World wise 300

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Smallest Countries/Smallest Countries in the World

1 377 626 views | 6 Jul. 2019

Learn the geography and

Learn the geography and size of the top 10 smallest countries in the world Vatican City, Monaco, Nauru, Tuvalu, San Marino, Liechtenstein and it's flag with the coat of arms, Marshall Islands, Saint Kitts, and Nevis, Maldives, Malta, with this educational music video for children and parents. Brought to you by Kids Learning Tube. Don't forget to sing along.


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We’re the 10 smallest sovereign states of the world

recognized by the United Nations

We’re the 10 smallest sovereign states of the world

Please stay tuned to our amazing station

I’m Vatican City

The smallest country by land area

Located in Europe

Here are more facts that I’ll share with ya

0.44 Square Kilometres

Is my size you see

I am also known as Holy See

That’s enough about me

My name is Monaco

The 2nd smallest inline

Also located in Europe

On the coast of France am I

2.02 Square Kilometres

Is my size by area

I hope you remember everything

I just shared with ya

How do you do?

My countries name is Nauru

Located in Oceania

Off the coast of Australia too

20.98 Square Kilometres

Is my size you see

And, I am a tiny island

Ranking in size as number 3

Oh, your dreams came true

You’re meeting Tuvalu

Also part of Oceania

in the South Pacific, it’s true

My land area is

26 Square Kilometres

Ranking me as the 4th smallest

That I am sure

If you’re looking for a place to go

visit San Marino

Surrounded by Italy in Europe

As I clearly show

I’m 61 Square Kilometres

Which put’s me as 5th

smallest countries

I hope you’re loving this

We’re the 10 smallest sovereign states of the world

recognized by the United Nations

We’re the 10 smallest sovereign states of the world

Please stay tuned to our amazing station

I hope you’re doing fine

My name is Liechtenstein

In Europe between

Austria and Switzerland I’m fine

160 Square Kilometres

Ranking me as 6th

You can learn more about me soon

On this channels mix

I am The Marshall Islands

In the Pacific, I stand

I’m part of Oceania

Staying here is my plan

181 Square Kilometres

makes me number 7th

That is my land area

Visit me and you’ll be in heaven

I know you can’t believe this

I’m Saint Kitts and Nevis

between the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, it is bliss

269 Square Kilometres

ranks me as number 8th

I am a Caribbean islands

Isn’t that great?

Have you visited me

I am the Maldives

A nation in the Indian Ocean

South of India see

300 Square Kilometres

Puts me as the 9th smallest country

By land area

And, that’s enough about me

I’m an archipelago

I’m the country of Malta

South of Italy

In the Mediterranean Sea, I’ll see ya

316 Square Kilometres

Ranks me as the 10th smallest country

I’m a wonderful island

I hope you do agree

We’re the 10 smallest sovereign states of the world

recognized by the United Nations

We’re the 10 smallest sovereign states of the world

Please stay tuned to our amazing station

World wise 300

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How We Use Wordly Wise in our Homeschool

21 999 views | 23 Sep. 2016

This video is all about

This video is all about how we use Wordly Wise 3000 in our homeschool. We do NOT use this program as it was intended, so please keep that in mind when watching this video. I hope it inspires you to work your curriculum (whatever it is) to suit YOU and YOUR KIDS! I know sometimes some materials just don't work for some people (I'm actually there right now with something), but it's worth a shot to see if it can be salvaged, right?! Anyway...I just wanted to share what we're doing, and I hope it helps!

Happy homeschooling!!!


Is this what you use for spelling, also? If not, what curriculum do you use? Thanks!

barbara harper

We are getting ready to start this curriculum and I heard about it from you. We do year round schooling so this method might be great ?? since we go through the summer.

Erika Barnes

First time homeschooler here and I love this! What a fantastic idea. I was researching purchasing this curriculum for my 1st and 5th graders. I'm trying to think outside the box more with their curriculum. Thank you for this! Would this work with the 1st grade book and would you suggest I purchase the 1st grade teacher kit?

keva pickens

This is a great idea! We got bored with it also.

Tilly Peralta

THANK YOU for saying you can make ANY curriculum in your homeschool work for you and your kids! This is the best advice any homeschool mama can get when it comes to buying/using curriculum. OMG love love love this video!

Nicole Harper

That's a great way to use worldly wise. I didn't get it tho year because it didn't seem to sink in but doing it this way sounds like a great way to do it. Thank you!!

Samantha of Bearcub Creations

I love this idea! I am looking at Wordly Wise for my son who is younger but has a large vocabulary already that we'd like to expand on but would need to take it slowly. With the method you use, do you need the teachers manual? It all seems like it's laid out within the student book. Am I correct?

The Murphy Zoo

Yep yep yep! My stress level went down exponentially when a lady at our local homeschool store told me to just "skip" that part, of a curriculum I was ditching and looking to replace. My mind was blown. And that was at the end of year two. I could just cry at how much stress that could have saved my kids and I, had I learned that from day one. So I am glad you are encouraging and inspiring others to make it suit their needs. My prayer is that it helps others to learn this sooner rather than later.


I absolutely love this idea , I use word a day booklet as a add on but I really like this idea ? and I can use the worldly wise books we already have. You have really helped me save ? with this idea . I don't know if you have a video on this yet but how is it going with spelling workout . We like but I am not super happy about it ,so anyway that's my video request if you haven't talked about. How are you using spelling workout each day.

Darren Z

Do you provide tutoring service for learning WW3000? Or do you have any tutor you can recommend? Thanks.

Jenna J

I know this is a 3 year old video, but it helped me so much. I just bought this curriculum for my 8th grader and following the book, by the book, is just not my favorite. This is a great video to show that we have the freedom to change it up! Thank you!

Katherine Ehrisman

Love it quality over quantity!!

Off the Trail

Great idea! I love it! I'm really glad you shared this. I've been on the fence about wordly wise because I don't want worksheet type stuff, but your strategy could really work well for me. :-)

Mel Jon

I’m loving this video. Thank you for sharing. I’m going to incorporate this into my homeschool. It does seem so dry to get through one lesson per week and I don’t want that for my boys.

Working Mommy Homeschool

I love this idea so much because we have decided to try this curriculum out for the next school year but I am so worried about overwhelming my kids with more work to complete daily. I have personally started tailoring the curriculum to meet our needs which has been a life saver.

Katherine Hebding

Thank you for this idea! My 2 kids, 3rd and 5th grade are using these books, and we are getting bored of doing them! I love this, and am going to implement this idea!


This is wonderful! I love your ideas!
I wanted to add, at http://www.wordlywise3000.com/word_lists/?book=02&lesson=1 they give all of the word lists with definitions and games, for free, for books 2 through 12. So, if someone wasn't super happy with the workbook, and likes online resources, that might be great for them.

Personally, I feel like after doing books 2 and 3, I could use the free online resources and have my kiddos get just as much out of it - especially taking on your approach with it as well :)

Love your channel! :) I always appreciate your content!

Alima Mariyam

omg this is sooo helpful...soooo glad sara javed(youtuber) refered...thank u both of u...u make homeschool luk so easy...

Darlene Brown

I have been teaching high school and middle school English/Language Arts for almost 30 years. I like the way you are passionate and excited about watching your kids learn. I tutor and teach privately now, and I still struggle to use many of the grammar and vocabulary "workbooks" out there. I get bored, and I know my students get bored. I like your idea. I might try doing 5 a day.....I'll just kind of play with it, like you said. Glad I found your video. You seem like an awesome teacher and mom.

Sarah Javed

I just purchased it! Can't way to try it. Thank u!

Kelly Polin

I really love this perspective! It's about truly understanding words and not just pushing through content to say you finished on time.

Joyfilled Journey

I haven't used this but the other day I shared your video with a friend who was looking for a vocabulary curriculum. So thanks! :)

Patricia smith

I watched your video and then decided i was going to change the way i do Wordly Wise. It just wasnt working the way they want you to do it. The words were not sticking. My daughter (11) NEEDS vocabulary. She uses words all the time wrong LOL! Anyway so i thought i'd share what i do now. I counted the number of words per lesson and so far it's been 15. I divided them between the 4 days we do school. So depending on the day we will have usually 4 but on one day it'll just be 3. I give her the word and the definition and we talk about the word. Then, i'll have her write the word in a composition notebook and then write in her own words what the word means. Next, she will draw a small picture to help her remember(saw on youtube) and then she will write her OWN sentence. We do this everyday. Eventually throughout the week all 15 will be added to her notebook. She doesnt get her workbook during this week because i want her to write in her own words everything in the notebook. The following week we will do the lessons pertaining to the 15 words we learned the week before. It seems to really work well!! Sometimes she uses similar sentences which are in the workbook but she doesnt know that because im the one holding it the first week. I love it so much better this way! Also, it'll make it last a lot longer too because in grade 6 i think it's 26 lessons only?? I may be off a little but it's something like that...It may roll over to next year. Im hoping it will roll over into her writing!


Thanks for this! We are just starting Wordly Wise and I’m going to try your suggestions.

Many Folds of Life

thinking outside the box!! love it!
Who said one have to finish the curriculum in one school year...?!

Joshua Okah

Perfect video


Thanks for sharing! We have used Wordly Wise and found it a bit too dry. This looks like a great way to make the curriculum more effective and useful. What an awsome idea.

Angel Bello

I can't see

I'm Not-Sure

Hi! Would you mind sharing what you are using for grammar? My 5th grader AND I are struggling, lol. I haven't thought about grammar since I was in high school, which was ages ago! Thank you.

Michelle Riffe

Love the ideas you have for this curriculum. I have it and that is perfect =) I like the ideas that you have and I will have to give it a try I needed something new for it =) I have from Lakeshore Learning and I thought I would pass it along for your third grader they have a vocabulary journal I intend to use that for worldy wise. It has the sentence area a synonym and picture area. For my older kiddo I love your idea for the sentence as well. I may also challenge them to spell it to me as well with bananagram tiles =)

Dean Kling

Thank you! This was a fabulous video! I am going to implement your method when we reach this level!

Audrey McNair

Thank you for this! Are you still using Wordly Wise in this way? If so, how is it working out? We use Wordly Wise, and yes, I feel like it's just busy work. I feel like my kids aren't really actually learning the words. They do the lessons quickly and then never use the words again. I like this idea of actually building a connection with the words and cementing the words in their brains a little more, so maybe someday they will actually use them when talking or writing!

Our Little Schoolhouse

I love how you made this program work for you. We used the WW Online last year for my then 3rd and 5th grader. It was just too much (time) each day. This year we are doing a word a day with a quick writing prompt and we LOVE it. We do this during Morning Time and my 3 older children all have a composition notebook. My 1st grader joins in and simply copies the word and definition. It is working out great.

This is the book we are using...

Mrs. Gloria Ortiz

Thank you for your video! We now skip one section and use that as a day for writing sentences instead. It has worked wonders!

Ashley Lindsey


Rue Ivy

I think this is a brilliant way to use the curriculum!

Arla Alexander

Candice, Candice, Candice! Thank you so much for this video! We are going to go to 1 word a day and I'm very excited about doing it that way! My 10th grader absolutely HATES Wordly Wise using it the way it is intended. I really think that changing it to where there is more interaction between she and I regarding the vocabulary words will make a big difference. I intend on doing it this new way with my 1st and 2nd graders too. I realize this video was posted almost a year and a half ago. Are you still doing a word a day with WW?


I think your idea is amazing since it works so well for your family and your kiddos. i will give you a quick tip tho... if you're JUST using the words from the word list every week and not the activities (you can easily make your own activities), save some money on buying the books every year and go to their website wordlywise300 and click on the book you would be in and it has the words, parts of speech, definitions, and sentences in audio and readable form there, basically everything you see on the word list page and it has activities like games and word puzzles. So you wouldn't have to buy the books just to get the word lists. Keep up the great work!! God Bless!

Jacquelyn at Greenbeans and Honeybees

Hi! I love this idea. Do you use the Teacher Book when you do Wordly Wise this way or just the student workbook? Thanks!

The Paper Maid

That is awesome!! I tried doing the 'write the sentences' with the words a while ago, but they got dropped off, but I am encouraged afresh to go back and try it again. Thank you!! :o)

My Many Hats

I definitely needed to see this video!!!!! We just finished our first unit of WW and kind of thought it was blah. I LOVE that you said that you make your curriculum work for you, not the other way around. We are starting our 5th year of homeschooling and I think as you progress, you aren't as scared, and can really embrace the freedom you have!

Blessed Mess

I love how you're pulling everything in and making it work for you! Such a fantastic idea!

Pennies And Salt

New subscriber here! ? I’ve always wondered about this curriculum. Looks like this could be a great addition to our homeschool, especially since my oldest voiced he’s very interested in learning more vocabulary. Thanks for sharing!

Homeschooled Around the World

We just started using it and I feel that we are going way to fast for the number of words. I will give your idea a try because it makes more sense to me. Finishing the lists in a week to get it done is not a good idea. Thank you for another great video!

Junfeng Shark


Lizzie Grier

do you use the teachers guide?


I'm loving this series! We use several of the same things you do. I bought Wordly Wise for my 2nd graders this summer, but we haven't picked it up yet. And we just switched from All About Spelling to Spelling Workout in August.

Amy Howland

Can I get away with just using the student workbook?


Right on to You!!!! Love how you are focused on quality learning rather than a system you think you have stick you because you were told. Thank you! very inspiring. Much Love

Heather Nasella

Love this! I had WW level 2 last year and it was too much, so thought I would try again this year, but I don't feel like its working going thru the book the way its intended. Love the idea of doing a word a day then doing the activities. I feel like my daughters eyes would glaze over after about vocab word 4 and then I'm not sure she is really getting anything out of it. I seriously think this approach might be genious....just saying ?

Mayda Arshad

arrived here and subscribed here because of Sara Javed's home school channel. Loved your video, looking forward to watching the rest of your videos

Katie Burns

Hey Candace! Could you please do an updated homeschool schedule video? Specifically, do you do all subjects every day? If you don't, I'd love to hear what you rotate through. I homeschool my 4th-grade boy and I don't feel like our schedule is working for us. Like you mentioned about Wordly Wise (which we also do, btw!), our subjects are just getting dry (even the ones that were fun at the beginning of the year) and school feels like something we're just trying to get through. This video was so timely for me! I was beginning to feel discouraged and watching this helped me feel like I can make some adjustments to get some of the fun back. Thanks for posting it and keep up the great work! :)

Grace and Grit

Thanks for sharing! I am using this for first time in our next school year!


This is fabulous! I've spent the past week contemplating keeping or ditching Wordly Wise for the coming year. I already bought the books books and assessments for both of my children, but I really didn't enjoy the program last year. I just couldn't find anything else appealing, and I can't let go of that "need" to cover every subject with an actual curriculum (that college trained teacher in me... trying to ditch that mentality!) Anyway - I love the ideas you presented, as well as some of the ideas from your other viewers. You've shed new light on this subject and curriculum for me. I can't wait to tweak our plans for the coming year. Thank you, THANK YOU!

M. A. Hickman

Oh my goodness I love this idea. We just started using world wise A with my 2nd grader. But I would love to include this method some how. Thank you for sharing.

Maria Stephenson

What a great idea! I will be trying it with my girls. Thanks for sharing.

Grace Greenwell

We did Wordly Wise last year with my 2nd grader for the first time and when I mentioned that I didnt know if we would use it again this coming year...she was like No! I love it! LOL Wordly wise worked well for us doing it the way it's written but this does give me an idea to write the words on the board for the week just so they see them all week.

Mama to Five

I've never seen this curriculum. I'm learning so much about different curriculum on YouTube! Love how you made it work for you, even if it's not how it was intended. We're doing this with a couple of our books this year too. ?


Hi I was wondering if I need to buy the teachers book too? Could we get by with just the student workbook?

Random 257

Last year, I had my 5th grade teacher use Wordly Wise 3000 all the time. And I loved it. The next year, my new teacher gave this other program on the internet. I learned no words at all on it. I still use the program to get good grades. But I also print out Wordly Wise sheets to actually learn words. I love Wordly Wise 3000!!!

Johnny Canales

It's so encouraging and refreshing to hear that you are not afraid to alter the curriculum to fit you and your kids needs. I totally agree with that philosophy. It's not about rushing through curriculum, but taking our time and being intentional about it. Thanks for sharing!

Angelina Joy

I looooove this!! We're doing wordly wise 3000 also and daughter is great with words so she has been doing it independently but I would LOVE to use these words WITH her so I can see those connections like you are with your son!

Patricia smith

This is similar to what I did in my daughters 4th grade year and I called it " A word a day" :) I used words online though and didn't buy a curriculum and I would say ok now today by the end of the day I want you to use this in a sentence to me or dad. She did so much better!!! Last year she loved wordly wise so much I didn't mess with it, but she didn't get as much from it as I would have liked. I love your idea!!

Creating Essence

LOVE IT! I see so many homeschoolers being a slave to their curriculum, or else HATING a curriculum because they didn't like the instructed approach. It feels like so few families realize you NEED to make the curriculum work for your family as well as each student in your family. Thank you for putting your take on Wordly Wise out there. Such valuable info. We change nearly everything to make it work for us.

World wise 300

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Fred Syversen 107m Cliff Drop WORLD RECORD

265 986 views | 17 Dec. 2015

Fred Syversen bat

Fred Syversen bat accidentellement le record du monde du plus haut saut en Ski Freeride lors du tournage du Film de la Nuit de la Glisse "Never Ending" - 2010

Truth Seeker

The song is called Mystical Machine Gun Rubinio for those wondering.

Guitar Shredder

this dude fell the distance of a baseball field. I just shit my pants on purpose ?


Such a disappointing camera angle but holy crap that was insane!


The angle of the camera was really fucked.

Luke Hollenbaugh

What is the name of the song that starts at around 1:50?

Seb the freeride master

Jamie pierre meant to do it tho

Jimbo Saul

i mean its a helicopter, not an aeroplane. why didnt pilot stop and hover at point of the cliff take off instead of keep moving away from the takeoff area. moronic !. just so annoying. he had one job. allow for filming of the skier !


Hey buddy we missed it. Heli pilot doesn't seem to understand what his role is in this operation. Go back up and do it again.


Not today, Fred

Typical Type

can someone tell me the song name

Dmitri Padalka

Пилот- лошара.

Funk Worth Rollin

All fun n games till you WILE COYOTE yourself.

Lebron James

Sorry man didn’t get it on film, could you try again

oOOo oOOo

People talk about sending.....

JJ Chai

If he fell at 2:46 it would have been death

deck passenger

He needed to tie skateboards and skates over his skis, he would have a triple record.


What did the expect? Lol

PJ Rouss


Jason B

We didn’t see the free fall therefore it didn’t happen.

Sandra Borg

that is what happen to Fred


Idiots - everyone involved.


Fred is kinda stupid, huh?

Stephen R

Is there anyone else thinking that this leap doesn’t count for any world record because he didn’t ski away from it? Of course I’m setting aside the fact that he’s incredibly lucky that he is still alive and in fact wasn’t even seriously injured.

Max Ertul

It was at this moment that Fred knew...
... he fucked up!

Andrew Rivera

Repeat: heli blew the shot...

Marcus Trevor

For everyone crying about the pilot theft clearly were hoping that he wouldn't go straight off the cliff and follow the ridge edge round hence the camera angle.

Florian Léonard

Music pls?


The heli pilot literally had one job.

Dave Schleifer

Glad he's alive,,,, the footage sucked.. WOW imagine the thought at 300 feet ... Ohh shit.


....most motorcycle helmets have come links
Why is that not standard?...


fire that pilot


But why tho?


Same voice than FitMC

Thomas Tovey

107 metres is 351 ft...or a 30 story building !!

Seb the freeride master


austin walker

A gift from God


Lol! He totally missed the shot! lol

Dirt Roads

The skier messed up but the film crew messed up even worse. I'm sure they'll go to the grave wishing they got the shot.


It was probably 80 meter. No clear evidence of higher. Bad photo.


Next time they should have someone film the jump.

John Johnson

This is a sport??

Rat eliminator

the best cameraman ever

Brett McNary

Did he get the grab? We might never know..... :(


Where did he think he was going with that cliff in his path?

Mark One

So, obviously he didn't stick the landing going by the crater he left. Lucky he's still here.

Jimbo Slice

1 of the most ignurt inbreds of all time


wo haben Sie so eine Pfeife von Helikopterpilot gefunden so ein Ignorant der ist zu blòd um so zu fliegen das man denn Sprung sieht Ich wùrde den Pilot vom Kliff hinuterschmeissen wenn der immer so gut fliegt wunder mich das der noch nicht abgestùrzt ist

duder mcdude

The pilots name Jean douche Bag

Me Em

didnt see it

Zac Becker

Cant fucking see it!!!!

George Johnson

I can not believe that ..no kidding one job to do ..Idiot complete idiot


Why does Fred look like Mark Wahlberg


Why i like so much that music?? 2:02 - 2:51 i like when Fred is skying and that music is playing but but unfortunately an accident happened :(


Idiot pilot. You can see his path. Just sit on the edge and film.

Joel N Smith

DIRECTOR: Fly around in circles as fast as you can, it will be perfect for framing up a gigantic cliff drop! HELI PILOT: I'm on it!

H2o Echo

Great camera work.....NOT.

José da Cunha Filho

Did I not see the piece of footage intended here? I mean, the dude actually falling off the cliff? I guess not.


Cliff: sorry Fred it’s your time.
Fred: n o.

Random YouTube channel

I’ve jumps 9 metre cliffs and that sh*t is scary and if u fall it hurts bad! I truly feel bad for him:|

Peter Wysochanski

It's like guys breaking the record for jumping out of a plane without a parachute.

Derek Derek

Pause when they measure the 107m... it's not even close to his launch site. Look in the top left and you can see his ski tracks. Very impressive, but that wasn't more than 80m.

Winirt foufou


Joshua Kane

the people and the song make it sound like hes going to die


Pilot sucks. Even though it wasnt the line they planned, it actually was clear at some point what would happen. But the pilot took the wrong direction right before the jump.

Gilles Salandre

Calling such a failure 'world record'..

Timothy Fontaine

Quite the send

Yana D

That had more than 1 million views when first posted. Why did you remove it and then post it up again?!...

Stefeliga Flavius

Sorry, we did NOT have the...camera on you so could you...you know...

try again?


This is meant to be in a you had one job compilation


that looks fun

Jay Philip Williams

Is it a world record if it was an accident?

Ingrid Wasenden

Umm, how do you want to do that?? Please don’t do it again!!:0


Imagine you got world record for worst Fall...


It's not a world record if you crash, stupid shits. I could crash from 108 meters.........

Spock Spock

Keep charging hard friend.

Jonny Boom Boom 46

this record is for all

Гиоргий Шарангия

what are the musics here? its all fcn good


Since there's only one comment I'll speak for the 30k people that's watched this already. "Stupid lucky bastard"


Damn the feeling he mustve had when he went over the cliff