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Dr. Steven Greer - Unacknowledged Special Access Projects… Worth Trillions of Dollars

18 192 views | 8 Feb. 2021

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Follow the link https://bit.ly/DrStevenGreer_DISCLOSURE2021 to watch a complete Gaia Original exclusive interviews with Dr. Steven Greer. Learn about the fabled deep state, as unacknowledged special access projects which are buried deep within an architecture of secrecy.

Dr. Steven Greer offers an alternate explanation to the fabled deep state, as unacknowledged special access projects which are buried deep within an architecture of secrecy. These USAPs have gained unprecedented power due to their unlimited funding and unsupervised nature.

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brian williams

I guess I should mention. I've had to be reborn a few times now as my awareness seems to get me lost. Strange world.
I've seen so many back up systems in place in case one fails I cant keep count.
And yeah, I did get a rib removed once. It was before I hot beamed up while in bed. Not the body of me just the "water" I guess. Also I died for 10 minutes once after and was fine until my heart got excited about being free. Irony.
I'm still not sure if I'm 7 or 14 or 30 something.

david macharia

Thanks Dr. Steven for this information

Sean Douglas

I wonder who will be actually disclosing the Extraterrestrial life ?

Pete Mckenzie

Senate is the target

Sean Douglas

Yup let’s just all meet up an storm Area 51 like they were going to do.

Jennie Spooner

lets stop paying out taxes for a while to get some recoup ..then lets pay them at a lower rate ...much lower so they dont have all this extra money to do things we wouldent want done in the name of ....not benefiting the American people and in some cases harming the world ...we dont need permission what we do with our money too much of its uses are secret ..we didnt vote for that ...and it surely hasent gone into roads and bridges ..here in my town the potholes have potholes

Everson H

Love dr Steven ❤

Jason Eversole

And this one time at band camp.... Every interview that I have seen of Greer he always tells the same story. In the 20 plus years he’s been doing this, has he ever produced anything that has brought about any disclosure at all? I’m not talking about documents or “witness interviews “ bc I can type up something on my laptop or get my cousin to tell me he worked with ET’s at Area 51 and let me record him. I mean has Greer ever gave any type proof? And guys I believe the universe is teeming with intelligent life and I even believe that they have and do visit our little planet. I have seen things myself that were just incredible. But I just don’t believe that Greer boards their ships while he meditates and his consciousness takes rides to other dimensions with them. I hope I’m wrong about dr Greer and I will apologize publicly if someone can show me anything that he has brought forth into the light on the subject of ET’s and alien crafts. I want to know all I can on the subject and I would so greatly appreciate it if someone could point me in the right direction to something dr Greer has brought forward. Thank you all and I wish love and happiness to everyone

George Fallon

I've Got One That Can See !!!

brian williams

Oh, so my uncle holds a high level us government position in an alt world life were my 7 year old self took a $20 from his wallet. Not sure if he said I could or not and my uncle died when I was 5.

Danggumit wont be long only matter time!

Because q bee. He not one lookin directly. Lol! He fish's north ng more

brian williams

I suppose the most difficult thing about this is having to learn to live a life in an ethereal state. At least if a mistake is made, there's time for repair.

Sealed In Christ

Steven Greer is wearing lip stick.


Dr Greer, All you gotta do is Measure and validate CE5 with proper science cameras/tools and youll win the Nobel and entire history books will be written in your honor.

C2D2 QueenBee

If he knows so much ???? Why does he not release new technologies and inventions all ready known to benefit all of mankind ??? Paid shill

Icrazieelliot Gamer

Don't think I'm going to twep anymore ????


Top Secret special bullet projects...


Thank you Dr Greer for all your time and efforts to finding all truths of these projects. Keep going forward.


More double speak about nothing of interest. This is normal for Dr. Greer

brian williams

Not sure if you have heard of Gina Marie Colvin Hill or not but she has some stunning photos of ships in our solar system. Take kindly as she sometimes sees a bit too deeply into shallow pond however. Was hoping you may be able to shed some more light on the subject as I cannot guarantee that my visions of being on one are reliable. Quantified light can be confusing.

brian williams

I left my bike there?

G DawgE

Same old shill speak

Jeffrey MacIntyre

Greer hasn't had any new information to share in almost 20 years. It's always the same old rehashed here say.

Candace Fields

Thank U Kentucky hear.

brian williams

My very being has been altered so many times my integrity were compromised. If DNA holds the secret to who we are and chemistry dictates our temperament. I went from a Eagle scout that helps old people cross the road to a boy scout. A lesser version that somehow forgot some life lessons. I could be wrong however as I believe it may have been surrounding acquaintances. I'm sure you are aware that a overunity of observation has the ability to turn the tide. So there is a difference between my sin and my spirit. Lets be Frank, our first travels were ruined to some extent. I'm just hoping that what's left of my integrity can hold on until.

Alex Gomez

Greere is controlled opposition people. A shill for CIA. Ufos are not from other star systems, there from other dimensions.

Danggumit wont be long only matter time!

Dr felt on. Lol! Smh.

Daniel King

Dr.Greer is there any chance the government is going to release zero point energy to the world!

Luke Vincent

Stop uploading OLD stuff and labeling it as current!!! No, I am unsubscribing.

Mar Brock

Hello from Oregon,I truly want to believe,help me

rajveer singh

Joe Biden statement on black bills passed by Indian government against farmer's prof how this world work and who raining the world. These governments just working for corporate companies not for people that's the reason they wants to keep everything secret from people so the can slave them.

erik lowe


Nutsinthe Head

Love this guy he's brilliant at doing his homework on the SSP aka trumps space force. Let out to the public there getting us ready for the big reset and this transition is taking place now people, human consciousness are evolving the earths vibration is changing as well as mankinds an the way we only use 13% of our brains well that's gona jump and is rising any1 who can't feel the phicial change happening in the world must have there heads in the sand, if the whole planet concentrated there minds to interlink our minds itl blow ur whole outlook on what we as a spicies have been led to believe, we've been dummed down to keep us the sheeple as quiet little lambs.

brian williams

So just in case tho. I still have my flesh. But as one hand does not know the other. The "Whole" answer of removing the sin of man were denied on aep 23rd.
Thus a fault in logic making this much more complex than needed to be.

Λουκάς Κλαρνέτατζης

When i watch these kind of shit,i tend to believe humanity does not deserve its own existance

Pascal Stöckli

i see y s fear about greer?????????

brian williams

My ties with the Black Knight reveal a new place for us ethereal beings, one that while closely resembles earth have much room for our much needed improvements. No easier way to have a heavenly version than to make one.


Follow the link https://bit.ly/DrStevenGreer_DISCLOSURE2021 to watch a complete Gaia Original exclusive interviews with Dr. Steven Greer. Learn about the fabled deep state, as unacknowledged special access projects which are buried deep within an architecture of secrecy.


Great man I admire you doc

Candace Fields

Like the mob use to in a way.each one.


I like this guy


Fudge Steven Greer. He has access to all this information about all these technologies but yet he’s not giving anything to the world.

Jeff Where

Im hoping that the time would come that there would be a contact of et's and humans

Lachesis Atropos

Dr. Greer's belief that these aliens are somehow our benefactors & are peaceful is dangerous, totally reckless.

Jimmy Clery

Greetings from planet ?? Ireland ☘️????

brian williams

His dream was surreal. There were golden gates that were huge that flew open and the sound of millions of trumpets then a voice that said " move forward, welcome to forever". As we who read the scriptures should know, now it's my turn to write, to follow the correct penmanship of a loving father figure, to do the works of a living father figure.

brian williams

I was able to catch a few seconds worth of a new world. It is beautiful and earth like with neighborhoods and streets. Something tells me I'll be a new birth in this world. I am trying to use my time left to quality check however as I do not see a need for oil or gas. And I'm of course holding my breath on the food replicators. I believe I understand how they work. Four corners of instructions for raw matter to flow through while being assembled on an atomic scale to make fish for example. And of course if the WiFi is still there we may not be perfect. As in medical school it may result in an "unknown anomaly". And thus the need for cleansing theropods would be needed. I would rather we rely upon the fiber optic as if I order spaghetti I do not end up with soup.
Which brings up the question, if WiFi has an effective range of 500 yds, thg he why does Sir Elons WiFi work perfectly fine from our atmosphere? Or is there a crown of control at work? My fears as I have conversations about next gen tech or even old school knowing of Chryst with others often result in a "programed" response of disbelief. It astonishes me that no one realizes that one of the effects of staying iij indoors under a false flag would be greatly increased exposure to the "daily programming".
I fear zombies.

Jeff Evans

Allies are fallen angels or Satan's demons soon will see satan himself posing as a perfect Christ appearing over earth healing and doing miracles.Wait you'll see.

brian williams

As it turns out, the dumb dumbs at the bank we got as children reveal, the 144,000 were no more than survivors of earth. Although I still believe that there is a test of mentality for those who's "hands are on the earth". Its obviously a trust issue.

Miranda Smith

Distraction greer

Geoff Hales

The problem with Greer he is so arrogant,he never gives it a rest,me me,me me me me,give it a rest for gods sake

Stavros Stavrou


International dollars

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International dollars

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Village Farms International raise 135 million us dollars!

598 views | 15 Jan. 2021

Village Farms

Village Farms International raise 135 million us dollars!

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I just bought 80 shares today. How much did you buy?


Mlk had a dream on monday

Vivian Kwok

Hey bro do more videos??

Adam Younis

Wish you'd make more videos like before