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Marijuana + Mushroom Stocks | Technical Analysis (January 21st, 2021)

4 222 views | 22 Jan. 2021

This video reviews the

This video reviews the Marijuana and mushroom stocks Today and discusses the most recent price action in the market. Using Technical Analysis, we perform an indepth review of the action in the stock market today and provide you with our analysis on current patterns, developing trends, and our take on where the market is headed.

Our Focus includes

- Technical Analysis

- Trade Education

- Trend and Pattern Analysis

- Market Psychology

- Emotional and Mental Health

Simon Korpiela

Thank you for sharing your knowledge!


What are the odds of seeing legal marijuana by fedeferal law with biden in the drivers seat?

Water , Wilds and Weeds

So so glad you are doing these on a more consistent basis , Im thrilled if even just weekly !
Thank you Dan


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Fraser McLeod

Thanks for the video


Dan you are the GOAT, thanks for being so awesome dude

M. Collier

Thanks for the video Dan... always appreciate your take on the MJ sector.

Chris Molloy

Will the etf MSOS move as much as other MSO's?

Tobi-Wan Hexobi

I need to know more about the thumbnail. What is that?!?

griz the griff dog


Tim-1 Tech

Thanks Dan! Very much appreciated!



Bogdan Bildea


Rob savage

Thanks so much Dan....you rock!


ACB sucks

cole notter

Hey Dan, have you looked into FIRE, Supreme Canna? Curious. Thanks

Joe Leblanc

Thanks Dan, I've learned so much from you over the years.

Cedric Garcia

That head and shoulders on cmps, you got it spot on. Lol

Chris Molloy


Adam Rightor

Cover SSPK next time please. Wuddyathink?

The chart guys

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The ChartGuys Experience - Part 1

5 788 views | 26 Aug. 2019

This summer, I took a trip

This summer, I took a trip down to Asheville, North Carolina to meet "Charting Man Dan" and other members of the great ChartGuys community. This is the first part of my recap of the experience.

Much love to everyone in TheChartGuys and beyond. You made it a truly unforgettable trip.

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TheChartGuys - http://chartguys.com

TCG Youtube - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnqZ2hx679DqRi6khRUNw2g


I freakin love charting man dan!!

Fraser McLeod

Very cool. I have watched TCG's for 2 years and have no doubt on the validity of there content.


Dan is so humble , and I don't know where I would be without his TA videos . Great video , this will go down in history one day . Like and subscribed, looking forward to Part 2.


If you're so successful trading crypto then why do you need your YouTube channel? I call BS.


Would love a link to that reddit post..
I am sure money others would as well


Amazing Video! -MG

Mike KU

Awesome sauce video, amazing community, thanks for your work!

Eric Fullerton

That was great, subbed! Can't wait for the next part.


This is great and exactly why I also became an (active) member back then. Hope you weren't filming all the time and also had some fun man! ;)

Ethan Obrien

Great video buddy! Really well done. Crazy all those leads came after offering to create the intro video for the chart guys in exchange for a membership!


I love Dan. Humble, life and beyond. True inspirational.


Great video! I"m looking forward to part 2.

Chris Shermer

Dan is one of the most consistent self-reliant disciplined persons on this planet - sports guys athletes even musicians have coaches and trainers and physiotherapists but Dan manages to structure himself on such a high level of performance consistently over the years with almost no downside and that is incredible and the community he has built is incredible too!

Brian Gilchrist


bit Pickup

Nice Work.

Evan Hayford

Killer video guys!

Mike Luke

Dan is horrible he does not even trade he cannot even control his emotions .The only words in his trading vocabulary are higher low and lower high.

Frank Vazquez

I'd have a few more g's if I didn't go down this guys sinkhole. He's a sheister like the rest of them, just doesn't know it yet.

kevin doyle

Love Dan. Have learned so much following Dan. My goals, time and freedom, are totally in sync with Dan.

Rohail Sheikh

This is Valhalla of financial freedom

Phil Tulxjen

Haha, feeding the ducks in the morning, love it !

Chris Shermer

Great video Julian!

The Fox

Dan should wear a cape - he's my hero

The Art of Trading

This was a great video man. Love the duck feeding scene, that's how I spend some mornings myself before starting the day and I value those moments infinitely more than any Lambo!


TCG/Blockchain tech is my only hope for the future. Thank you for all the diligent, ethical labor. namaste

L Hombre

Killer video man, keep up the great work


Can you interview Eric Crown next? @Krown's Crypto Cave


He doesn't drive a Ferrari or a Lamborghini he gets up, walks around barefoot outdoor feeding ducks - our pretentiousness is just much more organic.


Another great vid, J. Thanx for your commitment, keep ‘em coming!

andrew james

came to you from chart guys

Clancy Stratford

You should come out to Australia for a meet up

Brian Wehrley

Nice, J!

Craig Curtin

Great work J - thanks for taking the time to make this. Very slick production - i think you need a hipster beard though - somewhere between Dan and Jason !!

Oliver Torres

Thanks Julian.


Great video ?

edward gofsky

I am here because of Dan! I am a long time follower of Dan's amazing work. I will follow his work for the rest of my life. This is a great video. I subscribed and smashed the notifications.

good guy

The alert system these guys offer is great. Made so much profit when im not even be near my computer.

Brian Damon

Hey Julian, great work on this video. You definitely captured some of the essence of TheChartGuys! It was great to meet you and Dan and Jason and everyone at the meetup. I’ve learned so much from being a member, both on a personal aspect and generating profit from the charts. I’m grateful to be a part of this tribe!!

Right There Dan

Amazing set of 2 videos of the Chart Guys. Ty for putting this together I am inspired and fulfilled. Do good things!


Found your channel through the link on dans Facebook. He doesn’t really know me (other then a few brief messages back and forth) but he is honestly one of my role models and mentors.

I am learning a little more each day. I’m excited for the day where I have the means to meet up for one of the chart guys gatherings and personally thank Dan for the impact he has had on my life.

Alex Smith

Fantastic video! Very well done and very accurate description of the chart guys Vibe.

The chart guys

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Stock Market Today | Technical Analysis (February 2nd, 2021)

4 701 views | 2 Feb. 2021

This video reviews the

This video reviews the Stock Market Today and discusses the most recent price action in the market. Using Technical Analysis, we perform an indepth review of the action in the stock market today and provide you with our analysis on current patterns, developing trends, and our take on where the market is headed.

Our Focus includes

- Technical Analysis

- Trade Education

- Trend and Pattern Analysis

- Market Psychology

- Emotional and Mental Health

Connor Bears


Brett McLennan

What kind of chair is that? Great videos BTW.


I think you've excluded vix in your video the last couple of days. I do see a falling wedge on the 5 min, but it's not tight like the ones you typically show on the videos.

Jeffrey cardoza

bulls everywhere except on AMC.. piece of garbage stock lost me 250

Dustin Merryman

Do you have a crypto channel? Thanks!

Dustin 158

Thanks as always Dan!


Finally I recognized the market sentiment and was able to act on it!!! I noticed after the uforia and fear, there was one day between the "fear" and the bull/bear move, that was an indecisive day, which is best to establish your swings!! Thanks to Dan the great teacher!!!!!!


Were you watching futures on the Sunday night pit open Dan? SPY has gone up 18 pts since about 6:15PM on Sunday.

Terence Kwong

So mad about PAAS, I knew if GME didn't follow through silver would fade back. I didn't take the 20% gains and now I'm down like 5% ?‍♂️ I kept it cuz it broke the $49 weekly high; should have known it means less when ppl are jumping in on a pump.


god i hate this market
physical silver selling out and futures down 9%
fuck this scam


what platform do you use to chart with ?

Ryan Kleiner

Okay but like........ what about that ETH ATH legend

Z Gates

I recently joined TCG community after years of lurking and have to say, I'm quite impressed with what you've built Dan! I'm finally feeling confident in the market and cautiously switching to more of a day trading style. It's a really professional group and has already been invaluable. Your comments about maintaining a positive mindset are also beneficial, I know you work hard on everything you do and it has really helped change my life! Thank you!

toby blue


Hexx TV

Thoughts on $SPCE?

Peter Pace

Hello I would like to ask you what kind a platform/exchange you using for trading stocks...?
Thank you.


Backburner trade on SPY worked on the SPY close today. 30 RSI hit right around the bell right into a $1.20 bounce, which is at $1.50 right now.

Chris Molloy


Boaty McBoatFace

patiently waiting for your Bitcoin and Ethereum video :)

Hector Salas

Thanks Bro

cummins bra

SPY bulls will win 95% of the time.

John Schneider

I know we like to block out the noise.. but I just wonder just how correlated the VIX spike was with the liquidity issue last week.

marcus wormald

Any books you'd recommend on learning TA?


Thanks again Dan always a pleasure!


Where are earnings reports? I want to see them before joining ... I ?

Matt Campbell

Hey Dan can you checkout the mushroom stock Minerco (MINE) on your next video? What causes a chart to look like that?