Seed maker stardew

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How does Seed Maker work - Stardew Valley

8 548 views | 6 Apr. 2017

It basically turns the

It basically turns the vegetable or fruit or whatever into seeds. Incase you want to turn a crappy quality crop into seeds and try again for a better one.




mines not working ._.
i'm sooo confused, i had it in the house, then i put it outside, it still wont eat the fruit/veggie.
does it have to be at a certain time?


i liked the ending dududududu


i came here to get a little knowledge about that seed maker thingie but in the end i got more than i expected, wow, that outro tho.



The Half-Dane

Mine only gives 1 seed back:'(

Pete Phelp

I liked your ending

Seed maker stardew

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BEST CROPS TO USE IN PRESERVES JARS? - Stardew Valley (Preserves Jar Guide)

78 113 views | 13 Oct. 2017

✏️For more useful

✏️For more useful information please press the "Show More" tab!



?Stardew Valley is an open-ended country-life RPG! You’ve inherited your grandfather’s old farm plot in Stardew Valley. Armed with hand-me-down tools and a few coins, you set out to begin your new life. Can you learn to live off the land and turn these overgrown fields into a thriving home? It won’t be easy. Ever since Joja Corporation came to town, the old ways of life have all but disappeared. The community centre, once the town’s most vibrant hub of activity, now lies in shambles. But the valley seems full of opportunity. With a little dedication, you might just be the one to restore Stardew Valley to greatness!

?Full Credit to Eric Barone also known as "Concerned Ape" for creating this game himself! Go follow this legend on twitter & facebook to give him the credit and support he deserves!


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Not to nit pick, but a pumpkin is a fruit and a rhubarb stalk isn't a fruit, that's the only 2 I noticed...

105 Wonky

I keep missing the live stream ??

Mattis Pelletier

Dude, just stop trying to over-edit your videos. It gets annoying for a relaxing game. And PLEASE stop the CLICKBAIT! You are the only SV youtuber who does it and it sucks.


Pickle Rick! XD


Great videos man, started playing on the switch. Your videos have been helping out.

Eva Yang

Hey gameshark! I love watching your videos, they have helped me so much in the last few months playing stardew valley. Great job!!

Mike Florea

Forest farm? Respect for you.

Pog Champ

where can u get star fruit seeds except the mesuem


You didn't mention using the "Sweet Gem Berry", for preserves or wine.

* 1 Sweet Gem Berry= 3,000gold (1x)
* 1 Starfruit= 750gold (1x)
** 1 Ancient Fruit= 550gold (** A Multiple Harvest producing plant, unless killed by Winter; so 3x? per season {1,650gold per plant possible per season?})

Also, once one can afford it, ALWAYS use a Seed Maker machine(s) to more-than-double your plants/seeds/profits before turning HALF of them into more profitable products, or even selling them, or giving them away as gifts. That way one will never need to buy those type of 'seeds' ever again-- in the game.

[Note: the Real World no longer works this way, due to Hybridization of plants ( i.e an unending profit for Seed Companies, not Farmers :( ...). It Is Illegal To Save And Re-plant Most Harvested Seeds Now! A farmer can stockpile those very same seeds, but they may NOT re-plant them, ever. They MUST sell them, use them, or LOSE THEM.]

random person

Dude, you need to stop making videos. They are terrible.

Alyssa Sowell

How do you have those beautiful new textures on stuff? I love the way your farm looks in that and would like to try it myself

DavidSweGamer KingKong


Banta Claus


alexoiu alexandra

Thanks very much!


Thank you , have only been through spring and getting close to the end of fall , learning so much , this game is great

I use furry yiff as my pfp

Preserves jar is for cheap crops, the crops that sell for a high price should be put in a keg



Takumi Doutou

Please don't put Harvey in there


WTF again another intro?

High Guy Answers

Peaches are really good it give 500g


I thought kegs were better? why is the daily coins more for the star fruit then using the ancient fruits for the kegs?

Richard Viade

1:37 what the fuck was that clip?? you asshole!! nobody needs that and its not even funny so stick it up your ass for all we care


How do i know which profession i picked?

Nanny Oggins

Very handy. I just planted my first crop of starfruit and ancient seeds so this was useful thanks.

Aaron Scoggins

Is this accounting for grow time/cost of seeds for the profit/day?


I feel like death right now

Mike Wyatt

Do a video about how to fix the greenhouse


Jesus you just nearly caused bans all round my house. I paused it when you said "...pickles" and came back to the video and pickle rick played when I pressed the button. I had a go study everyone for that. ???




Good video, but I was more interested in seeing them sorted by what percentage of the base crop the treated crop is worth, rather than the raw $$ value.

Mitzen Meezer

Evil red cabbage! Bane of Year One Community Centers everywhere.

Salivadora Salamander

Wait non pickle stuff can make pickles

My life is a lie

Matthew Wages

playing this video with stardew valley in the background really confuses me

I don't have any ideas



How do you get ancient fruit

Amir Singh

So, the base value of the fruit or vegetable, double it, and add 50g


Yum pickles

Uncle Death

Un subbed for the pickle rick joke smh

Seniku Moonjewel

jelly? no, it's jam.. jelly is something completely different :D


According to the thumbnail, the best thing to put in a preserves jar is Harvey.


What happened to the follow-up video comparing the preserve jar and the keg for each fruit?

Alexandra Huynh

You’re supposed to calculate it with the days it takes to grow the fruit/vegetable as well. The profit per day will be affected by how long it takes to grow each crop.




I was going to ask for this video after you did the keg video, but you allready made it! Thanks for all the great videos!? And i just happend to plant 300 cauliflower because it's one of the most valuable crops for spring... Guess i'm going to make even more money with the pickled ones!


Ever since I watched your videos, I have improved on making money!! I recently got the game. Thank you

Julie Dyess Kirk

Preserving isn't a one shot deal though. Star fruit seeds must be replanted after harvest, so you either constantly spend more money on seeds, or you sacrifice some star fruit to your seed maker machine, thereby cutting into your profits per plant. And all this planting takes time, which is so valuable when you're trying to make repeated forays into the mines or to the water to catch legendary fish. For best consistent profit, without need for seeds or replanting, get your greenhouse going and plant Ancient Fruit seeds. After reaching maturity in 28 days, they'll produce a new fruit every 7 days without ever needing to be replanted. From then on, you just harvest repeatedly, drop the fruit into your preserving jars or kegs, and go about your business. I haven't done the math, but it seems that for Ancient Fruit, making jelly is more profitable than making wine, assuming you remove and sell the products when they become available and don't let them hang out in the jars or kegs for days. Prompt harvesting means that although Ancient Fruit jelly is cheaper than the wine, it produces much more quickly, making it ultimately more profitable over the long run.

Candied Ginger

How did you get those g/d values? They dont make sense. Artichoke pickles for example, basic pickles sell for 370g (the value of the artichoke is taken into account to get this number), the plant takes 8 days to grow and the veg takes 3 days to pickle so total time involved is 11 days. 370 ÷ 11 = 33.64 g/d. How did you get 88 g/d? I am truely curious abut the formula you used.


This is a great video!!! I’m glad I’ve been putting my preserves jars to good use. It’s definitely worth it


Great video bro

The Void

this guide was meh, missing key information such as the profit/day including the growing time of the crop and then comparing it to the base crop profit/day, as well as comparing those to the same stats for that vegetable/fruit in the keg to decide what to put what in, salmonberry's will always hold one of the top places for jam profit because of all these other factors not just whatever the jar makes

Wren Carter

Can I make a video request.

Even though I love all you videos can you make more videos that new players can use like mining tips or what person are the best or marry or befriend

Max Wessels

I tend to use blueberries just because they grow in such abundance and I always put ancient fruit and star fruit in kegs just because wine is more valuable

Mr. Tom

Nice one lad!

Eric Payne

Update Tea Leaves can be put into the jar. Raw sell for 55g, brewed sell for 150g, pickled sell for 250g


You are badass good sir. Thanks for this video!

Shrunken Presence

Bye ate undred


Wow I never knew how much money I could have made by doing this... im stupid




I really appreciate the effort you put in all your Stardew Valley vids. Cheers!


“The second best fruit to put in the preserve jar is the melon”

I would probably still choke on it it’s a full melon

Ferline Carl Pineda

Great video as always, Mr. Shark. Thank you.

Noah Noah

How did he change his house color?

Brian Bustos

surely you jestin


Imo your guide is wrong because all the fruits and even the vegetables (high value crops) should have been put into the keg (altough it takes 7 days). The preserves jar is for cheap crops.
Formula for preserves Jar is (2 × Base Crop Value + 50), while the keg treats fruits like this (3 × Fruit Base Price) (2,25 for Vegetables).
When is the preserves jar better for profit? for fruit that are worth less than 50, or vegetables that are worth less than 200 (all except Red cabbage and Pumpkin).
Ancient fruit: Keg (550*3)=1650 (300%); Preserves Jar (550*2+50)=1150 (209%)
Salmonberry: Keg(5*3)=15 (300%); Preserves Jar (5*2+50)=60 (1200%)
Beans: Keg(40*2,25)=90 (225%); Preserves Jar (40*2+50)=130 (325%)
Of course the Preserves Jar only takes 2 Days and the Keg 7/4 days but If you get Ancient fruits you should not throw them into the preserves jar...
My tip would be to get many Preserves Jars (as the crafting mats are relatively cheap) and fill them up with your cheap stuff to maximize your ROI (return of investment)


Best to put at preserve jars are not crops it's foragables crystal fruit, blackberry, salmonberry, horseradish, spiceberry. They give more price than keg with exception of foragables from Calico Desert which is good on kegs

KayCee C

I started playing this game a week ago and I’ve never seen 3 of those fruits yey

Seed maker stardew

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The Free Seeds You Probably Didn't Know About - Stardew Valley

319 865 views | 16 Nov. 2018

But you'll want to! I

But you'll want to! I gathered as many of these as I could on the very first day and these are the results! This is a viable strategy that could branch off into many other things early on in the game. Stardew Valley gameplay with my commentary as always!

Teresa LeVasseur

You can also get mixed seeds from fibers in the forest and the mines in case you want more after you've cleared your farm.

Joseph Bentley

Also the summer mixed seeds are the worst value wise for the first year. Just save all mixed seeds from summer for fall planting.

Ian Novotne

This is just a starting few days guide


the potato empire is rising


Parsnip seeds make sense on day 1, I think. I haven't done all of the math, but basic calculations show that parsnips on 3 harvests of parsnips gets you the best profit from farming before the egg festival. Planting crops as money comes in from foraging and fishing adds up, but the energy required to water them takes away from fishing, which is by far the most profitable thing you can do in the early game. Eating seaweed and a random fish will get you over 1000g daily without running out of energy.

Layna Phillips

this was released on my birthday (I'm 12 now)

Candy Sweets

I got a Morel on my 3rd day of my new file .

Kelly's Magic Hate Bus

I've noticed in my playthroughs that only one specific sprite of the grass gives you wild seeds. Maybe I'm wrong, but I swear it's only one specific version of it that drops wild seeds.

PiercedBitxh Aila

My mixed seeds never give me crops? Only foragables?

Jessica Snow

Literally everyone who has played the game knows about mixed seeds.

Kuro-Niko from yt

I really love all of this video!!

I'll sub!! <3

Lucie Bentley

I play mobile Stardew valley and I have lots of money on the first year and I’m only in summer I’ve made around 10000 gold from it

How I did it
I just grew hundreds of parsnips

Edit: in summer I’m doing peppers


You also get acient seeds for free


best 1st day strategy is by far wood chopping, main reason being field snack = unlimied energy


My recently starting the game has couple 1st day very goodluck and use mixedseed turn into good amound of cauliflower seed


bushes that drop mixed seeds have a different sprite. You'll know which ones to cut down then

Yellow Penetrator

if I get free seeds in my weekly paket, I change my dealer

Xaos Bob

I was noticing last night that only one particular weed gave me mixed seeds. I'm in Fall, and it is the one with red leaves and a brighter, almost yellow center. Every one of those dropped Mixed Seeds, and none of the others did, so I started using the hoe to only get those. As days passed, other weeds turned into the seed variety, so I hoed those and sure enough, every time I got seeds. I will test this in Spring and Summer too, when the calendar rolls back there.


I thought this was obvious along with the season based seeds from foraging.

Bozo Becky

Love your video's!


Do people really not know about mixed seeds?

Rinrin Fran

Let's just wait for the 12 mod heart thingies for DF to ruin...

Corpo Morto

During my first save file ever I just kept all the mixed seeds in a chest and ignored them, I should probably go back to that file and plant them all lol but I did start planting every one I found in later games and adding it my crops. Outside of that I only invested in what was needed for the community center and just added mixed seeds as I found them. They really do make a difference in making gold vs not utilizing them.

Amanda Eastham

This is actually a strategy I have used for a long time now when starting new farms. You can also find weeds that yield mixed seeds by going to the fenced area near the community center, and the weeds next to Emily's house. There are also free seeds you can earn when donating to the museum. The first ones are cauliflower, and the next are melons then a star fruit seed. So its worth it to smash geodes and take them to the museum early as you can.

Dragos Popa

You should plant parsnips because you need 5 gold ones for the community center


Question for deef.
Do you like divorce more, or cheating more?

Nicholas Berris

coffee sounds strong today DF lol

Ian Novotne

This again df?

Sheyli :3


Pa Thor

Thank you for making a video about this! I start every new farm this way (I'm very frugal) and I wish more people did this to give them that extra income in the beginning. I also try to complete the spring seed bundle ASAP so I can get the spring seeds to plant as well.


ok, undertsood


Haha, Baka! U are crying about watering 65 crops in the early days. Haha, i got all the mixed seeds broke some trees and almost had 1k gold. And all that money went to parsnips.
Even in my year 1 Fall, I had 76 pumkins, 40 cranberrys, 15 sunflowers and like 12 mixed seeds planted.
Level 1 watering can, 270 energy, i also had 2 sprinklers, and i ate 2 blackberrys everyday.
And i even had time for fishing to make money, in every single day.

Christian O.

You also should pickup all the seeds you pass in your farm while collecting mixed seeds.


When expanding your ancient seeds, plant the remaining space in your greenhouse. Mixed seeds are a great choice.


I normally keep mixed seeds for winter or the greenhouse. That way I still can profit from them.

Orion L

The cheating to get to Pierre's instantly is just strange

Its Janzhen

The only hate when im in stardew valley is the TIME

Brad Lungwitz

12:52A.M,I'm supposed to be asleep,but I'm watching a vid on mixed seeds,but it's DF! Si what the heck? Ima rebel


You can also get mixed seeds as a drop from monsters on the wilderness farm.

Evan Austin

whole field mixed seeds

ELGashong YT

I thought they give you foragable items (change every year)

Jason Stover

I did an experiment following this logic. Very interesting result. I got just over 14K in gold and I didnt do anything but crops and water. I wonder what a year of this method would add to your yearly totals?

Eisse Elena

"I recommend this guide:
So grateful it exists."

Η τέλεια μέθοδος για όλους

Joseph Bentley

If your going to to grow Parsnips on the first day of spring just don't. Buy green beens instead. You'll get a 3rd less seeds but each Green Bean is the same as growing 6 Parsnips so your going to make tons more money. In spring. Also Green Beans give 1 more xp then Parsnips per harvest. Then just plant potatoes or kale with profits.


Free seeds is also ancient seed

Meester Writer

Who do you think the people who downvote these videos the second they go live are? What kind of person is angry about someone making Stardew Valley videos that much?

Happy Slappy

Kale all the way!!!


Personally I'd save a few strawberries for year 2 when I got a seedmaker.

Ministry of Magic: Department of Mysteries

How do you think people didn't know about mixed seeds!? They are super common.


Day one 4:50 pm at robins then day 1 4:50 at Pearce’s DF are you cheating

The Ultimate

wow farming is gives a lot money but im bad at that im at fall and my farming level is 2 im usually doing forgaging and mining


idk about this strategy, personally i never care about making a lot of money on the first day also i never sell all my seeds because they're useful later so

Hyenaholic Productions

There's a special type of weed that ALWAYS gives free seeds.

Beth the Dark Mage

I always get the monster farm because the monsters almost always drop something- mixed seeds, slime, or bat wings. Seeing how two of those things are part of a bundle and the other is, as you say, free seeds that give you all kinds of plants, it's ideal, and there's lots of space, too.


i’ve actually gotten an artichoke from mixed seeds!

Hotline City

I have a fun idea! Use a Mixed Seed at the start of every month and use a mod to grow it instantly. whatever crop was randomnly grown is the only thing you can grow that entire month. see how much money you can end up with at the end of the year

Ryan Clark

How dead inside are you from making all these Stardew Valley videos? Is it painful to wake up in the morning?

Aura The Lilligant Princess

I never thought abt using mixed seeds, i don't know why but I always thought it just grew forageables

Mega Nerd

I never plant more than the 15 parsnips at the start because I wait for the fertalizer and scarecrow that you can use after gathering the first crop.


1:41 - They're not freakin' worms!


Please do a vegan farm ?

lukus black

I've done this since I started playing. A few tips: Don't ignore the rest of the map. There's a patch of weeds just south of where you enter town, and a few patches west of the community center, including a good sized one inside a paddock. Also, the forest south of your farm has tons, and two larger patches grow right on the path itself. Lastly, don't forget the spa once it's open. It has a few patches, as well.

Don't sell your weeds the first day, either. Wait til you've leveled in farming once, so you can make the scarecrow. Then you can sell the lot. However, they are a crafting material, so after you've done so, avoid selling any more. You should get plenty by the time you need it while caving.

If you're farming for levels more than money, remember to craft seasonal seeds from your foraging, just don't do it til after you've done the bundle at the community center.


The fenced area to the left of the Community Center is a nice, dense source of weeds and, hopefully, free seeds.


You're so tame in this video compared to your newer ones now hahaha


How did you get from Robin's to Pierre's in 0 time? That doesn't seem legit. ?

1 23

I slod 54 strawbery seeds for 0g im stupid

[夢之隊頻道]Midnight Galaxy

Its mixed sees ya know

Sonata Yanni

can't complete my day without DF daily video <3


You do realize you can refuse to sleep to restore energy in bed by relaxing

Marcel Langevin

I think for my best I got 140 strawberry seeds in the first year. It took so much work.

ObiTree GT

note: every single 1st day is the BEST fortune you can get, i played till 9:00 ingame and got 11 seeds, so yeah EZ profit
UPDATE: Its 5:20 ingame now and i have 40 parsnips + 18 free seeds and b/c i dont wanna do much watering i didnt spend all money, so rn i have 245 gold! NOT BAD
another note: my ingame name is Mumps
u stole mah name


Hey, what if you did a Mixed Seeds megacrop?

SSneaky And Friends

note. the forrest farm has a bush that gives a mixed seed everytime.

Rusty Kinks

I did a miser run just so I could have enough cash for a particular project.
But I wound up watering 200 crops with no upgrades to the watering can.
So such a small crop in the video is perfectly doable.


Nice video as always :3
I've come up with a more efficient way to make the most money before the egg festival. Fisching. If you fish everyday as much as you can, it is possible to reach level 10 fishing for maximum profit (don't sell your fish before you are level 10) before the egg festival happens. With this method you can buy more strawberry seeds than you can plant/water with all your energy. It's by far the most profitable way to play through spring. You can easily afford the bus stop from Joja and buy a decent amount of Star Fruit for sommer after this - and while those are growing you should work on getting all the materials needed for kegs to make them into wine if you really want to maximise your profit in the future

Oh, I forgot to mention - If anyone wants to try this method, you should fish in the mountain area on non rainy days for Largemouth Basses and on rainy days in the city for Catfish (search for gold fish spots in google as well, hard to explain the exact location without showing it). They are the most valuable fish for spring and therefore you get the most experience of them.

I also forgot to mention, that is it not possible to achieve level 10 fishing in multiplayer this early this way because time doesn't stop in multiplayer while you are reeling in the fish.


Seeing you sell that fiber hurt me. The 200 gold isn't worth the days you have to spend finding it later when you need it for junimo huts.


just got stardew valley on steam, had it on console for a while, first thing i did was get some mods, thanks to df. its a great game



Ben Wilcox

What plants grow when you plant mixed seeds in winter?

Elliott Rose

I’m sorry but who the hell doesn’t know about mixed seeds?


On the forest farm, there's a type of fibre that always gives you mixed seed, maybe you can make a video about that?


*Reads title * "Is there another way to get free seeds besides the mixed ones? Interesting!"
30 seconds into the video "DAMN YOU CLICKBAIT!"

Limonlexi 0-0

I say Stardew valley every time wrong i don’t know why


plant mixed seeds in a greenhouse


don't do it, people!!!
throw away the mixed seeds

DF tries to make us work for crap
why? my mixed seeds gave me another Pam, now i have 2.... and penny ran away

PhilosoShy Representative

It does NOT involve luck! There is a specific model of plant that you cut and it gives you a mixed seeds. Keep the normal ones intact and they will potentially spawn more mixed seed plants.
Just in case anyone was wondering! At this point we know exactly which plants to try to cut and which to leave and it has produced a nice little forage loop every couple days. It MOSTLY shows up only on the farm.

Ash Ketchum

Video Idea: The Value of Cooking

some guy you may know

What do u mean "seeds we dont know about" every one knows about mixed seeds


Hey DF, this video inspired me to develop a new strategy for my first few days of spring and I thought I would share it with you. The goal is to get as many strawberry seeds as possible. Day 1: Forage and collect as many mixed seeds as possible. Clear a space (I made mine 10x10) for your farm, and hoe the land, but don't plant anything yet. This is to save some energy for Day 2. Sell everything except your tools and seeds. Day 2: buy as many parsnip seeds as you can afford and plant them (I had 80 plus 20 mixed seeds at the end of day 2). Day 3, 4, and 5: Go fishing. Day 6: Harvest parsnips, sell directly to Pierre, and buy as many Kale seeds as possible. Kale works better than potatoes in this strategy because you will have fewer plants to water and therefore more energy for fishing, which means you will save money on food. Day 12: Harvest Kale just in time for the egg festival, then buy a ton of strawberry seeds (You should easily be able to afford at least a hundred.) 100 strawberry plants x 120 per strawberry x 2 harvests = 24,000gp from strawberries alone!


I learned today that apparently some people are too dumb to use their mixed seeds/go out hunting for them xD

Tofu Delivery

Actually I just got a dialogue from Caroline that Abigail's natural hair color is light apricot and that she later dyed her hair blue, so that kinda debunks the theory that she's the wizard's illegitimate child

james 25

I use mixed seeds every season in my first year.

Sean Kraus

where is your graveyard keeper vid DF?

Danae Damery

Ai just got a dinosaur egg!!!!

Dragon Fire

Unless you’re me and you just cheat the 99999999 gold into the game

Lukas hallo



Hey DF, another thing we noticed while playing multiplayer that could help getting free seeds and profit really early in the game.

when my calculations are correct you should get more money out of season seeds (those you can get from the community center bundles) when you turn the crops into seeds again (through crafting) and sell it as seeds. would be interesting to see what you think about that and how much the difference is.

Crim Zen

The purple core fiber always drops mixed seeds. The new multiplayer farm has a quarter that constantly spawns these seeds. It is the one with grandpa's shrine. Note, the purple core fiber in that area should be harvested when you see it, but don't take it all. Fiber spreads over time, and the purple core seems to randomly appear on fiber in that area.


Those seeds suck, they r slow and unstable

Liam Ritskowitz

Or you could name yourself [163][159][417] and talk to Pierre on the first day.