Rockets vs warriors 2017

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Best of Warriors vs Rockets on Opening Night | Late 4th Quarter

217 670 views | 18 Oct. 2017

The Houston Rockets

The Houston Rockets defeated the Golden State Warriors 122-121 in Chris Paul's debut with his new team. Enjoy the highlights from the final six minutes of the Rockets victory here!

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TFC-The Fookin Champ

Top 2 teams in the west goin at it, can see Houston takin a series once they fix their chemistry troubles.

Introverts World

Damn this win was so satisfying . (lakers fan)

Bkc 14

Ariza was on the 2009 Lakers team he been in the league forever lol

omhar super

Go rocket...

Brandon K

Curry the God

Travis Pang


Katy N

All the "experts" claim that this is the best NBA team ever! LOL

Ricardo Acevedo

I didn't watch the game so im confused. But how did the Warriors go from having 122 points to 121?

Beaut Ween

Fluke win

Djiby Thiam

MUHAHAHA ... No basket Durant, in your DREAMS !!!

Shivaraam Sanjay

Before rockets got their 120th point
The Warriors was at 122
How did they go to 121 when PJ Tucker shot the free throws?

Jerrysmith Smith

..I .love..you .c..p..

J.E Real

I see lnu and fake klay


lol look at BigDawsTV behind the warriors bench xD


What a fourth??


Damn when I checked the game it was like 60-90 something I think. Didn't know Houston came back to win the game.

Cody H

"Sssssssssss" - Kevin Durant

Katy N

The Cavaliers will win this season's NBA Finals, not the Warriors!

Alejandro Ramirez

I'm so happy we won

Alex Feng

Warriors losing is a win for America

P.S. Big Daws in the crowd at the end!! 2:54

Batang 90’s Amazing Tv

close hehehhe

Empire Productions

Should've been a Warriors player who broke his leg. #Pray4Hayward

Kingston Hawke

Feel like the light came on just before the buzzer sounded.



Rorschach 0007

CHOKE ASS MOTHAFUCKAS!! lmao lebron coming for ya snakes

The Klutz

Everybody is acting like this was a huge loss. It's only the first game, chill out, Warriors are still the best team. Also Green was injured at the end which she could've helped their defense


Haha fuck kd


warriors love to loose opening nights. remember last year when spurs blew them out

Gamer's Perspective

Who loves Steph?


Swaggy with the lazy foul there...


I hate that everybody dismisses wins against the warriors... give rockets credit for taking advantage of the situation... reasons why everybody hates warriors

Jean N

The defense was different you can tell that Igoudala wasn't present

Dante Mcgary

Rockets won that game

King Trawal

Houston about to get swept



ight simple

curry chocked

V1C Sendo V1C

kd= kevin durant

Macduff Collins

i hate the rockets

Audric Cheng

I am angry.

Too Blessed847

HaaaaaHaaaaaa!! They waved off the KD jumper at the buzzer......LOL!!


Chris Paul even went out on a minor injury and GSW still lost.

Demetrous Russell

Golden state did not lose you just hating on the best team



Too Blessed847

Harden was putting on a series of moves which is to say he was getting NASTYYYY!

HT82 Smash

I remember I lost my god damn mind on this!

In Play

Охуеть !



Ace Highlights


Hector Rayray

poor warriors snake didnt the last shot


GSW will go 81-1 this season trust me!

augustine lopez

Such a tease.... WESTERN CONFERENCE FINALS!!!!!!!


What a game this was

Allen Badillo

Blowing leads is just in their DNA smh???

Relax And Work

Lurry no clutch gene. Choker. And so is Lurant

Phúc Ngô

Who were win

Kung Fu Kenny

Who loves harden


I am die hard cavs fan. #FuckKD #Snake #FuckTheWarriors but I replayed at slow moti0n paused it 0.01 seconds and it is clearly out of Kevin's hand. Also I like rockets better than warriors.

Eleanor Campbell

I just peed my pants

Trickshot dudes

0.18 lostnunbound

WDGT Stayn


R.J. Scott

I just realized Capela traveled like mad on that and one play lol

Santa Monica Pier

And here we are...

Warriors vs Houston WCFinals!!



Lance Fowler

Its supposed to be an overtime cus there score was 119 then mccaw shot a three then its supposed to be 122 not 121

Seb Trounson

Harden at 2:15 hahaha

hughtube88 official

2:54 on the bottom right corner you can see the guy who dressed up as Klay Thompson


I think it was a GSW win. Pause 2:14 with timer 00.01 secs. Ball already release and the buzzer not yet playing.


But the Warriors got the last laugh on them. #27StraightMissedThrees

Donald Campbell

0-27 lmao

hoe hoe

3 superstar and with couple of good bench players and still lost. I guess draymond is the main player then.

Angel Moises Pineda

Its cause draymond was out

G N Sports

Gs should of won

Vishal Shetty

Dayum close




First defeat after the Championship ?


Hahahahahaha Not now WARRIORS

jay jay

2:33 durant long ass fingers???


Rockets getting the chip. SIMPLE

4everpeace tony

what a game!

John Tchen

It will count!

Lol. Wishful thinking on Marv's part.

Janelle Hall

Ayeeee the warriors lost ?

Jack Wilson

the warriors got complacent. that is why they choked.

Alejandro Godina

My computer can't keep up with this video. :P!

Carlos Kidd

Lmao ahhhhhhhh haaaaaah

Samuel Choong

u can clearly see kelvin durant alrdy release the ball

The REAL Htown

this is the game that hurt warriors pride a lil bit lol

Katy N

The Warriors were too busy fighting President Trump. Look at what happened to the Warriors!


Steph curry came in clutch... wait

Loyal Nets Fan / Comment section Legend


Stephen Curry

Nice Livingston?

Qwerty Uiop

lol the way durant curry celebrated and then they arent winning suddenly gave me a laugh

Anthony Guzman

2:18 Durant like “I don’t high five boi”

Hunter Terry

lol golden state is tied for the worst team in the NBA right now

V1C Sendo V1C


wstly bombita

kala nyo panalo na kayo? mga tnga?


Why did the dubs loose a point from 122 to 121? Can someone explain? Was a 3 changed to a 2?

Señor Slinky



if kd skipped that dribble they win

Malik D.

Anyone who think King James and Kyrie, and Kevin Love only won a game, and that game was the best shooting % is NBA finals history..so y'all tell me how da fuck James harden and CP3 gonna beat THIS team 4 out 7 times.. FOH

Bob the builder

0:18 fake klay behind the warriors bench

Rockets vs warriors 2017

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Golden State Warriors vs Houston Rockets Full Game Highlights / Game 4 / 2018 NBA Playoffs

3 400 585 views | 23 May. 2018


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Corliss Ellis

Do so injured then why he standing around bs

Cutty Cain

This was a good ass game

Johnston Littlefield

1:46 Gerald gordon

Kiếm BF

harden destroy that fucking gsw

Derek Jang

Very competitive. Both conference finals have evenly balanced match ups!

Tyler P

Why the whole stadium so damn empty in a playoff after spending all that money when they are only down by 1 possession??

Dat nigga from Barbecue party

1:07 goddamn big ass travel by harden ??

Benjamin Clark

Dude hugging steph with both hands lol

Leveret Xu


Chrish Pilapil

When you hit the comment section it's either :

Rocket fans
Warrior fans

Or just pure hate, not even giving credit when it's due

Harley Sam

Big daws tv was really there omfggggg hahahaha

Edit : the 2 girls were also there

If u watch it carefully you will see them


Curry may be an all time great shooter,but he’s a sissy otherwise. What was that dance he did? He would have gotten eaten up 20-30 years ago in the NBA. You think he’d be dancing around with dudes like Charles Oakley & Laimbeer smacking him around? He also would lose confidence in driving to the basket.

Hugh McGhie


Marko Curcic

1:07 how many steps does Harden make?

Gabriel Julian

lol chrispaul is so fckin hard foul on curry,if cp vs curry,ofc cp win but not a fair ein(:

BESTpart Capture

One word for all you Warriors haters that aren't fans of the rockets... We are defending the Title this time around, just grab yourself some juice and popcorn etc and watch how we do it.#TeamWarriors#NBAChampions2018

YKG basketball2


NJR 10

Harden ?

Daniel Maluenda

7:46 lol

Edward Reyez

Dont celebrate too early!

Rolfgin Basallage

Stephen Curry shooting all those threes, dancing, steal the ball but in the end they lose

Raptors Nation

OMG this was a dog fight!!! ????

C.P. Wright


Hp Zel

I’ll like to see the Celtics & rockets in the championships , give somebody else a time to shine & btw re - watch this game & one thing I notice about harden is he’s very humble , foul after foul he held it together n went harder ?? cp3 really showed he’s age n experience this game as well ??

Brayden PlayZ

Lol, when curry got cocky, and then got stuffed

Balvant Singh


Chance Jackson

Only thing that sucks is nobody ever beat this GS in a series... they ended up being their own downfall



15,000 subs with no videos


The 1 AJ 39

7:03 Listen closely lol


warriors have become too pampered and complacent...

Mephew Chan

I still think that Curry was the one to blame for G4 to lost the home game. He again behaved with a lot of mismatches at the last quarter when the Warriors started with a leads of 12 points. Of course the Rockets succeeded their tough defence at the 4th quarter but was'n't that the Warriors thought they could win this game and didn't concentrate at the end , if so they deserve the loss of G4 or maybe the series.

Genaro D

Maybe the Warriors need to use their secret weapon (Pachulia) in Game 5 and injure Harden or Chris Paul if they want to go to the finals again. Last year zaza finished with Leonard and works pretty well.

David Garcia

Hell No!!!Curry's getting the groove...


CP3 is the best point guard in the league

Chelo Calicdan


Lil Fireboy

Come on golden state beat down htown and the all the other teams

Daniel Maluenda

amazing performance by both teams, this series is one of the best I've seen in a while

ilhan ner

houston surprised me that finished longest home winning streak in playoffs ....cp3 turned glory days...

Mike Yaro

No reason for warriors to loose especial being up by 15 points! Despite of klay and Andre being questionable for game 5 , warriors still have enough offensive powers to beat the tickets. No excuses!

FaZe Corpz

No matter what worriorrs still on top

Billy Bob

I laugh the warriors lose game 5.


Holy fuck Harden make Draymond his bitch

Allen Sheppard

My wish the Rockets knock em out the box.

yucca Daracay

it's smell Boston ang rockets??

Lil Fireboy

Come on golden state beat htown just like when houston killed la in the world series last year come on golden state #goldenstateforlife

Dash Cam

What kind of a last play was this for GS? Why did Klay run over to the strong side when he could have stayed in the weak side? Why did Durant also run over to the strong side when it was already too busy and the spacing was all off? No one guy stayed on the weak side. Fail.

Akbar Akhiruddin

C'mon Rockets, the world would love to know you beat them.

YT_xTrey -Roblox

1:43-1:52 Harden following the defense chant Imao

Not Sharky HD

fake klay is there

Lockon Stratos

Warriors got PWNED

sanjay kumar



That boy said Gerald Gordon

o Forever

I just wanted to see fake klay

Peter siringan

What happened with the Big Men of GSW?????????

Zemun In

Vrhunska utakmica!

petros imvrios

only 3 points without a drive only jh13 blauhh


James hardon has a talent for getting hardon



1 allen iverson
2 james harden awesome play


Best game of the playoffs, by far !

Yoshida Zen

Sick shooters

piedieser i

Best pick curry and harden

Abotz way

Warriors still still win in this series

Zeke Jeager

Curry, Thmpson. CHOKERS. not clutch lmao


Harden 1:07 ....nobody is calling a travelling any more?!

em m budzal

Go gsw

Troy Trottie

It was an epic game but Durant should of took over but a bad game curry can't clutch a great shooter he is, but good comeback rockets that dunk on Draymond was serious

Ylli Dragusha

lol was rewatching some old games and OMG curry got obliterated by capela wow

Kam Jergenson

These playoffs are honestly legendary and these past few years

Brian Ernst

3-4 steps is not a travel anymore for some players

Suleyman Atasever

Whats happend lol warrriors is on the final

jilo kizito

May the Rockets qualify.

Wenagade Waider

I like how I’m just watching and I decided to scroll down to the comments and there’s just hate

Windecku Mikey

Kevin Durant....

That's how you COMPETE! Not jumping the ship when your shit gets too stinky my nigga!

Rooting for the Rockets



Izame Mario

4:22 i thought i saw Big daws in the crowd while rewatching this

Straight Reality

Rockets aint shit. Warriors are beating themselves stop acting like the rockets did anything. Warriors been fucking up all season.

game hunter

So glad draymonds career was ended today...poster

Vermar songco

Shaqtin a fool grreennn ha ha ha


THE only team to give the KD warriors a problem


1:05 please tell me that travel was called

Golden Cube

I will never forget this game. I am a Warriors fan and when they were up by 12 in the fourth quarter, I thought that they won the game. When they lost, I was so mad that I did not want to socialize with my friends at school the next day. However, the Warriors won the championship that year, so I do not think that this loss really affected them that much.

15,000 subs with no videos

Rockets - Cavs THE FINALS

Pure Snowball

One year ago today :)??

Sergio DO OR DIE

sorry my warriors fans see ya next year . this game was the key for another championship


GSW will lose the series because they don't have a bonafied center. Looney is weak and gangly, David West is passed his prime and stuck in early 90s ball and McGee is just a bonehead!!!


People getting hyped about houston winning and when the tied the series up

But wait ti’ll you see the finals

Chris Paul

We (The Rockets) are the only team that can beat the warriors.

lei shi

戈登三分拯救火箭 格林最佳第六人 灯泡组合完爆勇士4黑

Jordan Jones

He always choking they should have past it to kd or Klay

Big Homie

Fuckk harden NEVER shows up???

Gawd Shaka

Derrick rose could've been at a super star level if he just drank milk.

Lebron James

At 4:22 is this BigDawsTv in the background ?

Jester Ador

Do you guys see bigdaws? I see him.

Mariah Lin

Klay Thompson chose a perfect time to go into his cold shooting mode. He is still a factor on defense, but his offense has been pure thrash. Guy can't shoot a 3 to save a life.

Daniel Maluenda

5:15 when you're put up against the tall guy in Gym class

erik de vries

Institutional collective award credibility beach story public cry.

Brp //JunSul

Who came to check after BigDaws video?

Colby Walker

Tomorrow is my birthday and so l hope the warriors will win and not choke a 12 point lead again

Pleiadian ObeFourth


Rockets vs warriors 2017

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Full Game Recap: Rockets vs Warriors | Overtime Thriller In Oracle

1 298 615 views | 4 Jan. 2019

James Harden made a three

James Harden made a three pointer with 1 second left in overtime to lift the Rockets to a 135-134 victory over the Warriors. James Harden recorded his 5th triple-double of the season (40th of his career) with 44 points (career-high 10 made 3pt FGs, 5th straight 40+ point game), 10 rebounds and 15 assists (11th 40+ point, 10+ rebound & 15+ assist triple-double in NBA history). Harden extends his NBA record streak of games with at least 35+ points and 5+ assists to 9, while setting the NBA record for consecutive games with 5+ made 3pt FGs at 8. For the Warriors, Stephen Curry contributed 35 points (14-27 FG) and 6 assists in the losing effort. With the win the Rockets improve to 22-15, while the Warriors fall to 25-14 on the season.

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Tiszole G

Commentator: On Curry
Wow! Even when he’s down he bounces up and accelerate for two ??

Berdan Koyuncu

James harden the best

Torin O'Connor

The Warriors were up by 20...


Gg ez

Justiceiro Harison Games BR

é o barba irmão


Harden is a beast bruh

Emirhan Uğurlu





Who all are missing kevin Durant (snake)

Give a like for him?

nobu rame

James harden shot is so beauty. So satisfying to watch


Best day of my life

Karen Farber

Gerald green to inbound.........the rest is shocking

Richárd Németh

I remember I watched this and I had some bet on it and Harden just burned my money up:D

David Espinoza


Heroic Enemy

Fuck the warriors

Jason Lewis

I’m a warriors fan and I say that the refs should’ve called that out of bounds. It was clear as day?‍♂️?‍♂️?‍♂️

Jonnathan Games Martins

Um time que queria ver joga e durant,curry,lebron james,james handen,anthony davis e thompson seria o time mais apelão da nba

Diego Vilche Delgadillo

I need this harden against the lakers


This game should’ve got him double MVP he had a 40 point triple double on the refs and the warriors ?

jessy Wilson

8:36 thought that wouldn't go but that made the match thrilling


I miss this version of Golden State

Josh Lynch


Sukruth S Vasisht

How did this version of James harden not get mvp

Gle Nard

Best game of harden ?




NO the Warriors lost

Amazing Time!

Wow.... l love this watching this game!

frederik legoff

In this match, Harden crosses over Curry and Thompson hardly!?

Tae Capalot

Klay is clutch

Owen Falk

The look on Austin's face at 7:29???

Владимир Лучкин

Шикарная игра! Борода красавчик! ????

Ivan Gonzalez

Kinda miss this rivalry already ?

Andriani Kuncoroyekti



1:05 and 6:09 are crazy identical
plays wtf? im fuck as high i thought i was seeing the same play again from a different angle or something ???

Daichi Hirakawa

There is something I wanna make sure again, are they humans ?


7:05 Iguadola dancing

Brian Anthony Pabalate

This looked like a finals game. Like game 7 type of game.

one punch joe

All I here is CURRY when he makes a 3. THEN harden when he makes a 3

Joseph Mendoza

Okay but why so many people hate on James harden he's cold asf?

Florita Estacio

8:24 you see Kevin Durant!!!



Joseph Christopher Cõbíãñ Junior

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In Jesus name amen

Abi O Olay Öyle Değil İşte

3:57 - 4:10 Harden wtffff


Watching it in 2020 Ball dont lie ❗️❗️❗️


Harden isnt even very amused

Muhammad Fadel

Where's Westbrook

Deshaun Allison

Imagine if this was the Game 7 ending in 2018 lol world would explode


hey KD, where are you going ㅋㅋ



Pier-c Munez

08:09 5straight



Marvie Marimla

I jnj


i think ive never seen a team been so carried by someone like the rockets by harden

Preston Hooper

8:20 Durant was way out of bounds





Parel Ahrarie

MVP move

Lockon Stratos

Rockets will win the conference easy, mark my words



cameron Porter

I'm gonna always speak with my mom with respect. Always. EVERY time.

hmh ?

no one can stop James and Curry


This was crazy... but in the playoffs It was also crazy. But different outcome.

Akash Pandey

Harden three are awesome


Killed by Warriors in the playoffs haha the same history repeat


Lolz durant is taller than capela

Katie Talley

OMG, Harden is unreal player


huge confidence Harden has.... great man..


8:22 That court was so rigged

Yenturs GM

El partido más intenso que vi en mi vida


Mike Breen: Harden for 3! B A N G ! 8:37

cameron Porter

Always respect my mom and my mother. Always. Every time.

Yato Aragoto

James Harden ??

joemarie deguzman

Now harden go to brooklyn nets




Crazy game!! Refs suck

Gun Man


Onyeka Nwajei

come on



chito antonio

All the dislikes are golden estate fans.

Cam’s ASMR And more

4:31 Klay was like, “ oh my god”


At 8:45 he was like “? hold on guys we didn’t win yet”



RJ D A.K.A- L Drago

Go Warriors!?????

Renz Patricio

8:45 who said James harden is not a leader he said that there's 1more second left its to early celebrate

Ertug F


H.O.W. A Howsmoov Prod.

I watched this every time it pop up in my feed st8 classic


Ngakak anjir, giliran roket yg goals gak ada teriak. Kalo yg kuning rame amat ? kemanakah fans mu roket

Elijah Caling

Overtime Period KD Was Out Of Bonus And The Ref Didn’t See That KD Was Out

Megha Patel

Go James harden

Torin O'Connor

This brings back memories of the Warriors losing game 4 at home against the Rockets in 2018

XxrickymelisxX 03

2020: Harden quanti canestri vuoi fare?

Javi X

harden got traded

Erik Torres



Step back 3.....goood!!!!!



Patrick Beverly

8:23 this is why they loss ?

rolybie ceredon


Manuel Alejandro Peña Quevedo

He doesn't do that in playoffs ???????????????????

Mateus Euclydes

James Harden colocou o jogo no bolso

Steven Barry

Rockets in Regular season vs Warriors: GODZILLA
Rockets in Playoffs vs Warriors: Barney