Kevin chou

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Connie & Kevin Chou Hall: A Look Inside and Out

2 285 views | 17 Jul. 2018

Connie & Kevin Chou Hall

Connie & Kevin Chou Hall at Berkeley Haas is devoted entirely to student learning and interaction—there are no administrative offices in the building. Located on the northern edge of the Haas campus, it creates a quad around the Robert G. O'Donnell Courtyard. Its bold, modern design complements the three existing buildings while providing cutting-edge facilities to accommodate future advancements in management education—a place where classroom and digital learning work together to foster community and provide a world-class education. Learn more at http://haas.berkeley.edu/NewBuilding/

Produced by Tal Skloot, Tritone Media

Kevin chou

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Completing His FIRST Flip! with Kevin Chou

285 views | 14 Oct. 2020

Kevin is an investor

Kevin is an investor based in Sacramento and in this episode, Kevin will tell us about his very first flip project, that he completed during the COVID19 pandemic!

We’ll be talking about how he got into real estate investing and how he set himself up for success by saving, networking, and consuming as much real estate investing content as he could.

He’s one of the few people that's reached out to me that have actually completed a deal and I’m super excited to have him on the show to tell us about his experience!


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Geoffrey Jun He

great interview sean! very insightful and a good listen

Hoan Truong

Sean i like to learn how to fix and hold rental out of state. I was wondering how did you get the rehab done from distance? did you just google a contractor in the area and left a keybox on the house and just give them the combination to get access to the house to do the rehab?

Sean Pan Real Estate Investing

What's your biggest takeaway from this episode? Watch my first time flipper story here: https://youtu.be/Szr-3fL6A1I

jhon padilla

Great channel ? quick question regarding a video you did 10 months ago on property taxes me and my brother got a duplex together but now he left back to his county, leaving me primary, but now my property taxes double any help will be appreciated

Kevin chou

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Awakening: "The Fourth Wall" - Kevin Chou '11

310 views | 16 May. 2011

Music: "Super Mario Bros.

Music: "Super Mario Bros. Mix"

Performers: Alex Kim, Ben Tai, Jane E, Kevin Chou, Marjie Lam, Michael Ye, Mona Zhang, Ryan Huynh, Steve Kuei

Something goes wrong during rehearsal and Steve goes on a rampage. Who can save the day?