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Phil Zimmerman The Power of Love re-vamp

6 097 views | 19 Dec. 2012

Gabrielle Aplin covered

Gabrielle Aplin covered this song. I am not Gabrielle Aplin.... We Hope you enjoy this powerful version which was inspired by the original from Frankie goes to Hollywood. This Power of Love ReVamp, is Sung by Phil Zimmerman and directed by Chris Butler. www.philzimmerman.co.uk. Many people may think Gabrielle Aplin wrote the song, but in fact it was written by Holly Johnson of Frankie and gave the Liverpool band a Christmas Number One in 1984, long before Gabrielle Aplin recorded it for the John Lewis TV advert. which returned the song to the number one spot for Christmas 2012.

The no5 Project is a collective of musicians, writers, comedians, film makers and dancers, who share a common belief in the power of music and performance art to entertain, inspire, unite and awaken people to their own inherent power.and to produce work based on the principles of the sanctity, beauty and dignity of life, and the desire for justice, peace and happiness for all humanity.

The next phase of the project is the recording of two original songs to be released as a double-A sided single on vinyl, cd and online, and the filming of two accompanying comic videos. Interested artists or potential investers email [email protected] website www.philzimmerman.co.uk


I love this cover of FGTH's original. The vocalist captures the original song's deep emotion. Very well-done. Thank you~


more faithful to the original, with a fresh video take on the idea of the demonstrative corrupting power of love to do us all over.

kerry m

wow amazing what a voice...beautiful


Love this. Merry Christmas!


More than I expected.......enjoyed the Jagger-like facial features.

Emily Nicholls

sorry but i am not convinced. i prefere gabrielle aplin

Paul T Eyres

Great stuff! Love the video and this rendition of the song. Very nice indeed.

ian wild

Im impressed mr zimmerman.well done sir


Very good voice! =) Thank you for sending me this video!


a great cover. thanks

James Oreo

Not my type of music but still, Good job


Yay you rescued the damsel in distress lol :D Awesome cover and the video went with the song perfectly, good job >.<


absolutely bang on, well done, and thanks.

Mario Ramón Mendoza

Between tastes there is trouble: with all this work achievements tien I like the Gabrielle Aplin. Thanks for sharing and I hope more videos.


fine cover phil ... subbed shared uppted to the people cloud :)


You have a very good voice keep up the good work and if your english then try for X-Factor

Aiman Zahabi

Great work from Zimmerman, truly inspiring ...


Ok so, I'm only looking at this because I got an unsolicited email, having commented favourably on the Gabrielle Alpin version. This version is okay. That's it. It is far too like the original which was by Frankie Goes To Hollywood. It is pretty well sung but offers nothing new. When I listen to the original it 'brings me back...' This doesn't. I hate the video.

Alexandra Miller

phil is sooooooooo sexxxxxyyyyyy!!! yum yum yum he's beautiful and delicious young mick jagger!!! :) XD <3 Xo

Maddie and her Guinea Pigs

Incredible vocal performance, i was not expecting that voice as the vid began. I now want to hear more music from this 'collective'.


Ive always loved this song and you guys have certainly done it justice.


Beautiful, can't stop listening to it :) An efficacious way to deal with vampires!

John Jameson

Love this track.Brilliantly done video! "Envy will hurt itself, Let YOURSELF be Beautiful"! Great line!

lori jade

Thx for sending me the email but I don't really like it. He has a good voice, BT he needs to learn the words in the right order n change the music video :-)

Maddie and her Guinea Pigs

I keep coming back to this, pleasure to hear amd watch.

Maddie and her Guinea Pigs

That's just flying the flag for half the family, my mother and my partners grandmother are from Sweden.

Ruth Shillito

i wasn't expecting to like this video, the simplistic nature of it was actually quite refreshing. Made me remember why I loved Frankie Goes To Hollywood in the first place, without just sounding like a copycat cover with no originality.

El Dudereno

Fabuloso Phil! May it sell a zillion!

phil Zimmerman

This is no longer muted due to some stupid automated Youtube bs. I spoke to holly Johnson about it and he's cool with it. you can hear the track by googling phil zimmerman power of love daily motion, and it's better quality than youtube too.

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Iain Cozens

Fantastic work Phil! Really enjoyed this, you have agreat voice - looking forward to the next phase! :) x

Lena Hübner

it is so good !

Mr Vain

very good well done dude.

Katja Brodt De Sousa

Excellent vocals! Enjoyed the video, always liked this song very much. Everyone in this video acted professionally. Well done! Greatly impressed by Phil Zimmerman, I hope to see more of him!

Mr. Irons

please do more. This is a hit!!!!


Love it! Great cover, vocals are incredible!!

Chris Price

I knew I'd seen Phil Zimmerman's face before! The bloody stary psycho in the line-up round on Buzzcocks! Nicely done, mate.

disgraceland uk

What a set of pipes you got there, Phil! Impressed.


Hey Phil, I have to say that I am very impressed. You've got a wonderful voice & the video was cool, loved it ! thanks for sharing.

Chris Billionaire Irons

You are very talented-youare going to make millions with this and the video is brilliant.I love it Zimmerman

The JokePit

Put this on JokePit LOL love it!

Nick Delarue

I like it. Vid is a lil weird, but the sound, vocals, very strong.... awesome


good video, but i think u should of used a young guy to play ur part, there is still hope for utube canvases, cheers


done a great job with this phil

Jessica Christie

I don't really like this.

The Strangers

Brilliant cover. Stunning!


Life is sacred. Therefore killing, and in particular the state-sponsored mass murder that is taken for granted in the modern world is wrong. How is that a religious idea?

Nuria Abril


Judith Rodriquez

His a good singer and actor and he has kind souls with a good heart man I'm very thankful that I meet you ?????


Really well filmed and good sound. For some reason the older vampire reminded me of Ray Winston ...

Comedy Kink

Think you have done something really good here Phil. Great heartfelt rendition. Well done everybody involved! x



kerry m

fantastic love it

Chris Price

Well done! Best cover version I've heard of possibly my fave song of all time.. The dark theme of the video works very well with the song, and the vocalist has a great voice, too.


It took me so long to find this version! try googling it or on yt, really hard to find! I love this version and its cinematography, fantastic job!

Prashant Sood

Phil I didn't knew you sing so well...this was beautiful...waiting for another one...i wish you all the success :)


Wow, this is really beautiful. Definitely worth an add and a share. :)




Not bad at all not quite Frankie but better than Gabrielle Aplins version


impressive mate, nicely shot and edited

Bella True

I personally love it! Way to go Phil Zimmerman! The voice is soo magnetic..


Nice one Phil!

Phil zimmerman

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Phil Zimmerman on the iphone

12 346 views | 14 Jan. 2011

Phil Zimmerman has a

Phil Zimmerman has a little rant about the iphone.

Andrew Mitchell



How can this only have 193 veiws?


He is just trying to hard to be funny


Good Lord this man got beat with the ugly stick.


i swear he was on BGT!


this guy should be a sex -ed prof . "u have to put on a rubbery thing ! mhhtyeeeaaahhheee"


Lol rubbery thing thats what she said

Joost Vermeulen



This guy is pretty unique. In several ways. I'm somehow a little surprised that I haven't seen more of him in TV and movies than the lineups in Never Mind The Buzzcocks.


@Jinearls YES! Thank you, was trying to place the voice in my head, good ear yo.


@BlackNailPolishFreak Ikr !!!


lol found this in my favourites


has anyone heard on the news about this guy, something about him dressing up as a pigeon and attacking amanda holden on a britains got talent audition XD


Steve Howe & Ginger Baker's luftchild.


I remember seeing a crazy person being filmed in London and I think this might have been it....


he looks like dobby

Chase Dailey

The world's most extreme drinking game. You take a shot every time he says "rubbery"


What the fuck did he just smoke?

becky harrison

dont forget the facking rubberry thing !!

Chigga from Niger

My right ear enjoyed this video.

Chase Dailey

I want to see Phil Zimmerman rob a bank. "EVERYBODY ON THE GROUND, HANDS IN THE AIR. THIS IS A RUBBERY."


Rubbery thing ! XD


This guy sounds fucking exactly like Jack Dee


So why does this dude matter?

Alexandra Miller

dumbo brought me here hahahahahaha I'm kinda obsessed with this man now lol!!! :) XD <3 Xo

Phil zimmerman

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Comedian Phil Zimmerman has a chat with the UK Police

12 952 views | 8 Jan. 2021

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#philzimmerman #london #uk #londonprotest #police #ukpolice #metpolice #comedian

sean g


Tommy Hughes

This is what happens when you give idiots this much power.

Nanj Halai

Police ? sending people home, what home ? they have Lost there jobs and livelihood because of the lockdown.

Entire Cosmos

Wow what a guy. Thank you sir for your interview. God bless ya buddy

Joe Windsor

Minority report

Cody 2021

Did she say that you might join the protest. We care so much about your welfare we are willing to ignore all the crime being committed to cave your skulls in for your own good matey and get paid a fortune by you


From what I can see or understand at face value, Westminster Square has been boarded-up to stop or thwart protests (Gatherings) under lockdown rules (that were really never agreed with by the general public in the first place), I also think that many of the ground force police don`t agree with these measures themselves (privately), but because they are wearing a police uniform and have to obey by current legislation (that was rushed through parliament), and they have to remain neutral, (basically they can`t engage in political discourse with the public who question there rights of passage or freedoms),............ that said, I think the real reason is that the houses of parliament and its inhabitants (our useless politicians from all parties) are fearing for there lives because of current droconian measures,..........this lockdown has to stop soon, otherwise I fear a civil war is about to explode sooner rather than later due to deteriorating mental health issues of the populas.

Sue Halfyard

Today I saw an advert for police recruitment. They are looking for 20,000 more police on the streets.


Go on my son. ?

The Geordie Weatherman

I wish he lived next door to us.


Loved it when Phil was the creepy number 5 on Never Mind The Buzzcocks


hate the police hate the government people unit over thew the government and the police

cype man

“It’s about time the people of this country........” as he complied and walked away.


Who is in charge of London policing through Police and Social Responsibility Act? Anyone else humming New York Dolls whilst watching this vid “I’m a human being and when it gets a bit obscene I’m a human being”

lynn 2018

It’s all obvious now. Google 3 numbers 659 in a random order with “new cases”, change the order several times and you will see the coincidence. The virus is all about CONTROL!!!!!

P/S here are more numbers for you: 1047, 769 or you can come up with your own numbers. SPEAD THE WORDS!!!!!

Angela Smith

But he did acquiesce by walking off in the direction they told him to

William Lovelady

I can imagine some of these people during the blitz , sorry freedom , we are all human beings I am keeping my lights on. BOOM . Where did that house go?


They don't give af about your hate or anyone else. They are slaves for the so called elites. Order followers. Until you guys are not destroying their Freemasonic lodges (and London is full of them) this will not be over.

John Jones

I might rob a bank then again I might not then again I might then again......They had better come and arrest me. I love the way they ask you and they get upset when you say No.

Be Seeing You

What a sad scruffy looking blurt he is. Who said he's comedian ?

Carole Weston

Nice little interview well done i feel his frustration inreally do we are herded like cows by the starzi

Mr Mash

Police have become a complete embarrassment to themselves.

D Aware

They are trying to break the will of the people aided by the buffoon and his Public hating Patel

Elaine Reid

You go son
Sock it to the
You could not make it up
They can stick there
And poisonous vaccines
Where the sun don't shine

freethesky10 blue

'You might join the protest.' Too right, we are supposed to have the right to protest especially against this sort of fascism. They are order followers and they are a disgrace.

Isaac craft

I feel the man. The country is a disgrace. Fuck the masks, fuck the vaccines, fuck the government, and fuck the people that are going along with it. The dormant population that tune in to the BBC and sky news everyday are abysmal sheep. Just go looks at the ONS.

Ro Lau

Tell your friends to tell their friends. It’s time.

Conscious Reminders *with Reah

you tell them........ RESPECT XX


I am proud of you Phil


a peacful revolution may be in order to take back our rights.

Stephen Evans

Why were other people allowed to casually walk through??? The Countrys gone to pot !!!!!

Stephen Parslow

Yesterday every news channel was reporting 1325 deaths, our highest figure so far. On sky news in a small paragraph on one of there reports they actually told the truth. It stated that the death figure yesterday was NOT as high as any day in March and included people who had died over the Christmas and new year period. Yet, everyone is being told that 1325 people died yesterday. It simply is not true. I can’t answer as to why the media/government are doing it. I try not to a conspiracy theorist, I am not doubting the disease, I’ve had it. But the more and more you look into things the lies keep on smacking you in the face.

Spud head

My reason is mine and i don't have to explain myself, i can freely walk and go where i want.

Christopher's Knowledge Discovery

Actually you are cattle under your secular darwinian atheist society, unless your nation is under Christianity and God, the Government can do what they want with you.

Steve Hammond

Hilarious some of these comments

Tommy Hughes

You are allowed to tell the truth.........................But only if it fits in with the States narrative.Now here's a thing.Did you know China operates the same system and we all know China is run as a Dictatorship so there you have your answer.

Marty T

It’s going to get priti worse , thanks for fcuking the living humans lives up , stopping people rights and freedoms, this tyranny you going to backfire soon on the establishment they will find out what the backlash will be, I’m sure .

Synth addict

Should of walked past the bitch.

Alison Hilll

Sorry but Zimmerman is a name is would think is behind this BS, open boarders for Israel, BDS ISRAEL FREE PALESTINE.

Keith Davies

Oink logic must be based on total bloody absurdity!

Peter Coleman

Great guy Zimmerman they r disgraceful period communist marxists

Gazza Top

Tyrants all their best welcome to China ????

Andrew Nicholas

Here here bravo ? btw corona fine is from a private company owned by police chiefs. No conflict of interest there then ?

Buddy Boy

Good job Actual. Actual is the go to guy for interviews with people on the ground. He doesnt just film. He asks questions and thats what sets Actual Interview apart from the rest of the Ytubers. He gets opinions and dialougue. Well done Actual. Good job mate. ??

Thomas Roberts

He's not very funny


Suspended elections, rule by dictate, political policing. Police state


Shut up baby and do as youre told

Sebastion Lucas

Co divs making up laws for covid

Tony 78uk

You cannot reason with an automaton

john mellors

dont meet more than one other person outside covid law. Police walk round in gangs police law whos going to spread covid the most ??????

Paul aRa


eric lackford

I wonder how long it took to completely brainwash the whole of Britain's police? Was it drug assisted?

Keith Davies

well, that worked!.


He is wrong. Pigs aren't human beings.

The Kesslerboy

He's absolutely right.

chris thomas

and its only going to get worse


GET UP STAND Up ✊✊?✊?✊?✊?✊?

Adrian Houghton

Like he said the only people he has seen the police arrest is a woman in her 70s and a man in his 90s but thats the only people the police dont run away from.

Tommy Hughes

The myth that we have the best Police force in the world, is just that . A MYTH.

postman delivers

where are ALL of you'rre firms? UNITE!!!!


All i can say is that we all being de-ceived by satan himself. He is trying to create fear and lies to devide and create reality through repetition and brainwashing the masses. They are coll-apsing the econo-mies around the world and the Cor-ona is a smokescreen for a sat-anic agenda called 060606, agenda 20-20 and 20-30. Media has been bought out, pushing lies and changing the na-rrative. All information is openly available for research and proof other-wise. Govern-ments and those working for govern-ment are trying to censor anything like they do in C-hina, Equally in surveil-lance and other dodgy tech-nology lead by 5-G.
5-G can be used as a wea-pon and has been about for many years.
There is only one remedy, and that is Jesus Christ only. There is nothing new under the sun.
I highly recommend Curry Blake, DHT and JGLM for a awakening.
Be born again and get saved from this fallen world.
Amen. Xx

Helen Lovell

Yes it is a disgrace. I too have had enough! What has happened to our country? All in the name of a virus!?

No Thanks

Haha imagine if you were type 1 diabetic and wanted to get home quickly for food / insulin, wouldn’t be so happy an exchange when you collapse, makes me worry for friends and family who have these conditions.

Nanj Halai

Free Julian assange he is the peoples journalist not bs journalistic working for the BBC itv, channel 4, telegraph,the sun, the times,ft,if I have missed any include them, pushing there bs narrative. Investigatory journalism died when the mob politician and the mainstream bs media berrated Julian assange and Edward snowden for exposing the truth to the people.

Ian Kirkpatrick

You carnet talk to the police. They're retarded.

Connor O

People pay the polices wage through taxes only for them to tell you that you can't walk outside....ohhhhh the irony...

wayne ramsden

but ya did mate you did exactly what they asked..sorry man.

Robert Raw

No point in talking to these brain washed idiots. Boris has given them the powers to behave like this.
It will not stop until we get rid of Boris the Dictator with his Police Army trained to Gestapo standards.


Being a joke doesn’t make you a “comedian”.

john reed

UK Police, what UK police i don't see any , i see criminals wearing muzzles nothing else

Glenn Davis

Meanwhile at around 1.31 it's clear to see other people walking down that way on the other side of the road. Ok the fact that the plod had no reason of proof he was going to join the protest and was wrong for assessing the situation that way the fact still remains that he was going to join the protest...something he never denied.


Thanks keep fighting Britton ????????

kevin barry

It's sickening these robotic New Gestapo are
acting like
controlled puppets!!!!!!
Sad but very,
Very TRUE!!!!!!!!

John Smith Globe Lie

Give that man a medal!

freethesky10 blue

Meanwhile two blokes with hoods up walk in the forbidden direction.

Fred Last

circumnavigate them

seleme family

Wake-up people before it's too late when it's too late it can't be fixed, regretting can't solve problems, never give up,all the police must understand that the people R fighting for their families.Later u will be slaves to get food and feed your children.

english bottlecap

they are no longer police .... they have become the governments army

Alexa's Boyfriend

He's gotta work on his act, he's not funny at all.

Tyrant Finder U.K

GREAT mate nicely captured thats how its done very slick mate


I will never succumb to this tyranny but turns and goes back the way he came??

troy wales

you just obeyed by walking where they told you , you got no balls or you would have stayed put, they were lettiing other people pass by them

Hold Fast

The police have always stopped us in case we do something. It's not the law, but since when have the police bothered about following the law. The only difference now is that most people have cameras and these cops are being exposed.


They took our freedom of movement!then they took our freedom of speech!then they took our right to protest!then they muzzled us injected us with poison!then they collapsed the economy!then the army came!then the cattle trucks!then Nazi's said they were just doing there job at the Nuremberg trials!they were hung by the neck until they were dead!it's time to hang the politicians and police by the neck until dead!

peter wheatley

Not so long ago they cut the police and military to the bone now they've got a big advertising campaign on the tele looking for police and army personnel,believe me they won't be using them to sort the Chinese out and we're not at war which leaves just us doesn't it,we really do need to do something before they start shaving our heads and making us wear striped pyjamas.

Actual Interview

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Dale Pontiac

old bill wearing masks outside... but zero social distancing ... utter and absolute bollox... as they well know, just nasty and absolute withdrawal of human rights, pointless asking the indoctrinated drones if they are happy with what they do... they are indoctrinated not to care.

Davy Vincent

Your dinlow

The New Camelot

These police better wake up fast They are losing their SOuls

Annabelle Rankin

I understand his anger
- they are so stupid and do not listen to their own stupidity.

leftshit hater

Unfortunately you just obeyed the nazi police, so all the shouting achieved nothing

Songs Coops

Whose the comedian ?

Aaron Kirkham

If the police where ever dying on the floor I swear I would just step over them and say soz love can't help I need to return home lmfao

terry roberts

it's like north korea narcissist wankers

Simon 0000

It's all for our health but when we get fined and can't eat because of it that also for our health

Hold Fast

The Brits won't say enough is enough. Somewhere between the the World War Two and now they've lost their spine. I've friends in the U.K. who criticise people for driving to exercise, for being outside, for not doing as their told. Do they think this virus is going away. Logically it's going to keep bouncing around the World like Flu. Vaccines will need to be changed regularly. So learn to live with it. Everyone I know that's had it say it's like a heavy cold, only one said it was as bad as Flu.

James DL

"I will never obey!"..... As he walks away following police direction ?

Peter Coleman

Zimmerman for mayor of london

Graeme Devine

The police are civil servants just like judges and the rest of government, we tell them just in case anyone forgot.

Hilly Howley

Sorry but i think police have been re-programed you are wasting your time m8