Lost in space movie sequel

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Plan 9 Sequel - Modern Spoof of 1950s Sci-Fi Films

5 772 views | 24 Sep. 2020

Modern Spoof of 1950s

Modern Spoof of 1950s Sci-Fi Films - Includes Mockumentary

Steve Wolfbrandt

So sad


When was this doc made?


Great Woodsy dialogue, very clever LUVIT

David Brown

I used to be an elaborate spoofer myself but this? Good lord.


First scene in the lab....loved the clock


Director rats out everyone in the film as commies and government seizes his film. Disgusting.

Stuart Verret

Oh my!!!

Chris Newport

Quite profound.

john frank

chromium chloride.........wtf....?????????????

Richard Rejmer

You had me sucked in. . Until I saw the first minute of the movie and realized it was a modern spoof of a 50's Sci-Fi B-grade movie. .
I mean, the long hair on the guys and the modern makeup on the women is a dead giveaway. .
37:14. . The 1990's overhead projector in the background. .
Come on!!


Blacklist was so disgusting, ruined so many lives. Tragic stories.

D.S. Archer

15:44 The one on the left looks like Stephanie Courtney – Flo from the Progressive commercials.

Lost in space movie sequel

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Lost In Space (TV Series Trailer).

229 646 views | 2 Dec. 2010

Lost In Space (TV Series

Lost In Space (TV Series Trailer).

Normajean McCracken


How far out can you get?
that's the big question in Television today,
and CBS has the big answer.
It's fabulous new series,
"Lost In Space"!

And from all over the world correspondents have gathered to voice their infusiasim for this show,
that ventures farther out in concept that Television has ever gone before.
You can say it in any language.
"Lost In Space" is a top budget - top quality show,
designed to dazzle the eye and ear with the most impressive production values,
and spectacular effects ever lavished on any TV series.
We've put it on the launching pad for the new season,
in a projectory aimed at the mass family market.
Appealing to every aged group with entertainment as unusual as it is exciting!

Yes we're taking off for the stars!
On a journey that no longer seems as far-out and fantastic as it would have only a few years ago.
For now we live in the Space-age!
Mister and Mrs. Average American and all their kids,
have marveled at the heroic exploits of our pioneer astronauts!
They're ready to project themselves into the foreseeable future with this family of space explorers!
If you're wondering about a certain lack of animation in their expressions,
it's because they've been frozen solid,
to survive their tremendous timespan of travel to another galaxy.
A journey interrupted enroute when their ship is blasted by a mirage of meteors.

Battered off course,
They're drawn into the orbit of a mystery planet.

The Robinson Family.
Spaceshipwrecked on this alien forbidding soil in the year Two-Thousand A.D.,
and your audience will be with them all the way,
sharing their action-packed adventures.
For instance wouldn't dad like to use this gadget to beat that through-way traffic?

It's the jet-prepeled rocketbelt worn by Guy Williams who made his mark as Zorro,
and now plays Space Scientist - John Robinson,
Resourceful father of this castaway family.
Maureen Robinson is played by popular June Lockhart,
now setting up lighthousekeeping five-thousand lightyears away from Lassie.
But there are still plenty of pets around,
like Debbie!
A weird little critter whose bound to appeal to all the youngsters.
The playmate of young Penny,
portrayed by Angela Cartwright.
Billy Mumy plays her brother - Will,
An intrepid young giant killer whose adventures will keep kids of all ages glued to their TV sets!

Marta Kristen is their pretty big sister - Judy,
who has a problem every teenager will relate to.
What's she going to do for boyfriends?
There's a good answer.
Mark Goddard!
As Robinsons' handsome young scientific assistant,
who shares their exile from Earth.
All of them facing an odyssey into the unknown,
which will carry them into fascinating new terrain in every story.
You'll see them travel on land and sea,
in this atom-powered convertible chariot,
caught in the fury of a devastating typhoon.

You'll see them explore the depths of a jungle paradise,
spied upon by the lurking centuries of a humanoid civilization,
whose culture is a strange blend of saintliness and savagery.
You'll be trapped with them as an earthquake shatters this underground city of the dead.
That's just a sample,
of the far-out show now being generated in the fertile imagination of Producer and Creator,
Irwin Allen,
to be filmed with the full resources of Twentieth Century-Fox behind him.

We at CBS feel that "Lost In Space" has those special qualities which make one show take off from the pack.
It's greatest potential is among your most desirable customers.
The younger and larger families with the greatest mass purchasing power.
We are sold on "Lost In Space" because we know it can sell for you!


3:30 >>>
Gentle Giant: Hello, human youngling! Welcome to my humble plane...
Will Robinson: * shoots him in the chest *
Gentle Giant: Ah! ... You ... little shi... * dies *

John Dowd

pay no attention to the van allen belt that will kill you after you leave earth orbit.


The preview was used to convince the network execs of the merits of the show, it worked. The network turned it down for Star Trek. When it did air, it was much changed, Dr. Maureen Robinson reverted to lassies mom, Dr. Smith was the main bad guy, Don & Judy never went anywhere adultwise. It eventually turned into the Will, Dr. Smith & Robot show, with a lot of sad plots... in a heavy dose of carrot & brocolli people. I liked it and still do but I have always wondered what it could have been.

Cookie Monster

This clip would make excellent fodder for the guys at Rifftrax.


Today, "Lost In Space" is considered "the other TV space adventure show of the 1960's".

But compared to space adventure shows before it, the first season of "Lost In Space" was very impressive.

But of course, "Star Trek" came along in 1966 and was even more impressive and exciting.

It can be argued that were it not for the moderate success of "Lost In Space" in the 1965-66 TV season, NBC might never have picked-up "Star Trek" in the fall of 1966.

Alain Thibeault

Pilot without Dr Smith and the Robot


Anybody know where I can watch the series online in the UK ?....for free.

Daniel Loughery

The absolute BEST TV show in all of television history...they’ve tried recreating it recently and they don’t come close at all. Golden age of television I miss very much and it should have gone more than just 3 seasons...it should have gone at least 6 or 7

Patricia Frei


Eric Beaulieu

As far as you can get.


So they used to mention who was the actor was in trailer


best TV ever nobody best this...



star cloud

potentially the greatest show of all.

Michael Smyth

Very cool. A favorite memory.

Angelina Castillo

I missed out never getting to watch this

joe hill

The Total irony here,was that at the time,Gene Roddenberry,who tried,unsuccessfully
to sell "STAR TREK" to the executives at CBS-TV,was told by the network execs,that
they already have a show that they like,,and that of course,was "LOST IN SPACE"-and 
decades later,the same CBS,shortly after being brought by Viacom in 1999,and eventually merged with another popular Viacom asset,Paramount,which somehow got
into some interesting business,and so starngely,CBS brought the rights to "STAR TREK",which they now own-the very series,that they unwisely passed on,when they chose "LOST IN SPACE" over it-totally ironic,beyond measure! but then,both these TV
shows are still strong and popular,especially since STAR TREK later became a mega
franchise for Paramount,before CBS brought the series. "LOST IN SPACE" of course,
never became a mega franchise-but it is still a seriously popular TV classic of cultural
status,and icon domination! next to New Line Cinema's God awful 1998 movie version
of the series,that's the closest the show has come,which doesn't even compare to the
TREK Franchise-but its still a TV Classic,despite its opposition's upper hand!


3:30 >>> White man gets to a new land, starts killing natives. XD


Think this show sucked, esp. when compared to Star Trek: TOS, eh? Remember this: When SpaceX launches the first manned flight to Mars in a few years, the special mission coordination center they will stand up to support it will be named ALPHA CONTROL -- not Starfleet Command!

Mario D

Wow, they were sold on Lost in Space after they turned down Star Trek!

thomas nixon

I'm sorry, but every remake has lost me because they screwed with the basic spaceship. The Jupiter 2 had powerful energy source with out all the added thrust and so forth for a newly designed ships. The original Jupiter 2 is still out there waiting for an original return !

Jay Birdy

in the year 2000AD.....hahaha

Dennis Hartnett

Loved the 1st season; after that it really disappointed me from what it could have been.

Asus Kybd

2:55 NO, I'd like to use it to escape the wife and screaming, spoiled brat. OH, and the kids!

Do a search for "Howard Stern Lost in Space 1990". I almost pissed myself laughing.

Larry Lee Moniz

This is the sales pitch film for sponsors.


4:14 >> 'Atom powered convertible chariot'!... damn i want me one of those !

Logo Film

To all LIS fans, I've made up lyrics for a song that inspired BB King's How Blue Can You Get, featuring six main characters in the lyrics, the song is called How Far Out Can You Get, I hope you enjoy reading or singing the lyrics that I wrote.

"HOW FAR OUT CAN YOU GET" (Inspired by and a Country Music version of BB King's How Blue Can You Get with fiddle and pedal steel guitar)

Space has been down hearted,
Ever since CBS has the big answer,
I said that space has been down hearted,
Ever since CBS has the big answer,
Our love is nothing but watching Lost In Space, everyone
Dr. Smith, Bob, Maureen, Judy, Penny and Will, how far out can you get.

Bob is taking care the family when he is with Maureen and Penny is jealous when Will is apart I said when Bob is with Maureen and Penny is jealous when Will is apart. Dr. Smith, Bob, Maureen, Judy, Penny and Will, how far out can you get.

I gave Penny, Maureen and Judy a valentine, Will a toy car, Dr. Smith a harmonica and Bob a fiddle but Penny said she wanted a microphone, Maureen said she wanted a microphone, Judy said she wanted a microphone too, Will said he wanted a bb gun, Dr. Smith said he wanted a tenor saxophone and Bob said he wanted a bass guitar. I brought them a eleven forty Domino's Pizza and they said "thanks for the pizza!"

I let them live in my own house,
They said it just a pizza,
I gave them seven shoes,
And now you guys wanna give them back

I said space have been down hearted,
Ever since CBS has the answer,
Our love is nothing but watching Lost In Space, everyone.
Dr. Smith, Bob, Maureen, Judy, Penny and Will, how far out can you get?

Bear Gunn

This trailer was CBS TV Network's "pitch" film to attract advertising sponsors. I'd say they did a pretty good job of it, and evidently it worked. Quite glad it did. This series has timeless appeal.

Γιαννης Παπαδωροθεου

I love it!!!

Michael Bechtel

I never missed an episode when I was a kid the t.v. was mine from 7-8 pm, sure brings back precious memories

Brian G. Walsh

Love this show.  The first season was great, but the change beginning in the 2nd season disappointed me terribly.  

Juan sevilla

God ? imagine if movie trailers were made like this today ?... I would turn it off at the first minute of hearing him explain it. they advertise it like a toy... I don't want someone to tell me what it's about and who it appeals to?... Just show me! Lol , god I love modern day marketing _ sorry not sorry ?


Cultural Milestone.

John Bozzi

Jonathan Harris ruined this show, with his Gay character.

David Mc

I love the show too and want to build the robot someday. The B9 robot is so funny in the show.

brian centi

as a child of the 60's, this show was incredible for me, star trek was a bit more adult oriented..this was awesome to me...i still watch these every saturday night on ME-TV...can watch this all day, every day :)

Brucifer Mephistopheles

It started good but ended up Mr. Rogers meets Sesame Street!

Barry I. Grauman

Yes, Procter & Gamble [Zest] was another "rotating" sponsor as well...

Donny Denny

Well, if the show remained a little more serious like what's in the trailer, I think it would have been more successful and lasted more than 3 seasons. Obviously, this footage was taken from the original pilot, when Dr. Smith and the Robot weren't originally members of the cast. For whatever reason, they were added to the pilot that actually aired later on CBS in 1965.

Samuel Oldham

I've always liked this promo... even more for using some of the music composed for the Twilight Zone.

terry jordan

without dr smith the show would have been a loser


Loved this show as a kid. As an adult when I really look at it, it was a frustrating show to watch. Will and sometimes Penny were disobedient children. John was irresponsible as a leader. And Smith?! Smith was a moronic, incompetent , stupid individual that should have been taken on the other side of the camp site and disposed of.

Da Legend


Who’s here after watching new one on Netflix ??


This is a sponsor reel, the production quality went down with the lack of sponsorship


One of the great TV shows.

Patricia Frei

Nasa haha

Norman Macfarlane

Now that we consider alternate universes to be a fact i watch Lost In Space from a whole new perspective.
If alternate universes are infinite in number then surely everything can and will happen.
In the first episode the Jupiter 2 was lost just hours after takeoff.
They slipped into a wormhole and ended up travelling through multiple alternate universes.
Watch it really stoned with this thought and it all makes perfect sense.
Well it does to me LOL


lol @ sending 10 million families per year into space to colonize (0:25). 3:37... i know whenever i get shot in the chest i reach for my belly!...stupid one eyed monster! Judy's problem= whats she gonna do for boyfriends ( 3:48)???? You've got to be kidding me...how bout survival and finding a way back to earth!...hello! 4:35 >> GM reveals their first minivan! 4:45 >> notice how the aliens look like Jews ('saintliness and savagery')...yup that sounds like HEEBS to me!


dr. smith turned it into a cartoon

dalek moore

Classic show much better in the b/w days ,best space ship in sci fi ! they tried to be smart and improve the idea in the late 90's movie but all they did was stuff up a good  idea for a bad ...how can you improve on a fly saucer they should of opened their eyes .

Barry I. Grauman

This was actually produced to "sell" the series to advertisers for the fall (note the pitch at 5:17). And indeed, General Mills and Pillsbury became two of the show's "regular" sponsors as a result of this sales film...

Jero Briggs

The first season was top notch and top budget, but the following two seasons got really cheap as well as cheesy. Still fun though. Got to admit, I did like the robot more in the latter seasons. And I liked Season 3's new theme music better.

Judith Jackson

I love this.I never missed an episode as a child.I just wish they would show it all again on tv.


LOVED this programme back in the day !

But "dazzle the eye & ear with the most impressive production values spectacular effects"? Erm - I don't think so !

Wibora Wildfeuer


Just_ Aaliyah

Dang, Debbie was a alien kinda creature. Now she’s dons chicken sidekick ???

Walt Fechter

I've been Lost In Space since the 1960s. I wouldn't have it any other way.

Glenn Cary

A nice time capsule

Barry I. Grauman

Irwin DID film the crash landing of the Jupiter 2, its approach to an alien spacecraft, and scenes of the "Chariot" roaming the rocky terrain in color, because he KNEW he'd eventually use them again when the series was finally filmed in color...

David Mc

What you just saw was turned down and remade. They added the robot and Dr Smith. Then the show made it to TV and history. I am so glad they added the robot!

Gabriel Blanca

Am I the only one who finds this amusing and even ridiculous? Prob cuz I'm a 90s kid, can't help it, old movies and tv series make me laugh.


I went on to work for NASA as a result of this thing and Apollo keeping me interested in Space. Too bad they let it all wind down. We were so far ahead with Space stuff in real life and I hope we can get people back up there on our own once again soon.

Francisco Rodrigues

to me the best seri e ciência fiction on TV.

Jana Meehan

A shame this ground breaking drama disintegrated into juvenile trash. Thanks SO MUCH Nonathan Harris.

Hugo G

Think about the phone that you in your pocket is 1000 times powerful that computer in that room


"If you're wondering about a lack of animation in their expressions it's because they're frozen solid" No actually it's because they can't act. Seriously though I loved the show and the acting was good enough to make you believe in the unbelievable except 'The Great Vegetable Rebellion' which was no doubt sponsored by Heinz soups.

The Two Gardens

Is there anywhere , where you can see the original pilot movie ?

Barry I. Grauman

This is actually a "sales reel", which the network used to "sell" the series, in advance, to various advertisers in the spring of 1965 [General Mills was one of them]. The narrator is Don Forbes, whom producer Irwin Allen considered his "good luck charm" after narrrating his 1953 documentary "The Sea Around Us', which won an Academy Award (Forbes originally appeared as the "News Commentator" in the unaired version of the pilot episode, from which this was taken).

Eric Barash

The best Sci-fi television series of all time.

RocKITEman _ 2001

"...to another galaxy.'


Barry I. Grauman

Most of the stock music, believe it or not, is from various episodes of "THE TWILIGHT ZONE" {"Nervous Man in a Four Dollar Room", "The Trouble With Templeton", "Elegy", "A Hundred Yards Over the Rim"}. This was indeed one of CBS' final black and white hour-long dramas- [the network only programmed about half of their prime-time schedule in color, beginning in the fall of '65, and 100% color in the fall of '66] and Irwin Allen went along with it for season one because, well, he was cheap...

RocKITEman _ 2001

IMHO, Irwin Allen was his own worst enemy....

brandon paris

quite the hard sell on this show. This guy sounds like a used car salesmen. " wouldn't day like to use this to beat that thru way traffic", WHat's she going to do for boyfriends?" , " You'll see them travel through land and see in this convertible atom powered chariot!" are they selling these products or a show? Marketing sure what different back then! It was like they had to sell everyone on this new Sci fie show because everyone was into westerns so they had to make people think about how different and cool this show is.


fuck off


It's such a OMG wow, the 1960s existed. Sci-fi that spun off from it.


I remember that Zest soap was a big sponsor as well.

Master Lion

This trailer is so werid

Lost in space movie sequel

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FAST AND FURIOUS 9 Trailer (2021)

57 206 788 views | 31 Jan. 2020

First trailer for Fast and

First trailer for Fast and Furious 9 starring Vin Diesel and John Cena


God these movies are shit


just go and fuck the the avengers for da family

Suprem3 Savages

Furious 25 : Trouble in Mars
Cute trailer tho I love it


Everyone bashing the movie knowing they’re gonna go watch it??

Dhrti Feet

There is no way this movie doesn't end with John Cena eating BBQ

Zach Falbe

Fast 10 preview:
Thanos: I have the stones
Dom: I have family

Amir i835

F&F meets Uncharted

มาติดตาม เราสิคะ

There's no Paul Walker(as Brian O Corner) in one scene!!!
Are you guys aware???

Chloë Amber

They really are scraping the bottom of the barrel now. In my mind these films ended after fast 7

Ashley Lopez

Pathfinder Charger? Lmao nigga grappled lol

Jesse Calarco

Great?Just the The Shitty Rock ruined these movies, let's keep the trend going with further ruining it with Stupid ass Fruity Pebbles John " Sucks" Cena.

Reggie Herod

Why would they tell you John cena is doms brother in a trailer??? I don’t understand why trailers aren’t trailers anymore they don’t hype you up anymore they just spoil everything. Fast furious Sega hasn’t been good since like the 3rd one they just need to stop it’s a action packed soap opera at this point.


So fuck hobbs huh????

*Legendary Pro Strikes again! *

wow >:D


i hate vin deisl


The time when fast and furious was all about racing

Mus Lim

Amanda manopo ikut main juga ternyata

ttv_rifty rain

Guys this one isn’t gonna be the same since Paul walker is gone


Actually he was in all the 8 movies, we just couldn't see him


1:14 His name is JOHN CENA ???

Sakshi Rana

I wish we could see senior Brian with the little brian.....And the final brotherly race of Dom and Brian at the end of the movie....

Prince Kumar

amazing stunts

nnna ww1

where is johnson??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Jesse Soto

So corny.



ॐ Ankit verma

Boycott china

xGeneral_Tinkerx Australia

Fast and Furious 10:

The crew jump aboard the USS Enterprise and set out to find Obi-Wan Kenobi for details on the next heist against the Galactic Empire...

Ondrej Baranec


Soul in love

The fast and furious first film was the best. Every next sequel gets worse ?

Sakshi Rana

Every single time I watch something related to Fast and Furious saga....the closing scene of Brian and Dom at the end of F7, the beautiful words of Dom, The song "It's been a long day without you my friend".... Plays in my mind.

I wish we could....

Colby Covington

They get dumb and dumber



uvez allador

2:16 Drift king is here ???

Zahid Shingre

If shaw's mom isn't crying in this, I am not watching it...

Mohammad Abrar Khan - 45

Ok. Same old crap.

Jose Diaz

Its the avengers trailer? ?

Amiruddin Amri

john cena definitely the best new comer in F&F franchise

Chris Szuba

so dom's brother is a master thief, assasian and precision driver that he never mentioned and we never saw...?? Then Dom ran a small sub shop as a front for stealing dvd players....

Nic Timoulete76

since 2:35 forget physics laws, become comics !

Sakshi Rana

It still hurts to see Dom without Brian...Vin without Paul. They are my most favourite brothers.

Debraj Sonowal

FF10: DOM joins avengers and goes back in time to save iron man and kill thanos

James Simms

These movies have become every drunken, stoned, d and d game I've ever played and I'm about it. Don't care how stupid, just entertain me and sprinkle in a thin veneer of heart. Let's go.


"alright Dom... what's next?".. lmao I'm not sure why that's shit funny ?

BASTE blog

2:59 me playing NFS all day long during quarantine

David Tangen

How is it that we are all in lockdown and cant go anywhere and yet hollywood is and netflix. Are stil makeing shity movies and the only way to see them is to by your stupid apps ??????????

Matija Banic


Ayan Ashar

Where'd all the likes come from when everyone's roasting the trailer in the comment section

Adnan Walker

I'm more excited for the Cinemasins video than i am the actual movie lol

Aroma Therapy

Michael Scofield Aka Wentworth Miller for Future F&F

Living Large

I was in my feeling when paul walker music came up


no matter how lame this is we're all gonna watch it

Muhammad Rizky

is this a trailer for the new mission impossible movie?

Furran xX

so it's official then.. FF saga is GTA live action all along

skatey boi

from normal street racin to literal avengers. i'm down

Fiveko Todorov


Doc M

F9 because Fu$& Physics!!


This looks sick

Karan Sheth

Hairstyles Change
Cars change
But Orange with Black stripes never change

Ambreen Zafar

Fast & Furious 9: Starts playing
Sir Isaac Newton: "Ight imma head out"

Isaiah Alicea

I feel like physics literally don’t exist in their universe



Zach Falbe

The Fast and the Furious
It’s basically The Expandables with fast cars

Lonewolf 18

Fast and furious 20 space warfare

Ambreen Zafar

Cast : "How much Physics Should We Put In These Movies?"
Vin Diesel : "The Amount of Hair on my Head"

Janz Trading Channel

All started cos of some tuna sandwich with no crust!!

will mchop

Let it die already, we only fucked with old school street racing car shit, not this Hollywood CGI cheesy shit

Aroma Therapy

For the Next Fast & Furious movie, They should Bring in Michael Scofield from Prison Break. Michael & Paul Walker Best for these types of Movies

Imed Tiss

All the people complaining bout this is the same old shit but 57 million views

Mert uludağ

doms vs spider man next films

Trish Gupta

Fast and Furious series is like 2020 , it started well and is getting weirder by the second.

Xxtansupaman xX



80 % will watch this just because Han is back

Asad Shinwari

What makes it more dangerous for Dom that he cannot see his own brother ha ha haaa ?


I saw more movie spoilers than I did car spoilers.

Rajan 1512

2:36 where is gravity , Physics , Newtown law ??????

Saharaan AMin

Pause at 2:17 why does that guy looks like Paul walker ?

Bojidar Avramov

Fast & furious 10 : Infinite car fare

King Squad vlogs

When is it coming out

Angel Israel

When is this movie coming out?

Dan Hentes

who are they fighting against? cant see anyone

David Tangen

And there huggin and not wearing a mask


What’s really the purpose of this movie & how does it follow all the series?

Баатар Цоггэрэл

omg they shouldn't show us he is alive.., it must be big surprise..,

Jibrail Muhamade

We basically watched the whole move at this point

Haris Hamdan

I don't get it. Why did the actors talk to no one most of the times. It's even getting weirder when the car drove itself.

Μιχάλης Φθενάκης

Fast and furious 10: Roman reigns Randy Orton Undertaker Shamous and more

Dn s

Han would be new villain

Lo Spettro Kamikaze

Please god no oh god no please not another one Jesus Christ they ran this movie into the ground and just keep diggin. They should have stopped like 5 movies ago. ?????


-_- Can they just stop


Avengers joined the chat
Physics joined the chat
Fast and Furious 9joins the chat
Physics has left the chat

Hacımurad Xudiyev

Another episode of physics asking help from stepbro


It all started from streets feuds to intergalactic impulsions


I love vin disel voice, it's leader voice?

D K Srivastav

Damn I miss Paul Walker!!

Black And White

True Fast and Furious fans know that the Saga ended in FF4. and i m being generous..Deep down only the 1st one was Fast Fucking Furious..

je but

After watching this trailer I went straight to Netflix, and I watched Tokyo drift.

Zeeshan Shaikh

Fast and Furious 11: Undertaker joins the league with Kane and Hulk Hogan

209_ JC

As much as we love this franchise wtf is happening ??

Kevin Lenyatsa

All of this was because a guy didn't get crust on he's tuna sandwich...

Rest Easy Paul Walker?️

sergej jeriomenko

they made some kind of nonsense from such a film, the further the worse