Trading Strategies - Beginners Guide To Intraday Trading



?? Swing Trading Strategies For Beginners



?? Option Trading Strategies For Beginners



?? Market Profile Trading For Beginners



Telegram Channel



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Technical Analysis Video is released every Saturday 9 Am IST


Thank You for Visiting Trade With Trend (TradeWithTrend) Channel


Abhishek Chauhan

Complicated stuff, Brilliantly done.!. Many Thanks. The best video on this topic.

Kavi Daswani

Thank you

K Mohan

Very sincere effort to share your knowledge. Thank you!! I have a few questions:-
1. Which software /brokerage gives out this kind of data..... like, Price-Volume Candles, OI data below price chart and Options Data in bar format? 2. Or, do we take options data into excel and create ourselves?
I’m a beginner, trying to make sense out of this.... but very interested.....your videos are very interesting.. please advise.


very good

Shubham Tiwari

Why cost of carry is negative in some stock
In some stocks I saw that future price is less than spot price
And there is no dividend
Why sir and what is reason behind this backwardation???

Narendra babu

Please tell about option chain analysis for intraday trading

R Kumar

R u using 50 SMA or EMA?


In fii derivative data if they are net sellers (figure is minus)in option index it means they have shorted put/call (new position created ) or it means long put/ call unwinding (position closed)

Rakesh Shalgar

You are master sir

Nishant dalal

I am searching for this advance level analysis & my search is over now.....thank you for describing it very thoroughly....people have to pay 1lakh fee to learn this type of analysis
please share intraday future & Option OI analysis

Tanmay Ghosh

please make video for intraday future trading.....with OI,price & vol analysis


Hello, Thanks for such a great informative videos! Can you help me where can I view the three months Future OI together in one place?

raja pandi

Sir series on options intraday?

Naadhan Kandasamy

With this analysis will the underlying work in the cask market ?

Gajanan Chavhan

I hope I will be good trader at the end of the year when I finish watching yr videos two times

Savinder Kataria

Pls make a video for oi interpretation for intraday.. This will help us a lot


Amazing!! On which site I can see Candle volume as depicted in the video?

yash rohra

Thank you for the tons of valuable information. I really liked the series, but it will be of great help if you can let me the know the resources used for compiling the open interest data across series. Thank you.

Atul Ranade

sir where can i get Nifty future IV any free web site recommendation ?
or any formula to calculate nifty future IV
Thank You

cc gamer 9099

How to get Volume Candles in our broker u have shown and OI data on chart ( real time for future) as well as VolOI ratio..I don't find it anywhere in my broker charting platform.Also, Sir we are very much interested in learning a comprehensive OPTION trading . I am a Nifty/banknifty index trader and doing very well predicting the market with price action and volume and still my P&L is negative so far as booking very small profit and cutting losses by exiting my position in fear when shaking candles come even if my SL didn't hit finally to see market moving in my direction. Just want any help in this regard.Thanks

Praful Date

Thanks for a wonderful lecture Sir

Mr m SEN

Please do option chain analysis for intraday trade

Yash Rajiv Chavan

I have watched all 3 parts iam really impressed with the knowledge you provide at free of cost and i like the way you systematically present all your presentations. God bless you.

Janmeya Vaity

Sir, where can I find Volume to Open Interest Ratio indicator? I mean on which website or Platform?

Parvez Ansari

Genuine information on time pass. Good to see videos which I needed.
Thank you

Abhishek Sharma

Thank you Sir ??

rahul tripathi

sir where to find rollover data

Biju Sukumaran

Hello ,
Please let me know Which tool allowing us to show Open Interest and Price chart together as shown in all session

sudhamoy Pal

Sir,which software provide candle volume chart,if kindly suggest.And sir if possible kindly make a video on expiry trading and oi limit

Debjit Sarkar


atul kadhane

U E GEM...NO DOUBT.... Please make a series of intraday options chain ANALYSIS series

sudhamoy Pal

And sir,my gratitude for making such a great video.


please indicate where future roll over data is available. we welcome a separate video for roll over analysis. money control used to have this information. now link is there but not functional

Roshan Dharmik

Hello Sir , as like you show the OI for 15 min , where we need to see this ? which website please

Fernando Beno

Hi, Have been watching your videos and it is amazing (both presentation and clarity of thoughts). Thank you.
BTW, how do you get the volume based candles (Fat and Thin) . I couldn't locate them in trading view and investing.com portals. Is it a script that you have written. Please provide some light on it

Sunil Sharma

All 3 parts are informative. sir, how to get future OI on chart

devdutt sharma

hi sir thanks for everything sir can u tell me from where we can see the futures open intrest on the charts as you showen here or if you tell that which software you use when you make this vidios as you showen thanks again

Shubham Tiwari

Sir, what about news how to react ?

I observed that when news is good price goes lower and when news is bad price goes higher
Like tata motors and.....
I think this happens due to profit booking big players
How can i track their activities in particular stock

Divyanshu Jetley

Hello sir, thank you for ur illuminating videos. They are really very helpful. Do you recommend any books on open interest analysis after watching your open interest analysis playlist?

God bless

Hello sir,
I have been through your many insightful videos and other material as well. But one thing still remains. How to avoid issue of hindsight view i.e. things are clear only in hindsight. How to be an early bird. Kindly guide. Thank you.

Umesh Mishra

thank you for another great video.
can you please share the charting tool you are using for open interest ?
Is that a web based charting tool?

chetan pateli

Where I get open interest of future at free of cost 15 days continuously it is difficult to see every stock every day and make a note any tool do you know which provides free of cost ?

Hitul Patel

Awesome video Sir!
Do you know where I can find open interest for USA market ?

Janmeya Vaity

Sir, where can I find Volume to Open Interest Ratio indicator on Amibroker Platform?


Keep it up the Great Work.
How to hedge future short or long with option and how to hedge option with Future. Request you for the detail video. Thanks a lot .???

Trade With Trend

(WATCH ALL PARTS) Futures Trading
(CLICK Below) For all other videos

manas behera

Hi I have watched your video which is really helpful & informative.I want to ask one thing where do we get the charts of OI in Option chain can you kindly guide and which is the trading platform you are using.

YV Ganesh

Sir, what is the best time frame for index option intraday trading, considering the option chain data, pivot points and 20 EMA

Hiren Patel

Very good video keep posting such kind of video which will help us the understanding the market very effectively

satpal sehrawat

which terminal is this? where can we see real time change in future open intrest in graphical form

Rajendra Kamat

Watched all 3 videos. Will check these concepts from tomorrow. One of the best YouTube videos I have seen on futures trading. I am sure it will help me become a better trader.

Kavin Tulsiani

Great videos. Can we use this strategy to enter a trade in options as well?

Vishal Chug

Hello Raunak Brother, I found a site named topstockresearch.com for futures oi build up data, will it be reliable, if at all u can chk n reply weather I can use it? Thanx in advance n bless u for ur hard work !!!

Gurpreet Singh

Sir please make complete videos of how to read option chain and how to take trade on the basis of option chain

Motivational Nature the magical experience

Hiii sir plz make a video for banknifty futures intra day trading

Vikas Jha

Sir if fut oi down and price is moving up what is that mean

Aniruddha Marda

Hello sir, can we use VWAP trading strategy in index future for intraday.?

Nifty Maniac

Can I know how Nifty Futures exactly work. The things I know are:-
1) Following Nifty50
2) Nifty Futures buying and selling
I'm not sure how moment in Nifty Futures exactly takes place.
I request you to please correct me and update my knowledge.

Naadhan Kandasamy

Wow... Very clear like always.

katarias kataria

rollover data of open interest please


Thanks a lot For taking your time.. explaining the concepts of trading ?.....Mu doubt is ... after analysing price, volume,Fut oi, Options oi...if I get Bullish signal...can I buy call Atm and vice versa for Bearish view... Thank you Good luck


where to get rollover graph like that?

sanket patil

Sir , You are fabulous . I just want to say , God bless you .

Aman Goel

sir please provide a source from where to get rollover data
and where to get graphical chart for option chain.


If someone is having only 2-Lac account size then he should not think of selecting trading as full time career?

amit singh

Please sir make the video intraday with oi

Rohith Gowda

Hello Sir, plz make a video series on Option Chain analysis, Implied Volatility & Premium Decay concept for Intraday Trade Decisions. Plz plz plz reply.

mahipal 3c 01

Hi sir my doubt is that what chart we should see that future will expire very month then in which month future chart we should see sir and how can I get oi data sir and at what rate we should entry sir I understood that when it break 50 ma then we can exit or it make lower high and Lowe low but at what rate we can entry sir

Pankaj Sinha

What is Volume to Open Interest Ratio?How can I get an Amibroker AFL for this?

Sagar Tachtode

Is that Futures OI total of 3 Months OI?? Which tool you are using?
Great content, Thank you !!!!

Soumen Mondal

Respected Sir, If I Sell a stock for Intraday basis, then I shall not think about the stock Volume.
But, If I Buy a stock for Intraday basis, then I shall think about the stock Volume. It is currect opinion or not. Please elaborate it.

Atul Tanna

Is there any indicator which shows the OI trend

Hiren Patel

Please make video on bank nifty strategy.....

Pratik Patel

Very good info. I have just started using amibroker. I am manually updating futures EOD data from nse bhavcopy. Please tell how to combine all three series OI data

manikanthan raman

We need intra day d
Trading using future oi and option


Sir, first of all very thanks for providing great knoweldge.
I have a doubt sir.
sir what is difference between long unwinding and short covering. I mean in long unwinding long positions are closed in losses and in short covering long positions are closed in profits. Is this correct sir?
what we call if short build up was closed with profits and what we call if they close with loss?

In OI what is the exact meaning of traded quantity? is it new contract written by some one? either on sell or buy side?
is it correct sir?

manohar k Manu

Really appreciate your efforts, recommend this channel to my friends. I have a question. How and where to get real time future Open interest?


Thank you so much for such an informative video :-)

It will help a lot !!

Pradeep Agarwal

Sir do u have course on future tradings


The way you present, such clarity in speech and in-depth knowledge shown in simple steps are very much comforting for beginners like us. Thanks a lot.

Bhabesh Mahanta

Please upload video on option chain analysis for intraday

Praveen Choudhary

which software u r using which shows OI addition with price....??

Pravin Kale

sir we are very much interested in OPTION CHAIN ANALYSIS.

Kalyan chakravarthy

Excellent videos and insights, how did you get price volume bar charts, amibroker?

Harish Nandu

Very very very good ??

chetan pateli

Which chart platform are using ? I am not getting it


Hi sir, Thanks for your knowledge sharing. I have a basic doubt in depicting the data out of Option interest, OI build up shown in NSE sites on the Call and Put sides are whether Buyer position or seller Position. If 206540 is the OI at SP 12000 in the call side, whether the 206450 no of peoples are in Call writing side or in Call Buying side.

Nagaraju Gosu

Sir, people are selling this for 50k. You gave this for free selflessly.. Awesome Efforts and crystal clear!! I know option chain analysis, I can notice volume changes, only thing stopping me is gathering the OI of future prices lively.. could you guide me how to do that please??

Mandar L

Thanks again..

If i may ask can you please send me the afl which can display the future oi for individual symbol. I see that you have shared a afl but it has specific symbol name input.

Abhishek Sharma

Sir please make a video as I requested earlier, that how to exit from wrong trade psychologically

Mayank Patel

Hello Sir, can you please recommend a good source of paid open interest data?

Ashish Patil

Sir definetly make video on intraday option chain .Also want know how to confirmed future position are built up on Long or short side

Abhyuday Clothing

How can we add Futures OI and OPtions OI on the chart..
i use investing and trading view ..
any other good website you can suggest to watch Ftures and Options OI.

venu gopal

Dear ST,
Please explain concept of contango and backwardation for futures trading impacting the current spot price, in your futures trading series

Thank you

Bala kumar

@trade with Trend thank you for the video sir ji , could you please let me know where can i find this futures rollover data?

Govinda Chate

Thank you so much for your precious knowledge!!! I request you to start the "options chain analysis for day trading"...I do scalp on 2minutes chart with 5-8-13 period SMA...which works well. However, I'm in the search of finding some filters to avoid whipsaws. Currently this strategy is successful from 40-50%. Where as I know options open interest is God, as said by various trades..thanks for ur efforts and support ??

Mandar L

Amazing clarity in delivery. Concepts explained very well.

Sandeep Vipat

Please suggest open interest & volume chart website unpaid & paid both

mallu satigoudar

Yes, please do video on option chain analysis..

K.M. Shivakumar

How and Where do I get these graphs, please?