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462 207 views | 13 Nov. 2018

In today's vlog we go to

In today's vlog we go to Target to get a bunch of new stuff for the house!


Cozy Earth Bedding - https://cozyearth.com/

Pink Pillows - https://bit.ly/2T89WZd

Urban Outfitters Rug - http://bit.ly/2QBnpH5

Pink Blanket - http://bit.ly/2PmKEIu (on sale!!!!)

Pink Mirror - http://bit.ly/2QBLJsl

Sherpa Coat (similar) - http://bit.ly/2PouPRr



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CANON 1DX MARK II - http://bit.ly/2gccu8Q

CANON 5D MARK IV - http://bit.ly/2q49RcL

CANON 16-35 MM LENS - http://bit.ly/2p9c1X6

CANON G7X MARK II - http://bit.ly/2gcbph2

TRIPOD - http://bit.ly/2gc9dpZ

VLOG TRIPOD - http://bit.ly/2gceEW1

LIGHTING KIT- http://bit.ly/2gc6zR9

RING LIGHT - http://bit.ly/2h7tcmL


BED FRAME - http://bit.ly/2p9cqc4

DUVET COVER - http://bit.ly/2xenUOY

PILLOW CASES - http://bit.ly/2xhsZGp

ANTHRO BED PILLOW - http://bit.ly/2xfESg0

CACTUS PRINT 1 - http://bit.ly/2q75mfx

CACTUS PRINT 2 - http://bit.ly/2q4kb4o

TV CONSOLE - http://bit.ly/2rap2Sy

KNIT RUG - http://bit.ly/2p9yX8m

NIGHT STANDS - http://bit.ly/2q4jQ1C

FIREFLY LIGHTS - http://bit.ly/2h7ygYt

BE STILL MY SOUL POSTERS - http://bit.ly/2eAwlZC

BLACK CIRCLE MIRROR - http://bit.ly/2fXp3El


SECTIONAL COUCH - http://bit.ly/2q4bRlt

PINK VELVET PILLOWS - http://bit.ly/2xiW58g

FUZZY COMFY BLANKET - http://bit.ly/2pbcgAB

COFFEE TABLE - http://bit.ly/2q4hQqt

TV CONSOLE - http://bit.ly/2q73Z0o

BLANKET BASKET - http://bit.ly/2q4c87Z

FUZZY RUG - http://bit.ly/2q4fBmV

DINING TABLE - http://bit.ly/2q4g20x (similar)

DINING RUG - http://bit.ly/2xgKLt5


AIRBNB $40 CREDIT // http://bit.ly/1SYUZAI


$10 POSTMATES CODE // bseb

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Can’t wait to see it when its all finished! I know it’s going to look amazing as per usual ?


I had the same problem in my Target! I don't get why they separate the body wash from the shampoo and other shower stuff!

Emily Smith

Love Target!!!!Can someone tell me where the guest bedroom bed frame is from??

Rachel Elizabeth

I'm absolutely loving these blogs....can't wait of vlogmas!!

Mimi Mudpuddles

Lauren's sweater is SOOO cute!!!!!!! where did she get it?

Mafalda Teixeira

I can't wait to see how the house will look when all the decoration is done!!!

turnip poppy

I wish I could have white decor. My hubby is a mechanic and white doesn't last lol

Brandy Nguyen

Anyone know where the guest bedroom bed frame is from?

Aly Louisa

I’ve tried looking for the body wash too. It’s actually down by the toothpaste. Go past the pharmacy. It’s not by the beauty stuff.?

Meg Price

I love this video ! If you love you’re sheets and pillows. Check out malouf sleep ! It’s a local Utah company and THEY ARE THE BEST !!

Alexa Schofield

BAMBOO PILLOWS ARE AMAZING I will never ever go back to regular pillows that are so comfortable

Abbie Gilmour

heated blankets are a GAME CHANGER especially now that it's winter

Hailey Marie

I have those towels and those bath rugs and they are THE BEST THINGS EVER!!!

Katie Patt

Hold on... almond breeze has dairy in it??


Id love to see you guys go zero waste for a week!

Camille Coopersmith

Love your new house it’s cute

Gwyneth Yung

testing as seen on tv products vid plz!


Why does aspyns friends sweater remind me of Coralines mom from the movie

Jordan Kenney

I am super obsessed with these new vlogs coming out so frequently! And i am in love with their new house and apsyns decor!?

Mj Rojas

I need to know we’re she got her fluffy sweater/jacket it’s so fluffy and it looks so warm does anyone know we’re I can get one, we’re did you get your sweater Aspyn

Kayte Gilchrist

Where did you get the Guest bed frame from

Lindsay June Hall

Haha. My little sister loves the feisty pals, but she’s also been watching Ghost Adventures since she was three. ?
If you do testing ‘As Seen on Tv’ you should try the new granite non stick pan that’s oven safe just cuz I’m curious. ?
Also, your new house is beautiful!!! I love seeing you put everything together too. Makes me excited to finish school and finally settle down!

Riley Eddins

Where is the bed frame from???


Where did you get the bed frame for the guess bedroom??????? Love it

Kaylee Achatz

your house is so cute so far, like the guest bedroom is so cute :)

Rachel Muller

These are honestly so strangely entertaining like Aspyn keeps saying "great content" sarcastically but like no it really is lol I'm watching every second and loving it, I love moving vlogs(all steps of the process) and home decor videos. Keep them coming.

Jillian Taylor

Get a heated mattress pad best thing ever! You can even get a dual control one so you can have different heats

Keira Grizzard

Where did you get the guest bedroom bed frame and the coat you were wearing in target?

Black Liquorice

Y’all took my vision of my dream house and put it into reality ?

Dracarys YT

Am i the only one that enjoys this “random” content, i love watching them do normal things

Clancy Kraft

where is that bed frame from in your guest bedroom??


thyeve been uploading like everyday yet I still WANT MORE hahahaha


I can’t even fathom that you guys are at my REGULAR TARGET

Kit Cat

They are the cutest. Congrats on the awesome house!


Ahh now that you are up in SLC I hope I see you at a target

Katie Opert

Need to know where Lauren got her sweater ???


Target is evil. You go in to buy deodorant and come out with a brand new house LOL

Brenna Bakke

If you get the Target app on your phone, put in your store location, and look up the item you're searching for, it will tell you if the item is available and what aisle it's on!

melinda shelton

I'm so jealous you got move. I'm still waiting to move into our places.


Heated blankets are a must here in Northen Utah!

Kiss me by the Sea

Where did you get the bed frame? Does anyone know? Please like so she can see!

Feer Valdés

I don't know how you can hang mirrors in front of your beds ? you guys don't have nightmares?????!!!

Natalie Perez

i actually really liked this vlog!

Alexa Paige

Aston makes decorating look so easy!!! The guest room is so cute! ?

dakota avenue

Where is your exact coat from?! It's so cute!

Kelsie Elzinga

That is the target right by my house! I shop there?

caitlin glenn

Omg my target is like that too!! The body wash is sooo far away from the beauty aisles and i can never find it!

stassi grey

I NEEED aspyns jacket!!! does anyone know where it’s from?

AqsaKhan AqsaShawlena

Love you!!

Sherone Linton

Love watching your videos but can make them a little longer please and thank you.???????????✨?

Jessica V

I’m so excited for their new house! Who else wants to move to a new house rn?

janessa mellroy

Anyone know where the guest bed is from!!!! So cute !!!

Alexandra Mei

I am so excited for the decor vlogs ❤️

Lizzy A.B.

I had the same body wash crisis in my target at home last week! I was shook!!!


We’re did u get the guest room bed frame from love it’s

Abigail Espin

I seriously love you guys ❤️ & enjoy your videos so much!


i wish their moving vlogs were daily vlogs ?

Michelle Martinez

Would like to see part 2 !


It's too short I love this vlog ? hope I see you soon! ❤️

Rochelle Smith

Does anyone else hear the ringing/beeping at around 1:40

Sarah EL hibir

Lauren look like Luara jean from to all the boys id love before

Karla Ardon

Costco gets huge heated blankets this time of year!

Mackenzie Morris

I have that unicorn my dad bought it for me for Christmas last year.

Chloe Essery

Where is the bed in your guest bedroom from???!

Andi Zentz

Love your vlogs!!! You and Lauren should do a BFF Q&A!!! ❤️❤️

BeautySinger 3128

My niece LOVES those things she makes us play with them and thinks it’s hilarious when they look mean


You can always use the Target app to find what aisle things are in! Change your location to whatever Target you're at!

Shelby Lee

I wanna see y’all out every room together lol

Kelsey Boggs

Where is the guest bedroom bed frame from?! ?

Natasha Kerr

Am I the only one who is always curious what their target bill is? ?

Abbey Kirby

where did u get the guest room bed frame?

Megan Kola

Considering getting that for my kid as a joke

Heather Vansau

Please go back to long vlogs! I miss the longer vlogs.

K• M.P

If you sell the mini fridge advertise it near the summer for college students.

Caileigh Hart

Yes!!! Wanna see Target hauls AND as seen on tv on Parker’s channel!

Genesis Britz

Ya'll should get your house done by mr.kate

bre littlebear

you keep being sarcastic about how it’s “interesting” but I really enjoyed hearing about like regular people problems ?

Lexus Yang

I hope you guys know body wash is not in the hair care aisle??

Sarah Barela

Wishing I had a heated blanket rn in the NY cold!

Sophie Hanna

Hi Aspyn, I love your channel! I have an english assignment where I have to interview someone who I don't know and record a life story from them. Is it possible to organise a skype call or some further messaging to discuss your beginning to youtube.

Katie Fox

protip: Target App will tell you the exact aisle something is in if you put it in the search bar. You search a product and make sure the store is correct and BAM


Where is the bed frame from? I love it!!

Chels Rocca

target will forever be the best shop ahhah!

Lulu K

I really want these house vlogs to be longer ? they aren’t long enough !!


We got that woven blanket (on guest bed) from west elm when we moved into our new house. It sheds more than 4 dogs. It is so annoying. My husband finally trashed it one time when I was gone. He hated the balls flying & stuck everywhere!

JoEllen McMahan

does anyone know where Lauren’s sweater is from?

yessenya reyna

My sister who’s 2 has that unicorn and thinks it’s so funny it scares all her friends who come over ? definitely the best money I’ve spent


I LOVE new home vlogs and decorating

Be Kind

Aspyn where is your blanket coat from? I wasn’t exact store not alikes

Taylor Marie

I bought 4 heated blankets from target, the cords melted on 3 of them! Be careful if you bought them

Sara and Brandon

INLOVE with your aesthetic?

Heather Hale

the body wash in target is by where toothpaste is and not with the hair care

Jonathan & Abby

Your guest room makes it so I can’t wait till I get a house and can actually afford to decorate lol

korbi & diggy

It's a marketing strategy to "hide" the most sought after items, so that people will also notice other products in that store. Sometimes, they would say, "It is out of stock." or "It is no longer sold." At bakeshops, they do the same process. The ones in front are the products that are about to expire. But we already know that, so we still pick the ones at the back because we know those are the newer & fresher ones. Lol. :)

Youyi Li

Oh my gosh, it's so weird to see you guys go to the Target that I used to go!
Enjoy SLC

Miranda Kennedy

I need Aspyns jacket that she’s wearing in target!!! Help!!

L M.

Please do another “ as seen on TV “ video!❤️

Alexis Brooke

She walked passed the body wash as she was saying there was none hahaha

Alexandra Mei

Their house is going to look so good when it’s done ?

A Mei

Why the audio is so small or its just me? But I watched other videos they're just fine

Table cover target

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BEDROOM REFRESH | BOHO Aesthetic | Target Haul “Budget-Friendly”

2 446 views | 11 Oct. 2020



I’m so excited to show you all my FIRST bedroom makeover this Fall. In this video I show a few tips on how you can refresh any space with something as small as fresh curtains and new bedding. Most items are from Target or thrifted of course. So please enjoy and remember to Like and a comment down below!

Subscribe to my channel : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9yRO1U-lXBAQNMuXRmZE-Q


Table lamp


Pillow shams


Plush blanket


Bead garland




Rattan Stool


Candle holder





INSTAGRAM @melanade_beauty

SHORE PICNICS (follow us to support!)

For bookings:

INSTAGRAM @shorepicnics

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[email protected]


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* I do not own the rights to this music *

Sweet by LiQWYD

Flow by LiQWYD

Whenever by LiQWYD

Chill by LiQWYD

know thy self

I love it ♥️


Great ideas! Beautiful room. My room and entire home, actually has the same calming vibe. I will definitely have to check out the Dollar general.



Mary Ella

I love your channel! It’s so inspiring! Do you have any videos on your creative process when designing a room from scratch? I’m moving soon and I want to redo my living room but I would love some tips on where to start ?

Gayle Foster

I love your designs and have just discovered your channel but could you possible fix your audio. It goes from very low to loud when music is played.


Love the ambiance in the night time!!!

Ashley Jones

Yesss ! Love it ! Definitely inspo for my new place !

tuija wilska

Your bedroom is so beautiful calm and relaxing. I really loved your triangular macrame hanging. I am wondering if you made it or purchased it?

ᗩlicє iη CrazylaηĐ

I like b4 watching ??
This style is my favorite ?
Seeing this kind of videos gives me joy even if it not mine ?
Thanks for sharing ?♥️

Lauren Amsbary

You have so many beautiful pieces! I’m so happy I found your channel :)

Daisy S

Love everything about that refresh! ? Love your channel and your style ?

Hope Muro

I loved everything ?


Love how your refresh bedroom turned out. So nice you did a great job. Love how you decorate. Blessings Raindown!!

David Owen Creates

I love every single thing

Anna Villarreal

This video truly deserves more views and likes! Wow

Nikki M

OMG that greenery from the bedroom window!

Felita Jones

Looks beautiful! Great job. The caramel color looks so luxe. I also finally got me a pair of those Studio Mcgee beads. They're sold out like every Target but make a great statement.

Nikki Fangaiuiha

Really nice room you made it into love all the colours they go really together. Gives the room a nice warm vibe. ??

Table cover target

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471 views | 15 Jan. 2021


BOHO DECOR HAUL! YES! I have fallen into the trend! Lol Except, with my own spin on things. Im still going to keep the dark aesthetic that I already have going on in my home. Im just adding a touch of boho decor! I have been loving this style and all of the cute things that Ive found! Its a new year so why not switch things up right?!?!




3 PACK WICKER BASKETS: https://amzn.to/3nTkidH

BROWN BLANKET: https://amzn.to/35JG0dP

LIGHT BROWN BLANKET: https://amzn.to/3iehDtw

WHITE THROW PILLOW COVERS: https://amzn.to/3qh0KRK

BLACK PILLOW COVERS: https://amzn.to/2XNjWu9

FAUX LEATHER PILLOW COVERS: https://amzn.to/2LqwPbm

BLACK RUG: https://amzn.to/3bHFq46

LANTERNS: https://amzn.to/2LRMbFC

MACRAME HANGERS: https://amzn.to/2LA7StN

PAMPAS: https://amzn.to/2Kj71xa

POT HOLDERS: https://amzn.to/3nRD1X2

2 PACK BASKETS: https://amzn.to/39xMeyj

BROWN BASKETS: https://amzn.to/3sqDtyP

PLANT BASKET: https://amzn.to/3nMvTLe

MACRAME LAMP SHADE: https://amzn.to/3sBxmrE

LIGHT CORD: https://amzn.to/2LQGbNc


BIGGER PLACEMAT: https://rstyle.me/cz-n/ext6gpc6i5x

SMALLER PLACEMAT: https://rstyle.me/cz-n/ext6kcc6i5x

THIS IS US SIGN: https://rstyle.me/cz-n/ext6pgc6i5x

HOLDING HANDS SIGN: https://rstyle.me/cz-n/ext6q6c6i5x

BASKETS: https://rstyle.me/cz-n/ext6skc6i5x

PLANT BASKET: https://rstyle.me/cz-n/ext6t8c6i5x

OIL DIFFUSER: https://rstyle.me/cz-n/ext6vyc6i5x


Thank you for taking the time to watch my video and I hope you stick around and subscribe for future videos! If you like this video, please don't forget to give it a thumbs up and please don’t forget to subscribe! ♥️



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richard scotts

Great job on the haul Lizzet! :)
If you are down for a cool future video suggestion, it'd be neat if you checked out one of those ear cameras/digital otoscopes! Bebird is what I think they are called, while some are really expensive there are ones on Amazon that are like 30$!

K Kinner

Another word would be moody boho ?

Life With Lizzet

Hope you enjoy!!! What was your favorite piece?!? ?

K Kinner

I would love to see when you have everything updated! Also just incase you didn't know and are interested. You can get pre collected basket walls on etsy, poshmark, etc. It might even be cheaper than buying it all yourself.

Ana Silva


Alma Ortega corrales

Wen are you doing the makeover video

Karla Barcenas

Hahahaah! You and your bestie are so funny! Gothemian 2021

Jessica Little

The amazon lamps are so darn cute my favorite! Ugh can’t wait for the video ? your awesome love your videos ?


Dollar tree has the plant hangers in black brown & green and even metal now.

Suzanne Dotson

Thank you thank you, the lamp is exactly what I've been looking for!