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KFC Canada offered BTC-themed chicken in Bitcoin Bucket

5 views | 15 Jan. 2018

KFC Canada offered

KFC Canada offered BTC-themed chicken in Bitcoin Bucket

0 KFC has a wonderful history of getting in on bizarre tech trends, including a food tray that doubles as a Bluetooth keyboard, a meal box that can charge your phone, a VR training game, and even chic...


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Kfc bitcoin

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We Bought the Limited Time KFC BITCOIN BUCKET with 0.00231 Bitcoin!

37 334 views | 16 Jan. 2018

Cryptocurrency has been

Cryptocurrency has been spreading like wildfire and it's something that we've been taking part of for a while now. We would have never thought that we'd make a video on it as it was more of just a new hobby, but once we found out we could get ourselves some delicious KFC FRIED CHICKEN, we had to bring you guys along for the experience!

KFC launched their Bitcoin Bucket exclusively in Canada, so that immediately got us hyped up. There aren't that many things that we can purchase with our cryptocurrency, so seeing something so gimmicky like a KFC bucket was super exciting. Hopefully we'll be able to use our bitcoin and cryptocurrency to buy even more things in the near future!

LET US KNOW WHAT YOU THOUGHT OF THIS BITCOIN BUCKET! KFC was pretty slick with this one, so mad props!

Sign up on Coinbase to buy Crypto https://www.coinbase.com/join/59a60ed4ab71bb021abfec2c


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Life by x50 @x50music

Discover by Ikson @ikson

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L G McCain

I subscribed

Katie Wang

Dat guys accent tho

Frankie Edits


Jessica Diaz

Nice vide0

aaron Saitama




Mahir Shariar



That deliver guy was Indian which country I live in great job India


Cool video really enjoyed it

Adriana Munoz


Abhishek sharma

please play some T.C.G

Johnnny 1932

Expensive kfc .o.

Nataly Martinez

niceeeee vid!

Melissa Navarro

Please give it to me

Brian Leon

If I had bitcoins I would use then to go meet Steven and brendan

Cha Man Wen

Nice! Tron mentioned!!

Paco Millaire élève

hi bbg's

The legend Blader

You ha e good manners geeks

Carissa Lee

i sub to both channels for the giveaway

Haydyn Pierre


Daniel Hamel

Ooh KFC tasty bruh!!!!

Aztec Zay

I love you guys

Guillotine Gundam

Hhahahaaha i also just bought it nice video guysand 0 likes impressive

The W&K

Lol that’s funny af. Buy other things with bitcoin

Al Kitchener



I have one and I totally got it for free from one of the people who work there

rob jim

Your the coolest yutuber ever i wish i can meet you because your both the best you make me lough and i like your intro omg.


Damn you guys are in the future ?

Xannder Tube

Can you sub me guys and hey blade geeks my channel is blader 25


RIP good bye $10K


Takara Tomy: makes bitcoin special edition lord spriggan beyblade
BBG: we’re the only guys that can already afford it


This is epic! I wished I lived in Canada so I could do this. Also I subbed for the Beyblade giveaway good luck to anyone else!

Ash Gπeninja


kenny lim thanh


Shinobi Striker


Nathan Malouin

How about etherium is a digital currency


Who's older Steven or Brendan... Are you brothers too

Dr Flurry

But the kfc is yummy


I live in Canada.

Cristian Katsikas

Heck yeah

Anime Odin

Now I'm hungry...


i think your regretting this purchase now lmao

Paul_Valkrie 38

I know this video is two years ago but those fries are called criscut version lol

manan Kasturia

Where is your new pet

Can we get 500 subscribers without any content?

Yesterday I got my LR string launcher and b00 launcher grip red!!

Muhammad Rezzuan

My friend have 27.00342 Bitcoin cost..wow

Andre Banks


willie willie

You can get a beyblade

Blah Neo


Spectra playzz

Can I win giveaway blue launcher and the beyblade plz

Storm Spriggan

Make a bitcoin beyblade

Bajoterra mundo malvado Acosta


Shinobi Striker



William is no longer friendly??

YAFYO aka Brent Alputan

I got a bitcoin ad...

nightmare spriggan

i want KFC B

Pike Rust

Doesn't bitcoin try to bypass trade restrictions? Trade restrictions are supposed to be necessary to even the global market. duh

Mystic Montage

i got a bitcoin ad lol

logan Putnam

Can I please win the give a way



Hoàng Minh Hoàng

I subscibed

《 Darkedy 》

That one ad with that one guy is the only reoson I know


Nice Video

Shinobi Striker

Have 10 ripple giveaway lol

Alissa Violet

I’m pretty sure it’s illegal to not give someone there receipt


How was your chicken



Dr Flurry

Ayee they got into bitcoin


That's Sick!

BlackWomen Speaks

do y'all have omgbbg

Spriggan Requiem


Dr Flurry

And i entered the giveaway


How many subs do you have from geek dosage to beyblade geeks

Earth in the comments

I live in your city lol.

Muhammad Rezzuan

Yo!!thats a cool package of KFC!!we in Malaysia still with classic but almost like your kind of KFC package

That One Sadist

100th like!

jeovanne cardenas

can u please do a beyblade give away


I love you guys keep up the good work ombbg!

Brendan Animations

Wow : 3




You are the best

Zac_ H44

KFC has Waffle fries and honestly thought it was just a restaurant in the south oops ???

Rutben Cruz

I subscribe and love your vids geeks out(:

歪人Ryan Sung

Kfc is suffering hackers so they need bitcoins to pay the hackers that's why

Manuel Torres

I want the bayblade give away

Right Spin

Lol thats a lot of chicken

Dr Flurry

Haha the snoopdog meme

willie willie

Watch every day

Josh Dang

I like ur videos their so cool keep making videos!

Sassori 11

need to win

Fear the Dread and Rage


Olayinka Oki


Zara Talukder

HI give away red launchef


hahaha 5:39 dig into that chiken boi! its a waffle fries

The Eco Guy


eagle1o Not eagle10!!!

Wow I’m about a 2 hour drive from you guys and I did not know you could get kfc delivery in Edmonton lol

Keys to Grandeur

Crypto to buy beyblades!!


But is there a real life Bitcoin coin?

Mr KrazyKing

Do you guys live in Edmonton? cause I live in Medicine Hat.

Shinobi Striker

Bitcoin is always high like $18 201

Kfc bitcoin

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Bitcoin Is Money According To Goldman Sachs, KFC, And Arizona

24 741 views | 12 Jan. 2018

In an encouraging series

In an encouraging series of events Goldman Sachs claims that Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency has a viable future as a form of money, KFC Canada starts accepting Bitcoin for buckets of fried chicken, and the state of Arizona has proposed SB 1091 which will allow you to pay your taxes in Bitcoin.


Look at AIX! Sub 70 mil market cap just got on Kucoin


Another way to get the colums is clicking view all above the graphs

MrSeattlelight Hood

It will take off later today when everyone gets paid Friday afternoon



Greg Bawden

DFS coin, what's your thoughts? tiny market cap under $10 million with some awesome news released in the last week. Feels way under to me.

Re Posted

CND mooning soon! At a great price right now.

Crypto Frito


Shea Solo

Canes!! and some Hattie Bee's hot chicken

Aaron R

APPC & QLC are on the rocket launch pad

Andrew Blewski

It's $22.00 in USD xD

dragon face

Its official shitcoin is the way to go what you need to do is deposit two quarters into your arse and 2mths later out comes 4 quarters man I'm gonna be rich..sorry people lets put aside the sarcasim and throw you a decent line...if you found a 1km long gold vein would you jump on social media and tell everyone where it is...no you wouldnt human nature dictates our greed and now we got guys putting out all the ways you can be wealthy...look at it in the logical sense...why would these guys spend their time producing these vids so you can skim what could be construed as their money. They should be at home sipping caviar drinking champagne in total bliss making more and more money instead of tge stress of vid production the simple rule here is if you found the gold vein then mine it yourself and that then becomes all yours. That is true human nature..think im a fucking idiot then one more piece of info .no actually two believe none of what you hear and half of what you see and life will be good.secondly go to forbes finacials and scam watch do your bloody homework except forthe rare few im afraid you will have to work for what you want but that waycyour money is safe and secure and being put into what you want


hey guys some good real estate ICOs ?

M Simas

Next Bump: B2bx


Can you check out PTX (Pentaxcoin) ICO? Looks interesting like they could be making the spending of cryptos easier but would like to know your thoughts.

Nick Leijenhorst

I wish we could buy real things with XRP! 3 second transactions with fractions of a penny fee.


nah he sounds like a black guy and you sound like a baby faced white guy

Helgi Sharp

Buy crypto and gold, ???
Best investment for decades now!!




where can i see jeffs photo?

Vince Beaubien

CANADA !!! live in 3018


Money: the assets, property, and resources owned by someone or something; wealth.
Bitcoin was always money


KFC to the Moon!!!!

Mark Becker

he looks like Carson Wentz at 40 jk you the man jeff

Mark Schroeder

Silly for KFC to go with Bitcoin.  Litecoin would be faster and cheaper.  Using BTC shows it is  an obvious PR move and kind of a slap in the face to the concept of crypto.  Also, very greasy and may as well come with Deep Regret Sauce for the way it makes you feel ten minutes later.


My Grandma makes amazing chicken so I don't bother with KFC anymore.


Babes chicken in Roanoke, Tx. #MicDrop

Stappa S

Dimecoin and voise

James Formica

HUSH privacy coin is on rise before the fork


trade shitoshi...haha

Ron Eeee

I think you must have been smokin canadian marijuana when you did the KFC story because what the heck were you talkin about?


For chicken...it's Zaxby's...hands down...I feel for the people who don't have Zaxby's...or even Chic Fil A!


i'm with you, steve. i'm just bored seeing all this red, especially when i like my current coin positions and i don't have any fiat to capitalize on the sale


Good Day my Crypto buddies! The Bull run will begin in February...2018 BitCoin will start a run and set a new base line of $20K.

Jess E


Andrew Blewski

You can see Jeff in the older videos though...lol

Coin Cash

LAToken to the moon soon!


My portfolio for 2018(38000$):
1) Substratum (21%)
2) Neo (20%)
3) Quantstamp (16%)
4) Cardano (15%)
5) OmiseGo (15%)
6) ICON (13%)
Can I make at least 300% profit at the end of the year? Any thoughts


Safex is up 120% today

APN Films

Safex..... I've been holding it in cryptopia ever since Jeff mentioned it... its stuck there.

Cody Cox

Ahahaha "getting kicked in the nuts"... spot on Steve... lol

nicholas salazar

Big KFC guy

Jackson Johnson

Kindly review canyacoin CAN

Crypto Equalizer

Where exactly is Canadia?

Ghislain K

Hahahahah lol Canadia... I actually live in Vancouver, Canada but I’m buying chicken dipped in motor oil with my coins, no sir



World Top 10

Love steve


Hahaha! I was thinking Jeff was an older bearded guy! NOT what I was expecting!



Gabriel Navarro


A Magical Mess

I still think Jeff sounds exactly like Negan from The Walking Dead (in the best way possible). So, great to see the real pic! Love this channel and how you are all so down to Earth and informative.


So it doesn't look like Arizona will be banning participation in Cryptocurrency activities.

John Schreckendgust

So disappointed with Verge, that thing is starting to remind me of early ripple.

Skilord 777

Golden chick>>>>>

Crypto G

This is one of your better videos steve, much more Amp in the way you speak ??

Isak Suljanović


Siliance Gaming

Just like materials like gold or diamonds and like software or games it can have value or useless to some people. Same goes for bitcoin altcoin, to some its worthless to some its their precious:-)


Steve man, great video ! This laid back/humour style fits you well, I laughed a few times, which is pleasing whith all this FUD everywhere. Thanks for the videos, I hope you guys will be here for a long time.

Lyndon Franklin

Steve i feel like you look like the guy from Mythbusters

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Chris's Fishes

Church's chicken is the best chain fried chicken, in AZ anyway.

lucas brunstein

Dude you should take a deep look at HIVE (HVN)! And also a recap about Genesis vision! Its fallen from it's Peak and it's looking good


Toughest sherif? Your sharif was a peice of shit

Rupesh Jaiswal

Rimbit RBT next target 800-1000 Satoshi .. ?? buy buy
10X return.. in d making..

Ryan Scheepers

I love my beard (most of the time) but I would never diss anyone that had the inability to grow one, which is what you did lowkey. You must have some deep insecurities about yourself I guess then huh. Otherwise thanks for a good video

Memes That Butter My Biscuit


Mr White

Check out datum, DAT coin

Scotty Russell

Really digging the vibe and personality you out into this one Steve. Solid info as always too. More like this ??

Billy Birdy

Bulwark is a BEAST and Social Send ROCKS.

Mike Lays

LAToken guys LAToken..!

Kevin McNally

Does anyone know what is going on with coins markets exchange? They haven't been up since last week

Dane Strachan

Question : If you had $100 to put into a coin or token this year that you think is sure to 10x-50x by December what would it be?

Pandora’s Box

Publix chicken tender sub.


bitcoin is about to moonshot and alt coins are about to drop a lot (below 400B alt 630B overall). ive been telling you guys this for days trying to help you. trying to save you money and make you money so let me be exactly clear on what the data says so in the future maybe people will take the advice instead of screaming fud. you will be able to buy alt coins on the next dip at roughly 630B market cap and it is on a trajectory to go much lower than that. but on that 10% drop there will be a small bounceback to maybe 680-700B but youll be able to make money on. but let me be very clear, it is in your best interest, you should be selling your alt coins right now and buying bitcoin and you wont have to try to play that timing game. but if you absolutely dont believe me when i say sell your alts and buy bitcoin, then at least now you guys have a roadmap so you wont get eaten alive.


I love the like personal tid bits you guys throw in, makes it feel more welcoming

Emrah Oral

Check out REBL - Rebellious, just listed yesterday on Bit-z. Its maybe the first community driven project, going to shake the ground of crypto world.

Shark Cake

I think the real bull run will happen in March

andro S.

im hodling my kfc for a year.

Bur. Cey.

Steve look into CV Coin huge potential!!

Felix Dahlbäck

Steve you could also press the "View All" tab to get the 24h % ?


Steeeve! I had no idea you were based in AZ. Digital fist bump?. You guys are my numero uno for crypto info. Thanks

Daniel Kuper

Laynes not Caines

raj x

Steve, you are funny...we really need that in this horrible market....


haha trade shitoshi if you know what i mean


Just stopping by for my daily dose of professional financial advice! Thanks for the research Altcoin Buzz.


Talk about etherparty


Commander Jeff, LUX COIN!!!!!!!

Louloe De'Palma

iExec RLC well on its way to the moon. Its holding the keys to the future.
Seats still available on the cheapside, but seats are filling up fast. Still under one billion though but going up quick.
Easy 10 within the month, and ending the year at 50 or more.

Drygord Spellweaver

Popeyes, by FAR!

Alex S

Dude. Raising Cane's.

Brian Jones

Steve is fucking hilarious!!!

Leonard Carr

Funny...we all thought you were the clean cut college grad...well at least I did..lol #fearthebeard, great vid!

Billy Birdy

I'm looking for a massage parlour that accepts crypto for a BBBJ.


Trade shitoshi bwahaha


If Bitcoin is money why are we expected to account for every single transaction and come up with a cost basis for taxes?


Buy 1000$ of Electra (ECA), HODL one year,Thank me later. ~ (fastest transactions with lowest fees. Gonna explode)


wax to the moon i hope and game :D

Aldair delibrado

Creative doing various things to make money...and then references a dimebag. Get it how you live fellas

Giannina Santacruz Roybal

Here is a metric of an expert who can send you up to 8 thousand -9 thousand dollars, what do you think? Thank you https://www.facebook.com/cryptostep/photos/a.2005182853102636.1073741828.2004681963152725/2009255509362037/?type=3&theater


Your just giving them more money think about it you pay them omg it increased 500% nooooo