South korea police

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On Patrol with South Korea's Suicide Rescue Team

4 629 737 views | 2 May. 2016

South Korea has the

South Korea has the highest suicide rate in the developed world. In Suicide Watch we follow Hyung-Geun Suh who is the Captain of the Yeoudio Water Rescue Unit. His unit is responsible for rescuing people who are attempting suicide by jumping into the Han River. His team faces the stark reality of life and death on a daily bases as they jump into the cold waters of the Han river. Sometimes to rescue a person, sometimes to recover a body.


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Rajesh Badur

While they are sailing, underneath them there are 1000 of bodies they haven't found out yet. That is so scary.


İnsanları ölmek istedikleri zaman kurtarmak için tim kurmuşlar adam evinde hap içer bişey yapar ama yapacağını yapar



Gerica Mercado

I wonder how many foreigners they have saved

Shardae Greenwood

It's sad because if I killed myself ik my mum would too.

Kim Il Sung

South Korea is darker than you may think. You may think that South Korea is awesome but thats far from the truth


YouGotCheeseJimin?? ???

That’s why I did not jump of a bridge because I will get rescued so there’s no use


it's sad how those people in the car don't get out and ask them what's wrong before they jump

Ken Regarding

I’m going to jump that bridge


ya, i wanna suicide
Im teenager
living in Korea

Ej Rosenberg

i called an american hotline but they told me to suck it up and hung up


No one should force anyone to live life at all cost. Suicide should be respected, it’s practically same as honorable samurai taking his own life instead of abusing government system on welfare.


I thought eastern religions thought a philosophy of balance and inner peace. A system of pressuring young people to perform doesn't sound like it comes from their culture.

Amari Wallace

There are always people around you who are just like you. Who understands your pain, who knows what your going through. Who have been in the same situation as you. Reach out to people for help. Don't let stress and anxiety hurt you. Be strong enough to get help. Don't struggle in silence. If those closes to you don't understand you. There are friends around the world you can talk to. Don't let school or home cause you to give up. Stay strong, people will miss you even when you think no will.

Marvelous Tuaumu

I know your seeing my comment. But please read what I have to say. It could help you.

Please spend everyday with your loved ones cuz when time comes your going to regret not spending time with them. I regret not spending time with my grandpa and calling him everyday. Because when he passed away, he passed away not knowing how grateful i was to have him in my life, he passed away not knowing how i missed him everyday. I will never forgive myself for not knowing my grandpa needed someone to be with him and I wasn't there. I was so caught up in life that I only cared about getting attention and getting friends, and impressing people. That I forgot what was truly important which is "family". So please tell your family how grateful you are for what they have done.

Sebastian VH

bless these workers


Seems like suicide is the national sport of South Korea.


I want so bad to help with rehabilitation and to give people hope, I want to so bad. I have felt suicidal many times and I think saving people is so admirable but I do wish there was a program or resource to help them not get to this point of despair


????? ?? ????, ???? ???? ???? ????? ????? ??? ????? ???’? ☘


Glorious Punks.

If you know a friend rn who is depressed. Ask your friend if they want to talk, let them know you love them. Tell the truth.
Let them know that


instead of having “a meaning” to life, you should be having many meanings to life. small ones that seem irrelevant matter just as much. your goals & meanings in life can range from finishing a new anime series to becoming a doctor. they’re all equally important

Julian Rai

Why don't they just make the railing taller and harder to climb?

John Ramirez

Sometimes suicide crosses my mind because i feel like i'm not good at anything and I felt like my life has no direction, but what only keeps me going is my family who sincerely love me even though we are not that rich. It came to a point where I cried in front of them and they just hugged me and comfort me telling me how much they love me, that they i realized that I was being selfish, what if I committed suicide? they would also be depressed.

Sonal Suresh

Huge respect to the team .

Pebble Beach

Imagine drowning yourself to escape your pain ?

Steff SK

God's work


As a Korean, my country has changed so much in a really short time. I am really sad.

John Hattan

Hello ! I wanna say that if your life is too stressful in Korea, don’t die ! Just go elsewhere, do your best to move !
It’s better than death, and it’s less painful for your family.


Wow, one minute in and I already know that this video is VERY different than the Vice video on Japan's Aokigahara forest, which is a very peaceful and touristy destination but also a hotspot where people go to kill themselves. (If you're reading this and have those thoughts, please talk with someone. Could be me. Let's just talk about this!)

Lol this video feels like a blockbuster action thriller. Both South Korea and Japan are really struggling with their suicide rates. Please don't suffer in silence. Let's start a conversation! Let's just talk.

Me Me

This is not an easy job to do... To see that happen so often

pmevsfçfhjn lfoejnj şjlfzjn ıbzbui

We all know there are suicidal people watching this,and I'm one of them.


죽고싶어도 못죽네...

Mortuus M

Rest In Peace to those who have passed. Thank you to the rescuers. ❤️

Marvelous Tuaumu

I used to be suicidal. Because I lost someone very close to me. It has been a year since he passed away. And I would do anything to bring him back. I cried everyday for a year because he passed away. And I thought to myself, he wouldn't want me to be like this, he didn't just raise me so that I could cry and and be depressed, he raised me to be strong. People are in your life for a reason. And I am glad I got to meet someone like him. So me being suicidal not only harms me but harms people around me. LIVE YOUR LIFE TO THE FULLEST. :)

flake snow

Too many people in seoul. 50 millions citizens live in this nation which is half size of UK. That's insane! At least 10 millions need to decrease

David Cho

These guys are true heroes. To sacrifice your own mental well being to help others. I can imagine the mental toll this takes on a person. I wish them well and I hope they get the recognition they deserve.

Liam Pinkham

At the start when that guy jumped I don’t think it is high enough to kill u so it will be very painful but can’t kill atleast I don’t think it can


Is the bridge high enough to kill people, I know a lot of people that jump from what looks to be similar heights for fun.


Why would you jump from a bridge that is too low, that's just stupid.

Life Reflections

It's mostly because of overwork and isolation culture..in addition to the sensitive personality is more common in South Korea and Japan comparing to the other nations..
But.. It's totally nothing when you compared to dying from being jobless and poor.. Seeing dead living hopeless people sleeping and begging all the time in the streets..
I'm talking as a Yemeni youth who is considered a walking dead creature in Yemen right now
I wish I have that opportunity.. Maybe I would at least alive inside..!
So depressed.. So numb..!
So.. Plz be more appreciative for what you have.. Remember that other people got nothing.. Maybe you take things for granted.. That you see them as nothing and don't matter.. to you but other people in my country for example.. Dream about having the smallest thing you have which you take for granted..
Stay save.. Stay alive and remember you the reason of someone's happiness so don't pass your pain to them..

simon acland

5:01 - 5:11 is very sad :(


When the Vidya, and anime tiddies aren't cutting it anymore.

plsbqwhy8t nthabak

Good job brother

Nabam Yopu

Great work.. ?

Didik Achmadi

Real life heroes. They're collecting good deeds for the after life. May God bless you, who ever you are.


저 소방관새끼 반말 찍찍해대는게 개좆갗네그냥

Alyssa Jures

imagine if that boy would be like : um i was just practising my swimming and diving ;-;

FireFly 2

Isn`t that "Bridge of life" is the one that tripled(not sure bout the numbers) the suicides when authorities named it like that?

D DeWitty

America need to form groups like this. I see much value in this.

Hayley Ballis

Basic decency and humanity has been forgotten and we live in a cruel and unforgiving world, most people lose their ability to care for others, everybody is mainly focused on themselves and don't have the time for somebody experiencing mental health issues.

There's also toxic positivity when people try and tell you ways to cheer up when in reality it's not that simple, the problems somebody face is usually complicated and long term problems.

The worse part about this is even when you do get admitted inside a psychiatric institute you get abused and your property gets stolen by other patients, the ambulance and police treat mental health clients quite badly and if you complain it gets covered up which only further adds trauma to somebody.

Although I'm not specifically talking about South Korea but another countries mental health system.

Christina White

why are there so many attempted suicides in korea?

superextranova 21

Once again, the koreans never stop amazing me with their inovation 2:20

Thicc Boi

I believe in a god and in an afterlife I’ve tried to commit suicide before but religion saved me. I don’t believe there is just Christianity I believe that god showed himself differently to every culture. It’s okay if you don’t believe in a god or an afterlife but please don’t try to change someone’s mind. It really fucks with them when people tell them that there is nothing. Some people on the internet made me change my mind for a bit and that’s one of the reason all my past problems came to me and Almost pushed me to suicide so please don’t be a dick and let people believe in something

The Emperor of Holy Terra

Why bother saving their lives? They choose to commit suicide, so let them be.


We have like this in Melbourne, they just installed a tall fence, so they can’t jump over!

Tra Nhu


Elaine Higham

Do they have people they can talk to like we have in the UK , like the Samaritans, sometimes physiatrist don’t help.

HiImPlay Music

when he jumped off the bridge in the first second my stomach dropped


suicidal korean girl here.. just sucks.. i know how these people feel.

Chandler Ramirez

It’s so creative and efficient America should have this

AnimePal 99

I think young K-pop stars have it very rough. What if they don't do well in their Career? What if they fail? They don't know where to focus, on their studies or on their career.
Every student their have enough stress. I can't imagine me being a student in Korea.

Kim Il Sung

North Korea is the best Korea.


People who fake depression and post it on their Snapchat stories are complete dicks they aren’t suffering their making others suffer

Jean Notario

I appreciate the effort but some people just dont want to be saved...


별일 없었어? 오늘하루도 수고많았어.


god bless these people

Marvelous Tuaumu

Life will show you 100 reasons to break down and cry, so show SHOW LIFE you have a million reasons to smile and laugh.

Tha Tru


crewdie pie

When would K-Dramas talk about this.

mayank Narayana

I also want to die?


We’re about to get out final school marks and I’m so scared I’m gonna lose friends to suicide

Cocksukin Mobile

1000 people commits suicide every month***

Well that's more than what amount of people dies in iraq per month in the war.......

Just a horrifying perspective

Smooth Criminal

Weaklings!!! They forgotten how their fathers and grandfathers fought for their land.. stupid.. over a small problem they end their lives..

Myrna Chua

Thinking of ending your life through suicide because nobody cares or love you? You feel sad because of this... think hard, YOU love yourself!! That is why you are hurt by the fact that nobody cares... but why should you care about what they think or feel? You are you. Important thing is YOU LOVE YOURSELF. RESPECT YOURSELF. TRUST YOURSELF. YOU and YOU ALONE has the power to turn every challenge into an opportunity for you to improve. Life is like a wheel, when your on the top, there's only one way to go... down. When you are down, there's only one way to go... UP!


I love you guys doing this work!

Iam silent

With CV19 More are dying! SAVE YOUNG KOREAN PLEASE!!!

Asha C.

Wondering why they haven't made a drama about these heros



Radioactive Gaming

Fucking legends.

Steff SK

God bless these men and women


It's only me, let it go


So much respect for these guys, it’s amazing

AnimePal 99

I don't live in Korea but I often have these thoughts. I am waiting for One Piece to conclude and staying alive for my parents. I hope I find something better in my life


Imagine the pain and sadness of the people who try and take there own lives.
All suicide leaves behind is more sorrow and pain.
It dose not end anything but someones life.

Spring Flower

Gave me one reason to not Suicide&*/#

what's my name?

I went by that bridge when I was there in 2019, higher rail and more emergency phones now. The rail thing with messages on were not that clean I can tell you that much.. the whole thing broke my heart...


Lets take a minute of silence for the 30 percent that didn’t make it...like when you finished so I know how much did it with me,god bless you all

Quy Fenu

Ya Allah ampunilah dosa kami semua yang setuju like.

Mek-Anne Channel

Its not the celebrities fault if they commit suicide and thats how it lead youngsters to imitate it. Suicide is a choice of people, its about how they sees life is being unfair to them. Don't say they imitate them coz all people minds are different.


To anyone reading this message who is struggling, as cliche as this sounds it does get better, and if it doesn’t feel like it will know there’s people who love and care for you truly, you are beautiful and special in your own way, and I know I don’t know you but your on this earth for a reason. Get the help you need, you are valuable and worthy of being happy. I love you ❤️

The $adisfiction Experience



I’m having suicidal thoughts this made me happy

Niki Wonoto

I feel so alone that nobody cares even if I die
I am severely depressed & suicidal. I feel so alone, nobody cares, even if I die.
I’m 38 years old loser & failure. Maybe better to just die.

poop yes

if i ever think of doing that i hope nobody makes a big deal of it and just let me be

superextranova 21

Also, why would 1.1k people dislike this?

Marvelous Tuaumu

People who hate on you and tries to bring you down are weak. And responding to them makes you just as weak as them. YOU ARE STRONG. BE YOU. LIVE YOUR LIFE. YOU WERE BORN TO LIVE YOUR LIFE, YOU WEREN'T BORN TO BE JUDGED BY LIFE AND TO LET LIFE CONTROL YOU. YOU CONTROL LIFE.

Mattstack 911

No one cares when you live. But, when it comes to wanting out, they want to stop u as if they cared smh


This is a topic that needs to be discussed more..

Manisha Sinhababu

If 43 people die everyday to suicide in South Korea to put that into perspective in South Korea only 803 people are born every day , so that's a lot of people .

South korea police

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My 4 Experiences With The POLICE In South Korea (Friendly or Not?) ??

640 views | 24 Dec. 2020

These are my 4 funny

These are my 4 funny experiences with the police in South Korea, from noise complaints to illegal bike riding. Let me know in the comments if you think the Korean police are friendly or not.

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UK TIME (gmt)


I'm Pirate Dan I want to visit every country in the world, walk from Scotland to Africa, never get arrested, cycle across the Korean peninsula (yes north to south), discover a new species in the Amazon, host a disco parade, see a UFO, see the aurora borealis again and thanks for reading this i live in Seoul and make funny informative travel videos so subscribe thanks see you in the next video.

☕ I'm addicted to coffee, click this link and buy me one..please. https://ko-fi.com/piratedan

#Police #H1WorkingHolidayVisa #Seoul #KoreanPolice #Arrested

Rochelle Goldman

Wow so friendly xx

Pirate Dan

Have you ever been arrested? Tell me about it.

2 Minute Flips

the motorway story was crazy!


Gotta love the Korean Police haha

João Mansur

i love your videos men congrats!! cheers from brazil


Great video again ^-^ Could you do a video about once arriving in korea how to get the necessities like a sim card, bank account etc ? :o

Stuart Musgrave

Merry christmas pal


Sick video! Great experiences !!

South korea police

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Korean National Police Special Operations Unit (KNP-SOU) Counter-Terrorism Drill

252 883 views | 12 Dec. 2018

Korea National Police

Korea National Police Special Operations Unit (formerly KNP-SWAT) conducting counter-terrorism drill with recently-acquired GPNVG-18 panoramic night vision goggles.

신형 야간투시경 장착하고 훈련하는 경찰특공대.

Video Credit: @goldbombdragon on Instagram.

#police #swat #gpnvg


Milsim airsofters in action

Caleb M.

"Drill..." Who are they shooting?


saying BTS is bad in any country : getting hate on twatter

saying BTS is bad in korea :

Ronald C. Speirs 101공수사단

압도적인 화력으로

Unturned warrior

Note to self: Don’t piss of Korean SWAT teams

Christal Chrishnar

I can see that there police is more advance than there Military Infantry Units HAHAHAHA

Harsharaj Bhattacharya

TBH, you don't stand in front of the door during a breach, 2 reasons, you have to take cover behind concrete to avoid fire and, for this particular situation it's a dark room and outside is day light, anyone can spot you shadow from the other side at the door's bottom and shoot through the door. But then again, they are just Police not spc ops unit.??

Jesse A

Rainbow six headass


0:55 Bravo six going to dark

Silent Night

Probably cheaper to buy the whole set uniform there over any where else in the world.

Hello There

Goddamn, those quads are gorgeous

Chrisz Tinee

Ehe I love K-Cops


Provocative Gaming

Plot twist: It's actually not a drill but a rare footage of KNP-SWAT massacring terrorists!

leuby trash

브라질의 bope와 일치하지 않습니다

nab ban

A ten-cent bullet could render those $40,000 night vision goggles useless

Aidan McGlothlin

they all rushed b


Korea when they find out about your escape plan


How the fuck did they afford 45k dollar nods fo a police unit.

ariba ariba

now i wanna see them in real action .

A Human Being

When RRT is checking a room for CI


Wouldn't the chair have blocked the effect of the stun grenade?


the they dont silence their mobile devices:

Cerulean Ronin

I like the smoke launchers on their helmets

Euichan Kim

와 4안야투경..


i just want to say, i love the swedish accent

Austin LJM

1 grenade can end it all


New tarkov scav boss guards

Cheetos God

when you rush all in B

Darth Aman

At the first time i tought it means kung su!?


counter terrorist win


Goddamn I want GPNVG-18s


1:01 ah, the infamous inner thigh squeeze. ^^

South Korean Military Channel

ROK purchased around 1,000 sets of GPNVG-18. They're used by various special operations forces and counter-terrorism units.

Units confirmed so far:
1) Police Special Operations Unit
2) Army Special Warfare Command
3) Navy Special Warfare Flotilla (UDT/SEAL)
4) Marine Special Recon Unit
5) 35th Commando Battalion, Capital Defense Command

Asap rocky

This is just asking for someone to bump their head off of a door frame or something and destroy the nvgs

Slafisz Mumburakz

Taking fire need assistance


What??? No Shibal cursing? not real.

Hassaim Al-Qarim

Respect from Turkey <3

Bob Saget

bro would you like to wear some useless shit? Here you go! Q U A D S


so much elements in the stairs, you never now when someone could have a grenade.

Rasyiq Muhammad Hanif

pretty long stack

kyle landor

hahahahahahahahah night vision during the day LOL


How me and my the boys looked when we sneak outside our bunks during summer camp

COD Beast

So they just have their guns pointed up all the time while clearing a stairwell?


Dallas and The Crew be like:

" Watchout Cloakers! WUULULULULULU 'In custody' "


with NODS like that they look like fucking mobile task force NTF from the SCP: Containment Breach game

Bunny Boy


Amit Singh

Love from india


Black pink probably plays as they are gearing up for a mission

Neon Demon18

They could have been useful in Train to busan xD

Joe Schmoe

The Koreans have absolutely no chill on account of being trained/advised by the Americans

Ghost Elk

I mistook them as a MTF unit

nugget boi

*people in the us*: Our police is too militarized we need to defund them.
Most country's police:

Hau Tatari

Why can’t they be cheaper :(


0:55 bravo six going dark

Aizuddin07 Aleesya10

The camera man is actually in creative mode


Insert Korean text

Louis Garcia

They are not military they are cloakers

A load O' bollocks

0:53 me and the bois lining up for when stores open again after quarantine.

Hugo Hompe

Everyone's saying quads, most ive heard is panos and panoramics but ok. Gotta love em right

Patrick P

Wow, this movie seems so authentic.

Patrick P


اگر دنبال صلح هستی برای جنگ آماده شو.

세금 안 아깝다

VNG M4nz

counter terroists win. clan knp-sou won the game with 135 kills

Umut Pezük

bravo six going light


Translation :
" How dare you look up Gura Chan hentai she's not 18!! "


rainbow seven siege

Yusamirul Putra Yusof

I don't fancy Quad nods. Too heavy and could sprain your neck without counter weight behind your helmet. They could spend quad nods but they couldn't spend better gear in terms of better uniform, better vest, better gloves, better headcomms, better helmet.

뉴비의 로블록스 게임들

정말로 대단하오 선생 오아아아


they suck

Jose Gomes

“Bravo six moving in to the second floor”


우리나라 경찰 좋다

Adam Bobošík

Jing jong shin woo san jin moy nam ki pem

Chen Duy


nab ban

Is there even terrorism in south Korea? S. Korea's like the least irritating country in the world, who would want to terrorize the- oh wait, thats right SK has shitty neighbors...

Arles Pickler

Not better than North [the best] Korea but good


Does Korea actually have such a terrorist problem that they really need these guys? Just wondering


When you cheat in online games.


They got the mp5s and the MCXs??(and some hk416s)

Mustafa Rami

The quads are cool and all but why are they tan?

El_de todo negreó

Korea cleaned all them up they doin it right

Half Red

These drills arent good at all.... You cant have a 2 way breach on opposite sides the arcs are crossed and its dangerous as fuck for friendly fire. Also, one team has NVGs and the other has Frontal Headlamps. I use my NVGs almost everyday, and these lights will blind you.


plot twist: there storming Kim Jong Un's house


They look like SCP guards


Ayo where my boy vigil at?


vigil when you say drone out


When you say BTS is gay in South Korea

Paul S

don't mess with asians

Won paz

Wait this isn't scp overlord...

american dream

Their language is kinda shouting I respect it but it's little weird to me.

•{ FURKAN }•



Those quad NODS are probably worth more than the rest of their gear combined


thats not how you raid someones house or apartment, they are too loud by the way, and how can those little korean guys hold a riffle ,. omegalul

City Fish

the way they walk on the stair remind me how my friends and I walk


"Calling phones"


When u bring pop corn too the movie theater


Ahh yes the good old stare at the open field when the building under siege is the target. And the classic point the rifle at your buddy walking up the stairs technique


각 분야에 맞는 군을 쓰는게 맞습니다 UDT가 유명하니까 아는척 비교하는거지

Zheila Pancho

If your watching bat memes

Wachil wachol Wachol

1:28 when you bring food from outside the cinema


Me and the boys going to bombsite A