Mercury fx

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Proof That Mercury FX Is Using xRapid. XRP is on 864 Markets.

5 619 views | 17 Jan. 2019


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Crypto For Growth

So my question is if banks and large institutions can buy OTC and move money OTC how are we going to ever see a price affect? Banks and large institutions can just keep moving money OTC or Banks can keep all of their xrp in Cold Storage or offline and simply transfer from wallet to wallet how would we ever see a price increase?


Sup Alex

Mike O

You should be aware ripple "paid" sendfriend 1 million bucks , I would suggest you tell your audience this in the interest of balanced view


18:05 news

ercrypto 74

The best evidence of sage on a unlicensed blockchain is volume thus No volume = probably not happening .


All "good" news is now just neutral into regulations officially kick in...


why dont you just tweet mercury fx and ask them who provides the liquidity

Ryan Robinson

Bitstamp is the xrapid exchange for Europe.


You should abandon all price predictions in general.

Missing Laces

whos providing that liquidity...? private exchange, just like that private ledger

Eve Leland

But with gov shutdown, will a getting license from the job be a possibility?

Kevin Ogden

Oh Jed, Jed, Jed.

Just a Dad

Volume !!! Skyrocket already

Btw stock market going up , central banks buying up stocks like its no tomorrow. I will go on a limb and assume they getting money from liquidation of nostro accounts


Literally the only YouTuber I will watch a full video of a past livestream which I don’t get to catch live

JPR jr

Not trying to be a dick, but I really dont get why all the YouTubers think they need to name everyone on the stream. Do people complain if you dont acknowledge their presence? Serious question.

Mercury fx

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Jamie Dimon wants KYC/AML not Bitcoin but XRP + Mercury FX something is brewing #ODL + AMAZON?! XRP?

1 132 views | 19 Nov. 2020

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JPM was a large buyer the last time he came out in media downgrading BTC so his firm can pick up more at that garage sale. He succeeded, is it illegal? He manipulated the silver mkt! Is it legal? I’d break SEC rules too if I’m profiting billions to pay ... up to near a billion ? BANG. hell yeah?

XRP Tiny Papa-Boterhoek XRP

Zero doubt‼️?

Jon Schippani

KYC/AML. Help me understand that if JPM creates its own coin and uses the ledger. How does XRP fit or benefit? I can see its use on cross border payments (ex Yen to Rial), but not within borders. Thanks!

Ejaz Mahomed

That AWS part is inaccurate. In the 1st image it is just the blockchain module on the console which has been there for years for developers to build on their servers. Image 2 means nothing, anyone can become an AWS partner by applying for membership, to implement (anything) on the AWS cloud servers.

Donnie H

You called 70cents by October.. lol .Dam I hope your right this time ???


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sam martin

The scumbag jamie diamond says he doesn't like Bitcoin. Because he hasn't figured out how to manipulate it yet. He needs to be in prison for what HE has done.

Moon Doon

I'm here for the kickball content

Jon Dow

Ripple (Cloud) is using Amazon AWS...Not the opposite .... yet.



Project M41

I have a very big issue with two concepts of XRP investment. People such as Bearable Bull have promoted this sudden "flip of the switch" to a high price due "any day now".. and others promote an up and down climb over time. If in this next bull run, what happens if people don't sell for profits because they are waiting on some switch to be flipped, and XRP drops back down to say 50 cents and remains there for another year.. OR.. a person sells their xrp for profit in a bull run only to miss this "flip of the switch"
I imagine either way, there's going to be some extremely angry people.

Which is it? Switch flipping, or up and down climbing.


Wash yo damn hands

Karl Wagner

Guys the "truth" about Bitcoin is that the top 2% of wallets own and hold 95% of the BTC. If that's not the definition of centralization, I don't know what is.
Pump and dump scheme 100%
XRP is decentralized.
I want crypto to thrive but only with honest conversation.

Thomas Englert


Thomas Englert

Bitcoin is like a FLAT tire that can't be fixed!

Michael Branch

Agustus Carsens (BIS I think)

Mercury fx

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MERCURY FX, la solución flexible

247 views | 12 Nov. 2020

El modelo MERCURY FX

El modelo MERCURY FX representa tres versiones distintas de máquina de medición por coordenadas de brazo horizontal (MMC). Todas ellas están basadas en un concepto modular. Máquinas automáticas, unidades desembragables para operaciones manuales, configuraciones de brazo simple, dual y múltiple, palpadores táctiles, escaneado láser, sensores ópticos, dispositivos de trazado, dispositivos de fijación… Lo que necesite. La línea MERCURY FX y su extraordinaria flexibilidad se lo ofrece.

La excelente relación precio-rendimiento de la MERCURY FX es especialmente atractiva para compañías con presupuestos limitados. Gracias a su modularidad, esta línea de MMC también es adecuada para la reestructuración de instalaciones existentes que requieren una actualización tecnológica. Realmente merece la pena antes de realizar una gran inversión.