Low float stocks list

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3 Low Float Penny Stocks To Buy NOW!? | HUGE Upside Potential | ?

2 602 views | 30 Dec. 2020

Today we talk about the 3

Today we talk about the 3 Top low float Penny Stocks to buy now and watch in December 2020 and January 2021 .These 3 Top Penny Stocks have FDA/ phase 1,2,3 approvals or PDUFA news coming up in 2021. If you enjoyed this video make sure to Like, Comment, and Subscribe for future content ! top penny stocks to buy , penny stock investing.

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DISCLAIMER: All of the strategies,

and news coverage are based on my opinion alone

and are only for entertainment purposes. You should

not take any of this information as guidance for

buying or selling any type of investment or security.

I am not a financial adviser and anything that I say

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I am only sharing my biased opinion based off of speculation

and personal experience. An individual trader's results may

not be typical and may vary from person to person. It is

important to keep in mind that there are risks associated

with investing in the stock market and that one can lose all

of their investment. Thus, trades should not be based on the

opinions of others but by your own research and due diligence.

Imani Maleah

2:44 Beautiful ??love u??

Andy Fox

Can I get your opinion in AMPE?

Nilakantha Mishra

Please make a vedio about sctl company and nila space share. Their future prosperity.

LoveMacheen HTX

BNGO made me some nice profit today. I only wish I would have bought in yesterday morning.

Dejan Mac

3 Low float penny stocks to watch going into 2021, let's get 100 + likes guys i appreciate it !

Dagreat Los

Love it man...thanks...bngo is my lottery ticket !

Brandon Johnson

Do you think it will still do a reverse split sometime next year?

Low float stocks list

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Low Float Stocks

14 325 views | 30 Jun. 2016

Learn what a Low Float

Learn what a Low Float Stock is. Where to find a stock's float. Why a stock's float is important for day traders.

Justin G

Honestly, the UnderArmor day trading shirt is awesome! Sometimes we sweat a lot when it's getting tense lol. Love it. Great video btw.


awesome explanation, this is exactly what I was looking for . thank you

Justin G

This is honestly the best explanation I've ever seen on this topic. I cracked a light hearted joke earlier, but really, very well done. For that, subbed

Juana Miguel

Am honestly not regretting investing half of my savings into fx trading as I've been reaping the benefits of my investments, all thanks to Mr Stephan Briggs. He's the best account manager so far.


thank u

Srinivas Chakravarthi

Great Video - Well explained, Thanks you very much


Great video, thank you!

Kirby Coe

Good vid!

Harvey Holloway

Thanks for the honesty. It has already saved me thousands, and maybe also my long term objectivity. Of all the subscriptions I have on trading I now value yours the most. Your video on guru scams is priceless.

Rosemary Bochik


Robert Rydlewski

Perfect video. Short and well informed.
Thanks for spreading knowledge.

Em Ka

great video, thnks a lot!


Great video




Great video. Thank you for your hard work and time in presenting these videos to us. Paul

Master Chief

I have been watching videos from Tim Sykes, Tim Grittani, Steven Dux, Ross Cameron and Clay trader and many more and your explanation is the best.. an aha moment, finally understood. Thank you!!

Lucky Man

Great video. Why you dont do more videos?

Crazy Me

It is 10/8/17 and I just found this video. VERY WELL DONE. You said a lot in content and stayed on course with no bloating or padding. I like that and respect that as a true teaching or informational video. Very good. Thank you.

Mohammed Azhar Khalid , DTTF

Thanks a million.!!!?

Tommy Williams

Great video. Keep them coming.

Aeroplane Guy

Wow. too bad you stopped investing into this project.


Excellent video! Keep em coming please!

Lif Gaming

fcking good stuffs right here!!!!

Emmanuel Escobar

Hey man great video. This is a very clear and simple explanation! Thanks

Ralfy Ibrahim

Well explained thanks a lot


brilliant informative video


How can I screen for low floats using Finviz? It does not have a low float screen option.

Money Talks914

Great video. Clean and well explained. ??????

DeMarco Cantrell

Hey sir, if a company increased the float, from like 8M to 40M...is that a bad sign?


Very easy to understand now thank you

Souded Qadri

that's one of the best well explained videos i've ever seen, thanks for the effort of making it .

Todd D

Awsome and very helpful video, can I get a daily watch list trading from you [email protected], thanks.. keep up the work

Andy Y

please make more, is so hard to find good videos like yours, nowadays in 2019! If you are still able to see this, please make more!

Farid Xacur

You must to have more subscribers , is a very well explained video!!!?

DeMarco Cantrell

hey i have a few low float stocks, can you check them out for me and give me you input sir?

John Gonzalez

Very well explained,great examples, not too long or short, thank you


What happened to the free video course you talked about in the guru video?


You make it sound like the stock price degrades over time if there isn't anyone to buy. If no one wants to sell and no one wants to buy the stock stays the same price, right?

Nouel Fernandez

Great Video Mr. Buzz loved it. very helpfull. Hope you have more coming soon.

jose cespedes

Great video my friend


One of the best on the subject... Also showing why or what causes the price movement ... Buyers and sellers hit home as well..

Low float stocks list

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Low Float Penny Stock Rips 384% | ABIO

8 266 views | 28 May. 2020

Low Float Penny Stock Rips

Low Float Penny Stock Rips 384% | ABIO

This is a great video that stresses the two most important things you need to know regarding stocks that can have 384% rips

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All videos or content posted on this channel regarding stocks, investing, stock trading, money, money, wealth, retirement, or any investment vehicle is entirely for educational purposes only, please do not take any of the information literally, and always speak to a professional/licensed investment specialist for any investment decisions.

Wizard Stein

Traded this for a total of $.75c per share on a stock that went 400% ? I'll take a piece of the slice! Miss ya chatroom!

Stephen Oneal

Why don’t you share these before the stock rips up? Did you call this in your stock talk this morning????

David Munoz

Just curious did you change your broker or are you still using think or swim. you mentioned you had some execution issues in the past.. thanks have a good weekend..

rowen Taah

How do you I check outstanding shares on finviz

Young Money Investments

Connor’s stock price is ripping over 384% this year and won’t be coming down! ?

Bryan Sheehy

Very helpful video. I didn’t trade ABIO and regret it but I did trade GNUS and got taken out with the offering news. Oh well. Maybe better luck next time. Thanks for the recap.


I love the channel I'm still relatively new I love the channel I'm still relatively new to the penny stock game but I'm learning a lot from you guys. Please tell me what's the best app to use for trading penny stocks?

Tell Tru Tube

Careful of an offering ABIO only has afew million in cash on hand and might need to raise capital

Rob Havemeyer

Love your channel.! Great video recap on a low float runner. I’ll add a touch more for any newer traders. The continuation and squeezes that happened don’t always happen. Sometimes they run for 2-3 days. A profitable short seller like S. Dux preaches don’t short on day 1. Wait till it really cracks on day 2-3.. Point is sometimes a low float may pop run up and have a huge wash out drop under VWAP and never recover. If your stuck and didn’t sell then you’re a bag holder as it’s called. ABIO was easier for longs today because it ran all day. And if you did get stuck in the one bigger wash it recovered. With low float stocks you just don’t know. It takes time and knowledge to read the tape, understand what can happen. Also low float stocks often have big spreads and the movement is often fast and unpredictable. I don’t happen to like big P&L swings so I avoid them. I dabbled in this with very small size however just because I thought let’s see. I used a tight stop of $.25 and as soon as I clicked buy I was stopped out... So imagine a 400 share position and click buy and poof -$100.
You have to know the risk...

Ram Ram

Anybody know how could i get same standard deviation lines in IB TWS ?

Swas S

Thank you for Nice watch list. How about HX. Any opinion .Will it continue to run up

Tech Geek

Nice video, thx for your guidance. just one question, what study do you use to show volume with buy/sale strings?

Amir Moosa

The volume setting that you sell, does it work with charts on Sterling?

Young Lyonne

Just want to let you know that I threw this video on as I traded PHIO this morning. I put in my notes as you teached me how to from Finviz before you even got into it lol then you gave me more confidence to long PHIO right out the gate. In about 2 minutes I hit a daily milestone, and surpassed my month's goal. I told myself I can complete this month with success paper trading, I go into real trading next month (been studying for two months and change). Thank you thank you sir, I have learned a lot from your videos. You are a blessing.

Stuart Ferguson

I traded this stock all day, punting left and right, getting my pants faked off while tilting my brains out. Was red all day until I FINALLY caught that last rip from like $18.50 up to like $21.50. Got em' for $38 baby! Unfortunately I'll be well in the red after commissions.

Corry Bellotti

Thanks for the info Connor. I am fairly new to day trading so always nice to hear your thoughts. Your videos are very helpful. I played this stock today and made a nice return, at least for a beginner ??


good point on the shares outstanding vs shares float

Greg Florea

Glad to see the recaps are back, keep up the great work Connor!

The Boiler Room

ey Guys, join our trading team here where we analyze the markets every morning for you https://boilerroomtrading.teachable.com/


Subscribed, Liked, Comment and Joined!!! Thank you.

rowen Taah


Dave Goodwin

Great vid content! What are you thinking about the future of Xspa? Reverse split was voted in favor of today but maybe not enacted until necessary....

George Ramirez

Not necessarily, SRNE squeezed and had over 100 million share float. But, yeah for the most part, the lower the float the better for a squeeze.

Richard Keltner

is that volume indicator available on tos?

georges bejue

Thank you. Is à short float below 10 % considered low?
there is another stock that is up 100 % after hours, it has the same characteristics you mentioned . It's SNOA. It also got an FDA approval for a Covid 19 disinfinctant. I'd really like your expert thought on this stock.

Mohamed Fawzy

Thank you for sharing the information of shares outstanding and float, this is new to me.

Jose B

Great video man. Keep up the good work.

Andrés Valencia

Trump threatening twitter. How will this affect its stock?

simple bliss

Thank you ! I’ve learned so much from this video

Roberts Supruns

Wow thx for lesson ? been fallowing ABIO all day, trying understand why ?

The Humble Outliers - Investing & Career Advice

Nice penny stocks!

Pablo Caso

Check out $NDRA. Looks interesting. But not exactly low float like 1M shares. But small microcap.

Nevin Kuser

Great explanation brother. Thanks.

Morgan Nesmith

Hey I signed up for the free watch list weeks ago and still haven't gotten anything, looked in spam and everything


Best set up and explanation I've seen in a long time, great job


You forgot to mention the chatroom pump that caused that fabricated move..?????‍♂️?‍♂️?‍♂️?‍♂️

Day Trading Nomad

Bio pump and dump

Evolution Lancer

sup con, what broker are you using these days.


Thanks for the great watch list today

Jim Freedom

I am supposed to get your daily watch list but it does not show up in my inbox until about 110 am EST, which makes it pretty useless. I do appreciate your videos though.