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Chevy Cruze Cigarette Lighter / Power Outlet Fuses

16 864 views | 21 Aug. 2018

Using a 2011 Cruze i show

Using a 2011 Cruze i show you where to find the fuses and relay for the cig lighter aka power outlet.

Stephanie Delaney

Both my outlets quit working.. I replaced the fuses and nothing happened. Any ideas?


Cigarettes lighter fuse

Mrh Missd

Salam, I am your brother Hamza from Algeria, I found this very helpful and wanted to thank you.

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Forex Indicator the BANKS profit with in Forex. Free D/L in description

242 240 views | 16 Nov. 2017

Ever asked yourself how

Ever asked yourself how the banks profit in Forex?

Rather than focus on individual currency pairs in Forex, I use an indicator to identify the strongest and weakest currencies. This indicator is called the "Momentum Meter" and you can download it for free here:

You'll need to register for a free account. Remember your username and password as you'll be asked for this when you install the indicator in the property settings.

It's compatible with MetaTrader 4 and there is install instructions on how you can get started using it.

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Robert Bernard

Andrew, will these free giveaways you offer work on an IPad app version of MT4?


As a South African, it would be nice to be able to add a currency to the indicator such as ZAR, since I frequently trade it..

Godwin Ikaa

I had issue in registration. So how do I go about it

Ahmad One

thank you sir from Pakistan ??????????


I made a Total of $12,500BTC investing $1,000BTC in 7days(a week) through ¶G with madrigal_kelviin_


This wont work for Spot Fx traders...it could only work for large positions,that intended to position trade.(fact 1).

Addittionally there is such a thing called CO-RELATION,which means that just because the pound is strong and CHF weak you will easily place a trade and make money-why?....because gbp pairs or usd pairs e.t.c tend to move together in one direction....very rare would you find GBP/CHF TRENDING UP AND THE REST OF THE GBP PAIRS moving opposiste direction or just consolidating.They all tend to move together...

So its pointless to say youll buy GBP against CHF because one is strong and the other weaker....doesnt work for low volume/position spot FX traders.

mark aleo calasagsag

This indicator is look like spaghetti ?

M Smith

Sweet addition to any system. Thanks for the heads up.

Sebonex Ex

It'd be nice to hear how the indicator is measured/calculated.

Jack Yeo

I could not download the indicator after following your instruction.
Found out I would require to have an account with you and that means I would have to sign on as a member. Wasted my time watching this video. Had my hopes high and now am disappointed.

thierry demolder

banks traders do not trade that way. sorry.

Titu Man

what is the website for different time frame for currency's strength?

Orvhes Orlando

Great video

information 100

Pure gold thanks a lot sir

Roger R

An excellent way to look at the market and I applaud you how simple and easy to understand you're explain your knowledge!

Abraham Ruiz

What is the indicator called?


When I click on a Phil Collins video I expect a music video not a video about trading

Good video

Lizette Maleka

Sir Jordan what platforms do we find this indicator


Need to upload Indicator again link defunct

Roger Cobbs

This is video for all new traders to watch but many look to find a moving average cross or etc, this is how you read the market and the only way, add trend lines with suppply and demand zones and its on

Florin Ion

Free? It's more Freemium... You have to pay with your data and you have to register with their broker where he earns with your trading - also not really free.


Best guy, thank you sir

Amyar Abdollahi

اخه تو تریدی؟?

Edwin Bab

For beginner to trade small account what broker is good


Thanks for your video

Isidro Jr Perez

god bless you

Kyon Graham

RYANBURNNET_FXTRADE on lG has given me a financial freedom of which has kept going just by investing $ 900 and I made withdrew $ 9,560 after 5days of trading Forex

Opia Ifeanyi

the proportion strategy, how does it work?


I use the channel Market Stream TV here on youtube. Gives the same info but not as an indicator. I use MT5 and it would have been nice to have this on MT5.


There is problem when inside blueberry markets mt4 and run it is open windos want proxey key

Ivan Skočibušić

I downloaded it from your site but it is not supported by mt4

Neil D

This is such a phenomenal video. It's hard to believe that I watched it for free because its so valuable. I'm now a loyal follower and soon to be member. 100 THUMBS UP!!!!!

Harry Twigg

Great video on the whole, but disliked as indicator locked to one particular broker, there's absolutely no need for this unless he's getting commission from broker for each install.

what? huh?


Mercy Obasi

How do I get this indicators? To help me with my trading

Semone Bedeau

Downloaded this using the Blueberry, and the only thing I can see is the box with the red and blue squares, but no lines :|.... not sure what I'm doing wrong..


Wonderful video here Andrew... thanks for sharing. This looks similar to.... or even the same as the spaghetti indicator?...

Dave R Pierce

Thanks for these videos. Discovered your channel yesterday. ??

clinton mark

Please I'm finding it difficult a strong currency. Please I need more assistance

Joshua Odoi

please I have downloaded the indicator but the lines have shifted to the right side of my screen, it looks really weird how do I fix it

Michael Monteiro

thanks for this :)
great material, I subbed


Is this available for mt4 android?

Sandor Varga.

VOJ.ati.distrus.familliamja.ati.distrus.vijatamja.ati.folosit.bani.mej.de.gaba.7.ANI.de.zile.nati.platit.nici.un.cent.vrau.bani.j.CHES.999.MILLIARDE LIRESTERLINE DATA 7.OCT. 2020.TRIMITETI REPEDE.in.romania.curier.iternational.tel 0752621579.NAME.varga SANDOR ADRES GLORIA NR 92.LOC GIROC JUD TIMISOARA ROMANIA VRAU FAPTE NU MINCUNA

Bahy Elsharkawy

the graph isnt showing

martin ettenes

.. Going to give it a try. Thank you ...

brendon amos

Load of rubbish. Banks don’t trade like this. Where is your proof? Have you ever worked in a bank as a trader? Or where is your proof?

Creative Tips

It was helpful. Thanks


Can i start trading with 1.000€ ?


Peoples who makes money they don't sell any thing


don't you have to buy swiss francs before you can sell them?


The problem is that your "indicator" is lagging. It simply shows what has already happened. While the concept of relative currency strength among the 8 majors makes total sense, I disagree that that it is how banks trade. Banks trade based on supply and demand levels and available liquidity. For us retail traders we can then use the currency strength after the banks define it with their buying and selling, to follow what the banks have done. But the indicator itself does not tell you WHEN the banks will change the supply and demand of any currency, only key levels tell you that, and that is complex as well because banks need liquidity to place orders. Which is why its not as simple as using the indicator you describe, but it can be part of information a retail trader uses to make trading decisions

Amarachi Orakwe

Much appreciation goes to KIM_FX_TRADES on Instagram. I invested $500 for a start and got a return of 5,650 after one week of trade. You diligence and trustworthiness can not be debated ...

Big Rays out-takes

Thanks for your comments I am a member of forex signals so I will be looking for the momention metro once again many thanks.


Thanks a lot ...give the great .. knowledge...

Lebohang Makhakhe

how do you pull out the market commentary box from the indicator

john sebothoma


cho hasek

free downloading but not free using? or am I doing something wrong? the blocks doesn't show up

MacDonald Mrema

WOW WOW WOW This Indicator THANKS.... Let me check it Out

Debanshu Roy

there is no chances that two strong opposing currencies will still give you a profit


Your videos that I've seen have so far have been very educative. I have go a lot to learn so I am staying here to acquire more knowledge. Thank you.

Chris Gil

Phil Collins?

Mahmet Ziad

you said is free but asking money when done everthing

good man

Hi you can no longer download mt4


Is this indicator still works good for trading with?

Geoff Stokes

I use this type of currency pair chart, there are many out there....I have compared 6 of them with each other, and each with the pair's they suggest...it's been a mixed bag of results with few concurring with others consistently. To this end, does anyone know which ones the professional traders and institutions use? Are there good ones for both desktop and mobile applications? I would be interested in hearing from anyone who has had consistent results from these indicators. Thanks in advance.

HamidReza EsmailipourFarhangi

it would be a one of best solution to know how , when ,which pairs is the best for trade thanks a lot.

Cabecudo Adolf

Does this indicator work with a Demo Account? I have Tried but it says, "MetaTrader Not Connected. Please Login to your trading account". Does this mean a "Live" account?


To all new retail traders and also everyone who still unprofitable:
If something doesn't work for you, it doesn't mean it won't work for everyone, it could be you where the problems lies.

so next time if you don't succeed using some tools, or if someone tell you MA doesn't work, Pivot doesn't work, don't blame the tools, but blame your self or blame his incapability.

the problems is on you, not the tools ( indicators, patterns etc)
it's about the person who behind the tools.

Tahir Mehmood

5Star For U Sir Thank u v v Much Lov From Pakistan

Farrukh Jawad

i don't believe this currency strength would work...

It's Trading Time

Thanks for the content.
Do you have any evidence that banks trade like this? I have worked for a period in a major bank, on a project about trading, and that bank was far from trading like that.

quayenni ventures

Now I got the key, no more guess trading' good job

Aman Tokas

hi andrew i have downloaded momentum meter, but what is the setting of input momentum meter? ishift MA/ delta shift 1 OR 60?

FUT Challenges

thanks so much man really you make the world of trading good i'm so motivated thanks to you andrew

every day i see your website and your videos and i learn much more big up to you and max norbury

F.I.M Team

Many thanks for this indicator, May I know where do the data (Indicator) coming from?

Fatih Barut

If it was possible I would thumb up one more time. Really appreciated...

Spencer Winston

In this big board game of trading and in greater life, the forex markets dance and pivot seemingly on the sublime insight gleaned from the English scientist, Faraday. In a moment of epiphany, Faraday exclaimed that life "reality" is in essence just "..mathematical points of force." Trend breakouts of these lines using DeMark qualifiers and volume profile hvn/lvn nodes isolate the blast off points and the target zones for the points of force to play out on the chart. Add the geometric target analysis of technical analyst savant Michael Jenkins, and the forex market riddle becomes a numbers game playing out the Faraday points of force. At least, the capuchin monkies pretending to be leaders, constantly shocking the forex markets with inept, Marxist policy statements, are exposed as just vapid, hollow men department store mannequins in this deeper mathematical matrix game. The truth shall set us all free in trading and on the higher spiritual points of life and light.

Lucho Canlas

You cannot use this indicator if you already have your own broker, you need to sign up first under his link. It's good BAIT buddy hehehheh you're f#k@ng clever.


What's amazing is that u can incorporate this into a breakout strategy. If on the 4 hour, a pair is slightly different in strength but on the 1 hour, very different, its a good indication of a breakout and u can pretty much just get in on the retest.

Favour Ojemhen

As a single mom life isn’t easy but all tnx for Hitfxsandra for changing my life ....I invested for her forex package received double of my investment pls follow her on iG.....for financial stability

Scott Wright

think about it, banks don't use indicators to tell them which currency is strong and which is weak, they don't need to. Currency trading at a professional level is a lot more sophisticated than this as they typically don't tend to day trade like retail traders, and they don't sit at their desk watching what the charts are doing either, they are in the market for mainly fundamental reasons and have a more forward looking view on the markets, a lagging indicator like this is the last thing they would use, it would be useless to a professional trader but if it works for you then fair play.

Ramen Ramen

I don't have the library folder when I downloaded it and when I imported the indicator I kept getting errors

Nick Yong

Is the Momentum Meter only compatible with the Blueberry Markets MT4 platform?

Michael Grant

What great information. Thank you

محمد ر

its not free, you have to sign up with them. bunch af scams

adam wwow

Thank you for the interesting content

David Henry

Good video,swing trading strategy works fine for people who knows how to go about it. Made great profit from learning and applying this strategy.

Francis Furtak


Bheki Ntanzi

Im sure the indicator refreshes at a certain point, so please explain when and where is your entry point, cause you can easily enter 10 mins late even though the indicator suggests so. Would be nice to see your step by step routine from the indicator suggestion, to your entry and exit, hope to hear back from your. Respect from a fellow trader


Doesn't work in 2021. Says unable to load after install. I did everything correctly. Gives error message wrong username and password.


Is this based on COT data?

Brahim Dmn

hi andrew when is the next giveaway

fashola timzy oluwasegun

How do I download the indicator?

Raymond Baloyi

First of all, thank you sir for a great indicator. This is ground breaking indicator especially for a person like me who is fairly new in this field. My challenge is that I downloaded a BlueBerry mt4 app and signed up a demo account but then under journal tab, i see a message which says that the indicator has been removed. Please help!!!

Abraham Ruiz

Everybody saying thank you for the indicator but where’d they get it

Kashif Hussain

Great videos about forex, lot of video watch and take benefit thanks for providing information


Ya - sell the Swissy no matter what the Euro is doing. Smart?

durant Tech

Makes total sense all the way from barbados , but if i can have your email or contact would be good thank you

Mark Burton

On Trading View I simply remove the currencies which I'm not looking at in the settings of Currency Strength & "Yeah Baby!"


Hello sir,, if the momentum meter shows: e.g that CHF is the one high and AUD is below, (AUD/CHF), which is you buy the CHF and sell AUD, what should the market structure look like?

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CNN: How to spot hidden cameras

786 093 views | 14 Dec. 2010

CNN's Josh Levs shows how

CNN's Josh Levs shows how to spot hidden cameras disguised as everyday objects.

Ray Pellerin

I have a camera in my penis. It scans for oral, vaginal, and anal cancer if she has a few glasses of wine.

American Born

starts searching around in my house

Dallas Boring News

Its a good thing we have a 4th amendment in the bill of rights that protects us from our DOCUMENTS.

Ramah Kirkland

Been being watched and listened to for over a year. Unbelievable

Lauren Marco

The hidden cameras in my house come with a voice of a person I know like lol the fuckin wizard of oz. Lol I'm about to call the wizard of the cops. This is getting nuts


Kraft Punk's good at spotting these. #EricAndreShow

Raul Thepig

At 2:06 Did the bald guy say "I assume when the police do it it is legal"?


?CNN CEO Jeff Zucker knows America is Dumb.They covered this story to put up a Smokescreen for the REAL spy equipment in your household.Its the Smart light Bulbs? & The Smart Electric Meters that capture ALL Audio recordings inside your home.The smart light bulbs have GPS as well.The Cameras they have on you are your Smart Phones and your Facebook Profile is thier File.This is why Mark Zuckerberg was giving a Award and praised by the Elites"Wolfenstein".

Patricia Coughlin

His video really sucked.

jayyhuncho Mgs

Get paid smoothly hit 1,000$cashout the same day https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=719410761792533&id=100011708473464
Start weekly job.com


Call the cops immediately when you find one, don't let such bastards get away with such things!

GREG Torchia

Yea CNN knows /they’re the ones planting them

Ani Tvi

ALERT!! DO U GUYS NOTICE THIS AD FOR TRUMP ON YOUTUBE it ask u if Trump is doing good or something...the yes or no answer flash over THE SKIP button. I think this another way to trick ppl indirectly to vote for Trumps popularity. I find it so strange that the yes or no answer, hover over the SKIP button. DONT PUSH IT. we could be selecting to vote on something we dont know about.

john ward

i want one of those vidio broadcast detectors

Queen L

My stepdad put a hidden camera in my bathroom and he doesn’t know.What should I do?Im never home alone with my brother so I can’t tell him.My mom is on a business trip.I tried taking a shower downstairs but he said I couldn’t I didn’t know why but now I do.Advice anyone??I don’t wanna ruin my mom and step dads relationship and he makes most of the money because my mom is working on her own business.Im a 12 year old girl


Privacy is over, alas.

jon byron

All cameras have lenses. Look thru a small hole (thumb and forefinger)you can find the reflection.

Najla Syed

My neighbors from Trinadad Mo family have cameras that are illegally watching me in our house!

Liza Trainer

holy crap a real show on CNN...then I looked at the dat it was posted AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH

Elliot White

When I first came to search for help on YouTube, I saw so many comments about hacking but each time I try to contact the people that made the comments none responded, so I knew those were post made my robot. Later, I saw a comment about one Truthhackerx so I replied on the comment and kelvin responded,so I asked him some questions and then I copied the number on the comment and contact Truthhackerx on WhatsApp and he gave me access to my partner's phone, this is truly amazing, contact him if you need help hacking any device. +1-845-288-4171

Howard Smith

I used to carry a roll of black electrical tape when I spent time in motel rooms. I did it to cover up all those annoying little LED lights all over the place, but I bet it would cover up camera lenses as well. That and unplug everything you're not using, or turn it away from the bed or bath. If it gets repositioned, or the tape removed, you know.

Daniel Currie


Swishas NKush

Think about the technology & hidden cameras NOW that it's 2018 as I type this...and this story is from 2010 !!

Donald Blackmon

...law abiding citizen. also spys sll around, neighbors. just don't tread on me or disrespect me! i will take a strong stand for life to be worth living. read between the lines!!!

Ron Foss

On CNN?. What has this got to do with Trump?

Maria Luisa Cardenas

Bathrooms. Wise up. I was in a car accident and private investigators broke into my house and set up small cameras in my house. Couldn’t prove who it was but duh I was being followed by pi’s because the ins company didn’t want to pay.

Jessica Andersch


Amarosa Rodriguez

Low cost camera finder don’t work

Vendetta 10 Apex

What if a criminal watched this?

James Jewell

Not when you know the cops as friends doing dirty work isn't not legal ?

Shawanna Anderson

It’s so horrifying. ?

bee4pc goldrule

You have to understand that every where your go these days ,your being watched on a camera.

tee gee

I get paranoid after contractors have been in my house. One was obsessed with replacing the outlets in our bathrooms (hired for something else, but offered to "update" just as a courtesy) and obsessed with checking the condition of all our toilets, along with replacing a part on each. How long do these cameras last and are they connected to your electricity? I'd think a battery would die. Now I'm going to dismantle my new outlets!


But we hat didn’t really tell us “ how to spot hidden cameras” it did tell us that there were devices we could purchase that could detect a camera.

Kristopher King

Who likes being watched.. No1..

Renee Dole Finley

Been under electronic harassment of jamming by neighbors for two years now and It's all turned on me as my imagination! TV signals cannot change the channel s switch setup from antenna to setup box! Disable ignition switch....since I figured that out they still off alarm instead..... filed complaint with every agency all pass the buck. Frustrating...even media ignores this. Just a old lady in the cornfields.... all except the VA who deemed this elder abuse...of course there are NO laws to cheaply bring to Justice!!!?


These are portable devices that can detect such spy cams via frequency detection. You can get them on Amazon or eBay.

Busch Wacker

Hey you guys did you see the size of that chicken? MWMEMID9D9. com

Dorothy Kitzinger

The person that gave me the thumbs up for a comment . i made 2months ago u already sent one for the same comment.running out of thumbs or maybe its called harrassment wrong day to do that.i asked u b4 to stop bulling me but u just keep on.no conscious at all no respect for my wishes down rite sounds like a perp to me because perps are cowards and u have no where to send feedback.Coward that's all i can say.

Jc Kirby

So just help all the bad guys steal from us... thank you bitches

Larry Boone

I googled my address
Saw myself googling
my address


Think about your Phones cameras. I put a little band-aid on front and back because you are staring at what I just said. Or electric tape.

Ladonna Black

I can coccofpycyclclc lyclt loco o g

Planet Earth

This video was 10 years ago???

Esther Eli

Hello friends,I know a lot of you might be facing issues on how to track or spy on your spouse location and messages, and i dont feel a one minute video can explain that properly, so i had to figure out the easiest and fastest way to get this done, i spoke to a friend of mine a computer expert who introduced trustedcyberhacker a legitimate pro in Cyber difficulties,Long story short, he solved my problems withing couple of hours and i was finally excited. If your reasons are genuine contact him via what’sapp:+13182391871 you will be excited but only genuine and on the conditions of breach of trust

ShayPooh Tv

I dont trust shit

Tanner Steele

My Coworker quit my work because he knew I KNEW!


1:48 holy shit it’s the hydra guy from Captain America: Jasper Sitwell.

It's Me Fatima

Even in apt complex too

Fransie Solomon

Well, it's technology now a days. Just bring device to check if there's is hidden camera. If they do, as costumer's feedback. Let all know to publicity.

Sally May

That was useless

Maur Laughter

So I had a meeting in my house to get a health aid, my conversation about my needs and my health issues have been repeated back to me by people I know and don't know. Everyone seems to having a good laugh and full of insults

Jorge Martinez

Wow! Thanks for your input!

ᖀᖇᓮᙜᙦ 8 ᖴᕶᕓ

most of the cameras that would potentially be hidden in hotels or Airbnb would be Wi-Fi controlled cameras and all you need is a simple app to tell you what devices are hooked up to the Wi-Fi that you are on.

María Vega


Duane Williams

I found a hidden camera in a water pipe, here at the high rise I live, I put a piece of masking tape over it, then painted it the wall color. At inspection time, a new guy came with him him,

when he came into the bedroom, he looked and looked for the lonest time and I believe he was looking for the hole where the camera was, as that was the only thing he looked for in there....buried forever...or at least al long as I live here!!

AngelicGoddess Valentine

What of someone tries to plug something into the socket though? 0.0?

Patrick Smith

U gonna let them take our privacy America What has happen to US ?? Can We Stand for OUR children do WE HATE OUR children ???? !!!!!!


That's invading privacy

Earl Worley

Its illegal to have an air bnb and have hidden cameras to protect your home. Thats so crazy how laws are allowed to be broken by the people who make them. Sorry, i like my privacy.

Zoey Zi

Of course its illegal but gangstalkers/ cult members watch people in their homes all the time. Those that ate targeted ate put in a live stream so we can be watched by any stalker...aka lunatic.

Kolton Gosnell

Who else is here after Shane’s video?

James Casida

I think I forgot them in my apt at 2544 east Pueblo phx

James Jewell

Yep a 40s year old dream to watch young people fuck in there own room an pay rich people to hate on me when they were covering up his weird mess when I legally paying rent

Kiss Sweets

is best for a private investigator to have it so they know they can investigate someone's situation or a cop have a camera I think a cop should have an inner access for somebody's phone service are or their privacy on here so so why you don't freaking turn in their stuff they have all those appointments the tekkit us a human beings size are stop so we don't take matters in our own him I think authority should do that because we're paying our dollars and taxes of bills to go them protect us what they sign up work I think authorities should have that so they were mine Pacific bad people on Earth account that people can have real stuff for their stuff I don't think it's right to say someone's privacy or heard that in their home but safer for their self but if a person put that in there home and have a camera in it there so he's going to hack into a evade their privacy and they know how to break into and watching them and their home there cuz it does happen so either way I think a 4E should have that if it's a good cop I do their job God

Thom Thumbe

People worry about hidden cameras, but think nothing of taking a sexy selfie and sending it to someone else. Bottom line, most people are clueless idiots, bending in whatever direction the news wind blows.


This guy watches women in the bathroom.

Temp O

A box radio should be extremely suspicious in 2018

Matthew Steenbergen

Privacy Doesn't Exist anymore!

Waffle Fox AJ

After that video I checked ALL my wall outlets

Pastel Brat

Where should I look? In a home bathroom/bedroom setting.

albert huerta

Spot deez nuts

Just an average Grizzly Bear

Damn this is scary

Guadalupe Rodriguez

I use a hidden camera in my babies room, living room, and at my front and back doors. Why? Because I want to see if there's any abuse, or intruders.

Thanks to this. I know how to spot them.

David Larke

Did you hear with the bald guy said he’s not uneasy with spycams that’s a communist right there what did you expect from the Communist news network CNN

AngelicGoddess Valentine

"Actually it's your word against yours its called a hustle sweetheart. Boom" hahaha - judy hopps Zootopia what made me think of looking for spy objects again lol


i was the first to invent this camera in smoke detector stolen by lisa and larry in Jville stole all my book and sketches 2012

Lock & Key

Thanks for information we already know ugh

German Martinez

Can you trace who put a camera in your home?


It's scary because cameras can be anywhere. Like what if you move in a brand new house but builders or the real estate agent snuck hidden cameras in your house

Maria Espinoza

Ask me I will tell you how tell. Mitches your in trouble get an attorney neighbors ???


Hey Chromus-Domeous, what PIG-cops do is ALWAYS illegal and unjustified !!!!

Daisy A

I think my bf is spying on me and he is making me go crazy? and there is alot more songs tv shows movie

Reborn Lover95

Time to check my house ? not jk


Wow people are so sick and perverted. Thanks for the info

Googley Eyes

Now we wear masks-- so I can pull my wedgies out freely. ?

Donald Blackmon

im watched all the time law abiding citizens, at work, work truck i don't care and don't give a S***!

Kim Nuu

In china most of them using hidden camera ??


I have a green light laser with a dot matrix filter. When I travel, in the room, I shine the laser all over. Just as I go to bed, I sweep the room in the dark. That takes care of any hidden cameras.


Signal blockers work too. Just turn them on when you are taking a shower or getting busy.


Yes my apartment is bug camera all around even in bedroom by a crooked fire man


Great News thanks CNN

I’m failing highschool

Here after watching Shane Dawson’s new conspiracy theory video

E. HAYES 209

dude or dudets did anybody catch the name if the store that guy runs in Atlanta I could certainly use his help I'm thinking about watching this again!!! I mean C'mon people are these ridiculous little cameras that serious? who doesn't in this day and age have enough going on in they're lives that they should feel the need to watch others and totally invade others privacy let's face it unless your the 5-0 or the fuzz let's leave all the stakeouts to the professionals so for all you low life's out there staking out other peoples lives without a hint of consent a big middle finger and up yours with a twirling lawn mower!!!

Michael Conner

You just let everyone know how to spot hidden cameras now people who do wrong things like stealing will now know to check out places like roommates fake friends thieves thanks a lot

Justin Winn The Second

I have a situation where family put something in a room...

Just A Guy Production

This is what Japanese is mostly made of. And those are the least conspicuous sunglasses I've ever seen.

PauloYT _

The camera was a paid actor!!

Job 247

Stay tuned .
Live from your Room .
By choice kinda on purpose

John Wunder

cnn fake news