Where to buy a loom

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Hand Woven towels-learn to weave-rigid heddle loom-simple weaving-how to weave-cotton towels

13 887 views | 2 Jul. 2020

Learn to weave cotton

Learn to weave cotton towels on a rigid heddle loom. A simple weaving project.

Use my earlier video to get more info on warping your loom - https://youtu.be/qD-J9WP5df4

Use cotton yarn to warp and weave these beautiful hand made towels.

my amazon shop- https://www.amazon.com/shop/mysewingroom?isVisitor=true

rigid heddle loom - https://amzn.to/38mS0BQ

This video contains affiliate links. Clicking on the link means I will earn a small commission that helps support this channel. Thank you for watching!

find me at - http://bethshibley.com/

etsy shop - https://www.etsy.com/shop/BethShibley

Charity Whitman

I love it! I am getting a loom for Christmas and been watching videos. So glad I found yours! Your video’s are great! Thank you!!

Charity Whitman

Thank you for this video! I am learning and this is prefect!

Stephanie Armetta

I've been going back and forth on whether or not to try weaving. Thank you for this!


So pretty those tea towels!

Lynn BW

I really like how the colours work together, may I ask which brand and colours you used? I think you have a 24 inch Ashford rigid heddle loom? Would you say it’s a good size? I am thinking of getting the 32 inch as I have the 16 inch Samplit. You make warping look so easy, not my experience ? you have warping skills! I have a hard time with the high speed parts of videos like this but I understand why, just not easy on my eyes. Thank you so much for inspiring me to play with colours in a new way. I also appreciate your very doable way of finishing the towels. ??


Thank you for your video. Its great. I learned pull-thru loom dressing for maximum fibre use and no cuts. Thx also for naming the fibre brand.

janet shaw

is there much shrinkage after washing? thank you

Janice Huff

How are you getting such a clean shed with that cotton. I am having such trouble using cotton and making towels. I am not a long term weaver. And I have used YouTube to self teach weaving and having issues with 8/2 cotton. It makes a lousy warp even using two together. It tangles, breaks and is a nightmare to use. However I have a bunch on it because other sights stated it was the product to use for hand towels. But the ones I did get done are thin and not what I would want to give for gifts. Any suggestions.

Sheryl Hoss

What are the "sticks" you put in a 2:46 minute?

vernon bowling

You saved me some money today I was considering purchasing a 12.5 reed for my 32" ashford heddle loom to make towels but the 7.5 seems to work just fine. Thank you for this video.

Mery stan

Do you know how to weave cotton for clothes such as t-shirt?

Jw Stanley

Your towels look very nice and well and consistently done. You have learned the touch. If I may, and I am not trying to be terribly critical, I wish I could see how much the washing would tighten the weave. Also, a question. I have used this yarn for some projects that must be blocked and starched when washed, so, do you block or perhaps iron your towels after washing? Thank you so much for the video.

Where to buy a loom

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Boye Loom Review | Long Knitting Loom by Boye

2 298 views | 19 May. 2020

I’m reviewing the Boye

I’m reviewing the Boye Knitting Loom to help you decide on which loom to buy. This loom review is part of a three part series. I reviewed the Zippy Loom a few weeks ago, I reviewed the Knit Quick loom last week, and now I'm looking more closely at the Boye loom.

I bought this extra large long loom from Boye because I wanted to loom knit baby blankets as one single flat panel, rather than using smaller looms and then creating strips and sewing them together. You’ll learn more about what I discovered while using this loom, and you’ll get a recap of the good, the bad and the ugly.

More knitting loom reviews:

Knit Quick looms by Loops & Threads


Zippy Loom by KB Looms








Music is from the YouTube audio library.

Carefree by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution licence (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/)

Source: http://incompetech.com/music/royalty-free/index.html?isrc=USUAN1400037

Artist: http://incompetech.com/

Kathy McKissock

Great review! Would you be able to do a tutorial for a simple ewrap triangle shawl on the XL size loom? thank you

Noraida Lauro

Thanks for that review. I do not have any Boye looms for the same reasons you have indicated. I only have my initial set off of Amazon, KB Looms & my favorites are my CinDwood looms.

TLC- The Lopsided Crafter

Great review! I, myself, do not like Boye looms either. I'm like you, I do not understand the point of the top of the peg lol

Patti Ball

Thank you for this review. I purchased the Boye Looms for my granddaughter and don't like the way they knit compared to what I have. Will be purchasing the Loops and Threads for less money.

Where to buy a loom

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No Man's Sky Beyond. Where is the Wiring Loom?

13 863 views | 16 Aug. 2019

In this quick video I show

In this quick video I show you where the wiring loom is. Hope it helps!

Buy a mug! https://teespring.com/stores/mrdudeydudes-merch

Dean Woodward

I found a space ship worth 10.000.000. All bashed up but it worked. :)

Tim Thomas

so they changed the name of the item

Dani Arevalo

can we craft it?

slader 1126

It got to be the dumbest thing ever that you cant craft it whats wrong with you devs

Henry Glias

I was searching a way to craft it, I need 15 of them ? and they're expensive as shit


Did the excact same thing you did lol.. looked at all the people on both sides. This deserves a like and a sub thanks alot xD

Anon Ymous

What does wiring loom even do? I have dozens but no clue what to use them for.

Captain Steve

That is the worst looking ship in the universe you have there MrDudeyDude.... hahaha..
But its that odd looking, its kind of cool, like a retro boom box radio.

Errr... when you look at the item you want to craft and it says Wiring Loom and pin it... the pin tells you that they are found in the Trading Station.

Great video though buddy.

massive boi

thanks m8

Jacob Glenn

I went there and there is not one


Now if I need wiring loom I will know thanks MrDudeydude great video ?

Bryant Smith

Good God thank you


I’ve been looking for a wiring loom now for like 40 minutes. This is rediculous