Macbook air wont turn on

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DIY - Macbook Air will Not Turn On!

803 591 views | 8 Mar. 2016

Amazon - Kaisi Tool Kit -

Amazon - Kaisi Tool Kit - https://amzn.to/2OEFea1

You can recover 100 MB file in the free version: https://bit.ly/2vTvy4K

If your Mac won‘t turn on, Learn what to do if your Mac won't turn on. This Macbook Air will not turn on or power up at all. In this video I show you how to remove the bottom of the laptop in order to unplug the battery to reset the Power management.

Steps to try the SMC and PRAM reset


Here is the Tool kit I ordered from Amazon for less than $8

Amazon - Kaisi Tool Kit - https://amzn.to/2OEFea1

Nora Woods

Only guys are most likely to take apart a computer that's not working to find out what's wrong with it us girls just buy a new one lol

Rayge chechik

Just got my MacBook pro fixed by Acker_tools on ïñstägram


Mine turned off suddenly again

Amirah Adara

This didn't work for me. Someone here ask me to contact*@flexible_tech* on Instagram that his going to help and he did.. am so great full


So like I’m scared to open the back of my laptop cuz I feel like I’m going to mess everything up back there but is there any way I can fix it without having to open the back of my laptop?

sonja syne

Hi Barry, I have a macbook air (2013); it hasn't switched on since august 2016. Do you think it's worth trying your method? It was working fine and then all of a sudden stopped. Thanks. Have a great day :)

Moses Megalli

Thanks a lot we were having the same problem here with my daughters MacBook Air. We appreciate your help


hey my firend i have the same problem i think , just my mac dont turn on but the light of the batery found but i do the same u do and i my mac dont found i dont knw for why maybe u know ??

Bok Hill Daddy

Great work mate unfortunately it doesn’t work foe my case, might bring it in for repair. Nice to try tho. Thanks

kurt caster

If still off..have any solution?

Jelena & Ethma fan account

Is it going to be like a brand new laptop with everything erased???? Or the same as it was before??? PLEASEEEEE ANSWER!!!!!!

James Hunt

Thank-you for your video!! This worked first time on my MacBook Air and saved me buying a new one :)

Riano Balibat

This pro, HACKBLISS on insta is the best of best,he got my locked Mac fixed perfectly in minutes


My 2018 MacBook Pro wouldn’t turn on we had to take it to Mac Resource

Christine Cordero

Thank you. I will try this

Nils Dreismickenbecker

I will never forget you,,,.,,,,,,,,,HACKINGLORD0 at !g fix my iMac in less than an hour

faizan ahmed

I do appreciate m_tool1 on iñstagràm who unlock my Mac

Walid Ishtay

thank you, but I did this and laptop did start for like 15mins and something happened again, any idea?

Lady Lala

Thank you!!!!

Jelena & Ethma fan account

Will any of my data be lost if I do this?? PLEASE ANSWER!!!!


Thank you so much sir! This was so helpful in the restoration of my Mac!


Thanks heaps Berry. Had trouble getting the right size screwdriver, but when it finally came your tutorial worked like a charm. MacBook Air is now turning on (and off). BUT, it can't find the keyboard---any more magic tricks up your sleeve?

Frank Mariscal

Thank you!!!! You saved me so much money!


Thanks. I'm still trying to get an appropriate screwdriver size. Can you let me know which size of screwdriver head I should be using?

Chanaka karunarathna

Thank you very much It worked ??

ratan chabblie konumuri

Wowwww thanks a lot

Chris Lewis

It's not working for me. I have a macbook pro. Anything else I can do please?


Thank you so much!!! This worked for me

ymahesh yedhoti

Please help me

Yogesh KR

Hey! I have similar issue with my MBA 2012. I followed your steps and the Mac booted up. BUT, the problem reappears if I shut down. It won’t boot up unless I disconnect the battery. One more thing. Once the battery remains disconnected, with MagSafe connected, it functions perfectly!

Jose Armijo

"Bingo!" ???? Thank you bro

BP Randomised !

Your a legend!!! This vidio was excellent. Very simple and easy. Thanks alot you have fixed my laptop.


someone please help me i have a 12in macbook and idk where the battery is & the inside of it looks different than this one.

Cyrell Espanol

Hey..Can u please help me...I have problem with my macbook pro...When i tried to put the charger in tha outlet it comes sparks and when i put the charger in the laptop it shows light on and off the same in the laptop the charging indicator of laptop its light on and off and cannot open the laptop..When i tried to press on buttom it sounds but cannot open but the light of laptop indication its become on and off

Rob Davidson

I have a 2009 Mackbook Pro, same issue. Would disconnecting its battery do the same thing?

Past Paths



I said BINGO and it worked.

Karishma Agrawal

My mac Isn't Turing on as Well. Yesterday it did after thé shift+control+option button but today it Isn't working again. My mother said do not take décisions on your own but I know Apple store Will cost à lot. Please somebody tell me Will it work and never get damaged again

M.L Kos

Special regards to CUPPYHACK02 on lnsta,the dude is the best of best ,he got my Mac fixed in few minutes

Gabriel Joseph

Thanks Alot Man, You just Saved me Good Money.

Worked like Magic on Macbook Air 2015.

Lazkid billionz

I really appreciate flash_toolz on instagram when it's comes to unlocking of device he fixed mine permanently message him for he's good service

Nico J

Hi, it didn't work for me, does anyone had the same issue? I'm going to try changing the charger and the ssd btw

Christi Zomphier

This legend, PROHACKZ on instaG is the real deal,he got my locked Mac fixed perfectly in minutes

mary amato

Thank you soooo much ???

Aira Isabel

This does not work for me ☹

Tim Gavan

Thank you, this was a lifesaver!!!

John Kidder

All thanks to m_tool1 on iñstagràm who did mine

C3 Resin

Mine didn't work, but it did turn on with the battery unplugged. I guess the battery's busted. Tried the keyboard shortcuts too after replicating what you did in the vid, but it just won't turn on. Sigh


Finally got my locked Mac unlocked perfectly in minutes by PROHACKZ on 1G,the dude is the best of all


hi berry! i have a macbook air 2017, it shut down unexpectedly and now i can't turn it on back on. i can hear the fans still runing though. will this work then too?

Begzodjon Musaev

What a F**** LEGEND mate

Satya P Singh

Thanks! Berry.
I also tried .... succeeded.

Jessica Bramiz

I got mine fixed perfectly through Acker_tools on ìñstägräm he's a awesome

Richard Aghoro

Thanks a lot. It worked like a charm. Yay!

Iroquois Pliskin

This really helped man thank you

Ma Ann

Thank you. Your video helped me today.

Amped and Volted

Before opening it up you could try to reset the SMC. Press and hold SHIFT + CONTROL + OPTION + POWER BUTTON for 10 seconds and then turn it on as usual. In my case the battery was completely dead so it only works with AC adapter now. In which case reset the SMC then press and hold POWER connect magsafe cable, let go of POWER after 3 seconds. It should boot. Made a video while fixing it --> https://youtu.be/1te3uGftxFc

Oppa Lisayah

I never regret working with LATECHSECURITY at 1nsta, all my lock Mac got fixed

Jessica Bramiz


Çağla Cee

BROOOO!! loll fully workeddd!! Thank you so much 2020!!!!

Keavin Noble

I getting sam problem with my macbook I try that aready it own tuned on with my charger how can I fix that

Heavenly Treasures

I did everything you said and still doesn’t turn on

Nicole Jeff

I successfully got mine Unlocked by kelleysmithtech on !nstagram

Jessica Bramiz


LuDan Taquiqui


samiul gamer

You are a legend bro, thanks

Johnnie Clay

I did everything that was on the video but nothing. The light on the plug goes from green to amber when I plug it in but that is it. I did try the holding the power, shift, control and command but all it would do is change the light briefly and that was it. Any other suggestions?

Aimee S

I lost a tiny screw ?but my laptop works now so it was a worthy sacrifice


Thank you Berry for this helpful video. I tried this a few days back and it helped. The problem is, it happened again last night. Do you know why this happens or where the problem lies? I would like to fix it so it won‘t happen again . Thanks in advance!


Thanks it worked, but I had to plug it and then turn it on

Dante Araratyan

I just wanted to say how thankful I am for this video.


its not working...ive tried saying bingo multiple times

Gregorios C. Ustunel

Thanks for the video It works for my MacBook Pro(2014) but the same problem happened again after 6-8 hours later. What am I supposed to do?

Rayge chechik

Just got my MacBook pro fixed by Acker_tools on ïñstägram


Was able to get my locked Mac fixed permanently by this legend, PROHACKZ on insta,he’s the best

Kat Vernon

If this method doesn't work, does that mean I need to get a new battery?

Ray Thompson

Ruma_telecom0 0n 1nstagram unlocked my MacBook Air permanently, he’s a lifesaver


Mine didn't come on but still, "thumbs up."

ċ. ṃѧẓẓ

My guy, I watched this about a week late. My daughter was completely happy w this machine that failed on her. Purchased a brand new 2020 air and I now have a back up thanks to you. Too cool man, too cool.

faizan ahmed

Go for m_tool1 on Iñstagràm who fixed my mac


The best way to fix this is..........SERGTOOLZ at ¡nstaG, he’s expert

Bruce Kempf

Great Video- Only comment is i can assure you that you don't need to put the back on for it to boot. I have booted these with the back off and even the motherboard out of the body and if it's going to boot, it will boot.

huseyin karatas

Done all the methods but it still wont turn on? Can someone help?


I don’t know if it’ll work or not because of risk of damaging it but seeing the comments I will definitely try it.

Sammy Sartaj

What if this still doesn’t work? ☹️

Holly Grantham

What should i do if this doesnt work?

Preeti Bandesha

This didn't work for me. My laptop just shut off while I was using it and it did have battery then. Idk what to do :c

Anotidaishe Chiremba

i trust you bro dont let me down be back to tell you

Jelena & Ethma fan account

So these are the steps: (please correct me if I’m wrong) first, we disconnect the battery, then we close the case (without screwing it), then we turn on the mac and click “shut down”, then we reopen the case and connect the battery then close the case (and screw it) then we turn the MacBook on again?

Akshay Durge

Didn't work for me ?


Thank so much for helping solve the matter of my Mac ...muchas gracias Berry very very thanks a lot..make happy u help other like me..

sara valtonen

Any other suggestions? I am able to do a SMC reset, tried this, and still no sign of power

Purushotham Chintha

My Mac was fixed perfectly by PROHACKZ on IG,the dude is the legend of all time

John Kidder

Go for m_tool1 on iG

Rennie Raines

Found this man, PROHACKZ on instaG,he got my locked Mac fixed perfectly in minutes,he’s the best of all

Lazkid billionz

I really appreciate flash_toolz on instagram when it's comes to unlocking of device he fixed mine permanently message him for he's good service


I ordered the Kaisi Tool Kit from Amazon for $9 and did as you've shown. This works perfectly for my MacBook Air.
You saved me a long trip to Apple Store and also money...
Thank you so much!

mary amato

Now my power button is working thank to you , I got an other problem . The letter O is not working and my password contains the letter o . This mean I can’t login in ... can you help me to fix this problem?? Thank you very much

Harry Kara

It works for me, but it happened again once the macbook air goes to sleep or battery is drained. Any tips on how to prevent this from happening every time...

vishal chakote

Thank you soo much sir ?

Macbook air wont turn on

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MacBook Air Won't Turn On Repair - Logic Board Troubleshooting

149 365 views | 12 Sep. 2018

For repair technicians,

For repair technicians, their repair work usually goes differently, since the problem can be fixed and solutions may be flexible. For our MacBook Air won't turn on repair case today, to demonstrate the repair process detailedly, we start from the main power supply inductor. The fault is finally confirmed as to be caused by fuse damage due to short-circuited capacitor on the main power supply circuit. Let's check the video to see how to troubleshoot MacBook won't power on issue.

Note: To demonstrate a complete repair process, we started from main power supply inductor in this video. Actually you can find the problem directly based on experience if you are an old hand.

Any questions and demands please feel free to contact us at: [email protected]

Tools Used:

Hot Air Gun Rework Station: https://bit.ly/2JnwQ9s

Soldering Iron Rework Station: https://bit.ly/2HoQkJd

Digital Multimeter: https://bit.ly/2JzMz8P

DC Regulated Power Supply:https://bit.ly/2x63GYu

Straight Tweezer:https://bit.ly/2JhKyP6

Paste Flux:https://bit.ly/2JCajdd

Solder Wire: https://bit.ly/2x5YB1C

PCB Cleaner: https://bit.ly/2t4zlGX

Anti-static Plastic Pry Bar: https://bit.ly/2Lkky6W

Soft Brush: https://bit.ly/2HJMcDE

Subscribe us for more latest information


Blog: http://blog.rewatechnology.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/rewatechnology/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/rewatechnology




Turkish Dramas In urdu

00.36 was which current ? 36 volt?

Forged 32

My MacBook would shut down if I pressed the power button so I have to take off and take it back on to the battery any solution? It’s not bad fan works and everything

Apple iphone Repair

working 101%

renato f de araújo

great work man !!! super...

Washington Werner

very good, thank YOU, by the way, this sw you have the list and position of the components how can I get it?


How much for your services?

Thurika Ravi

Hi. My motherboard stopped working recently and I took it to apple and it was supposed to be repaired. Is this process that you're doing in the video, the same thing that would fix the motherboard? I have a 13 inch MacBook Air year 2015. 128 gigs. Let me know, thanks

Avinash vudatala

Hello rewa
On L7130 i am getting 1.2 volts where i have to check now

Jey Bauer

i am the fun of Rewa, always supports


so fuse was blown ? why not chk it first ?

Jayanagar yceeya

macbook is switched on but not booting os long time sowing only apple logo and loading bar , and we tried command to reset and tried using booting with other hard disk and but even not booted os finally apple services centre told that mother board issues are there but they don't know what is the exact issues on motherboard till so kindly help us to troubleshoot the issues... Model Macbokk air Model A1466 EMC 2925

Đương Nguyễn


Gordon Gao

What's the BGM

Jack Ninss

Hi I could do with some help!
I have a 820-3435 that only turns on outside the case
when inside the case will turn on without battery and when you shut down the macbook wont turn back on then

would really appreciate any help
i have a video here of the problem i'm having

Nduka Junior

How can I buy this chips

judes chithiran

What are you waring on your right hand .

Jeffry Yapin

Hi Rewa, i'm trying to find the schematic that mapping of the components like what you show on the video. But after i google it.. that components serial number and the arrangement is totally different with schematic that you show.. would you mind to share me the schematic or at least the source where to find the schematic. Or at least let me know the components serial and details, like the X uF of the capasitor that you replace
Thanks Rewa

REWA Technology

For this video, to demonstrate a complete repair process, we started from main power supply inductor. Actually you can find the problem directly based on experience if you are an old hand.


I have one question. Where you get that circuit schematic. Did apple provide that??

INeedAttention exe

If your going to inject voltage into a board then you need to LIMIT THE CURRENT ON YOUR POWER SUPPLY so you don’t blow your short

firoz khan

very good work


Mine shut down after 10 min. Anyone know whats the issue ?

Anar Asgarli

How can I send you motherboard for repair?


what do if my Mac book air's Power button randomly stops working?
Means it sometimes turns on the machine some times, but mostly it does not no matter how I press it.

V3ry Dry T0w3l

I was hitting the wrong button

Mohammad Nour

Good experience ..

REWA Technology

REWA MacBook Chip Level Logic Board Repair Training Course is around the corner.
For the details: https://bit.ly/2DpZqYB
Enroll now: https://bit.ly/2zzLJlB
Any further questions please feel free to contact us at: [email protected]rewatechnology.com

hafid touhafi

Can you please make a video of iphone x no sounds and speaker? Thanks


Mine turned on and now won’t go off due to keyboard not working

Omar Noor

That didn’t even fix it my MacBook Pro I’m never gonna watch it your channel BOooooooooo. ???

The Flying Eye In The Sky

What software you using for the schematics and where do you download them

Josef Gam


Matheus Klanert

Wow, great work! Very instructional. Thanks


nice keep it up



Ajin achu

Steve jobs is watching you from the grave yards... Lol..

Ravi Kambar

Bro I want to see your face plz#

JediGamer1977 N.A.I

1:07 thanks

David Molina

Hello good day greetings from Mexico, I thought the diagnosis and repair of the motherboard was very successful, I would like to know how we can get the database of mabook air diagrams A1466 and some more models, thanks.

Most amazing videos

Hello rewa tech how resolve battery problem in MacBook i have 15"4 core i7 but battery not good i want to replace


Everything with voltage is ok but nothing happens for me. (It's started happening after efi change with I tried to change for 3 times)

Fenil Dhariya

Do you repair ? Or just videos ?


I installed 2 new ssd on my girls mac. Same make and model. Every time she gets it back from me she keeps getting the blinking folder of death. Could it be the logic board? If so, should I replace or should she just live with my old pc connected to the wall since my battery died?

Prafful Gupta

Hi, Could you please tell me what is wrong with my MacBook Air early 2015 model here my video and Ecs I have ho taken

Govind Katwa

Wow you showed this in so simple way, thank you stay blessed

William Nowotny

This is next level. Goes to show, though, if you can measure voltage with a multimeter and solder a replacement capacitor to a motherboard, you can fix for yourself what would cost a lay person $1000+.

Computers repair Cote Saint-Luc

I love your videos well explained step by step, easy to understand

Marko Hassinen

From my macbook air component C7242 (62 UF POLY CASE-B 20% 11V) is burnt. I have been trying to find a replacement but seems impossible. Where can these components be bought?


牛逼, 原来是我大深圳的, 开课都开到国外来了

John Lyu

How did you check the current at the beginning



Abraham Quitl

What program did you use?

Os daiLLest

Hi, Thank u for the video, but where can i buy the right chips/Fuse?

Daniella Gonzalez

Is there any way we can send in our laptop to you for repairs?

Gelly Bean

muchas gracias

Mousaab Lakbakbi

Good job ??????

Dayle Shepherd

Can I ask where you obtain your schematics from and were you viewing them using simple PDF software or specialist schematic software? Thanks :)

Jitu Patel



Replace the parts........... with what exactly? I cannot find those part numbers. No meta data clues? A gaping hole in an otherwise good video.

Cox Ferrari

professional work always rewa

Macbook air wont turn on

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DIY Repair Liquid Damage A1466 MacBook Air 13" Logic Board - No Power Efi Chip

714 725 views | 14 Sep. 2017

In this instructional

In this instructional video FixAppleNow tech will show a step by step instructions of what areas to check on the logic board when MacBook Air board gets liquid damaged. How to guide to fix Liquid Damage A1466 MacBook Air 13" (820-00165) Logic Board .

Comment with any questions & subscribe for more repair tutorials.


kapil choudhary

Sir my macbook air 2018 model is not turning on. Please suggest me some solution. I have already tried SMC reset and all other methods.


I wonder where I could learn to do this kind of thing


I found a solution to mine through HACKINGLORD0 on 1.g, that’s the fastest way

How Not To

This guy's is so slow and useless it's like he's not sure what he's doing he needs to talk less and work more


Hi, thank you for this video. Is a 70% IPA okay to use on logic board? I spilt coffee and there is a clear coffee streak throughout the logic board. Also the battery doesn't charge


Mine MB air keeps beeping 3 times? What to do .pls suggest

MAC 77

usd edit serial number macbook https://youtu.be/wOyKkZwz7cY

Brett Lewis

Great video brothers I have one need to replace keyboard got it to boot up disconnect battery not logic board boots up works but keyboard is not working only some keys work....


How about if I can turn on, but the touchpad and the keyboard was not recognized and are not functioning? How can I fix it? Thanks!


mines turns on but only when the charger is plugged in. Soon as I disconnect the charger it turns off. I spill protein shake on MacBook Air.


This is so cool!
I think I have almost the same - macbook air early 2014 - I have 8GB of ram and I went with the i7 BUT! It would be so nice if there was like, 4x4GB of rams that I could get at least 16GB of ram.
Or haha change the processor or something since it's also soldered. Is it the Logic board / motherboard that stops this not supporting higher ram or? I think I read the processor or so. Would love to hear some opinions!

Paul Costelloe

Fantastic video

Joss Korvus

Absolutely fascinating


fucking confused... only person?

lynda sheridan

Opening the computer like this ruins the warranty!

Daniel Satko

300$ for this? U r ripping off custommers


zu schwer!!




??̂?̃ě ??? permanently BYPASSED
??????? KRISTOOLS ? ? ??
?????? ??? ??????? ?


Great video.
I have the same problem, miss some voltage like 3.3V..5V...like you !

do you change components ?

Or just past flux and hot air ?

Thank you in advance ! :)

Scott Cole

Thanks for the great video! I was able to tear my MB Air down, find the corrosion on the flip side of the mother board, clean it up, and that did the trick! Back in business !


Hi, my MacBook air did not ssd wen booting but when I booted from external can see all drives, could you advise on this?

imran khan

put more videos bro

Mehreen Akhtar

Hi. What buttons did you push to turn the macbook on without using the power button?

Victor Jose

I got my Mac successful unlocked?by ??????_????? on Instagram he is extremely amazing ??you can contact him via whatsapp +1(916)234-0738 ??

Oppa Lisayah

All thanks to HACKINGLORD0 at IG for the successful of the MacBook

Meharez Last

Excellent and Great videos , Thanks !!! , A+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

Danny Deroo

Hi, great video made some progress on fixing a macbook from a friend, but now still stuk as follows: when battery connector is in, no charging and see for a fraction the empty battery symbol on the screen (when powered in). When I disconnect the battery from the motherboard, I do get the startup sound, but then only a very dimmed apple logo in the center of the screen... can somebody help?

MAC 77

tool usb edit serial macbook 2009-2017 all mac ( MDM )


tool bypass macbook 2018-2019-2020
Unlock T2 chip unlock activation macbook


Gerardo Soto

someone speaking Spanish in the background, nice!

Jayesh d jain

i am a living testimony of linux0s on my 1G,he f¡xed my device permanently

Gilbert Clarete

wHAT DID you do air heat gun to re solder the bios chip?

Victor Jose

I got my Mac successful unlocked?by ??????_????? on Instagram he is extremely amazing ??you can contact him via whatsapp +1(916)234-0738 ??

Nick Sicat

Most of the comments blame someone else spilt something on their MacBook. Who cares?

Jessica Palisoc

No one does this better than linux0s thru 1G.. he’s the best


Cyber_champion on IG got mine unlocked without stress‼️

High Lander

that's just a reflow for those chips, right? No chip was replaced? Thanks

Godwin John

I got my MacBook fixed with the help of pattools on IG dude is hilarious


Why does the audio level drop drastically once you start looking at the board under your sorry, crappy USB microscope ?


Thank you so much. I’m running into the same MBA with similar symptoms and was about to soak the logic board in an ultrasonic bath. But I’ll take a closer look around this bios chip.

Psychedelic Journey

You just soldered ppvrtc_g3h. Chip u1900. Warmed up the rtc area of ​​the hub. The problem is most likely in soc


Memorizing the Screws wth smh LOL

Lara Dan

I got mine fixed by kelleysmithtech on 1nstagram without any data lost

R. Mercado

While observing your surgical strategy, it was, at times, difficult to see the key manipulation and at one point it went blurry. Was that done for a reason? (Rhetorical.) Also, where did you buy the non-marring tool?


Hey, hi, what microscope do you use in the video? Kind regards

Crazy Boy

If you need to get your Mac fixed check techylord0 on 1G, he’s expert


Which screwdriver set would you recommend to purchase?

Marco Perez

Hello everyone, could someone send me the boardview file for the MacBook Air 13 A1466 820-00165-A.
Thank you very much. Email: [email protected]adinet.com.uy

Javier Maldonado

Can you use "QD Electronic Cleaner" with these boards?

Matthew Brulla

Really great video - . By chance, where did you get your pinout/expected values for the SMD? I'd be especially interested in the Voltage and Ω readings and which resistors are in the main power chain. Cheers!

Wakhile Maziya

Massive gratitude to HACKINGLORD0 at 1G he help me fix m¡ne

Amna Ibrahim

Thank you so much!!! I was able to fix my MacBook air following your instructions.


Great video ! Question.. after you put it back together and tested the keyboard was the WiFi con disabled? Or enabled ? Do we need to do anything for the wifi card to be detected ?

Thierry Emonet

thanks. I was able to fix my son's water-damaged macbook air following your instructions

alessandre moreno


Washington Werner

Thanks guys, good video, well done


?4????? ?? ????????? ?? ??? ???? ?? ??? ???? ?


I found a solution to mine through HACKINGLORD0 on 1.g, that’s the fastest way

Thomas Hsieh

Thank you. I learned a lot from your video. I do have a MacBook Air (13-inch, Mid 2012) / Process: 1.8 GHz Intel Core i5 / Memory: 8 GB 1600 MHz DDR3.

Lately, my air gave me little problems keep crashed with a question mark or freeze screen on my air, and I did a reset setting plus reinstalled my macOS High Sierra. It did helping me don't do a force shut down anymore. But I am still worried it could be 121 GB SSD issues or logic board problems? Because I did take my air to Apple support to re-install my system and during installing my system. Apple support told me it could be a logic board having problems? The reasoning they are having problems reinstall my macOS High Sierra and it took them second times finally installed completed. :(

Now I am continuing to using my old mac without an upgrade to next level macOS Mojave and hopefully don't crash anymore. If do happen again and I will take your advice to look deeper into my air with your advice.

Thank you!

Ramon Uchôa

Hey Fix Apple, a lot of ants got in my macbook, I opened and did the cleaning but I'm still afraid, should I worry?
Watch the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XYre1LHIxbI

IGx Respect

i just changed my battery but my charger light wont come on but it still charge

R. Mercado

Not bad at all! Your presentation was great!

Guilherme Mello

Hey guys, last weekend i spilled 2 or 3 oz. right in the folding junction and Macbook Air 13' switched off immediately. It turned back on lock screen after a few seconds and I immediately pressed the switch off button on screen, then on keyboard (apparently it tried to restart as i have previously turned off on screen, but turned off again).

So I left it flipped down for the night, but next day I couldn't manage the anxiety on waiting. Luckly I had a pentaglobe 1.2 screwdriver at home, as well as 99.8% isopropyl, so I opened it, cleaned with a toothbrush bathed in alcohol and dried a few hours on front of a fan. While cleaning, I noticed 3 or 4 points of corrosion, nothing big, cleared it. Think if I hadn't been this proactive and waited 48+ hours it would have been worse.

Luckly everything is working fine, so this is my advice (I'm no technician), if you or someone you know can open it, rush. Rush for a pentaglobo screwdriver, isopropyl, etc. A neighbor may have it at home. Time is precious. Just be very careful with the parts, take photos just to know how everything is assembled etc.

GREAT VIDEO! Helped me a LOT.

Ravi Shankar

Literally I have watched 20-30 videos..Macbook not getting on. I have tried SMC Reset, vram reset, holded the power key for 10 seconds then again pressing the power key. Nothing worked. But the thing I noticed The charging light was lit up orange even I have provided charge for 3 hours. There I thought It must be charging problem, I scratched the charger pins and macbook charging socket with a pin and left it to charge overnight about 10 hours.. After 10 hours I noticed The light turned green(in between I checked if it turns green or not). When I opened the lid it and pressed the power key it started up. The service centre walas was so much harami , they said motherboard is liquid damaged maybe due to humidity. So it needs a replacement. Hope it helps.

Vik Singh

Hey brother just wondering how much you would usually charge for a job like this?


Only I need one screwdriver to dissasembly all the mac?

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Fitsum Dinberu

Thanks for this great tutorial. My MacBook air (A1466) has got liquid and it is not turning on. The fan however does start whenever I plug its power cable. Can I reasonbley assume that most part of the logic board is ok and focus on the SSD?

Dagfinn Jespersen

Great tutorial, thanks!
What to do do if the pentalobe screws located in the bottom case are damaged and don't move? That's my case :(

Nick Sicat

How much would that repair cost?


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si no es por la camara termica vas a arreglar una gran polla para ti los componentes apple son de una calidad pesima incluso llevan piezas samsung etc y para el del video sino quitas esa cabeza de borrico de la camara no podemos ver

Pepper Jack

What was the first chip you tested? Mine has 8.60 in but goes to 14 out then drops. Think the chip is bad. Has lettering 4R7 440 Z32

Lorice Raines

So I spilled water on my laptop, the screen works and the keyboard allows me to put the password in but after it’s logged it the keyboard stops working, I would like to know how to fix that.

Paul Friel

Hello, thank you for sharing, I was given a Macbook air A1466 when I power it on the fan spins but nothing comes on the screen, when I took it apart it does not have an SSD drive installed. My first question, what SSD will work in this Model A1466 EMC 2632, do I have to buy an Apple SSD?. Second question what are the keys that you are holding in to reset the MacBook air. Please reply, and Happy New Year.


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Dhilpahan perera

wt is reset key u press


My brother dropped a soda on my macbook on accident and I don’t think it’s fixable. Lowkey mad i lost everything on it cause i didn’t have icloud.

Aj Chairez

At 2:43. If your fan worked after plugging in, what would be your next step? Or what issue would that indicate?

Adrian Martinez


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I have a question, what is the cable at @3:54 ? I broke that one off

pola Bangladeshi

How much is it to get it fixed

Leotrim Qetinaj

Just got my MacBook reset thru linux0s by 1nstaG, the best I know

Danny Deroo

Really interesting, I managed to get it started again after water damage, but the battery is totally invisible but plugged in. How can I investigate further? How do I know the board or the battery is causing this issue?

Alfred Kevarkis

Good job, thank you for the information ?

Reynaldo Williams

This was an excellent video



Shayne Armstrong

I do much appreciate linux0s via 1nsta, he’s a legend

Oppa Lisayah

All thanks to HACKINGLORD0 at IG for the successful of the MacBook

Cobra Kai FREAK

Hi I brought my MacBook Pro 13.3 to Apple store they sent out to be looked at called said it’s the logic board I must of got a very very tiny water ? in my computer they said they don’t cover that after I spent 1300 bucks a new logic board installed 500 dollars so I screw you so it’s been in my closet for 5 yrs I hope I can get help and do it myself anyone please comment and help would be awesome god bless be safe everyone Joey

Moises Sacal

greate video, where did you learn all this stuff? is there a specific carrier for this stuff?

Diego Soares

Followed step by step, it was just the same. I used Isopropil (just a little and allowed some dry time) to clean the board. Put it back, checked the voltage values, they got it all back. Thank u. Very well explained video.

Bright Samson