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Midnight Texas 2x09 Promo "Yasss, Queen" (HD) Series Finale

47 664 views | 22 Dec. 2018

Midnight Texas 2x09

Midnight Texas 2x09 "Yasss, Queen" Season 2 Episode 9 Promo (Series Finale) - With Midnight, Texas now under the rule of Dark Witches, the surviving Midnighters must band together in one last, desperate attempt to save their town. Subscribe to tvpromosdb on Youtube for more Midnight Texas season 2 promos in HD!

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Midnight Texas 2x09 Promo/Preview "Yasss, Queen" (Series Finale)

Midnight Texas Season 2 Episode 9 Promo

Midnight Texas Season 2 Series Finale Promo

Midnight Texas 2x09 Promo "Yasss, Queen" (HD) Series Finale


» Watch Midnight Texas Mondays at 10:00pm/9c on NBC

» Starring: Francois Arnaud, Dylan Bruce, Peter Mensah, Arielle Kebbel

Contribute subtitle translations for this video: https://www.youtube.com/timedtext_video?v=5kp97iyBp1U

Mike Lewis

This can't be happening they can't cancel my best TV show hell with them??

mytencents me

Midnight Texas is one of the best shows and has consistently gotten better. Im done. TV shows that are awesome keep getting cancelled. Goodbye television.


Netflix should pick this up asap

Ten' Cazzo

omg i love this

Anna Shriver

They better kill that patience chick for what she did to manfred

Florim Zejnel

I think he switch bodies with Kai and that Kai took Manfred body and he is one that got beheaded.

Clarens Jean-louis



NBC always do this shit with sifi shows.

Kanyanat Khamwatsai

Manfred die? Is there any possible way to bring him back??????

TV Promos

Unfortunately Midnight Texas has been officially cancelled by NBC, and this episode will now serve as the series finale :(


Cancel SNL and their bs show. Leave Midnight, Texas alone.

Space Ninja

It doesn't surprise me that NBC would do this; they kept giving it a bad time slot, lack of promos. Not to mention such a rush job on the story lines. They were expecting this to be the next true blood but instead toned it down & neutered it.

Madibabe 3

I knew this was going to happen ☹️ NBC gave it a lowsy time slot and absolutely no advertising....it all pointed to them giving up on the show. No one will pick it up cause hardly anyone knows about it. Such a waste of a good show ? I really enjoyed this series


I really love midnight Texas and I hope someone else picks it up

Emmet Stone

I just heard that Universal Television is shopping this show to other networks so I'm hoping it'll get picked up for another season.

Emmet Stone

There are tv shows out there that are awful and gets renewed but tv shows that are awesome like this get canceled?? Netflix, we need your help!!

hajoui ghezlene


Anthony B

Damn Manfred out of there

Kyrah Burke


Marsh Mallow

Why is it ending? this season is so much better than the first one, like why do all the great shows get cancelled while the shitty ones get 10 seasons???!!!


Just wow. NBC just love being CBS 2.0 with their endless sitcoms and cop dramas

Heather Alexander

Damn! They always cancel my favorite shows! At first I thought the acting was bad, but when I started dissecting the characters I realized that the actors were just working with some cheesy ass dialogue and trying to make it work with what they could. I feel like if they had kicked the rating up a few notches and weren't afraid to get down and dirty with some scenes (and had better cgi sequences) this would have really launched the show. Plus they didn't build the characters near enough to get me to really care about them. Still! I really like this show! It was growing! Alas, I'm going to have to find another show...again...that'll probably get cancelled on the second season...again. sigh

Meryl Simmons

so let me guess, Fiji and Joe sacrifice themselves to save everyone, Olivia is pregnant with Lem's baby and Manfred stops Patience and he sees Xylda and Creek in Heaven. This season had its moments and while I hope its not the series finale, would need to do a 180 if given a third season. What gets me is the brother's accent; I haven't watched the previous episode yet, but why does he sound southern if he died 800 years ago. There was no "south" in 1219; Patience I can understand, she has traveled and adopted accents but the brother sounds like a southern gentleman.

kezia nathally

Spoiler warning!

How the fuck can they end a tv show like this, manfreds dead Fiji just killed her soul.. I mean just what the actual fuck

brian appshole

So no full season not looking good

Pheonix Ridone

And now I know why my parents yell at me and calls the tv shows BS guess they must've been through the same thing when they were younger 'the channels cancellations of their favorite shows'

Paloma V.

I love this show ?

Javid Khan

wtf i am soooooo piss


Any show that is good, original, interesting and different from the same old reality, cop, medical, bullshit it gets the can from these tired networks. Instead NBC is trying to sell us the Titan games. Same old bullshit all over again.

Paulivia Tassya

Omg... why its cancelled? This is my fav show??

Melesia Jones

Someone needs to petition for this to be on Netflix or something cause it can't go down like this.

Meliy D.

I am gonna read the book cant wait anh longer to know whats happening


Wtf they always cancel my favorite shows! Ugh. Please let this be picked up by another network. ?????

Marcus Cox

damn they really gon cancel the show

Misha Naugloo

Manfred ! Patience , fiji Be maudit


Well I mean it's cancelled but is their no written explanation on what happens for episode 9... this is like ocd hell.. incomplete end.

Danny Nix

correction series finale.

tram nguyen

#NETFLIX!!! Save the show as you save Lucifer :(( Midnight is much better than Lucifer

Mcarmen Galdon Sanchez

Me encanta la serie

Lisa Perry

Who else is hoping that when Patience dies Fiji dies too?

Imperio Classic Movies

fucking NBC why cancel midnight texas??.. i hope all executives of NBC have a horrible dead for cancel good series

Charis C.

They announced that producing studio, Universal Television, was shopping the series to other outlets

Brandom Darc

"According to Deadline.com, “Midnight, Texas” is reportedly being shopped to other networks by Universal Television.

Hulu currently has the streaming rights and Netflix has since purchased Albuquerque Studios."


I dont want to offend anybody but Patience needs to get raped by the Nemean Lion

Chisomo Mtuwana

Manfred can't die....sob sob

Scott Bynon

So they're going to burn Olivia chasty at the stake because maybe her husband's vampire I don't know but I find it funny that the actress who's playing this part well this is the fourth show that she is done that has been canceled within two seasons she might want to look for something else that's a lot longer..

Queen_Slay ForDays

Why do they keep canceling good shows & all these boring shows be on for years


YES!! I completely agree with the TheColorPurple it would be right at home on Netflix! Man i hope they pick it up! #NetflixNeeds

Ilija Zivkovic

nbc fuck you can t believed killing manfred :((((((

Midnight texas online

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Joe Strong - Fallen Angel (Midnight Texas) #SaveMidnightTexas

29 144 views | 5 Jan. 2019

many thanks to Jason Lewis

many thanks to Jason Lewis for the amazing acting of this character. thank you so much for the inspiration.

I want the continuation of this story - I want the 3 season!!

#MidnightTexas #SaveMidnightTexas #renewmidnighttexas #JoeStrong #JasonLewis

music: Three Days Grace - Fallen Angel

JazzyFreaks JazzyFreaks

Another gay theme in another tv show....

Hanna -mjus

I LITTERALLY forgot how to breathe like halfway through this video, I love the song and just the video in general! It is currently 3am and I saw an episode of the serie like one hour ago and now I'm getting OBSESSED. This aint good for me and I know it but I love it and I'm not gonna sleep tonight because I'll be thinking about this and I still have trouble breathing. AMAZING???

Michael Angelo

OMG...this movie is super cool.When first I just saw the trailer I already loved it.

Gabriel melo

O joe não fica com o walker np final de tudo ne ?

Christian Morales Ortiz


korea Asia2tv fans

?️‍??️‍??️‍??️‍??️‍? زمن 2021

Yajaira Berdugo

Pense ke era interesante pero ya veo ke es una basura .


Taenang fallen angel nato bakla hahaha buset

Panda Hero Brain

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better then lucifer

Yannick Tokpo

désolée,je suis déçu de la série car il n'ya aucune moralité et en plus trop de bassesse une soeur qui couche avec son propre frère un soi _disant ange qui est homo et le comble vous vous moquez de Dieu .vraiment décevant!

Midnight texas online

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