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META Exchange Hard Wallets

244 views | 24 Jun. 2019

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Heated Exchange Over NSA Meta Data Collection

34 616 views | 28 Sep. 2013

"The Senate Intelligence

"The Senate Intelligence Committee yesterday held a hearing, ostensibly to investigate various issues raised about the NSA's activities. What the hearing primarily achieved instead was to underscore what a farce the notion of Congressional oversight over the NSA is.

In particular, the current chair of the Senate Committee created in the mid-1970s to oversee the intelligence community just so happens to be one of the nation's most steadfast and blind loyalists of and apologists for the National Security State: Dianne Feinstein. For years she has abused her position to shield and defend the NSA and related agencies rather than provide any meaningful oversight over it, which is a primary reason why it has grown into such an out-of-control and totally unaccountable behemoth.".* Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian, Ben Mankiewicz and Jimmy Dore (The Jimmy Dore Show) break it down on The Young Turks.

*Read more here from Glenn Greenwald / Guardian:


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Kugan Argenan

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O RLY ! xD


Considering you have "My Little Pony" as your avatar icon, I could ask you the same thing.

Arkham Trailer Park

If you knew that every time you told a secret, a third party was listening and recording the secret, would you be reluctant to tell the secret? Shhhh...


I was never kicked from any school except church school because I kept asking questions that they found disrespectful. I'll be doing ROTC while studying mechanical engineering. I'll never see a battlefield unless I join the USMC(not happening) which can reassign you easily. I'll be working in arms development/maintenance when in the military. If I ever have to leave the country I'll be encased in steel or in an office building in Germany. What are you doing with YOUR life?


Really? I just get really, really high...


@blackkakari Your ignorant, racist bigotry is so common among people with your level of intelligence. In fact, the only surprising thing about you is that you managed to get this far in life without opposable thumbs.


One question: Is spying illegal? Regardless of who does it or for what reason


The idealised difference is Rule of Law (Republic), vs rule of the people (Demos- People). Ancient Rome for example, was a Republic, Ruled by laws and Lawyers, Ancient Athens had several different varieties of Democracy, and was ruled by lott, election and acclimation at various times.


Ewww that NSA piece of trash had banker shit stains all over his cheeks gross...how many banker assholes has he been sucking on...ewwww


Because information is power and information has a great deal of real currency in today's market. Any group that could get access to this kind of data would have a license to print money. The information filtered properly has any number of money generating uses. How would it serve them? Advertisers spend 412 billion dollars a year on advertising and anyone in control of the right information could expect a large chunk of it. They will have a set of detailed data on everyone to sell.

Elijah Waithe

I'm getting a prepaid cellphone. What do say about that NSA ?


THIS IS BULLSHIT .. SO .. people talk illegal stuff on phones, if that is caught by agencies, they inform local cops .. that you are doing something illegal .. and the cops arrest you .. HOW FREAKING ILLEGAL ... ROFL ... ok, Now I am totally on NSA's side .. SCAN ALL THESE IDIOTS WHO FEEL THAT THEY ARE IMPORTANT, THEY FEEL THAT BY THEIR SO CALLED FUCKED UP PRIVACY, THEY CAN DO ILLEGAL STUFF AND STILL BE OK. . HAHAHAH .. ya people dont need a police state, BUT THE SHEEPLE DO . SCAN EM ALL.

Eric Martin

Classified information has no place in an open and free democratic society. The National Security excuse is utter bullshit, it's called security by obscurity and is an inherently weaker approach because it directly precludes peer review.


NSA = No Such America... exists anymore


Never has TYT said they DON'T fund Al Qaeda. Think about it...

erk b

yes. the fourth amendment of the constitution states that all americans must be secure in their persons, house, papers, and effects. since the original signing of the constitution, the courts have specifically added a section that states that this includes government eavesdropping. when George W Bush created the domestic NSA wire tapping program, he broke several laws and completely ignored the idea of checks and balances. he, as well as anyone else perpetrating this spying should be jailed


Fuck! Who are these people working for? Why is every American considered an enemy? Why are every one of these "generals" lying to our faces? Feinstein is a fucking sloth.


Ana just keeps getting hotter


At least half of the stories they've done on NSA programs they bring up senators who supported and they always mention feinstein.

The Wall Street Journal

What should be obvious at this point is that your representatives are not in charge. Even if they cared to represent you, they don't have oversight over these programs. Not even the president could shut them down.

Stefán Örvar Sigmundsson

No, I don't and that was exactly why I posted what I posted.

Maria Soto


Maria Soto

Of course the Government is spying on us....It's the fucking Government.


@DaSnipy I'm not even American and I can tell you that that is contrary to your constitution. It doesn't even affect me, directly, and I can easily see where the harm can come from that. What the fuck is wrong with you that you can't understand your own constitution?

Mr Dobalina

the SHOCK DOCTRINE, read it - "it's fucking brilliant", as many important literary figures have said.


Cenk and Ana changed sides


The "War of Terror" is rapidly expanding to become "The Domestic War on Opposition" A war on opposition can include anyone. With the suspension of the writ of habeas corpus, everyone is in danger. A government with these powers will do whatever it takes to preserve itself against the citizenry. We are in such deep shit!

Prosimioin Ohm

the statement about meta-data is FRAUD


Oh give me a break. The Democrats under Obama are doing more listening, more torture, more drone killings of Americans. I thought Bush was an ass, but Obama is fascist.


fuck the nsa


I skipped a grade in public school and then graduated a year early. I'll be done with a doctorate and a military contract before I'm 30, and will make in 5 years what you'll make in a lifetime... if you're lucky. My mind is far from sub-par, but I recognize that discipline combined with intelligence is always superior to either on their own. Intelligence is subjective. "Mental superiority" is subjective. For my future as an NCO, I scored in the 92nd percentile on the ASVAB.

Bono Bono

But religious people don't mind their god(s) watching them all the time, why the double-standard?


I love how Bob ober here thinks a political affiliation can be blamed, or can be offered as a solution. You're crazy if you think that shit actually matters. Democrat or Replublican? Please. What better way to divide the people than to have a left and right constantly blaming each other and winning support. This goverement is to corrupt. Voting, political standpoints, ect. They threw it all out the door and do what they want. In the end the Republicans and Democrats meet to screw you over.

Mr Dobalina

Ana Kasparian - "right now Senator Feinstein is trying to find ways to control the NSA to some extent". No that's exactly what she isn't doing, she is obfuscating, Dianne Feinstein has not presented anything in the form of substantive opposition to the NSA. Not once has she tried to "control" the NSA, she has repeatedly defended the NSA's practices and skirted carefully around the issue to avoid declaring anything the NSA has done as being illegal. Pathetic analysis. Pathetic.

Erick Deason

i hope you are trolling.....

Rhino h

That is why our government was set up to be a republic and not a democracy or mob rule.


Each one of those ribbons on that guy represent fucking with some kind of ethnic people, food for thought.

Odd Fred

What the fuck is wrong with you?


People reading from papers... no straight answers... no progress. Murrca.


I didn't just mean in America. I meant all spying anywhere by anyone.

Robby D

Fientsiens to control the NSA. ARE YOU FUCKING BLIND? Wtf? She, and her filthy compatriots ARE the problem! Widen is in direct opposition to that FILTH! WAKE UP! Holy Crap!


Fuck the NSA they have Santa held captive to figure out what were doing 24/7 and who is naughty or nice shame on you guys.


The next step is to designate a grouping: "suspicion of terrorist abettor" so everyone can be 'legally' surveilled for the smallest suspicion.

habib levi

You think there's a democracy in America?....ha....hahha......hahahahhahahhahhahaha...you naive little soldier you!


The worst thing about this isn't just that the government is spying on us, it's that all those people wearing the Tin-foil hats saying "the government is watching us at all times." were actually right. Whats worse: Being the only crazy person in a society, or being the only correct person?

Vicious Ranger

There are different degrees of General, just as their are different degrees of Lieutenants and Sergeants.


See if you can guess which one. : )

Rosie Lane

He makes a good point, even if you disagree. There's potential that if we lose on this issue that the NSA is going to have supreme power forever. The best course of action might be to install some kind of legitimate and near-public court. The chances of winning against the NSA are pretty unlikely until we get money out of politics.

Super Bombastic

"OH MY GODS, I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU'RE DOING THIS TO CITIZENS!!!!" "Terrorism." "Oh, okay." Fuck the US government, fuck the US media, and fuck the apathetic US voters.

Tim Witt

Nothing like the NSA dude from South Park


The types of people who work in organizations like the NSA lie, it's what they do, it's a fundamental part of their job; deny, lie, decieve, reapeat.


lol Repubs.. "we need small gov. !! " ... then passes laws to to have all ur private data collected... only in "MERICA!!!


Not sure if satire. You are either; scarily accurate, or actually deluded.

Stefán Örvar Sigmundsson

There is no room for secret courts, secret laws nor secret legal interpretation in a democracy.

Mrutyunjay Padhiary

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Blake Burton

Really Anna?? You're talking about Feinstein? SHE FUCKING VOTED FOR THE PRISM PROGRAM AND TOOK OVER 800000 DOLLARS FROM THE COMPANIES THAT STAND TO GAIN FROM IT! I'm sorry but you are beyond stupid if you think that she or any congressmen really wants to stop the NSA spying. They all profit form it. Especially Feinstein


who Ben or Jimmy? both are on all the time


That Ben guy is a massive idiot. Fucking can him.

erk b

well the corporations argue that they want to collect ur data so they can use it to market things to u better/ help them know what u need to sell u it. i think its bullshit. im no conspiracy theorist, i only speak on what i kno,m so i cant say why they want this power. but i dont like it. and regardless of wat anyone think, IT ISNT RIGHT.


I'm super gay for the NSA. They make me hot in my pants.

Zerelja Mar

Did you forget to take your pills today, dear?


I swear I use to be a fan of TTY, but they have devolved into one-sided garbage. Sad.

Mr Dobalina

Exactly justice must be seen to be done.

Savon Moreland

Because the NSA can and will do something with that info!


zzzz.. another low pathetic attempt at showing how big a dumb fuck you are.. of course, you got your arse handed to you on concept, so now you have come down to word play of IQ and intellect.. I rate your this effort as 3rd grade. Try again.


In god we trust

Ruben Fernandes

Promotion? to what? The guy is a general, top dog in the military...

Josef Stalinsson

But what has to do Israel that have access to NSA collected and why just Israel can do that

Prosimioin Ohm

secret tyranny is treason

Scott Highland

Industrial espionage, both domestic and foreign.


You too ! xD

Stefán Örvar Sigmundsson

I don’t think you understand the terms you’re using. A “republic” is simply a country not ruled by a monarch and where elections are held but the term doesn’t say much about the level nor type of democracy. A republic is then usually a representative democracy but many other types exist (mostly in theory). Switzerland is perhaps the country that is closest to being what is called a “direct democracy”, given the level of citizen participation in politics, but Switzerland is also a republic.


our feelings are mutual .. IDIOT.

Rosie Lane


Rhino h

It seems TYT are just a more open biased liberal democrat news company. SMH


Your devil logic won't work on me! You only believe these lies because you haven't accepted Jesus Christ as your saviour. It doesn't have to make sense to be the will of God. God's will is beyond our mortal comprehension. Hence we must rely upon God's mouth piece; conservative talk show hosts. I know they are right because they declare it the loudest; which proves they are the most passionately devoted to truth and justice.

Matt B

Here's an idea. You see that "Unsubscribe" button? Press it, and you won't have to be bothered by their opinions anymore. Have a nice day.


When you REALLY mean, you skipped not grades but the school in general because you got kicked out, of course picked up by US army because they are looking for washouts like you to send to middle east meat grinder, but do convince yourself that you will be getting military contract .. also, check if you are IN or OUT of some jail after 5 years for some petty crime ! xD .. 92 percentile? ROFL .. now spell out 92 ~


Fuck the ranting folk too!

Prosimioin Ohm

its common sense people


Vote third party. But you won't do that, because others won't do it because you won't it.


Actually, apogies Bob. I didn't see you were wuoting someone else. That commented is directed towards them, then. What a way to embarrasingly call the wrong person out.

Prosimioin Ohm

the statistical derivative syntax rate of the conversation development is averaging a growth rate towards finding out we are actually human capital slaves, or living corporate dollars. other wise why would they corporately care so much CONSUMERISM

salvador macias

Thats how it is my friend. They kiss so much establishment ass, and thats the reason they can not tell the whole true or even allowed others to do so, the living in fear and thats not freedom at all.


Who said I was talking to Americans? Typical self-centred yank couldn't believe he/she or it wasn't the one who was being spoken to. So suck it up like everyone else.


I am a valuable individual with traits/beliefs that are beneficial to society. From what you've written, it's obvious you can't say the same.


Comedians are so often the best source of honest commentary, and Jimmy Dore is one of the best!


When right words hit right nerves Free Speech becomes crime


The only real pratical solution that non biased is what TYT has been preaching. Get the money out of politics.

PJ Kelly

well said...well said


TYT is against meta data collection ey? And yet how much you want to bet every one of them voted for Dianne Feinstein. oh irony, why are you so cruel

Maria Soto

Stephen Colbert 2016!!!!!!!!

Stefán Örvar Sigmundsson

Sensitive or classified information does not fall under the category of secret laws nor secret legal interpretations. Courts can, when necessary to protect witnessess for example, decided that sessions should be closed.


Anna is beautiful !


If the government is spying on me then they're just collecting data of me watching shitty porn or being online writing shitty political comments.


Why doesn't Keith Alexander have a noose around his neck already?




Some people piss me off. They say free, open democracies should not gather intelligence. So we should dismantle any agencies that gather intelligence. Cia, Fbi, even state and local agencies all of that should apparently be destroyed. However they do not extend this to all agencies everywhere. How the hell is the government supposed to gather information for anything?

Nasir Ansari

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Meta Exchange Baton Rouge First TV Commercial

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