What currency do sweden use

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15 676 views | 25 Nov. 2018


DAY 251

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TODAY... Trying to Survive in Sweden’s Capital Stockholm with No Money on me!

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Wait bro I know In Norway at a grocery store they put food in like a little storage outside when food JUST got expired. Try and go to grocery stores and ask if there are food they are putting out because it’s past the expiration (even though it’s not truly spoiled) and see if you can get anything. Just give it a shot you never know.


So are you leaving your team behind in England or just on a little holiday


Go to a pizza place they are really Nice and you can work for food

Bernardo Moreira

With this desire to succeed my friend you will put pen to paper!

Joey Jore

It's so weird that your mom needed money on a bad moment. If it was a bill why did you pay it all once? you always have the opperunity to pay in terms


everybody hit that Like button


Btw their are a lot of good free pitches 3G pitches


You've got balls Brandon


Loved this mate what a sacrifice your making shows how much you want to make it.... hope you didn’t forget your boots??

Jean Paul Ajala-Alexis Football

Amazing video, great message??


Guys You would help me a Lot if you SMASH THAT LIKE BUTTEN ??

Celebrity Antics

keep working bro

Oskar Gemal

Come to Denmark

Morgan Ogbekene Eliasson

hey man I live in Sweden stay strong I might be able to help you

Le football c’est mon art

What courageous ??


Does any one have links of a Sweden Division and i forgot some shit is The Division 2 of Sweden ?? in fifa ?? it’s just that I want ur card


Hahahah just say your a refugee and u get lost of money in Sweden.

Nasir Oday

You do know that football season in Sweden is over.....!?

But again at this period a lot of teams offer trials, but you need to get one asap before christmas because then you will have to wait until ferbuary.

Serri Fotballer

Omg i live in sweden


This is amazing wow Brandon I really do respect u man and I used to live in Sweden their is really a lot of opportunities their and hopefully u will make it pro their through the guidance of God??⚽️

kagiso bolaane

Why ddnt you go pro in germany

luciano gutierrez casanas

you deserve the best man. I have so much respect for you, risking it all, what a legend

Sebastian Rundström Svedén

Wow man nice to see that you're here in Sweden! If you were closer to me I could help you out but unfortunately I live far from Stockholm. But there's lots of opportinties for clubs here so keep seeking and believing man!


Fking hell i mean I thought you would stop at the U.K jesus Brandon all the best in Sweden your spirit does not waver one bit! I look forward to your journey.

tjeaeana på diiig

If you want free food you need to download the app Wolt. In the app you can earn money via people register with your code. Wolt credits it is called. When you register you can put in a code and then you will get 75 kronor for free in the app there are different restaurants that you can by from you can eat there or you can order food home to you.

Andy Wong

Day 1?

Nhgfdcdsd Jjjjtb

Keep it up

Vic young

Yo I wont you to go live and I will donate 100 dollars

Barrett Lalli

Wow. Thank you Jesus for providing!

Emmanuel Brefo

I think brandao's been watching too much london hacks

Wonderful Fak

Wow this is real hustling... I hope you have a great experience

Roan11 RPB

The standard of football in Sweden is more more realistic to get a pro contract in Sweden is what it is England

Jo B

Those who saw Crystal Palace vid where he entered a game free and know Brandao. Know what’s happening here... ???

DL 101

I’m so confused why has he gone to Sweden

pouria Jaderi

Bro I hope you message those companies asking them to sponsor you!
You can get decent amount of money out of them!

Ni Ci

Bro don't say it's a challenge ahahahaha say u have no money that's enough

Luke Mcconnell

Good luck man, hope something comes of this ? either way in the end you will know you tried everything you could. Not many people can even say that. You should be proud of yourself

Bartek Sielecki

I wish you all the best, you proved many times that there’s no impossibilities in life! Greetings from Poland!??❤️


i swear this guy is real definition of a hustler


Came a long way

ahmed mahamud

I hope you make it man your making so many sacrifices, your also kind giving stuff when you have nothing specially .

Danneil Osbourne

Keep pushing for that contract bruv

xxafrican salah


Julio Porto

In europe, to have some food you just have to go to food trucks in the final afternoon and ask some spare food cause at the time they will be closing. And to have some place to sleep, just go to a hostel and work for some hours in exchange of a place to sleep


The best Video i have ever seen


any still here

JB Lamango

what a beast

Arminas Gricius

How can you post videos with no money you are fake??

Mutaz Ishaq

You are a very strong man

Ryan B

Good Luck Brandao in your Journey. I hope you achieve success in this new journey. All the best ?

Abner Ortiz

Can’t wait for the next episode of “Life of a homeless man” I’m sorry dude but this video was RIDICULOUS

A- Dog

It’s funny because he’s on tinder


Do you film secretly or can they tell?

Harry kane

14:37 she said yes??❤️❤️
Yess brandao not single anymore it's a yes everyone


Lol ? change tactics good one mate

Eyob Gebremichael

My nigga Brandon is crazy af. Good luck bro I wish I was living in Sweden. I would let u stay for couple days.

K. Pitroipa

Video of the year ❤
Remain blessed #TeamBrandao

Tolani Animasahun

You should've came to the league of Ireland

Cristian Jackson

keep it up brother
dont EVER quit

Erne 17

Man you going to so hard time just for ur dreams u inspire me man you are amazing??


You've got balls, I would never eat a starnger's food or sleep in a stranger's house

Prince Nkansah

Keep hustling man??

Annoncio Anenou

Wooow no money no nothing but still managed, that’s a huge blessing from God ?? gave you food and a place to stay God bless them


Wow Brandon i live in Norway and i can assure you this is a good choice!!


This just took a great turn man. I didn't expect you to land to Sweden with no money and actually solving problems. It shows that you are logical and can solve problems


Came long way now you have a pro contract


So u left ur old team did u tell them u should have stayed until the end of the season or until the break as they need u it is about the team May God be with u but u should have thought about it but stay strong and may God bless u

Nwanah Dubem

Good luck Brandon ??

ownage prank2

Be muslim god guid u

Pro Dube

Big ups to you man hope the lord blesses you and you get to achieve your dream.?

John -

This is the dumbest idea that I have ever heard

JuJu D

Ur crazy but it ain’t a dream it it’s crazy


Mate the fact u have gone is good but the way was not right.

Ryan Waswa 9C Tegnerskolan

woooow mate your in sweden mate cant believe it

Alex Ghazarian

I live in Sweden

Amanie Goddard

Man your crazy | am watching from Barbados my journey is soon about to begin | I play right back | good luck bruv

Muhammad Altleis

Not hating I think you should get a job

Charlie Allard

Wierdest Brandao video ever. ????❤️

vladimir vuksic

I live in Stockholm

Carlos Pinedo

"idk how they will react, im black,im tall" -lmao

Trending news hindi

U r just An Inspiration ..Ur survival tricks are greater tha baer grills ?


Bruv i am amazed by your will and attitude but u also need to be realistic. With all the training u might be able to get a low semi-pro contract but I mean if u look in the longterm that can not really be the future... u need to have a plan B. Maybe u find something football related. There are many different job in this business. But ofc otherwise prove my words wrong

The Wolfy

Add more adds on the videoa so we can click more. This way we can support you and give you money.
Everyone like this please

Faria Simao

One day when you achieved your dream you're gonna look back to those days and you'll always remember where you came from ⚽? god will always help you mate whatever risk you take god will guide you every way is the right way ?

Arminas Gricius

You need to have a computer and internet to post why do you fake your videos you are a joke??

Elmer Bäckman

I live i Sweden, welcome!!!

Marco Polo

You should have used the internet to surf through info on free food


Someone that lives in sweden needs to help brandao.

Big chief

Are you a YouTuber or a footballer what are your intentions with going to Sweden with no money that you could've earned while training/playing seems like you're trying to grow you're YouTube by doing this crazy "challenge"

Mhmad Akeel

Omg , such a strong guy you are , if i just knew that you came to Sweden you would sleep in my room my friend , cuz i lives there


I am with you brandao.. KEEP GOING


Respect bro


What a brave man

Boss B

Who ever disliked this is weird

Lavell Marelly

How can you not love this goon

80 trillion coinflip Boys

the legend says that hes still stuck in sweden! :=)

Arelle2004 Daley

Did u do the birds and the bees with her?


The adventures of Homeless man with an Android in SWEDEN??? Can’t wait for the next videos you had me dumb founded MY GUY


PUT THAT DEAD TOOTH UNDER YOUR PILLOW FOR THE TOOTH FAIRY for some MONEY BRUV!!! It’s a dead tooth anyway you don’t need that crap she might give you less since it’s a dead tooth but #moneydontlieBRUV


Brandao do you give her the BBC :D

What currency do sweden use

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Future of Money: Welcome to Cashless Sweden

31 420 views | 3 Nov. 2014

Nov. 3 (Bloomberg) --

Nov. 3 (Bloomberg) -- Leaders in finance and technology are gathering in Las Vegas today as the Money 2020 conference kicks off, where they'll discuss innovations in the global payment market and the future of money. Bloomberg's Willem Marx went overseas to Sweden ahead of the event where alternatives to cash payment are popping up and may even push traditional money out.

--Subscribe to Bloomberg on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/Bloomberg

Bloomberg Television offers extensive coverage and analysis of international business news and stories of global importance. It is available in more than 310 million households worldwide and reaches the most affluent and influential viewers in terms of household income, asset value and education levels. With production hubs in London, New York and Hong Kong, the network provides 24-hour continuous coverage of the people, companies and ideas that move the markets.

Chai Xyooj


Saint Burnsy

Bad idea in the long run.

dan Hamakua

Fuck i'm glad im not Swedish.


The second you resist they can freeze your funds...


guess ill be going poor then. thanks full retards.

Daniel Luster

It would be nice for us as Americans to become a cashless society. =)

Gospodin Jean

Getting ready for the mark of the beast

George CK

For all of you useful idiots who trust the modern debt slavery system,
remember..... "all people small and great, rich and poor, free and
slave, to receive a mark on their right hand or on their forehead, so
that no one could buy or sell unless he had the mark — the name of the
beast or the number of its name"... Revelation chapter 13, 16:17.

Emma Morgan

No more hiding money in the mattress and the safe.

Marat Kairatbek

the best idea I ever heard


Please, our phones are tapped, our internet traffic is monitored and now you are going to trace my money as well?


Sweden(Sodom) is committing suicide.

Ecléctico Iconoclasta

It might be the way to stopping tax evasion and money laundering in tax havens

Dick Cummings

Sweden sucks ass. And so do all the trailer trash losers that live or come from there. It's easy to see how the term Stockholm Down So came from. Since all shiteating shitweed Swedes seem to suffer from a severe case of Stockholm Down Syndrome.


If its under bank control like credit card is okay


New world order


This is why I've been closing out my bank accounts and investing in gold. The idea of a cashless society is taking away your rights to choose. Putting your personal wealth and well being in the hands of bankers and the elite. Screw this b***** this is like 1984 coming to life. The day that I am forced into a cashless society. Is the day that I join the resistance. :/

Damo Goodfella

pfffft simpler fuckoff mate total bullshit i know people in Sweden and they ALL hate it... The corporations say its easier but if the corporations are pushing this then of course its going to be easier because the corporations make it that way if they want to implement something they will just make opposing thing harder to choose or use .... Card and account shutdowns for days you cant access money... you didn't talk about the corporate surveys ether... if these questionnaires arnt filled out you guessed it no money... another thing I 110% bet Sweden has a media blackout on this entire subject ...


In China, virtually all consumer transactions are done by smartphones (with the tacit blessing of the government).

Frank Clark

Cash is freedom ,the banks want a piece of every transaction 5 10 p swedes will regret this digital robot way of trading .

Frank Clark

How will the politicians judges pay for there rent boys and whores ?

Miles Tails Prower

Google Tracks Banking Now.


Sweden, always first to jump off a cliff. They are so trusting there.

Benjamin Alexander

I personally prefer physical cash,as a person interested in collection of currency, I have more happiness in seeing physical cash than amount in my bank account.
Cashless system may be able to track money movement but it cannot prevent Money laundering as a whole, criminals would try new methods ,
And few drawbacks is that
If there is a power shut down due to cyclone or floods then you are without money. You are penniless (I have seen it, when there was a cyclone here in my place, there was no electricity so when we went to supermarkets they asked us to pay in cash as their swipe Machines didn't work, but since we had cash we could make payments).

Eash .B

Just check PayTM India and DBS bank from Singapore completely cashless !!!


I’m in the US, and I never carry cash. I live in a big city however so it’s more feasible than say someone in Iowa where merchants can still be cash only.

Ali Ceyhun Şahin

I am going to make a version of swish in Turkey


Hahahahaahah im sixteen year old swede and i just realised i havent used cash in 6 months XD

Temujin Tseren

European always support socialism. No cash lead to government control of everything in our life. I come from communist country now in America. I not want government to control my life and money anymore.

Kom Econ

Sweden is just a satanist society, not only for cashless but because they broke the family and accept the mark of the beast (rfid) in hands.

Alabama Mothman

Need any more proof that our leaders are satanist straight from Revelations.

Nut Case

What they need is a long lasting power outage. :)

Mike Smith

Great change no longer get robbed for your money, just robbed for your smart phone, then raped and murdered by sicko refugges you embrass, fucking great change you bloody idiots.


LOL the day i lost respect of swedish people... welcome to 1984, motherfuckers

Rilum Osmanaj



That's an extremely bad idea.  Cash represents your last bit of economic privacy, and it is a check on government power or tyranny over the people.  Getting rid of cash puts the government in a higher position of power, but it robs power and privacy from the citizens.  What is wrong with people?  WAKE UP!


give all your money to hackers and software engineers! how do you know they are not going to screw you? well you don't unless you have the skills on par with them! yay!


I could only find one restaurant at Philadelphia airport that accepted cash. It’s so intrusive. The device on the table also takes your picture...without your consent. The invasion of privacy has gone too far, but the stupid masses allow it. I left, and refused to be part of it. Unfortunately, they have you trapped at an airport, so unless you go along with it, you can’t buy food at a sit down restaurant.

Carlos Oliva

That's prabably is going going to happen all over the world and is more easy to keep track of your Money than cash the older we get the harder is going to be for cash to use and the easier is going to be to keep track of your bank acct and no cash is not king you loose it and you will never getting it back but your bank is going to replace it any Freud but the closer we get to cashless society the harder is going to be to someone to steal your money

Hoki Doki

its verry danger time is coming...cash is freedom im as a swiss pay only in cash stacking real money (gold, silver) because i dont want get a slave! the system cheat you, if you dont know histery you will not anderstand the future

Numero Sconosciuto

If you know the mark of the beast you can understand the reason of which of this video has been created.

Jack Mcgregor

It’s great if you like tracking everything you buy sale and where you go, what you eat .its a great socialist way to live. Yeah aoc

What currency do sweden use

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Lafayette Ultras

Forever cash

Summer Summer

I had bad situation that I bring debit card with no name on card(instant card) and when Check In hostel they don’t accepted..so I have to find other hostel where can accept my card That was hard time for me really bad experience and after back to my land I have to ask bank for make me new card with name...

Lyrics and Bars

Too bad their government is ran by evil antichrists.

Oskar Svanängen

Alot of stores still use cash, unless you’re getting something specific you’re good

Alexandar Polimac

Please make a script before making a video, it was a lot of breaks and empty space. I wanted to send my friends this video but it's just a struggle to listen. I watch your videos, just trying to help out.

Melina Shoukri

Can i use a revolut card?

Mo Mo

Hallå igen ?




On my first visit to Sweden in 2016 I made the mistake of taking Swedish Krona, I have finally managed to spend it all on my most recent visit last month!
On the bus and trains I now have the phone app for Skånetrafiken as I visit this area on a regular basis now. Useful video for anyone who hasn’t visited before ??


Kenya has been using MPesa for 20 years??????


In The Nehterlands we pay with V pay. Its a logo on our bankcard. Cash is no problem here yet, but buying something more expensive than 3000 euros you cant pay cash no more now.


Very long time i pay in cash! Think 3 years ago. Only problem i meet is with a friend/or any one To pay for gasoline! Other way never Cash!. work so very good!

Jacqueline Amelie

Have you heard of any instances of tourists’ cards not working in Sweden? I know some banks (in the United States anyway) lock down cards if someone is traveling even if they told the bank first. It happened to my family when we visited Canada. We told the bank we were traveling there and they locked our cards anyway.

Paul Butterworth

Great until everybody relies on cards and micro chips then the system crashes, everybody looks at each other, they again nothing, better to have cash and cashless running side by side


Man, that sounds cool, but how do swedes buy illicit substances to visit the Abba museum? ?

Saffia Nana

What about using cards to pay for public transport e.g. trains? Also just a quick question, does public transport run on a sunday in Sweden, especially Stockholm? Visiting in the spring :)


I visited Stockholm in 2018, I had no problems paying only with cash, except at Fotografiska museum

Kranker Spast

Well hello again :D

Mona K.

How do children pay? At what age do they get their first creditcard? I'm asking because we are planning to visit Sweden next summer and my kids are used to buy, e.g., an ice cream or something from the bakery by their own. And I don't see my 6-year-old doing this with my creditcard...


By the way, in English we don't usually talk about Swedish "crowns". I doubt that many people even know that "krona" literally means "crown" (as in the royal headwear). We say krona / kronor ...just as you do in Sweden -- except that (in British English at least) we generally (slightly mis)pronounce both words (as well as the Danish and Norwegian words krone / kroner) as "crow-nuh" ?


Little old information! Now 100% safe!

Dan Nava

You didn't talk about the chip, everyone in Sweden are getting chipped. They are lining up to get it..
You guys know it's the MARK OF THE BEAST from the book of revelation rite?
Whatever u do don't get it!!

Ralf Fleitmann

Tack Joakim, it's very hilfreich....verry good, tack sa mycket !

Mallory Solis

I'm so glad I subscribe... I had no idea and hadn't heard. Tack så mycket!


So true! Also I came to Sweden with a couple thousand US $ in cash because I sold my car at the airport before boarding (haha) - I thought I could take it to my bank and have them convert and deposit it. Nope! I actually held onto it until I took another trip back to the US and used as spending money. So silly really.

Lina Müller

RIP to all Germans over 40 visiting Sweden now xD

Cewe Color

Sounds horrible!!! I'm from Germany and we luckylie love our CASH and I hope this will never change!!! A cashless pay system is the full control of the banks, because everyone can see, what you bought. Cash is freedom !!! Nur BARES ist WAHRES !!!


Just focus on teaching Swedish language..please dont change your track..tak så mycket..hej allihopa.the best One by u..