Traffic anchorage

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Hear air traffic control when Alaska earthquake hits

1 217 951 views | 30 Nov. 2018

Hear air traffic

Hear air traffic controllers in Anchorage, Alaska, divert aircraft immediately following a magnitude 7.0 earthquake. CNN's René Marsh has more.

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e hd

We ravaged His planet and gutted the earth for anything we could make money from . We've poisoned the oceans, the air, and killed-off Eco-systems. We've decimated entire species of animals. We hate each other over stupid politics, or out of bigotry. The earthquake is how God gets our attention. Laugh if you like. You'll all see soon enough. Soon nonbelievers will believe. Better find Jesus! What are you going to do if you're wrong, and He does exist? He's giving us more than enough opportunity to repent. There's still time; because God is merciful. When you can see Him upon His return...that's too late! Read the Bible, it'll tell you all about it!

Nou Sinath

Wow, CNN really report.
Wish everyone have safety

Thomas Schepis

Sure liberals will blame Trump

King Of Sorrows

Why are you censoring people for speaking their opinion on Filthy ass Israel ?

thomas fritz

Glad to hear that Silent Killer!!!! I know you live in a state that gets some really strong ones. I was never scared myself when i lived in San Diego i even had a job where i worked 3 floors underground and a 35 story skyscraper above. Not 1 of my reasons for leaving CA. It the hard drugs every where crime rate to high and to expansive.Living in FL. now have a 12 room house large ones too 2 and a 1/2 acres of land and it is all paid for as in all mine. Like i tell people Fl. is not my fav. place but now i really live NICE.Glad to hear your ok.



Wesley Hammer

can you believe anything can says? how are they going to turn this into trumps fault?


"Its all a sham! The liberals contacted Russian subs to fire an underwater nuke into the crust! MAGA!" - US citizens..... :/

Ksmart Music Band & Academy

Please​ pray everyone ???

Chase Linden

My house is still getting smaller after shocks

patricia de barros

Se lo ristrutturo.....mi restituirai i miei alberi...???e magari lasci perdere le zanzare....?

Unknown sater

Im in Anchorage and yesterday is a day i will never forget

Walter walter

Prayers for nice people from alaska..?

Glorious E

Thank u CNN for the Fabulous reporting, as always ???
Hope everyone in Alaska is safe?
If anyone doesn’t like Fabulous CNN, then why would u be watching this Fabulous Station ???

Anita Loyd

Sharing news

Dale Myrie

Where would US refugees go if there was a national disaster after the wall?


FAKE news

Penne Noodles

Looking back on this now it was so fucking funny... also horrifying but a very unique experience as well. It's all we talk about at school rn and there is still areas in my high school that aren't fully fixed yet.

Dawn. FL

I was scared



suella stars

Man today was terrible. I was at school when it happened. Glass falling from cabinets, tiles falling from the ceiling. We dove under our desks. The principal pulled the fire alarm to get us out. But I grabbed the sign to indicate that our class was whole and safe. When we ran into the hallway dust was coming from the ceiling, broken pipes jutting out of the ceiling spewing brown on to us. We ran down the emergency stairs coughing and cursing. Since I was holding the sign I picked where our class would go and they started to line up behind me. My Spanish teacher informed me that there were cracks in the walls of the school. A little bit later the aftershocks came; since it was the 1st period of the day and it was during class we did not have jackets, thank god I decided to wear a sweater today because it was 25 degrees F. They started handing out emergency blankets and we started to try to call home. We stayed outside for almost an hour. My dad was there conveniently having coffee with the principle and 7 other parents. Thank god he was there I would have had a bigger panic attack. I felt bad for my peers, we where all going to go home to wrecked homes. When I finally got home we did not have power for 5/6 hours. I had no contact with anyone because all my devices where in my locker, at school, probably being soaked. I am okay now and have electricity, my home is decent but others have it worse, I got ahold of friends and family, everyone is okay. Prayers to everyone here.

Charles Hoeft

During the 1964 earthquake (a 9.2) the control tower at this airport was physically attached to the terminal and the tower collapsed during the quake. Luckily it fell away from the terminal. There was one controller on duty in the tower and he was killed in the collapse.

The Daily Flying Report

I hope save for poeple

WAJID PaperCrafts

Alaska is very very cold city

patricia de barros

Bill..... è esattamente qui...questo è posto.....perfetto...per noi

Educated Redneck

Wow nice Boeing A380

Chad Brooker

We were out of school for a month after the earthquake bc the damage was so bad and another school in our district had burned down causing it to shut down permanently

John Llyod

Trump could do 8.0 magnitude grabbing p***Y!

Steve Gallant

CNN believes earthquakes are Republican

Sarena Waskey

I live in Anchorage. I was at school in my class when it happened. Everyone got worried about their family and friends. I handled it calmly. 2 of my friends were crying. One of my other friends nearly cried. I call my grampa to see if he and his family are okay. Thank God they were. My mom called me before I called my grampa. Everyone was hiding under the desks. It was scary.

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Wesley K.

WHY is CNN still around anymore?!


There are lots of natural disasters but Earthquakes/Tsunamis are a special kind of hell. Hang in there Alaska. To my fellow SoCal people, be prepared!! ??


Many comments from cult45, trying to bring their unregistered sex offender leader into a report on an earthquake. Why? He's a disgusting devil, but we don't need to bring his nasty ass into every thread...??

Elizabeth Brower

Can the pilots on these planes in the air feel any shocks during the earthquake?

Kenneth W. Lovette

FUCK you cnn and MSM. From Under Christ's Kingdom. Reap it you who claim to pray to GOD. You don't even know His name. And you continue to profess your spinning on a globe...YOU ARE NOT!.

terry ferguson

The judgement of God coming down on end times jerUSAlem.USA is end times Jerusalem.Read Daniel 9 and psalm 106 KJV.Israel,to this very day,has NOT REPENTED for their false god worship,sacrafising to false gods(often thei own children),their idolatry and occultism.Only a very small remnant follow the real Jesus.REPENT,learn to break off generational curses,learn spiritual warfare and deliverance.See the video The book of Enoch,See the video The book of Jubilees,see Trey Smith`s video on the nephilim.Read the book of Acts,KJV.Witches are taking out people`s souls and demons control the masses.See the video The fragmented soul by Win Worley,See the video Routing demons by John EChardt.See all videos by Win Worley,Derek prince,and JOhn EChardt,See the video The testament of Solomon,See the video The Genesis 6 Conspiracy,See the video where they found the location of Sodom and Gomorrah.The real word of God(the king James bible) has been replaced with fake NWO bibles in most churches.The real word of God,the name of Jesus and the blood of Jesus,has SUPERNATURAL POWER to take down Satan`s kingdom.Only for real beleivers in Jesus.Speak it out loud.

Chief eagle spirit Dancing

Warnings from GOD himself.....! More to come.

Ash qelon

Filthy whores can, you damned liars deceive everyone on everything.

Miley White

Climate change it’s going to worse stop buying animal products !!!!

WhyMe Lord

Ted Stevens got a one million dollar donation to his library by British Petroleum before he was killed in a plane crash.

californiakayaker N6GRG

I landed in Anchorage, then Fairbanks, then Unalaklete, then Nome, in 1968. I was 17. I'll never forget it .

Personal trainer Gar

We pray for all to be safe and no one gets hurt

Dee Alaska Life

I’m leaving in anchorage Alaska


I hope to ALWAYS be in an airplane - full of fuel - when an EARTHquake strikes.

Steph Lyn

The reporter repeated simple info, several times. Not sure if she underestimates her audience or if she like to hear herself. Annoying either way.

Alexandra Sherwood

i was in the 89 earthquake, just miles from the San Andreas fault (the one that broke the Bay Bridge). This one was bigger and far longer, and at the end was doing this strange swirling motion that wasn’t very pleasant. The ground at times still feels like i am on a boat, and these aftershocks make a good nights sleep difficult(just had another good jolt), but the building codes here proved their value, and nobody was seriously injured. I am thankful. California, please take these larger earthquakes as warning and continue to enforce stricter building codes. Not doing so is never worth the final price. A price none of us had to pay this time.


weirdist go around ever still goes to lighting strike in front of a t45


I live in anchorage and I was in school and it was insane! The fish tanks crashed everywhere! Everyone at our school was safe, thankfully

Kozimex Production

Praying for everyone over there. God will be with all of you there. Blessings!


What is amazing is CNN's opinion editorial style of reporting the news. Completely unnecessary to develop an opinion on something like this. I think this is because they lack the ability to collect the content of all the news feeds. I can do a google search and come up with more video and audio in 30 seconds than what they've shown in this entire piece.

Peter Chong


Neck BraceGuy

Trump will blame Canada for the quake.

thomas fritz

As a former resident of CALIFORNIA all i can say get ready you are probably next. Dear God i remember the Northridge quake freaked a friend of mine from Houston Texas he acted as though it was the end of the world. My comment back? Its CALIFORNIA dude nobody told you about CALIFORNIA having Earthquakes ? Best to get used to them they do have them here.HaaaaaHaaaaa.

Michael Heine

Fake video. I am in anchorage and some of that didn’t happen.


Shanette Law


Neon Jamlin

I am in Alaska and no worries everyone! We are safe. No one got hurt at all.


Faked News....

Michael J Masseri

Boo fake news


I was at my house here in Anchorage. It was a wild ride. In all 32 years of my life, I've never felt a quake quite like this one. It was pretty scary.

Deborah Smith

Strong Aftershocks still hitting now and then. I keep expecting another big quake to hit. No sleep tonight for sure

thomas fritz

Before it is over Trump will own it.Everyone might ass well stop bitching about the Donald unless they find a reason to Impeach his ass. Funny how everyone bitches but gather and march to D.C.rather than standing in line for the latest cell phone.Ya know what my stock broker said to me you all have your priorities mixed up.Which is why my wealth will continue and poverty will increase . Lest you forget Dr. Carson whom is no head over HUD. His comment was Poverty is a state of MIND ??????

Apollyon Rev911

Um, um, um, um , um, and girl put your hand down. Horrible. She needs to be replaced.

Agusta Sister

Omg...cnn doing ACTUAL NEWS..HINT STARTA AT 9 SECONDS...ENDS A FEW OTHERS SECONDS...REST IS USUAL BULLSHIT ATUPID COMMENTS.....lmfao...i could take anymore bullshit with their expert interviews....especially when she asks all those STUPID aftershock questions..turned the channel..AGAIN....a bunch of slackers

Kris Langley

Ted Stevens International is the 2nd busiest air cargo hub in the United State - and the 5th busiest in the world - because (partly) our location right along the flight paths between the U.S. and Asia. FedEx and UPS both have major transshipment facilities out at the airport.

Chizzly _

This might be dumb. But I play clash royale and my leader of the clan lives in Anchorage, Alaska and his house was demolished

Ash Ketchup

Omg my teacher is from Anchorage


Fake news fake people

Walter Seeganna

I didn’t think about aircraft controllers at the time. Their job is already stressful enough , but for a big earthquake like that to happen on their shift

Convicted not Convinced

This has nothing to do with Donald Trump.

Yuudachi poi

Personally never heard an atc that agitated when giving out a direction...

Stormy Davis

I see by the comments from the left that they are still the most juvenile and pathetic group of people in the history of our nation!

kassandra santoyo

Can somebody tell me how minutes it was and how minutes can it lasts plz ??? ? it's my worst fear btw idk why it's a big fear for me it's just the shaking


Actually real news for a change. Too bad you assholes don’t stick to real news all the time.


Everybody liking sincerely hopes that everyone is okay in Alaska. I remember hearing about the 1964 earthquake, over 9.0 , which was far stronger.

Arthur Munoz

How wicked is that Bush dies and there's a 9.0 Alaskan earthquake, and it is said that a lot is going on in Alaska well one thing is for sure George Bush isn't taking one drop of blood nor a single penny with him...

Yvonne Camacho

When's our Presidont going to "Ass ess " the dam mage?


Umm...where the heck do the planes go if they are diverted?

Wesley K.

Felt it here in Kenai pretty good! Strongest I've ever felt. Got a very good and stable video of it on my security cam on my channel:


This reminds of the film Core.(D.E.S.T.I.N.I.) Deep Earth Seismic Trigger INitiative...

Erna Wati

Stay calm and safe in the next

444Giga Bytes


Vibeke Schneidermann

In some places they are used to it...



FAKE NEWS ?????????Damn polar bears ?

Salah Sana

Be strong Alaska, from Algeria. Best.


Aftershocks are scaring the fuck out of me. I don't know if they'll be as huge as the original. You get this terrible feeling in your gut.

Дмитрий Бурбовский


Pete L

CNN sucks


Do yourself a favor and avoid this comment section

q q

I live about 30 miles from anchorage it hit my town hard but everyone’s ok

Inter Pol

Drill oil get earthquakes, global warming

Colton Osowski

i am so happy that this is behind us. we made it.

BrooketheBook Quintana

No joke this was actually my dad that told them “fedex go around.” I was just talking with some other kids in my chemistry class today about the earthquake and showed them this audio. I really thought my dad had died when it first happened. They couldn’t break for a few hours so we couldn’t get in touch with him and it was super scary. I felt really bad for him though because he’s afraid of hights!

Dawn. FL

Bartlett shook very harshly and the roofs were collapsing. I didn't see any roof collapse but my friends did

Mr Will

News flash: planned paretnhood is offering to repair the huge cracks by trucking in dead babies to fill them with!!! They will be shipping in 2300 aborted babies everyday to assist in repairs. Thank Artificial Intelligence God!

Slave Driver

it’s the communist chinese

Tali Novakovich

I live in Anchorage and the earthquake was the scariest thing I have ever went through. Luckily nobody in the entire city got badly injured or died.

Khmer Song

Sky is a good place

Traffic anchorage

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Anchorage Airport Traffic - 747, 777, 737 and MD11 (with ATC) February 2018

13 892 views | 20 Feb. 2018

A warm, windy day in

A warm, windy day in February means one thing is likely at the Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport - most of the heavy traffic will be arriving and departing from North to South, Runway 15. This video is about 40 minutes of plane watching condensed. ATC (ANC Tower) audio was recorded separately with a scanner, and then overlaid with the video, so some timing may not be perfect.


Is it just me, or does anyone else love the MD-11s?


Fantastic video.

Daniel Ramsey

Its rush hour in the mornings at times over Anchorage. One after another after another, the big ones you swear are hardly moving.

713 Spotter

sweet i love the 747-8 and love your vids. I also do plane spotting my self so be sure to check mine out at las vegas were I saw 747,767,777,787,757


Alaska wonderful state

Quan Cena

You should post more!

Opel Travel.


Carlos Eduardo Polli

Em Pleno Inverno no Alasca e Hemisferio Norte,Verao aqui no Brasil!

Quan Cena

Yesssss!!!!!!! Awesome!!!

Kalei K

Damn dat 748 got a big @$$! Did it stop over as a scheduled refuel or cargo pick up/drop? GREAT SHOT! Hey! How’d you stay warm? Looks cold AF! ??? Must’ve had some warm thoughts of our island sun and cool breezes huh?! ? Mahalo for the vids! Aloha ??

Quan Cena

Was the Omni Air in the beginning passenger or cargo?

713 Spotter

If you don't know anchorage is like a huge cargo hub because its location and connects the western part of the world to the eastern and also it sits pretty close to the north pole.

Traffic anchorage

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Air Traffic Timelapse

6 271 views | 20 Nov. 2020

Commercial air traffic is

Commercial air traffic is picking up again in some places. This 3D time-lapse visualized traffic around some of the busiest airports in the US, based on flight data from November 17 to November 19, 2020, using a new traffic layer in the popular ForeFlight Mobile EFB app. It sure made me appreciate the job or air traffic controllers!


Support Martin's work on Patreon:



Martin on Social Media:

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/martinpauly

Web: https://www.martin.aero

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/n70tb

Twitter: https://twitter.com/_Martin_Pauly

FaceBook: https://facebook.com/N70TB


Martin's Bonanza on FlightAware:



Music: https://www.epidemicsound.com/


#aviation #flying #n70tb #airventure #oshkosh

Jose Rivera

Interesting perspective. Image sitting in controllers chair for just one shift during what used to be normal flight days.


That was really interesting! I'm a big fan of your channel even though I'm not a pilot. Can't imagine what it would look like pre-virus. Thanks!

Dennis D

Very cool Martin!

Habib Khan

Human achievement visualized

Bill Nicholson

Wow Martin that was really cool! I don't know how ATC keeps everything running so smoothly. I certainly hope they are paid enough for work this important. Thanks for the effort to produce this. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

Shane T

Didn’t this feature just come out? Marty you waste no time!! Thanks ?

Héctor Mendívil

Thank you Martin!, as you said, all our respects to those traffic controllers around the world, what a job!


Imagine this synced to LiveATC. That would be great to watch

Kevin Wiskus

Martin, I am a rusty pilot due to an eye condition. As I am starting to see what it takes to get cleared I have been watching a lot of videos to catch up and technology and current aviation events. You have become my favorite aviation YouTuber because the thought of flying into Class B is overwhelming but you're it look easy.. Having said that, this video is absolutely fantastic!

Michael McGrath

There is something inexplicably serene about watching the parallel runways in use for arriving traffic - nice video Martin!

Gwen Walcott

It was easier transiting this area in the old days, before ADS-B, where pilots flew dumb and happy, ignorant of other traffic ....

Leslie Vancil

Love this

Kevin Collins

Pretty cool video, it could definitely put things into perspective for a non pilot. Thank you so much for putting this great footage together.

thistledown z.

Prayerful. Contemplating...wow.

Preston Miller

Great video Martin.

Dutchy girl

Impressive view on the workload of controllers!

John Fitzpatrick

G, day Martin from Sydney, Australia. Hope you are well and your Beechcraft Bonanza is running to it's optimal performance.
Interesting the ATC timelapse of altitude and Identity (not taxi traffic).
I hope you have been watching the SpaceX ISS Dargon attachment.


This was great sir!! Please make more of these!

K Menon Mangat

11 am . Cowtown is like a cattle drive stampede! Beautifully captured, Martin! Almost like the anthill video of FDX.

Patrick Ziemann-Gimmel

n almost esoteric video - relaxing music, blue arrows dancing over my screen...

Keith Anglemyer

I'm glad I found this video today - it was fun to watch!

Wolf Pilot

Wow Martin! What awesome editing! I really dig the dramatic / epic soundtrack. 2 dew claws up!

Uncle Mark

Just brilliant, Martin! Some times I find that the most beautuful things can have a certain subtle sadness to them too. (Class-)Bravo!

Jon Funanich



Thanks Martin. Wow ! The music matches perfectly. As seen in this clip the ATC controllers do an awsome job, airspace busy or not. As pilots we should truly appreciate their work.

Frans Goddijn

Well done with the right sound!

Chris Cruz

No KIAH (Houston) ?

David Dempkosky

Nice video. I think your landings at Class Bravo airports during COVID-19 deserve an asterisk. It’s really not the same conditions as normal. Just my opinion.