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The End Of The Internet - When and how the Internet will break

52 316 views | 14 Oct. 2020

China, USA, and Russia are

China, USA, and Russia are all trying to control their portions of The Splinternet. What you see today is just one corner of the Internet. In this video I explain the impact of Surveillance Capitalism, Russia's Digital Iron Curtain, China's Great Firewall and the US Clean Network Program on the future of the Old Internet, and what comes next to replace it.


Introduction: 00:00

When will the Internet Break? (Tim Bernard Lee): 00:09

The Age of Surveillance Capitalism (Shoshana Zuboff): 00:36

Public Enemy #1, The Governments: 01:23

How will The Internet break?: 01:50

The Iron Wall (Russia's Sovereign Internet + China's Great Firewall): 02:29

The Great Firewall's Growth and Huawei's New Internet: 03:12

The Trump Administrations Internet Wall (The Clean Network Program): 03:34

The Freedom of The Internet: 04:03

What can you do about it? (3): 05:06

1 - Dystopia: 05:12

2 - Independence (Peer to Peer Networks, Metaverse): 05:27

Starlink's Independent Satellite Network Beta: 06:49

3 - Revolution (Net States): 07:18

What do you do NOW?: 08:38

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Roger James Hamilton is a futurist, social entrepreneur and New York Times Bestselling Author of the Millionaire Master Plan. He is the founder of Entrepreneurs Institute and the creator of the Wealth Dynamics, Talent Dynamics & Genius Test Profiling Systems, used by over 250,000 entrepreneurs to follow their flow.




Government with be on blockchains

Mary Ann Knox

I felt this coming

John Kelsey

Yeah I subscribe to your channel I think you've got really great ideas! I'm a 63 year old techie kind of semi-retired, in the San Francisco Bay Area many years of working in Silicon Valley I designed the first two generations of high-speed cable modems back in 95+ 96. Prior to that I was heavily involved in digital video compression Kodak Cindy algorithms like mpeg-1 and mpeg-2 development. I understand Broadband networking and I understand and shared a vision for the future of the internet. I am grossly disappointed in what has emerged, the pitiful levels of commercialization and consumerism that exist at all levels as well as the inherent levels of surveillance and control that are nearly impossible to stop or limit. Given the outsized nature of symptoms such as income inequality, the Persistence of ugly technology AKA Cambridge analytica style manipulation of social media, my view of the Futures descent into dystopian dysfunction and severe forms of Oppression masked as a continuation of the old normal. Followed by where would likely be such intense inherent discontent at the new forms of control and the New World Order being proposed as the great reset, that I think it's quite possible there to be a relatively ugly conflict and a possible revolution of sorts to emerge in different parts of the world.

Hamilton - Bitcoin Beats - Daily Vids!

As someone who has previously lived in China for 2 years, their internet is the exact same as ours, they just ban US based tech giant websites

Parks Huey Lee Baker

Biggest data companies : gods

BTC xyz FukuHataz

Very On Point

I think Revelations will reveal all

The Dragon Manifest Show


John Kelsey

Shoshana zuboff really told us like it really is! It's shocking as disgusting as unnecessary as probably should be illegal yet it's happening and everybody wants to get in on it! I mean developing apps to scrape your phone your emails your search history and funnel that stuff to data Brokers and find new and interesting ways to sell you whatever it is they want to sell. They made it nearly impossible to opt-out if so viciously manual and Draconian and multi-step but nobody wants to effectively block the theft of personal information to these professional corporate data thieves! Way to go I knew there was a reason why I subscribe to your Channel. Yeah she's great!

Parks Huey Lee Baker


American Patriot

We will be using the Emergency Broadcast System. MSM will be gone.

Parks Huey Lee Baker

Sovereignty : very interesting word ; each nation wants their own sovereignty !

pamela stefaniotis

The Chinese government will suffer HUGE KARMA for killing the female babies for years



Jason Park

Thank you for this video.


People can even control thiere politicians. I the USA. Think all going hell.


What hell is descending upon us?!

Marcel Garcia

Eu penso que todo este movimento levará gradualmente à formação de Estados Anarcocapitalistas.

billybobjohn roane


Matthew Champlain

Okay but how much glue would be needed to fix the internet once it is broken??

Pony Expression

Splintered internet might be good , what with robots coming. Internet is not healthy and s u c k s time which can be better spent.


Elon musk is gonna solve this lol

pamela stefaniotis

The three joresmrn,and people didn't believe it could ever happen


The decentralised internet is already being created with blockchain technology. Independence is probably the way to go

Thomas Leion

All I see in this is just a lot of symptoms on the problem that most countries DON´T have a "real" democratic system ( like the one they have in Switzerland) were elite, political and administration are forced to follow and protect the individuals choices, rights and assets...instead of be a corrupt, superior cancer on them. In a real democratic system all technical advancement come´s to "in all ways" gain the individual direct . By products sold direct to the individual for going forward and develop...as well the products that the central power have to create in it´s only 2 task´s in the whole empire, that is to protect the individual inside the municipality and to protect all and every one of the municipality sized country´s on it´s border. When that happens all over world the Mandelbrot Set of shared power is completed... and the second circle in the mankind sign is closed.

Parks Huey Lee Baker

Government : gods

phillip jones

I agree. The internet is just like a living brain and nervous system which breaks down and evolves through selection. We've been only a mechanism of selection in this process. The new brain and nervous system now evolving has the power to evolve and select itself, select and evolve itself. Colossus won't need us anymore.
- Phillip Jones

Karaoui mohamed lamine

Blockchain is the answer? "Unstoppable domain"

Parks Huey Lee Baker

Mankind is inherently corrupt , individuals of mankind need to understand that the Almighty God JEHOVAH will intervene in the affairs of mankind , to CAUSE his purpose to succeed !

Lindsey Walker

Eat more beans.

The Dragon Manifest Show

Hahaha... White man invented internet SMH.... Yea RIGHT

phillip jones

It makes sense. Don't you see. Orwell saw this coming. The world has been breaking apart and forming into the Three Power Blocs of
Oceania, Eurasia and East Asia since the End of World War II, maybe even earlier when distinct regional and cultural civilizations began evolving and selecting themselves and each other thousands of years ago.

Jamie Isbitt

I find it sickening that those who pull the geopolitical strings can influence or even tell us who to trust, who to hate, who is friend who is foe.
My personal view is all government is foe as people from all countries are just like us.
Perhaps it is time to learn to use the deep Web for truly uncensored content despite having to accept the good the bad and the ugly. Pandoras box has been opened and there's no going back to a ludite existence.


The Origin of Life will have the last word....

J. Paul Duplantis

When you referenced Tim Berners Lee you should have spoken about his project with the Solid framework. The contract for the web is a very small piece of what he's looking to do to fix the web. Decentralizing the web and building a resonant application layer on top of this within a legislative framework to protect user data rights is the path forward.

Chris Wessells

Does this splintering allow control over cryptocurrencies?


Wait I heard this in Germany Jacob Appelbaum SEVEN YEARS AGO. Did no one else watch Appelbaum?And then Bruce Schneier at ISW 2017 by NTT Security
NTT Security Germany
Bruce Schneier: Part 4 Subverting the Internet
Front Line Defenders


The militarization of the Internet. Jacob. Playlists: '30c3' videos starting here / audio / related events. 62 min ...Dec 30, 2013To Protect And Infect, Part 2
Jacob Appelbaum

Chaos Computer Club e.V

Stephen Browne

Just so long as they don't stop the free porn. Could you image a world with it.


No. 3, the Revolution is already here, regardless of the current state of Internet, as there are much larger problems than that... which may eventually extend to that as well.

mishal Adara


Luci Sozio

Independance is the only way.

Percival Gayle

Wonder where this will end? Could it be that dystopia is now upon us? Is there a solution?

Erika Green

No more satilles. That is pissing off our planet. We need no more electricity. We need the Tesla system which is free magnetism or energy. The entire internet needs to be scrubbed clean .

Ricky Green

I want to see more freedom of speech social media platforms created where there are more voices not less voices. The current state of social media platforms is all about control of accepted speech and that is social media platforms tyranny, but on the bright side when open free social media platforms do emerge eventually that will open up a new country of openness that can lead to an awakening and empowerment like no other time in history. Imagine collaboration to solve future problems and challenges where everyone can have input and the best ideas win in the end. The future of the Internet can be full of wonder and excitement to create more than mankind has ever imagined or our internet can be a closed surveillance prison system and the choice is individual so what one person views as progress another person might view as a surveillance prison. I am optimistic that humans will choose freedom of our Internet

Gaurav Pawar

i want internet to end, we have become robots cz of it..........we want 90s, 00s back


if They cut-Internet off all people they are going to Freaking out and more chaos if China they are to starting ww3 soon

Rok Sivante

Timely, in the midst of a HUGE wave of censorship from the social media giants lately

Dan O'Hanlon

Truly eye-opening! Thank you— much appreciated.

phillip jones

I have a Fourth Thought, I just can't put it into words yet but it will be a mix of all three something like stages such as
First Revolution, Second Dystopia, Third Independence, Fourth Concurrent Processes of Evolution and Selection of the First Three Stages which will lead to further Evolution or Extinction.
- pdj

Pony Expression

If we can't see them, why should they see us. A splintered internet might be good , what with robots around the corner. The internet s u c k s life force and time not well spent.

Along for the Ride

The is no internet freedom without censorship

Lee Kane

Let's face it, it was always going to happen.
As 5G gets rolled out, most countries will be paranoid there country will be brought to it's knees via the internet.

Steve Richfield

There is a "little" detail that is the flea that is biting the tail that is wagging this dog, and that is a lack of insistence on OBJECTIVE speech. I strongly suspect that the majority of all statements made on the Internet are someone's opinion that is simply WRONG. People write their opinions as though they are objectively factual beyond any rational challenge, rather than simply stating what they have seen or heard AS SUCH, and explained their conclusions AS SUCH. Policemen and medical workers are routinely trained on how to make objective statements, but sadly, you can easily get a PhD without ever receiving this education.
Then, some idiot makes a less-than-objective statement that someone in power objects to, and the need for censorship becomes totally obvious to those in power. I see 99% of the problem as people's presently perceived "freedom" to yell FIRE in a crowded theater, rather than with those who would restrict such "freedoms". Of course even the censors don't fully understand this, so some innocent people get sucked into this whirlwind of crazy statements of questionable "fact". One censored YouTube celebrity who comes to mind is Stefan Molyneux, who certainly isn't perfect in this regard, but at least he tries to state his conclusions AS SUCH, rather than as irrefutable fact.
In short, let's attack the ubiquitous social issue of idiots who are incapable of objective speech, rather than knee-jerk attacking the censors who are doing a crappy job of dealing with these idiots. Objective speech deserves a free pass, regardless of content, but there is precious little objective speech on the Internet to give a free pass.
Steve Richfield


Dystopia, I’m afraid. And most people will embrace anything ‘new technology” with open arms. They are too ignorant, self centred and want to be easily gratified!
I have given up on trying to open people’s mind and make them see what world we are heading towards. I am just hoping it will not be tooooooooo bad, like Armageddon bad! My advice is keep informed by smart people and keep stacking PMs.

James Wilkerson

Well you have good energy... But that won't save you. Corporations will have their way. Governments will be their front. The masses are frogs at this point just noticing the water is very warm, almost hot, no it still feels good, no it's getting hotter, really? You sure? I feel fine.

Justin Ferguson

That’s why I dumped Facebook going on two years now.

Bodhi Crane

So, routing? SMH

Dan Borovic

Man.. you have a great channel. Keep it up

Carlo Villamin

Browsing on the internet nowadays is very different from wayback 90's where you can literally search information from literally anywhere in the world. Remember peer to peer, chat rooms, and craiglist. But hiding and controlling information was a classic notion hence the dark web. But now, the internet itself is the new dark web.

Parks Huey Lee Baker

Earthly gods are rising up to demand worship from the citizens of the world !

Lillian Koenig

I believe we are looking at independance

Rabbit Shadow

Roger are you OK? Missing your vids.

Charles Goodwin

The biggest problem in AMERICA other Than CORPORATE AMERICA is how short Our memories are concerning Our own and World History!
Kennedy supported the United Nations with much fervor. History has shown the UN is the largest Communist sympathizer in the modern World. Hiding under the guises of Corporations, Corporate America,NAFTA,etc.,NAACP,ADL,other Zionist, Communist and Catholic sponsored Policies and Agendas for a One World Government.
Thier true crimes against the World are revealed in Thier now infamous AGENDA 21!!!
Who will try to stop it when Our Electoral College Votes in Sympathizers? Thier Sympathizers Nominate Our Federal Judges,etc.,to further endow power to the Communist Party of America!
When Our Own Congress and Senate has taken a knee in Solidarity to Communists. Who has Our backs? Commies with long knives to stab the Eagle in the back!!!

Pamela Tanner

I hope it isnt too late. China is gathering info from all the technology they have created or invaded by stealth/theft. I wont buy Chinese anything anymore. I dont want to support the communist party because of their incredible cruelty -- including their horrible treatment of political and religious prisoners and even killing them to harvest their organs to sell. If we all stopped buying Chinese, it might make a difference. The government has enormous debt so stopping their income could cause implosion. See "Stealth War" by Robert Spalding for more specifics on how much China is invading and controlling data and other things in our lives without most of us having any awareness. Not just the internet... The book ripped my eyes open. I had no idea how MUCH they are doing.

Carl Bowles

We have the power to choose, that's all I have to say about that.

North Key House

Its gonna be a big ol mess before it gets better.

Dr. Victor M. Vieira

Hello Roger.. what are your thots: What will happen to Bitcoin and the likes.. and Blockchain technology with the Internet splintering (with Government "Splinternet" control)? Is/will it be safe to invest our money in cryptocurrency in an attempt to escape Government surveillance and control?

Frogmella Slob

The world was a better, safer, place BEFORE the internet. Lets get rid.

Brendan Chapman

I feel like independence is an unobtainable concept. I believe there will only be dystopia or revolution, this is because of the political extremes prevailing over the internet.

The only real remedy, to get back the internet we know and loved, is to burn it all down, let several generations live without it, and then try to slowly re-implement it.

The world simply wasn't ready for it when it was given to us, it was like it was unleashed upon us with the purpose of fostering chaos, rather than being made incrementally and introducing the right control measures as it went along.

I also think that a better alternative to censoring free speech on the internet would be to censor political speech on the internet in its entirety.

News should be fine, and obviously the internet is effective to spreading a humanitarian message from a country that is being oppressed, to get the word out, but outside of those causes, Politics should be massively restricted from the internet.

The way things are now, where the real world is seeping into the internet and vice versa, is completely unsustainable and WILL lead to massive societal fallout and possibly collapse.

Neo P

יאאלה שיפול כבר האינטרנט המשוקץ הזה

William La Pointe

Listen to its completion. This will be a position worth sharing and will certainly cause contemplation and reflection in all who hear it.

Short Circut

I hope this shit is destroyed!

Wake Up

Did he say google, Facebook and Elon musk wants to solve this problem
? these people are the biggest problems. Google abs Facebook censors like crazy.

karen Tait

Independence ??

Imenje Moses

Thanks for the Video,
What's your take on Blockchain and it's uptake?
I think of it as an alternative to internet. It's distributed(Not Centralized) and Transparent.

The Messenger

Just make sure you don't take ANY vaccine or rfid microchip implant, biometric electronic tattoo, quantum dot ID with vaccines recorded, biochip, neuralink brain implant etc Rev 13:14-18 Rev 9:6


I believe you're on to something, however, the internet is a cyber world.....I believe there will be areas that challenge sovereign governments of the nation states. One way to measure the future success of this approach is to see what governments do to block chain cryptocurrencies. Do you actually think they'll allow a competing financial system not under their control? They have armies, jails and weapons.... I think there will be tremendous attraction to this direction, but, the people of America just voted for more government....not less....

pamela stefaniotis

You can thank Clif High for his precious NANOBOTS ,he's a sellout traitor to humanity

Stella Ash

Humanity is endlessly creative, endlessly imaginative and has and will always find ways round the problems presented to them.

brian field

Streetwise people will always want and need the internet to make some money.

Kevin Fidler

Its "funny" watching this now after fb and twitter banned donald trump and other conservative people, but leave genocidal communist leaders accounts alone.

James Olivito

The Dark Web - ha ha , hold my beer !

Tara Q

I would like to find a way to speak to you.

Charles Goodwin

Look Who is in control of America! Israel seems to,Lock Stock and Barrell.
So if We are ran by the Israeli Government,this should show Who is behind Our Shadow Government,the Illegal NSA Global Spy Ring.
Corporations are COMMUNIST sympathizers. Most Global Economies are directly under the Control of International Zionists!!! Zionists are not in Favour of Our Democracy. They prefer a Communist World,to allow Them to stay in Control Global Chains of Supply and Demand.
Human Rights and Constitutionality has no room in Thier World!!!

Itsall Good

I'm rolling with independence, time to get to get out my coding books. Thanks for sharing.

Charles M


Andrew Thomas

By then, Elon Musk will have 20,000 satellites up there and the Internet will be free. Google is Skynet. Terminator was a warning.

Paul Kelly

Decentralised servers ...peer to peer... Theta

Chris Wilkinson

A.I will make a comment when it watches this with a new word for it


Not sure why UK is considered on the “free” side, a dude got arrested here for uploading a video of his pug doing a cute salute on YouTube.

Frank Rizzo

Alex Jones said years ago they will be coming for the rest of you, after getting banned on all platforms. Here we are some odd years later and it is a reality.


it is going to be a revolution the chosen are and they are all over the planet

Rick Kinsman

Ha! Roger seems to be blissfully ignorant of the fact that Facebook and Google, the only two who have signed up for the new deal, are PART OF THE PROBLEM, not part of the solution. they, along with Pinterest, Microsoft, and others who will no doubt sign up, are the ones who broke the internet. They censor, regulate, suspend, eavesdrop, manipulate our feed, collect and sell our data - the whole shebang. No wonder they were so keen to sign up to a system that would leave them totally unregulated and in absolute control of everyone under their thrall.
That you, Roger, have totally failed to realise this is truly the most frightening part of your video. And to think that Elon Musk won't be any different to Facebook et al once he has cornered the internet is so naive that it beggars belief!

Michael Alpine

How about what George Gilder calls the cryptocosm...the new infrastructure of the internet on cryptocurrency platforms like EOS and Etherium.

Justa Awake

It broke when Obama gave control to the UN


Just waiting for the Chinese invasion...

Roger James Hamilton

Introduction: 00:00
When will the Internet Break? (Tim Bernard Lee): 00:09
The Age of Surveillance Capitalism (Shoshana Zuboff): 00:36
Public Enemy #1, The Governments: 01:23
How will The Internet break?: 01:50
The Iron Wall (Russia's Sovereign Internet + China's Great Firewall): 02:29
The Great Firewall's Growth and Huawei's New Internet: 03:12
The Trump Administrations Internet Wall (The Clean Network Program): 03:34
The Freedom of The Internet: 04:03
What can you do about it? (3): 05:06
3 - Dystopia: 05:12
3 - Independence (Peer to Peer Networks, Metaverse): 05:27
Starlink's Independent Satellite Network Beta: 06:49
3 - Revolution (Net States): 07:18
What do you do NOW?: 08:38

Gina Indisguise

Good evening! I now see a Revolution happening. Hopefully sooner rather than later. Then again with what's been perpetrated (successfully) on us these last nine months I'd say anything's possible. Are we better with or without the internet? I don't know.

James Jennings



revolution now??too late better call it extinction...because lets just say if they spread 1milion of small drone killers can kill 1milion of humans in about 10minutes?so sending 100milions of small drones will kill 100milions in 10minutes...without using anything else
the future will be sometyihng like the movie EQUILIBRIUM....but more harder.remmeber they want to acheive for the gold milion controlled people.

Garry Allison

We need a totally decentralised internet where no one has control of.


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