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FIRST LOOK: New Cyber-shot RX100 II

19 219 views | 27 Jun. 2013

For more info:

For more info: http://bit.ly/1aPsJwQ

RX100 fans, we've got big news to share: The RX100 II is here!

One of the most exciting things about this baby: the new Exmor R sensor is the world's first 1.0-type back illuminated sensor, and it increases the camera's sensitivity in low-light situations by 40%!

Hit the Play button to get the full scoop from SGNL by Sony.


Definitely! Might want to take a look at our NEX line too.


If y'all have questions about our new cameras, we've got a panel of experts coming in to answer them live next Monday! Stay tuned for more info.

Robert Bronte

How is this compared to buying a DSLR camera?

Conrad Lin

I have an A77... I want the WiFi, too... Maybe A78?!

Maxime Boissonneault

Sony...Greed? How do you dare to write such a sacrilege!!!??? About a company who owns the global market of movies & music? A company who obliges you to pay for their camera's aps to correct bugs when the other companies let you do it for free? We used to call it After Sales Customer's Service.. Wait 6 months from now, when the next RX100 (3,4,5, etc) will be a slight added twinkle here, a beep there, etc for a 200$ plus. But don't buy it, keep on waiting for the next one...and don't buy it.


Ha! Glad to hear it.

Christer Törsleff

Is it China made i.e. RX100 II C or Japan made RX100 II J. Turn camera upside down and you will find where. I would not buy it if it is China made. Is it possible to take videos with it where EV differs somewhat or does it then start to make own larger diffs.like my RX100 C? See my "Malfunction of EV on RX100 C"

Nestor Estrada

This can be a really cool second camera when i dont want to carry my DSLR.

Nestor Estrada

No se si me entendiste pero dije que la RX100 II seria una buena camara para tener como camara segunda cuando no quiero cargar mi camara grande.

Mohammad Altayyar

I just got Rx100 ;_;

David Moyers

@ 2:51 I noticed that the "PlayMemories Mobile App only rated "3" stars. The review in the Google Play store doesn't speak highly of any of the Sony apps. It does appear that they are improving, or at least working to improve...Hopefully they will just get better.


I like her. A lot.

Maxime Boissonneault

Estas loco, hombre? Esta camara es el back up de la RX100!!!


Very Nice improvements.

BG Does Gaming

shes only there to ask question you spaz.

Ken Goss

Getting it!


Woop woop!


I wanted the RX100 I'm glad I waited :-D now I get a mark 2.

Nebu Paul


Solovino Juntoseva

Damn... I dodged a bullet on that one. Absolutely no features I need or want on this one over my mark 1.


Yes I came for Olivia I stayed for the RX100.

Romane Vernet

yay. 5th to view.


Sony = Pure greed just like apple. At least apple products come out once a year. Sony every 3 months I won't buy it. I will stick with my HX9V


I am very glad I waited for the mark 2, the upgrades are significant, for the small difference in price. I take it along with my 1Dx and have full confidence in this compact camera having seen the image qulity.

Adhi Suryana

@thebluray : Japanese people are known for their productivity that can't be matched


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SGNL first look at CES 2018

27 682 views | 8 Jan. 2018

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Stephan Krueger

Well, first batch has been delivered and there has not been one report about that this device is working as it should. Maybe presenting it at a noisy exhibition is the best surrounding to wow people....

Zed Artemis

I feel like dad's will buy this for the purpose of actually being able to make calls with their hands as a joke.

AyeChan Ko

How can order form Myanmar?

Tuan Vu

Can I have this surgically implanted into my arm?

Harley Quinn

Where can I get one? I searched everywhere online nothing


This would be freaking dope when combined with a smart watch

Miyuru Weerarathna

Need an Apple Watch band that could do this. ??

Michaël Bonnet

Nobody will buy it

Andrew G

Where do you get the idea from?

Zettai Reido season 3 =D or any related criminal case series xD

Gaza Gxrl \x/

CES Crazy expensive stuff



Muneesh kumar

How i order it ????


Who wants to hold their finger to their ear?

Ross Nicholson

The website says to refer to the drawing to figure out how to lengthen the short band, but there's no drawing on the website, duh. That makes this watchband just a piece of useless junk that doesn't work at all. Maybe they should stop advertising and start demonstrating how to get the silly thing on your wrist .


They have been at it for years. When are they going to sell it to the public?

The Look Of Disapproval

its better than smartwatches, where you always have to use speakerphone. but that's the only pros I can think of


Where do you talk into?


I just got a lot on my mind, no if I wasn't paying attention, I would've had both fingers in my ears??


Worst product don't even think about buying it, am among the initial backers for the project but got crap thing. Sound leek is high and doesn't work as shown in this video. SGNL is a scammer from Korea please spread the message.

Ryan Kim

Think of the ways students could use this to cheat/listen to music in class

Haruto Hayakawa

it has to work in every condition


should of tried to put your finger to the mic

nick carl

I did not expect an old tech in CES 2018.


"This is Snake. Colonel can, you hear me? "


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SGNL chats with Sony CEO Kazuo Hirai at D11

27 318 views | 8 Jun. 2013

Last week, we collected

Last week, we collected questions from you guys via Twitter and Facebook for a personal interview with Sony CEO Kazuo Hirai. Check out this video to hear Kazuo's responses, covering a wide range of topics including our mobile products to Sony's innovation and even his thoughts on Kaz internet memes.


To monitor two very different time zones when you're a frequent traveler. Some watches are also multi-purposed.

Anas Qureshi

Sir plzz upload of FYBCOM maths and Stats

Riccardo Cambò

Sony start to doing huge mistakes focusing on the wrong things. I was a huge fan of the quality, the design and the style, but I should give up, because I start to take a loss in term of services as user. Now the company is totally in the chaos. They don't know WHAT TO DO and HOW TO MOVE in the market, just try strange ideas without fully believe in them and this cause as usual, failure product. Sony you need a person that can lead you again in the market.

Srishti Agrawal

Sir, in question 2 revenue reserve is only of rs 570000... So how can you use rs 520000 for CRR and 70000 rs for prem on redemption..... Which is wrong.
So The balance 20000 should be taken from profit on sale of investment


The water looks gorgeous in the wide shot.

Jiten Fatehchandani

Please upload Buy back of Shares


Whats the background music track?

Jiten Fatehchandani

Nice lecture sir

Sage Mantis

nanomedicine will immortalize us and it's about 12 years off. Given he's an elite and only 52, he'll be around forever.


woooooo! KAZ!!!

Shawn Shing

Hi Anthony when did sony have tilt n shift lens ? Why Sony have too many limited accessory after market out there ? Why they don't like sony camera alpha ???????


Kazuo Hirai is like a samurai fighter, the best CEO for Sony.

BG Does Gaming

kaz seemed a bit stressed? i know he is doing a lot to turn sony around but buddy SMILE! thats what we love about you kaz.. you are a truly great person from the core.. keep smiling kaz. we are with you :)


The Sony Hx300 I bought last week is excellent thanks Sony checkout my moon video at 50X optical zoom 1080P video


one of the perks of being an asian :)


Kazuo Hirai you are a Legend! Make us Playstation gamers proud at E3 2013! Sony.... Yes new games again woo hoo...

Alex On Streets

I love Kaz :)

New Coast Media

why he didnt ask for anything about the ps4 ?


Intersting Interview! I think he is one of the friendliest CEOs which I have ever seen in an interview.

lucious carter

This wat I want from @Sonymobile. Ur flag ship @PlayStationmobile. Bring back Xperia play 2. Because touch screen games suck. U can play every PSP game on. Like psn/android. Bring plus. BT size of a phone. Plz don't just release on at&t every phone company in usa. Two models. Gsm/cdma.. @Google is on the road w hand free device. Google glass. BT they r not doing it right. N y say that.

BG Does Gaming

trust me i have seen it all!... search this on youtube ( Playstation 4 announcement & X-Box One owned ) you will laugh till your lungs hurt :)




Like his concepts.

Vinci Taylaran

Riiiiiiidge Racerrr!!

Miso Soup

There is a jesus meme of Kaz

Sage Mantis

Okay, I think this guy makes a great leader. I can't talk for how he is behind the curtain, but I think if the rest of the CEOs were made in his image, this world would be utopia.


$599 dollar


lol hell yeah

Cheap Hungarian Bimbo

XBOne zukcz.

Innovation Inoovative

And why do you keep wearing purple ?


Don't sale to Zionist!!!


what is forced?

Skeith Leon

Hail to Lord Kaz !!!


Kazuo Hirai is THE MAN! :)


Dumbass interviewer why didn't you ask him anything about the PS4!

Odracir Zeravla

Lord Kaz has spoken.


He looks so chillaxed.


Boy, I would've had some questions to ask him.

Ultra Podcast

Kaz literally saved Sony. You gotta give him credit for that.


"Other websites" He obviously means Neogaf :P


too bad ps3 always been pull down by the game companies, so they can sell the game in multiplatform....ps3 still have alot of potential to uncover just like ps2 however due to the competitors they have to jumpship to next console....


i just saw that one it's hilarious kaz has the best face for photoshopping


Sony is coming on really strong< I like where they are headed.


"Xbox... go home".


So Sony is gonna make there own version of Google Glass.

Nova Verse

And he doesnt mind :) Kaz is a great dude..

Ivan Santana

The presenter should have said at the end: If you focus on his face for a few seconds more you will take a few more pictures for gifs. I doubt he would not laugh.

zenithciiz arte

I heard Kaz mention about Thailand in this video, would he mind to step in and fix some core problems especially in mobile distribution and after-sales service are totally messes up. Sony has everything to compete don't let Samsung take everything away.


Wow, was anybody else creeped the hell out when he spoke of taking pictures? lol Kaz is the man though :-)


Kaz is gonna have everything turn around with the PS4 (it has been since the slim PS3). He had it pretty bad when the PS3 was unveiled.


I just want to hug Kaz and never let him go. Ever.


he knows the moment he smiles we're gonna gif it :P


Kazuo Hirai FTW!!


riiiiiiidge raceer


Why didnt he ask the real questions about the confusing amount of phones ,they should release 3 a year Flagship, Midrange and entry level android, now sony know They can release updates direct or networks,samsung offer both. today i seen a facebook picture with the L,Z&M ??? The Sp is the mid range Z Top and the E is entry, The SP and L Were only released last Month ,and no questions about screen Quality?

Harmful if Consumed



It's Ridge Racer... Riiiiiiiiiiiidge Raaaaaaaaaaacer

lucious carter

@sony @PlayStation. Can I fill out a app. N I will give u all my ideas. That are in my brain meat... BT u want hand free device....plz

Kazuya Mishima

Destroy Microsoft my Sony Masters.

BG Does Gaming

lol i was thinking that too.. i guess he's keeping the GIF generating smiles for E3 when he destroys the XBOX DONE.

Ivan Santana

He don't speak english like a japanese person. "PrayStashion"


He wasn't at this years E3 :(


uhhh uhhhh uhhhhhhhhhhh uuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhh


because saying 10x longer is a subjective opinion, not confirmed fact. I doubt somebody measured in detail the frequency of the updates, the question was flawed a little bit.

danny notofconcern

He's a real good guy

Alex 1611

Master Kaz, we'll always love you

Sebastian B.

He is the boss of everything and is still on the board of SCE so ya, he is a big part of PlayStation.




Because E3 is in a few days and hes covering E3. I dont want to see the same thing twice.


he's no longer boss of playstation

Alexander Chaos

Ok Glass, take a picture?


omg, finally a japanese guy that speaks english correctly -.-

Gennaro Fosti

fuck fuck fuck! my xperia s bought at full price trusting sony has yet to upgrade to ICS and jelly beans is still not arrived SONY COMPANY OF SHIT! jelly beans for xperia s TOP OF RANGE, 2012 in Italy has yet to arrive and where it came SUCKS TELEPHONE NETWORK PROBLEMS, PROBLEMS TO WIFI, NFC, VIDEO LENS P 1080, STAMINA MODE EXIST AND MUCH MORE. DO NOT BUY SONY!


Any one knows his official twitter? I only get the comedy ones..