Uw double major

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A Day In The Life Of Identical Twin Berkeley Engineering Students - TheTechTwins

3 650 views | 16 Dec. 2019

Follow along a day in our

Follow along a day in our lives as mechanical engineering students at Berkeley Engineering.


First time here? Welcome!

We’re identical twins and seniors at UC Berkeley double majoring in mechanical engineering and business. Together, we’ve interned at Apple, Tesla, and Microsoft.

Our mission is to inform and inspire students to pursue careers in tech, and empower them to use it to help solve society’s biggest problems.

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TWITTER: @twins_tech, http://twitter.com/twins_tech

Kyle Rudman

You two are the reason I have imposter syndrome ?. Just kidding, you guys are amazing!

Chris Jereza



Awesome vids!! About to check some of your other uploads. Btw, I think you should take a look at smzeus! It will help you promote your videos.

Lorde Darius

Great video. I wanted to see more of your project though

Uw double major

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Majors according to Stanford students

29 721 views | 28 Feb. 2017

What's the hardest major

What's the hardest major at Stanford? What are CS majors really like? The Grind's Maximiliana Bogan interviews Stanford students from different majors to find out what some common stereotypes are.

sochuiwon priscilla

was enjoying it until "why do we need to talk to other countries..we already got everything america is the best etc"...like wow is that guy serious? talk about narrow mindedness

Daisy Shah

I think the problem with the video is the background music is too loud so most people can't hear what they are saying in the video otherwise the video content is awesome.

That Guy Hill

The audio quality could be a little better, but good content.


I don't know why these kids going to school they're all lazy and slow.


i can't hear shit

Kayla C.

This is the first time I’ve ever heard a non-English major acknowledge that English is a hard major


That guy looks like Mac Demarco loll

Robert Boyette

All these people look like they haven't slept in a week

Christine Kisuule

Only 2 majors that worth money, time and energy- Electrical engineering and computer science. The rest need the library card to take out books for free and challenge the exam.


It was an interesting video. Too bad the sound wasn't good. It was hard to hear some of the answers.

Uw double major

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What can Philosophy bring to Mathematics?

3 310 views | 25 Jan. 2017

Double Major, Hannah

Double Major, Hannah DeBrine, talks about how studying both Math and Philosophy helps broaden her perspective.

Miles Beining

People like you are the future.


Keep this up. America needs this so bad it hurts. Namaste.

P.H Henry

I'm still a high school student (secondary where I live) yet I want to study to Philosophy and Mathematics, then get a PhD.


Your whole point is "i'm interested in other truth than math". But the title said what philosophy can add mathematic... So your anwser is nothing...