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Webinar: Compliance and the Stellar Network

708 views | 4 Jun. 2020

Compliance and the

Compliance and the Stellar Network: Understanding the Stellar Development Foundation - Elliptic Partnership (This webinar was held on May 27, 2020)

Cryptocurrency exchanges, major financial institutions, and government agencies rely on transaction and screening capabilities to detect and investigate cryptocurrency-enabled financial crime. These are critical tools for crypto businesses to move towards greater adoption as they have greater tools to ensure regulatory compliance. That’s why it’s a big step for our network that Elliptic has launched the world’s first Stellar network transaction monitoring system.

Join this webinar to learn more about our partnership with Elliptic and the tools and resources available to Stellar-based businesses. You’ll hear from Candace Kelly, SDF’s General Counsel, about how the Stellar Development Foundation is working with partners on the network to help manage their risk and operate with transparency and accountability. You’ll also hear from Elliptic Vice President of Product, Andrea Ramoino, and Elliptic Product Owner, Tara Annison, about their market-leading services, what was involved in adding Stellar support and the ways they can help businesses building on Stellar. We’ll also leave time to take questions from attendees.

Learn more at https://stellar.org


Stellar network

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US OCC Allows Banks to Use Stablecoins. Stellar Network to Be Used For Ukraine CBDC. Colombia BTC

206 views | 6 Jan. 2021

US Treasury to Allow

US Treasury to Allow Blockchains, Stablecoins for Bank Payments. Ukraine’s CBDC, the Digital Hryvina, Will Run on Stellar’s Blockchain. Colombian Financial Watchdog Says Local Firms Can Use Capital to Buy Bitcoin



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Simon Jones

Thanks again for making these fine, fine, videos.


Between Bitcoin and Litecoin there are 100 Million Bitcoin/Litecoin or 1000's of millions of Satoshi/Latoshi. The world doesn't need anymore digits. They'll never spend what we've got. Bitcoin divides to 8 digits and so does Litecoin. 0.99999999 each for Bitcoin and Litecoin. Those two money coins can provide more digits than the world could ever need. Now and 1000 years from now. Fuck everything else. BUY your FUTURE money NOW!!!! Then screw investing. You will have already bought your future profits for the next 100 years. What will your vechain profits resolve to in the future? Bitcoin or Litecoin. What will all your warehouse income producing coins resolve to in the future? Bitcoin or Litecoin. So why not cut out the middle man and just buy your future profits now??? Think about it. I did and will retire soon.

Astronomy Live

Great show Brother ????


Love your passion btw, your voice is lovely for the radio



Jaydan Chace

Lovely ?? ??❤️

Casey Flores

Making the YouTube algo go BANG

Peter Van Der Lely

Hi S., on scedule for Noah's fest? W.t.f. world? Listen to this man and learn.

Kevin Hershock

I’ve been playing this drinking game. Whenever you say “bang” I take a shot.
Good start to the day.


Colombia is my favorite place in the world, lived there for 4 yrs and every second of it was amazing. crypto is big down there, especially in places like Venezuela (next door) and Argentina that have been completely fked by hyperinflation and corruption. another good one, Shomari,. keep it up, brother! BANG!


I’m starting to get priced out of ETH, wondering if it’s better to start accumulating litecoin? Is it regulated and getting gobbled by institutions yet?

Stellar network

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USDC Now Live On Stellar Network, SDF Invests $5M In Wyre & Stellar 2021 Road Map

826 views | 2 Feb. 2021

USDC Now Live On Stellar

USDC Now Live On Stellar Network, SDF Invests $5M In Wyre & Stellar 2021 Road Map

Twitter: https://twitter.com/assetlifestyle

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/assetlifestyle/


USD coin is the dollar with super powers

AU_KryptoSilver Stacking

Bro I miss the bullish bullish bullish bullish content

Eddie Langwinski

Stellar will be at 2-5 bucks by the end of 2021.


Yo bro, have you heard of mbx, it’s going to run on Stella and seems like a promising project

Richard Atchley

Two favorite YouTube channels!!! Your other channel rocks too!!!

MobLinz Initiated Turbocharged Prepaid Society LLC.

Xlm will get sold off at .49 New xlm holders are typically busted. ADA has more financially healthy holders. Bought Xlm at .02 still holding. I want the $10.00 mark. ADA might have something to say about that.


Good looking out bruh

Melton Jean

One thing I realize is that you don’t sound hype when you talk about xlm but when you are on the other channel talking about xrp you are so hyped come man

Fahim Naeem

XLM n DNT coin???

Melton Jean

Come on bro

Marco Tusch

Great to hear you talking about Stellar! HODL! ✊


Starting to feel like stellars XLM is overtaking XRP if I’m being honest. XLMs year I think ?