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348 views | 24 Jan. 2021

The SingularityNET

The SingularityNET Foundation has incubated one of the most exciting and potentially a life-altering project that will increase the efficiency of humans to a point of no return. I explain what Singularity is, where we are in achieving true Artificial General Intelligence (AGI), and how to invest in this idea!

This is a very exciting project and you all should know about it and possibly invest in it!!!

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0:00 Introduction

0:21 Ben Goertzel - "What is the Singularity"

2:17 SingularityNET Organization

4:03 Ray Kurzweil

5:45 SingularityNET Services & Info

6:35 Most Powerful Technology

8:37 AGI Price & Potential

10:00 Elon Musk on the Singularity

13:00 Conclusion


SingularityNET AGI Website - https://singularitynet.io/#

Hanson Robotics Website - https://www.hansonrobotics.com/hanson-robots/

Coinbase AGI Token - https://www.coinbase.com/price/singularitynet

Ben Goertzel Linkedin - https://hk.linkedin.com/public-profile/in/bengoertzel?challengeId=AQGvq1aq8xULzAAAAXcx8s9xWoKr_PUfXLTccmwkMsSwRU1BIhqc-e1MRJNvOxWLYw8ZHgegwka_nIPHK90KSGLpoqOz5I1hfg&submissionId=f5f5781c-e705-5d16-28b3-1a2382242516


Business World MENA is a client-focused, global consulting firm that solely exists to connect individuals with opportunities.


Hayat International is a subsidiary of BW and our own NPO, we strive to improve human needs, health & wellness, environmental sustainability, and legal support.


Candy Girl

I’ll take a look into this as a potential investment. Thanks for the advice Ayman

Slam inc

Definitely HODL, Great Vid.


Hodl $AGI ❤️?

Slam inc

Keep it up

Rainer Wahnsinn

Most undervalued Coin out there

Singularitynet ico

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Blockchain AI & Why | @SingularityNET & @Ocean Protocol

840 views | 5 May. 2020

The solutions to previous

The solutions to previous challenges now exist in the form of protocols such as SingularityNET, which provides interoperability between AI agents on many blockchains. SingularityNET also has a built-in governance system, and user data is protected end to end, while allowing governments to fork their own AI networks from the main network in order to maintain control over their sub-networks.

It is observed that artificial intelligence (AI) is concentrated in the hands of large corporations and organizations. This hampers the development of a broader range of AI systems.

Meanwhile, there is also the problem of data storage and access. For AI systems to function efficiently, they need to connect to various data systems, which could be challenging to achieve. The current data-sharing mechanisms have several vulnerabilities, and it is also challenging to ensure the quality of this data.

Using blockchain, AI systems could access data in a more streamlined manner. Blockchain systems could set permissions to share data.

Meanwhile, owners can be incentivized for sharing data, which could attract more participants. This benefits the AI systems as there is a larger pool of data available.

Ocean Protocol is developing a decentralized infrastructure for a data economy for AI systems. Data marketplaces could be created using blockchain, where owners could sell information that can be used for AI. This also levels the playing field for smaller AI developers and researchers, who could easily access trusted sources and services for developing AI systems.

SingularityNET is one such company which is using blockchain for creating an AI network. It enables users to create, share, and monetize AI services through a decentralized marketplace.

Conversely, AI could also benefit the blockchain network by analyzing data for anomalies before it enters the chain. This provides another layer of automation and improves data quality. Another benefit is that AI could audit blockchain transactions and suggest performance-enhancing solutions.

Read full article: https://www.ledgerinsights.com/blockchain-ai-iot-convergence-european-commission/

SingularityNET AI Marketplace - https://beta.singularitynet.io

AGI Community Telegram - https://t.me/singularitynet

AGI Price Chat Telegram - https://t.me/AGIPriceTalk

Ocean Protocol - https://oceanprotocol.com/

Ocean Protocol Telegram - https://t.me/OceanProtocol_Community

AGI Merchandise Store - https://teespring.com/stores/agi-blockchain-ai-merchandise


Buy SingularityNET AGI with Binance: https://www.binance.com/?ref=10176722


Follow me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/profit_ai


Graham Butler

The AI marketplace. Think of Salesforce App Exchange, Apples App store or the Play Store (Android) for an example of what Singularitynet is looking to build but it will be decentralized.

Mark Brown

It is such a blessing to EYES 2 SEE where this world is headed.


Been waiting for this. The best exchange #MXC finally opening an order book for $OCEAN. Good to see my long-term bag $OCEAN gets what it deserves. https://www.mxc.com/trade/easy#OCEAN_USDT

Real AGI

SingularityNETs vision is slowly becoming apparent to Crypto, Corperate Companies and Governments.

The kindling is smoking!

Singularitynet ico

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STELLAR / XLM: THE BRIDGE TO EVERYTHING - OpenAI, SingularityNET, Tesla, & Beyond. (RAW & UNCUT)

2 773 views | 5 Oct. 2020

Stellar is connected to

Stellar is connected to Artificial Intelligence. In order to get the true knowledge you must go deep.



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artificial intelligence


B talking fast on this one??!!

Style On Up


Divine Goodness

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wahlberg's world

Its wonderful how of you open your eyes for something it lands in your lap. There were so many xrp channels i was trying to find someone researching xlm as thoroughly and BAM! It landed in my lap. Thank you sir.

Divine Goodness

I couldn’t believe he’s really a great hacker until he help me with 4.6btc within a few minutes this hacker is really amazing just as people do say and comment about him..Don’t wait to loose him to all this fucking fake hacker and chat him up for help he’s really [email protected] on telegram.

Clarence Dennison

??????the end killed it?

Dark Magician Girl


Roger Elder

Consider Elon could choose IOTX. It is secure IOT, incorporates hardware level security, think Teslas being connected, think Starkink receivers needing to validate the accounts in real time for access. It needs to be fast. I have not seen a blockchain faster than IOTX.

Awakened _To the Truth


DarthRaver86 86

Thailand just sold 1.6billion in bonds on the IBM blockchain. IBM worldwire blockchain is built on Stellar :)

Mark Brown



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John V

Title mentions singularity net, but no mention of it

Alexis Vazquez

XLM ??????

Dark Magician Girl

Wow dude that comparison between xlm.. Xrp and gold and silver... Brilliant man... Brilliant!!! ????

Chelsea Johnston

Love the Stellar research! Thx! ?

Dot Connector

Engie is tesla... ewt

Divine Goodness

I couldn’t believe he’s really a great hacker until he help me with 4.6btc within a few minutes this hacker is really amazing just as people do say and comment about him..Don’t wait to loose him to all this fucking fake hacker and chat him up for help he’s really [email protected] on telegram


You follow digital assets daily? He's a good xlm digger too


Xlm is for everyday use and xrp is for banks use . As a matter a fact ripple creator created xlm . N also created zelle

Chelsea Johnston

Ill take truth and depth over hype and smoke every day!

Alvaro lluminated

XRP & STELLAR are brother and sister or gold and silver.

David Necic

Very Good Information. You have to have a Open Mind. See whats going on with other cryptos. XRP and Stella are Brother and Sister. Both are very Good. I Love your Great Thinking.

Corey H

Love your Stellar Videos, Keep em Coming!!

Eliodiro Aguilar

October 18 we take off!

Bahala Na?

I wonder ? how many ? in Stellar? We’re do our bags stack up in the xlm rich list?

Deep Sniffed

Liked and subscribed, because you enabled the subtitles ! Great content, thank you !

Ronson Sovereign XRP 6.66M

I also have both XRP and XLM.
XLM is quiet. XRP is demonized.
I expect them both to appreciate in spectacular fashion, though I expect XRP to realize its potential SOONER than XLM and I plan to then shift a good portion of those XRP profits into more XLM, HBAR, AGI, VET, ADA (and a handful of others). XRP is currently 60% of my portfolio and I’m planning to increase that to 80% prior to the Spark token distribution.

i4Ni C

You KEEP trying to draw comparison's between XRP and XLM...they are on THE SAME TEAM....with different areas of INTEREST. I like your XLM info sans the rhetoric about XRP. Just because Jed moved on to Stellar DOES NOT MEAN the two projects are at ODDS with each other. It's crypto maxi's making a competition out of everything. Once all the scam coins get weeded out through regulation, the rest of the crypto space will become an ecosystem...many will interlink. Vest in the projects you like and don't resort to day trading and you'll make money.