What is a pitch fork

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How to Draw a Pitch Fork (step by step with instruction)

162 views | 19 Jul. 2020

In this video we'll show

In this video we'll show you how to draw a pitch fork. We'll specifically draw a 4-pronged pitch fork.

This will be done in a step by step tutorial drawing format with instruction. Learn and follow along; pause as you need to and practice your drawing and sketching skills.

Improve your creative art and drawing skills with this easy-to-follow drawing tutorial art video. Practice, practice, practice! Re-watch and pause the video if you need to. We hope this video helps you draw better! Like or comment below and let us know what you think!

No music in this video :)

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What is a pitch fork

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Electro-Harmonix Pitch Fork®+ Polyphonic Pitch Shifter/Harmony Pedal

160 904 views | 14 Sep. 2020

The EHX Pitch Fork®+

The EHX Pitch Fork®+ features two independent pitch shifting engines with full control over each. Both will transpose your pitch up or down over a +/- three octave range and detune +/-99 cents. With rock solid tracking, an organic, musical tone and extensive control, it’s your ultimate harmonizer.

Learn more: https://www.ehx.com/products/pitch-fork-plus

• Dedicated volume controls for both Shift voices and the Dry signal.

• Two outputs, Main and Aux, with multiple routing options.

• 10 unique factory presets plus the ability to easily save/recall 100 programs.

• A Bypass footswitch that toggles between effect on and buffered bypass. In latch mode it switches between effect and bypass mode. In Momentary mode the effect is on when the FS is held down and the pedal enters bypass when it’s released.

• A User footswitch that’s programmable and can be assigned to a variety of functions such as muting either Shift voice or jumping to a preset program. It features a dedicated LED.

• An EXP input for EXP or CV control over a broad selection of parameters in three sub-menus: Frequency, Glissando and Volume.

• An EXT input for connecting an external foot controller like EHX’s Triple Foot Controller which enables players to change modes, enter/exit sub-menus and load presets.

• Eight modes, including X-MOD, which features cross-modulation that creates FM and ring mod type effects, LATCH, based on the original Pitch Fork, but with enhancements to the Momentary mode functionality.

Guitar Bill Ruppert

00:00 - Pitch Fork®+ Dive Bomb!

00:46 - Meet the Pitch Fork®+

01:27 -18 String Guitar

02:00 - -12/Detune

02:30 -Two Voice Detune

02:51 - +5/Detune

03:28 - Bass

03:48 - Fuzz Bass

04:07 - Low Guitar Twang

04:46 - Baritone Guitar Tuning

05:24 - 3 Octaves

06:07 - Aux Out Stereo Pitch Shift

06:34 - Aux Out Stereo Detune

06:51 - X-Mod

07:44 - Ring Mod Bell Tones

07:55 - Rise and Fall

08:50 - Crossfade

08:59 - Expression Pedal Sweep One Octave Up

#ehx #electroharmonix #ehxpitchforkplus #pitchforkplus

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chris l

tom morello uses similar pedal.

Antoine Gaumerd

What is this song 4:47 on baritone guitar please ?

Tone Sheriff

Mine will be delivered tomorrow. I will demo it for use of key change/capo use. Hoping it will replace my Morpheus DropTune and Morpheus Capo pedals.

Sumith Ramachandran WATCH YOUR TONE

Great demo❤️❤️You nailed that Gilmour style of playing...

John Neiberger

Holy crap...this is amazing.

Dave McAfee

Bill Ruppert - amazing player ?

William Ratcliffe

Question.....the original pitchfork goes 1, 2, then 4 pitches and skips the 3rd....meaning, if I am in A, and I keep dialing the pitch key up, it will go A#, B, then C#......Will this pedal allow me to hit the 3rd, or C, note that the original pitchfork doesn’t????


Just wished the Pitchfork+ had a MIDI input, then it would be absolutely perfect and would totally replace my Whammy and even save space in the pedalboard.

Bro Cetta

X mod should be a separate pedal. :)

Robyn Holley

so much yes


What was your signal chain for the end solo? Thanks!

Jumping Man

You know the Floyd was coming.


Wow this looks amazing, there was a lot take in during that video so my question is do the voices cascade into each other? Would I be able to turn my dry signal off and have 1 voice doing full octave down and then use an expression pedal to make the second voice do 2 full octave up? Thanks.



Luật Vũ

Can I use this as a capo?

Chris McLoughlin

Beautiful effect at 9:00 Expression Pedal Sweep One Octave Up.

David Cramer

Would this be the best pedal to raise pitch on a guitar in D standard 2 semitones so that it sounds like its in E standard? My helix does it, but the warble is very noticeable...

A Yard

This is awesome but there is no how to guide. Can you do a how to set this thing up video.

Reverse Esrever

i wanna hear more of that stereo pitch shifting, but with intervals changed to P5 up and octave down ect...ect..

andy carrillo

Does electro harmonic have electric pitch like an autopitch

Chris Valle

I'm mostly here for Bill....but now I'm chanting "Leave your wallet in your pocket, leave your wallet in your pocket..."

Eugen Boldin

This is the most crazy pitch shift pedal i've ever seen.

Lord UND, Himself

I love the original. This one looks dope too. It would be magic with a synthesizer. Especially a mono synth

Astral Deeps

The detune option is the sole reason I want this over my original pitchfork. Really smooths it out, and it doesn’t even need it that bad compared to most harmonizers but sounds great

Music by Murphy

No interest in this personally but here for your playing and an awesome company!

Nick Wendels

Man... that solo on the end got me... great sound!

Michael Caz

Wow. Bill amazing stuff (including the editing & camera-work). Your playing at-the-end, reminded me of David Gilmour on: "The Blue" from Live in Gdansk.


What a cool sounding pedal ! This is on my wish list now.

David Artreides

This sounds marvellous! I have an older "Holy Grail" pedal for reverb, but this would be the next step...being a fretless and upright bass player! Great sounds!

elmero mero

Añañau ??


8:53 is this momentary mode effecting the x-mod setting? not seeing specific crossfades mentioned in the user manual.


What in the world!

Daniel Vinklar

Hello I am wondering if this pedal has the old loud clicking hard switches (like many of EHX pedals) or if this has been upgraded to modern silent switches... (so that I could use it in low volume, ambient, and silent music environments... without disturbing the audience) thank you!

Skin EyemIn

But, can it be used for bass, too?

Nathan Vleugels

I'd love to see some demo's of this on bass. I've been using the standard pitch fork on bass for a year or 2 now and it's one of the two pedals (together with the big muff) that I can't go without.

Jesse James Orwell

Just ordered one this morning!

Peter Yianilos

Great demo, Bill.

Lucius Fox

Any word on if the tracking on this is improved from the standard pitchfork? I don’t have much issue with the tracking on mine, but that would be the primary determiner for whether or not I would drop the cash for one of these over my existing two pitchfork combo.


I just bought an used Micro POG, which i already love very much, I would love to hear a comparison of the octave sound between the pitch fork+ and the micro pog. I had a regular pitchfork and it digitalized the dry signal of the guitar (fizz), the pog sounds more natural and the wet signal sounds very musical and synth like, if the Pitch fork+ can do that, I would buy one in a heartbeat

Mellowship Music

This is Batman Beyond in a pedal lol

Emilio Vargas Martínez



Just ordered mine, got 2 day shipping, shouldn’t need another pitch shifter ever again...hopefully!

Rickin Russia

the 2 voice detune would make a good Andy Summers tone


What's the noise floor like on the new Pitch Fork Plus compared to the original?


I can’t decide between this or a POG2! Ugh!


Can this be even quicker than the non plus (+) version? It definitely looks/sound like.

Bob Wolkotte

Does this go before or after distortion?


yeees. Presets!!!! no presets is the reason why I didn't buy the old Pitchfork. When is this thing coming out and how much?

lowrence mayfield

Nobody does the pitch shifters like you guys, this baby is amazing, it would have been 100% perfect with just a midi in......

Brian Cherry

Bill could make a washing machine sound amazing. I just wish the Pitch Fork engine sounded more natural. Speaking about mine, it has a really nice low octave, but the highs sound very electronic. Its better with some kind of drive, but doesn't nail the 8-string bass sound I was hoping for.


I want to upgrade my Pitchfork but also hey nice Batman Beyond riff.

I love that shit.

Don't stop playing Batman Beyond esque riffs.

Love it.

Charlie Brown

At 7:26 the "user" setting is on without the bypass but yet you still have the effect signal coming through, I'm struggling to figure out what setting I have to change in order to achieve this, please help? Thanks!


Wow, that 5 Detune is very Allan Holdsworth

Sebastian Muxeneder

Would love to get a dedicated Bass Demo for this! Especially from Patrick Hunter or Nathan Navarro. Or hell, get Mike Kerr on board!:D

Steven Noble

Oh damn... Thank for the Holdsworth nod.

Enzo Carvalho


mika rage

hi , is this pedal allow for a drop tuning of only the first string? got tendonitis issue and i play with light gauge string, i would love to play drop D or even drop B tuning ( so dropping only my E to D or B) without having to put big gauge. is your pedal can do that or will drop all strings together? regards from france, Mika

Jake Raybon

Could I put an EHX Analogizer in after to mellow any perceived "digital harshness" of the upper octave? Or would it be better to leave it alone? Would love to play upper octaves but it always sounds a little too unnatural for my taste, but that goes for any digital octave pedal I've tried, not just EHX products. Still love the features on this though, will be great for downtuning!


The clarity of sound you produce is excellent, the guitarist is always right in the pocket. For me it's what l love hearing on these demos.

Wayne Purcell

All I'm looking for is a simple pitch shifter so I can play/practice along with different bands and songs without having to retune or grab another guitar all the time.

Master Couch Vaper

Bill rules! He needs to give Buckethead a run for his money.

Mihovil Danicic

You have to make one for bass players so we no longer have to suffer flabby B strings on a 5 string bass. No detune, no multiple channels, no effects, no latency - just on/off button to drop 5 semitones on our regular 4 string basses.

AssShaker Studios

#EHX How does this track on bass? Specifically low B on a 5 string?

Kyle Won



As a non guitarist can I just say how I love all your demo videos? I just LOVE them. A+ They're like mini concerts.

Jessie Hydro

I have the old one. Maybe time for an upgrade?

Stuart Redd

I'm curious what was used for OD, Rvb & Dly on the solo at 9:00.

Danich Ivanov

Perfect, this is exactly what i thought a pitch fork follow up should be.

Gary Winthorp

What song is at 1:45?

Zach Whetstone

I've had this in my AMS cart since it was announced.

Robert Szymanski

With that pedal, I can sound like Joe Satriani !!!


I am officially fully erect. This is going n my pedalboard as soon as I can convince the wife to buy it for me for Xmas. So Xmas.

Rickin Russia

Hendrix would have loved this

Mighty McLoven

Sounds like they really wanted to do the batman beyond theme in the beginning.

k.k. Martin

Is there a more in-depth tutorial?

Mario Driessen

I think this is going to end up on a lot of pedal boards. Great pedal!



Luc Alberts

This is pretty exciting. Definitely stoked to check one out.

Tony A440

100 presets, wow. I have the original, but this is amazing.

Omar Bravo

How about the latency? is reduce on this new one pitchfork? Or it’s the same as before. Thanks!


seems like a great pedal and that Demo was amazing! That excellent playing really sold it.

Nicolas Espinasse - Guitar Case Studies

Finally, a real playable, fat and lovely clean guitar sound :-) Pitch Fork is my favorite pedal for cleans but it lacked a second pitch for sure. Here it is!


this is an 80s electronic music wet dream


If I could use one Expression pedal and use CV from my synth or used this for vocoding Holy SHHHHH


DETUNE and Octave? WWWWWW*brain explodes*

once I get a youtube, I'm reviewing these!


Bill Ruppert is arguably the best demonstrator of them all!
Brilliant demo and an extremely tasteful guitar playing!
I must have this device!

Phil Chadwick

I have a few pedals but no Bill Rupert. I think that's the missing part of my setup. Where can I get one? Love your playing Bill.


Buying because the solo at the end was magical

Andy S

That solo at the end is frickin EPIC. Wow....

Enrique Gámez

Does the aux output can be assigned or not depending on the presset? or it's always on if you have somthing pluged in?


I already have good pitch shift tools, but I am just here to say how wild it is to have a pedal with actual crossmod/AM effects included in a standard guitar pedal. if the ratio/pitch could be controlled via the expression/CV in this pedal might go into some nifty FM places.

brett james

Man the low guitar twang, so good!

Another ehx pedal to buy!

atti kai

this video is ridiculously high quality. awesome pedal, awesome video.

Richard Hawley

I love my original pitch fork (probably won't be updating to this one unless it breaks) - my only gripe, albeit a minor one, is not having individual volume control over the two signals in dual mode as I love the octave below but not such a fan of how the octave above sounds. I've always wished I had the ability to dial in a small amount of the octave above without affecting the octave below volume. It's good to see that is remedied here. Generally a whole slew of new sounds here packed into an already stellar offering.

Guillermo Carrasco

Best pedal for 2020 !

Eugene Makhno

POG + whammy

Eternal Fire

Can we get a demo with dive bombs and pitch harmonic squeals (Dimebad style), I'm interested in this but would like to know if this can be done. Thanks.


But can it core a apple?

Alejandro Rivara


Marco Alexander Winther Mikkelsen

What tracks better and has polyphonic qualities?

Micro Pog or Pitch Fork+ ???

Thanks in advance!!! :D

Re Heller

Oh my! Take my money :-p

What is a pitch fork

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The Amazing Accuracy of the Andrews Pitchfork

21 739 views | 18 Jul. 2019

This is a video about the

This is a video about the andrews pitchfork.

FRACTAL FLOW WEBSITE: https://www.fractalflowpro.com/ (better seen on desktop!)

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In this video you will be able to see the insane power of the Andrews pitchfork. Mastering this tool is one of the great challenges and benefits in all technical analysis because you will be able to use Andrews pitchfork trading strategies like the Newtonian trading strategy in the most efficient way possible. The Newtonian strategy can be seen as an Andrews pitchfork course with some extra features like the fundamental principles of physics that allow pitchforks to work in the way they do. Again, getting in the realm of the Andrews pitchfork is like achieving the highest peak of technical analysis.

In this video you will find a portion of technical analysis explained, which is the intersectionality of tools. Whether you swing trade or use technical analysis for day trading, the intersectionality of tools is the icing on the cake. It’s by no means the full picture, but it’s certainly a deal breaker most of the times due to the ease it adds to the final stages of price analysis.

Many amateur traders out there are looking for the secret forex strategy that supposedly only the forex masters possess. That’s the wrong way to look at this. There is no such thing as a secret forex strategy. There are only more sophisticated trading strategies that most of the trade or forex masters use. That’s because they understand that analytical power and tools must be built on solid ground.

A technical analysis tutorial can only be performed by a true trading master or a trading mentor. To achieve such status, a trader must understand all the little details and nuances of the important tools of technical analysis and price action analysis. Beyond all of that, a true trading master must have deep knowledge about domains that are much broader than trading. A good understanding of human behavior, economics, mathematics, statistics, physics and behavioral psychology is paramount for any trading mentor.

The Newtonian trading strategy is the most profitable day trading strategy, or at least one of the most profitable day trading strategies among the fractal flow, the market maker, and the upcoming price action trading strategy.

In the realm of advanced trading strategies, there are a few constant ideas that run across of all of the other peripheral ideas. This notion of building a strategy from the ground up using the first principles of physics and science is what truly allows the creation of an advanced price action course or an advanced technical analysis course, which actually goes much further than mere technical analysis.

A professional trading course, as it was previously alluded, can only be manufactured by a professional forex trader or any other pro trader. The motives for this are simple and yet not self-evident since people underestimate the complexity of trading. The best trading courses englobe a wide variety of subjects that shape and shift the life of a truly committed trader. Successful trading is not only about finding the best forex strategy ever produce, but it is also about absorbing the trading and life lessons of the best forex traders in the world, which have a very specific and laser accurate apprehension of the peculiarities of this enormously complex profession.

Joseph Furdge

i caught gold buy on exhaust line of pendulum fork. closed at 60 pips, about to email u the photo!

Ilias Ilias

Are these methods useable with markets like Futures YM, ES, e.t.c?

Robert Jeter

My goal is to be the best at pitch for usage. In late few days I’ve seen some amazing accuracy on IDEX stock and you have taught me how to profit from this. Thank you I want more I want it all where do I sign up?

Adam Collett

You’re a wizard Ed!

But yeah this is truly amazing how accurate the pitchfork is! What does 'Modified' actually mean?

Vito Giove

Can you demonstrate this with multiple examples? I tried this with the SPY, QQQ and didnt see the same results


Wow great information. Thank you ????

Hoxton 09

Happy I don't rely on this for my trading.


What is the name of the software it works with?

Ashok Patel

very interesting work and thank you for sharing..

Voxeur514 H.

This is absolutely mind blowing .... thank you

Pierre Mifsud

I tend to disagree with the selection of the points....If A is a low like in your 1 and B is a high like in your 2 then point 3 or C should be always above 1 ( it must retrace to maximum 88.6 fibonacci)

aliasgar Amir

Mind blown

stocks stocks

Best timeframe ????


Ooh wow ?.

ali mirbeyk

the best

Anthony Dias

Excellent Presentation!!! Absolute accuracy!!!!

Rahul Desai

All these things works 50% time ratio, nothing is so prominent in stock market otherwise everyone would have mint money by using these indicator tools. So my advice is to try find out your self something very unique and out of the box, which calculation ratio should be 80% success of that trading methods.

Steven Bukosky

Very good video. Inspiring.

Roy Surya

what should be considered to determine the first point?

Jagdeesh Dhaliwal

If you understand candle stick analysis & S/R, pitchfork is useless.


Interesting exercise and study after the fact, but doesn't look practical for forecasting next move by complex superpositions.

Gary Roe

WOW. what an eye opener for the use of the pitchfork. thank you

Victor Christopher umoakah

The video was very helpful,i tried it immediately after watching and made massive profits because i now see the actions before they happen ??...best of all i no longer have to depend on lagging indicators anymore,thanks for the video.

Pembawa Damai

how can I duplicate as you made in minute 1.05 in your video, where can I get that tool in meta4 ? Thank you

Fonzo Alex

great content

SK Wadhwa

Thank you for this interesting insight ... my first try at Pitchfork

Fractal Flow - Pro Trading Strategies

STRATEGY STORE: https://fractal-flow.dpdcart.com/


Thing is that only works sometimes. when you have a predictable fairly symmetric zig zag pattern.
i can give you a ton of examples where it does not work (that's most of the times)
If you apply fib you will see that's just a retracement level.

I think you are just trying to sell a course.

I Trade Brooklyn

Love this vid...wen I saw it I realized you were indirectly guiding me to take the trade... I applied a small pitchfork to the latest price action and just caught 30 pips with a 1 to 3 risk/reward ratio... my trading has gotten so much better as your student...thanks again Ed... and for those who don't know... I have tried every strategy out there and always failed in the long run... ffs, mms, and nts are the only strategies that actually work... don't miss out

Fewrandom Words

lol u can draw a pitchfork from anywhere to anywhere
and find "magic" many times, especially if u're searching for it
sorry dude, I cant lose money every time I guess wrong with random pitchforks

Gary Roe

watched that video 3 times and printed 4 charts. great examples.


Run that by me again...

Chart Republic

also watch this : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B8_GA4cLTK4


Hi, I'm from Brazil. Thanks