When do uw decisions come out

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college decision reactions 2019 ✰ UCLA, UW, UMICH, NORTHEASTERN, UC BERKELEY +MORE

95 037 views | 29 Mar. 2019

watch me react to all of

watch me react to all of my college acceptances and rejections hehe :) CLASS OF 2023 ?

i applied to 8 schools total which include, University of Maryland - College Park and Baltimore County, University of Washington - Seattle, Fordham University, Northeastern University, University of Michigan - Ann Arbor, University of California - Los Angeles and Berkeley! if you guys have any insight for these schools, tell me about them! i am still deciding where to go and i definitely need all the help i can get lol. THIS IS SO EXCITING. THANKS FOR WATCHING. xoxo, Lisa

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Help ????????? my videos!


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Hi! My name is Lisa and I am an 18 year old beauty and lifestyle vlogger♡ On my channel you can find clothing hauls, makeup hauls, get ready with me videos for homecoming, first days of school, prom, as well as talking videos, back to school videos, current favorites, and more. You can always look forward to a kpop song in my intro and other miscellaneous kpop hints in my videos! Thank you for stopping by and be sure to subscribe⚡️

Breanna McClarey

Hi! i go to Northeastern now (i'm a first year) and although i didn't do the NUin program, everyone that I know who did it absolutely loved it! idk if you're still considering it but you totally should its an incredible opportunity!


thats wild how yall can get accepted into so many unis cuz in my country we can applied for 12 unis but will only get accepted into 1 uni or sometimes theres people who didn’t even get accepted at all. anyways congrats! im also going to uni and ill be studying law ?

Mary Nguyen

How are you able to focus on beauty, fashion, and grades?

Ilene Nyang

I will be in the class of 2026. :/

Emily Wang

i go to UW! congrats on getting in! if you applied for business administration for most schools, then im assuming you might be interested in UW's foster school of business? if so, as far as i know, it's one of the most competitive programs to get into at UW (ie you're not guaranteed to be able to major in business or anything related to foster's school of business). i know people around me are super stressed about getting into foster as there are too many people who apply and not enough space for them ));
good luck though! im sure you'll be successful in whatever school you choose (:


Nu in is kinda umm like half a acceptance. They don’t include your stats into their student profile or into their acceptance rate since you are not really in the School the first semester. They send you outside. Heard it’s a lot more expensive too since nu in Students aren’t a priority, kinda like back ups. But congrats tho! Just wanted to give a bit of information

Mary Brown

Did u get a lot of scholarships/grants for UW and Northeastern? Cuz financial is big part of decision too lol

Gaby Carbonero

When did udub come out?


college park has a really nice campus though

Helen Tran

agh i’m so proud of you sis ? this vid made me so nervous AHHAHAH also could you make a vid abt high school stats! love you ❤️


Congrats!! LUV U!?

Trey Wenrick

Gets differed *cries

Edith nicole

Nice choice on college school

Iris Peng

u should go to UW!!!

Feel The Fern

I’ll be attending UC BERKELEY in the fall !! Or ucla if they decide to get me off the waitlist!!?

Isabelle Warren

Are you planning on going to the University of Washington?

Gio Hollis

congrats! I got in to northeastern too! Im an international student :)


Definitely go to UW!!!! It’s definitely an amazing school, Seattle in general is so diverse and it’s definitely a great place to live!

yellow tae

Congratulations! Advice for seniors please? I'm a junior and i took all AP classes and had very good grades but it doesn't change my gpa...?


i’m thinking either UMD or UMBC!

Marion Martyres

Omg I applied to University of Michigan and got deferred too!!!! I got in eventually but I remember how much it hurt so I felt that pain in the vid lol


college app process and high school stats please! <3

Annie Nguyen

Tbh the UCs rejected a lot of people bc I heard that they’re trying to diversify the campus but congrats!

aly flores

OMG YOU GOT INTO UW?!?! I live here in Seattle and a bunch of people got rejected like 2,000+ people. BUT AAHHH CONGRATS!

Estee Grace

Yes Lisa!!! Your reactions are so cute! You work so hard and deserve to get into all the schools that you did♥︎ keep working hard, you’re going places?

Angela Vu

Congratsss a side note I love your little sound effects


university of Washington, Seattle!!

Arthur Barbosa


Rachaelle Carrido

Congrats on UW!! Go Dawgs, hope you decide on SEATTLE ???

Amy Lau

This actually helped me remember that Fordham is actually a great school thank you lmaooo

Lisa Phan

i forgot to mention what major i applied as lol. i applied as a business administration major for most of the schools and if they didn't offer it, i applied as whatever i felt was the second best option haha. let me know what kind of college videos you guys want to see next! it can be high school stats, where i decide to go reveal, dealing with college rejections, college app process, ANYTHING. i cannot wait to share my college experience you guys while continuing my normal uploads! thanks for watching!!


Hey! I'm a freshman at the UMich right now, and if you applied to our business school it's very competitive haha. I hope you get in-- it's amazing here!

Toluwani Owolabi

youtubers going to SCHOOL and not bribing their way in? i never thought i'd see the day

Kat Nguyen

University of Washington Seattle! that's where I am currently studying. such an aesthetic campus and a super good business program too!
ps: rush sigma psi zeta :3 heehee <3

Maria Falcon

yessss lisa! congrats on getting into uw ?? i just got accepted and am gonna commit soon, hope to see you there in the fall if you do choose uw!

Poliana Oliveira

Ok I'm sound really dumb but why are people getting college answers things now like it's March someone pls help me

Bo Bo

Omg university of Washington?? I’M PROUD I HEARD THATS HARD


congratsss lisa!!!


While I haven’t heard back from the college I really wanted to go to yet... it’s been 10+ weeks...

Rachel Lin

what were your stats


I'm so proud of you lisa!! ??? Wow you got into so many great schools! Beauty and brains ♥️♥️♥️ college is going to be such a great experience.. excited for you!


I’m extremely confused...I applied to UMD but haven’t gotten my decision yet ?

honey. yves

Is it just me or am I just feeling old and sad on how I subscribed since 2016 and now you’re making a video of ur college decision reaction ???❤️❤️

Lola Pennyburg

YO I LIVE IN WV & I AM GOING TO WVU ! It’s crazy to see youtubers talk abt !! #1 party school lmaooo

Winnie Lin

congratulations lisa!! i got deferred from umich too but ended up getting accepted :)) hope you get acceptedd

shiningcheol x

this video kinda scares me since i’m going to be a senior next year ? but congratulations on the schools you did get into!

Isabela Fm

I’ve been watching you forever and I’m going to northeastern in the fall! Congrats!!!!

Rosie Yang

So so so proud of you!!! ❤️

Generica Ventura

I hope you'll do a vlog to your trip in hawaii

Micah Hurd

So proud!!!!


I only got a 36 on the ACT and 5.0 gpa but MIT doesn't want my peasant ass. I guess Harvard will work. What a garbage school ?

Tay A.

Omg girl I applied to umich and I got deferred. They haven’t accepted many ppl this year almost everybody in my grade got deferred or rejected.

Kim D

Go to UW!!! The Foster school of business is really good and the campus is gorgeous!!! I go there!

Soy // FoodWithSoy

the video ive been waiting for hahahaa


university of Utah UWU

Kate Li

I’m interested to know if you talked about YouTube in your app, and how much you talked about it? I’m a junior and a youtuber as well (although a lot smaller) but I am not sure how much I should talk about my channel in my apps. I’d love to know your thoughts and how you think it may have helped/hurt you! ?

Also congratulations girl! You got into so many great colleges and I’m sure you will thrive at whichever you get into ⭐️

College Life Of Derrick

How did you do the buzzer affect? Lol! It was fun watching it.


we applied to so many of the same schools, maryland ganggg!

Cal M

You probably got rejected by UCLA because they don't have a traditional undergraduate business major, they have a business-economics program, but it's apparently not the same.

Elizabeth Ong-Chen

Congrats on getting into so many!!! I'd love to see more videos about your college journey!!!

Mary Brown

So she got into Fordham, northeastern, UMD (duh lol Maryland?), university of Washington

ashley lee

I go to UW and it's a great choice for business school and the campus is so beautiful! would recommend & go dawgs!

watpadrama reader

"first acceptance...go mE".....
Camera falls

Jasmin x 123

I got accepted into Oxford University

SoFlo SAT Tutoring

Love the video. We want to work with you. Keep an eye on your DMs/email!

Ann Truong

What do you use to edit your videos!

Wendy Huang

Congrats on UW, I go to UW and it’s beautiful there! It’d be awesome to see you around ?

dominique xx

omg im commited to northeastern and it would be so cool if you went too !


I want to get into northeastern, that’s so amazing .


I remember I started watching you when you were a freshman and now you’re going to frickin college what the hell thats so crazy CONGRATS BTW

Adnan A

Congrats on all your acceptances!!!

n t


Summer Mckeen

I wish i can pass my college entrance exam for college too:( please pray for me:( )


For sure UW. Seattle is such a beautiful and great city. I wish I would have gone there.

Sindhu George

AYEEE i’m from maryland are you?

Muna Yase

I got into UCSD, UW, and got waitlisted at Cal.

Vina vo

This is so heartwarming to watch!! Ive been subscribe to you since your hello kitty video days and you’ve grown so much over the years. Girl you’re so pretty! Good luck in college. It’ll be an adventure for sure ✨✨✨✨


Congrats!!! I applied to UW, UCLA and UC Berkeley as well! I got into UW and UC Berkeley :) but I’m all for huskies! Go Dawgs! ??


Go dawgs!


As a 2nd-year college student, honestly, I'm sure you'll make the best out of college no matter where you decide to go :) Good luck!! Excited to see your college journey!

Stanley Fernandez

are you filipino


why do colleges charge to apply? can’t even apply to as many as i’d want bc it’s so much money and my counselor hasn’t filled out my waiver :/

Summer Mckeen

I wish i can pass my college entrance exam for college too:( please pray for me:( )


Whoever was here when Lisa was a brace face deserves a veterans discount

tasnim emu


Ariana Villalba

Girly!!! Congrats!! Proud of you!! You got this future college life?

Ashley Vang


v f

ahhhh I'm from Michigan and I got into umich too

Erin A.

i'm a little biased as a fordham student but fordham is an amazing place and the gabelli business school is a really great program! we also have great communications, media and film programs and clubs if you're interested in pursuing youtube and other media as a career! (and also we all choose to ignore the fact that trump went here for a year so don't worry about that too much lol)

Chouly Mason

Currently at a comm college but doing the transfer program and idk if I want to go to UMBC or UMCP :(


omg so proud!!!!!!

Paula Shin

i applied to a lot of the same schools as you! i'll be attending umd this fall, also as a business major, so maybe i'll get to see you there!!

Liz Alfaro-Mendoza

umich doesn't reject people if they applied early. they are either admitted or deferred


Lisa, your eyeliner is on point for the ULCA one nhdjhfj, i finish year 12 (senior year?) this year and i'm sososo scared tot start applying for uni (college?) lol


I go to Fordham and it is awesome ! The people are so nice and so welcoming and also you're in the best city in the world. Gabelli is amazing for business if that is what you are going for. Proud of you regardless !

Molly wu

Hi, I got into UW and Northeastern as wel!

Emily Murtha

Current UMBC student and I know that was your safety but how cool would it be to go to the same college as you? Love your videos!


we need a high school stats video !! <3 also, congrats ~

Michael Melling

You're smart and will do well in life, I'm sure of it.

Jisue Park

could u make an applying to college/decide which college u want to apply tips vid? that would be rlly helpful for me rn ??

When do uw decisions come out

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35 939 views | 27 Apr. 2019

SoFlo Tutors can help you

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join us as we go through our college process and tips, acceptances, rejections, and our decisions! we're super excited to share this journey with you guys, and we hope we can keep it up for the next 4 years!




Lisette Renee

Subbie 671 ? stay connected guys xoxo

Erin Clark

What are you majoring in?

Abby E

Cool transition 9:25

Morgan Tessler

omg I just found ur channel u guys r so funny can't wait to binge ur videos until 4am <3

Andres Ramirez

See y'all there! #OnWisconsin

Queen Jillian

My sister graduated from nyu 2 years ago it was at two places the first graduation ceremony was at radio city and the next day it was at yankee stadium

Alexis Wagner

UW Madison is my top school right now, and I’m also interested in business. How difficult is it to get into the Freshman Direct program for the business school?

Hey its Izzy

This is awesome!! Congrats! Y’all are so fun to watch :) I’m actually looking at University of Wisconsin (Madison) to possibly apply next year for engineering but I’m from Georgia sooo definitely not instate lol. I was wondering if y’all knew if it’s exponentially harder to get in out of state than in state (since I know it’s a big state school).

shiny jirachi

you got into northeastern , wow! and congrats on getting into uw madison!

Shon B

I think , this may be the first college reaction I seen for UW Madison. It's my son's dream school ?. he's a freshman in H.S and has a couple yrs left. but he has not folded on his choice. He wants to major in Marine Biology. we are originally from Wisconsin but live in Texas. Best of luck to you both. I will def show this to him. to have an ideal of what he may need to do. Go Badgers!!

James Postle

I wonder if Brady will have my dad? He teaches neuroscience at UW.

Queen Jillian

My sister applied to nyu

Mia Rahman

june grind

brady & maddie

SoFlo Tutors can help you boost your SAT or ACT score with 1-on-1 test prep tutoring. Check out their free SAT guidebook, their awesome to work with for getting into your dream school: https://bit.ly/bradyNmaddie

Vlog Squad

Wait I am so confused, are y’all dating or brother and sister???


Just found your channel and omg congratulations to you both getting into UW-Madison! That is like one of my top schools I am going to apply to. Great funny video btw.

SageC TV

I just subbed, CONGRATS on 430 subs! I'm currently a sophomore in college btw, I love your guys energy keep it up! Can I get the sub back btw?

aa cc

I'm applying to UW-Madison this Nov. Hope to be a badger!!!!!!!!!!!!

The diss track Dudes

I’m 14 already worrying about college

weird queen bee

“I was executive board of my MUN team ....... a position that I made up” - Me making up imaginary ad hoc committees for consultation purposes and supposed funding

Olivia E

wow im honestly your guys biggest fan for sure

Anika S


SoFlo SAT Tutoring

Love the video. We want to work with you. Keep an eye on your DMs/email!

Queen Jillian

Brady And Maddie I have a question what was the name of your high school mascot and what were the colors of your school what was the name of your high school that you two went to?

Erin Driscoll

*flexes on everyone*

Erin Driscoll

you need to plug my insta at some point

Mercy Nkhoma

How did y’all get rejected to UCLA my friends sister applied with a 3.0 gpa 980 sat ?

cloud nine

lmaoo @ GWU

Aspyn Marie

That is so cool that you guys are going into the same college!

Kait Sheets

love you guys!

ilovebutter nick

by the way my name is brad and my friends all call me Brady so we have the same name hhhh

When do uw decisions come out

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MY COLLEGE ACCEPTANCES 2018! Where I Applied to College + My ACT/GPA

73 787 views | 21 Apr. 2018

this video has been SO

this video has been SO requested and I'm so excited to finally be sharing this with you guys!! As many of you know, I'm a senior in high school and the college application process is finally finished for us class of 2018! I tell you guys where I applied to college, where I was accepted, and I also tell you my ACT scores and GPA for reference, and talk about some of my general advice. (time markers below)

Feel free to DM me on instagram if you have any specific questions, or questions about my schools I applied to!

my list of colleges: 1:20

where I applied & got accepted: 3:05

my ACT, GPA, and classes: 4:55

what I want to major in: 6:33

my common application essay: 7:55

If you are an underclassmen interested in law, politics, government, etc and want an amazing experience and a HUGE thing for your college applications! HIGHLY recommend Girls State! (they have Boys State also!) dm me with any questions you have!!!


follow me:

✭ insta + twitter: parisboswell

✭ vsco: parisboz

✭ spotify: parisboswelll

✉ business inquiries: [email protected]

current subscriber count: 11,365

tags; my college applications 2018, 2018 college acceptances, reacting to my college admissions results 2018, reacting to my college acceptances, 2018 college acceptances, how i got into my dream school, reacting to my dream school, how i got into university of wisconsin madison, how i got into purdue university, how i got into tulane university, where i applied to college, my college application advice, 2018 college application advice, class of 2018 college acceptances, how to get into your dream school, act gpa advice

Deeksha Sreenivasan

This is great bc I’m gonna be a junior next year and this helped me so much!!

Daniel Quigley Jr.

I’m a rising junior in PA. Absolutely love your channel. You are by far the most relatable and personal YouTuber talking about colleges. Keep it up!

Kobi Sunday

with a 3.5 GPA cumulative, v high SAT (around 14-1500) and a lot of really solid extracurriculars (70+ hours of community service, Junior Class president and other student leadership positions, sports, etc) do you think I have a shot at making it into Tulane?

Haley Brown

This made me feel better I’m waiting to hear back from one of the schools you applied to and that’s my first choice and my stats are similar to yours and knowing that you got in there makes me feel better about my chances of getting in there.

Nicola Amoré

finally! I definitely will be using these tips while applying. thanks!! Also, do you plan on joining a sorority?

Morgan Bilancia

Girls stateeeeee!!! I went to Illini Girls State this year in June!

Nick Kay

Tbh I’m applying to 15-18 schools just so I have a better chance. As for the essays most of my schools only require one essay (no short answer) through the common Application so I only need one essay with the same prompt and depending on the school, short answer or not

Sophie Andersen

I’m a senior this year and I applied to 5? and I got into all of them so 15 seems like extreme, but I kinda know what I want to do and where I want to go already. I live in Minnesota so Wisconsin and Minnesota was were I wanted to go

Samuel Gerend

Bruh I got a 22 on my ACT ?

Haley’s Adventure’s

I live in milwaukee!


Why didn’t you like the Tulane campus ? Just wondering cause I’m interested in that school

Tyler Nickels

The stress was super real with all of these applications!!! Congrats on all of your acceptances!! I just posted a vid too about the colleges I applied to and where I’m going ?

Yohana F

You apply to a lot?? I am applying to 33 and I am dying

John Salem

Why on the planet Earth did she apply to Notre Dame or Michigan? She had to have known she had no chance getting into either.

Joshua Mueller

Woot Wisconsin!!!

aryanne mcneff


Ali pollack

did you get a final decision from tulane yet? (if you accepted your spot on the waitlist)

shashana glen

I’m a criminology major I’m going to be a freshman in college I want to be a lawyer too

Emma D

Im a junior in high school currently and have always wanted to go to the University of Wisconsin, but I’m so scared I wont be able to get in

Lilly Pastrana

Omg I want to be a lawyer too! I’m majoring in human rights at UCONN!

Ty Buck

You should have gone to Kentucky! If you ever want to transfer, go to UK!


Are Minnesota students treated like other out-of-state applicants or no? I know we have a deal with them where Minnesota students pay in-state tuition but I don't know if that increases my chances of admissions.

kevin vieira

I got accepted into the school of engineering in uw madison. Which I only got into because I'm latino, I had friends who had a better gpa and act who were all white and didnt get in. Diversity is a big deal to many schools and what you decide to major in is another big factor to see if you get accepted or not. If you are trying for a harder major like engineering, medical field, getting into a bigger school like madison requires good grades and a good act. If you are thinking about a business major or liberal arts degree u can get by with a lower act or gpa when you decide to apply to a bigger school. It's always good to have good grades though that way you never really have to worry



Tori A

your advice was really on point in this video. I had shitty scores but I had good extracurriculars/personal essay so that helped me get into my top choice.

another random question: since you are from Wisconsin, do a lot of people from your area go to UWisconsin colleges or do people venture out of state?
I'm not from Wisconsin but a lot of people from my area go to Wisconsin-Madison, so I thought it would be interesting to hear the perspective of someone who is from Wisc.

also congrats!


was the GPA weighted or unweighted?

J.R Cody

I have a 30 on my ACT but a 3.0 gpa. . . So basically I can never gauge my likelihood to get accepted.

Nick Langevin

Thank God! A realistic student!

Shayen Racing

I really hope that I get into University of Wisconsin cause I live in Madison

Julia Terhaerdt

Where did you get that shirt?

savannah ryan

congrats on your acceptances!! love your channel so much! i’d love to collab someday??

Shuyao Liu

honestly, I applied 20+ schools lmao

Bailey Coakley

Were you in any sports or clubs? Thank you!

Lexi Haynes

I want to major in the same thing and I want to go to law school! I’m from Pennsylvania and I went to Keystone Girls State!! This is so cool to see other girls interested in the same thing as me!

Corey Suh

I'm currently a Junior at Tulane and I'm thinking about transferring to University of Wisconsin. For incoming freshman prioritizing college reputation, just know it's all marketing and very much irrelevant. Make sure the school you choose is a good fit socially and academically first, ranking last.

Elise Moses

Can you give some tips for making good ACT reading and english scores?

Nat San

I love your tips!

Sarah Fernando

thank you so much for this video. it made me feel a lot better because i also have a pretty low gpa (3.5) but i take so many hard classes and lots of extracurriculars. I'm currently a sophomore planning on applying to purdue

Joseph Bellott

the key is to narrow your extracurricular's to what you love and do your best in them. grades test and extras are equal essay is a confirmation of who you are in their eyes

Khushi Lehal

This really helped! Thank you ily!!

Abhishek Grewal

Hey I am going there to this fall ??
See u around
Was just wondering how the school was

Aiden Carroll

This is funny cause I literally applied to 15 colleges and would ask anybody their stats lol

Fuad Khazi

Ok so 1430 and 3.0 gpa.What are my chances in terms of academics

Anna T.

Okay quick question I’m thinking about possible college essay topics, which sounds like the best topic...
-Going to a diverse school and how it has shaped me, my beliefs, and how I treat others
-How my running injury changed my outlook on life
-The impact horseback riding has had on my life and formed me into a hard working person

Hola Buenos Dias

Do u think i can get into purdue with a 3.97 weighted gpa and a 1480 sat score. I’m applying for public health.

Amanda Crosby

im going to marquette!!

Max Levine

Sorry but the scores make me relax a bit lmfao

Gramm Ar

the numbers help sooo much!!!


I’m a senior this year and applied to 3/6 colleges I want to go to so far.


UW-Madison is the best. I’m a senior now and I could not push more for people to go.


Thanks for sharing your numbers!!! Very helpful!

Allison Rose

This is probably the first acceptance video I’ve seen with an ACT score similar to mine. I like how you mentioned that the two high scores probably helped you to stand out. I got a 32(which is pretty good). 36 on English, 35 on reading, 27 on math on science. Most the videos I’ve seen have people who get high scores in everything. That makes me feel better about my apps. Already accepted to one school and waiting for the others. I hope your first weeks of college have gone well! I have a friend who goes to Madison and she was kind of freaking out about the first week.

Mary Kuehl

I want to go to Wisconsin so bad but I’m too dumb lol

Caroline Smith


V-Ball Woman

Paris Boswell, I will not share about where I am of where I live for my school at all, but when I took my ACT, even though my GPA is amazing as 3.8, my ACT scores weren't as great at all for most of them. Also, I do not take any AP classes at all, b/c believe it or not, I do have a learning disability by me having autism that I learn & take tests/quizzes/exams differently than my students in the school. Even if I was getting a 4.0 GPA, my two main colleges are either UW-Whitewater Warhawks College, or Madison Area Technical College. If I was going to UW-Madison like you do, I will not be happy, and I would be having a lot of stress by taking too many AP classes at high school which I think it's a requirement. Right???


How has the political science major been so far?


I want to do political sci, is Wisconsin good so far for that major? What has ur experience been

Tiffani Danielle

Does anyone go to UW-Milwaukee? Really interested in doing my Master’s Degree there in 2021 but I’m from CA so I have questions lol


High school senior now, have only 1 offer and that’s UW-Madison.

Sergio G.

this such a helpful video! thank you!!!

Carlos Adrian Montufar Salame

I have a 3.3, 1290 (580/710), 5 APs, and i'm an international so i'm paying in full, but u guys think I can get in?