Trading on bittrex

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Trading Cryptocurrencies on Bittrex

3 783 views | 1 May. 2018

Trading Cryptocurrencies

Trading Cryptocurrencies on Bittrex

In this video I show you how I am trading cryptocurrencies on Bittrex. If you want to learn cryptocurrency trading on Bittrex, Binance, Bybit, Bitseven and Bitmex then go ahead and subscribe to my channel : https://bit.ly/trillman

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I am NOT a financial advisor. There is risk in ALL investment opportunities whether traditional markets / opportunities or in the new cryptocurrency markets/opportunities. Do your OWN due diligence, spread your risk and ONLY invest money that you are prepared to lose. Always remember that there is no REWARD without RISK and vice versa. If you do NOT want rewards then DON'T take any risks. Start small and DO NOT be Greedy :-)


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Craig Ges

In this video I show you how I am trading cryptocurrencies on Bittrex. If you want to learn cryptocurrency trading on Bittrex, Binance, Bybit, Bitseven and Bitmex then go ahead and subscribe to my channel : https://bit.ly/trillman

To purchase Bitcoin and altcoin mining equipment whatsapp message me on : +27766723737

Buy Bitcoin Here:

Luno : http://bit.ly/2zA19Et
(Receive R10 Worth Of Bitcoin for Free)

Localbitcoins: http://bit.ly/2wTYQwa

Jack Goodwill

very informative. Do you use anything besides Bittrex? I use Bitseven and its worked well for me. What do you think about it?

Caddy Guy

fucking 50 seconds in the beginning of bullshit!!

Mistah Bells

appreciate you bro, learning from you!

Humberto Ochoa

I wish I got in at these fucken prices....lol

Luca Guerrini

Hey mate, great videos. Your telegram groups seem to not exist, are they still open?

Trading on bittrex

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$100 A Day Trading Cryptocurrencies on Bittrex EPIC FAIL Tutorial!

87 160 views | 14 Aug. 2017

Starting to trade digital

Starting to trade digital currencies on Bittrex is easy! Making a strategy that consistently earns money every day is much more challenging! Enjoy a funny tutorial where I set out to make $100 a day exchanging cryptocurrencies on Bittrex.com only to end up with an EPIC FAIL where I am down $256 having lost 0.06 Bitcoin in just an hour and a half trading on Stratis and GEO where I lose big followed by a couple of small profits on Ethereum and TenX Pay Token or PAY! I made this guide to getting started trading crypto on Bittrex with the hope it is both educational in showing how to make the trades and entertaining watching me lose money! The best cryptocurrency investment I see in August 2017 is putting money in Steem which is where I have the majority of my current portfolio as you can see at https://steemit.com/@jerrybanfield where blogging is the new mining!

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THANKS! I appreciate you reading this and hope you have a wonderful day!


Jerry Banfield



Mauricio Bolboa

this is just so mediocre.

Luis MC

You are so out of your depth

Luca Giovanni Nieddu

Lool! You just cannot gain everyday minimum one month per coin. If you are lucky, one week for a x3... ;)
also, never EVER try to buy a coin because it went up or down a lot today without having an idea on the coin, the project, the history... etc


The problem here is looking for a buy opportunity and going straight in and then taking a loss. Most of the time you are better waiting for a more opportunistic moment.

World of Tanks Blitz Mastery Videók Kommentelve.

I can not whine.that can help if we do not mind......4d00e37e-a4e5-415b-828e-dd1a02b18f9f...........A few dollars will help


Had to subscribe after seeing this one! A precautionary tale, With loads of humor. Help the bitter pill of day trading cryptocurrencies, go down a bit easier.


just hurts from watching

Donald Coffia

0:01 stop he loses 256 dollars in 1:39:46 seconds he talks fast and is a good sport about it.

Zempafy News

This video absolutely has me in tears. I am a new fan! Going from making a small profit to discussing how little youre losing just has me losing it. haha Thanks man.




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Timothy A

This guy will lose you money - all you need to know.

Wojtek Kowalski

Take a flipflop out of your mouth

mike hillemann

You should be ashamed of yourself and find something better to do with your time. This moron is making more money from his views on Youtube

Sister Power 2

Yes! Yes it Works!!!
wow if got 5.5 Bitcoins..

Michael Rinkle

Lolz, thanks for showing even if it didn't pan out against the bots.

igor NoLe

this guy work for STEEM TEAM :)

Larry Chavarria

Even though you lost money, I learned something and had fun doing so. Thanks!

Tom Jansens

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Major Woods

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Jobless dude

hostcoin is the best coin to invest in this year..




Bittrex has locked thousands of people out of their accounts, be aware that you will loose all your BTC WHEN no if your verification fails. Their support simply does not respond to any of the requests that gets logged on their support platform or on Twitter. People watching this do not give your money to these people!

Lydia Bocage

Thanks for making me laugh. Watched for 10 mins then fast forward to the end to watch the epic fail and it was epic.

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I love that video :D :D :D

Alexander Ström

HAHAHA. Please don't try to help people doing this... stick to comedy. Liked ure video!



Eric Pedro

i cant even watch this... you need some help man

Biz-Help-Hub Channel

Please can you slow down, your cursor is all over the place and i cant catch what is going on with your explanation

Gerald Lofton

Being a Stupid Ass is NOT Smart...people may have there HARD earn Money...nothing is fucking funny...


My 6 month son speaks just like you. Thanks for the advice!


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Homeless Trader

SCAM ALERT×#× Stay Away from Bittrex...they keep your money lock your account no answer from Support after 20days do not put $1 SCAM!!!

Kyle Rose

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everything coming out of your mouth is blissful knowledge to help with innovating my trading strategy...

Anthony DiPizzio

How much does Bittrex charge on a buy and sell? Thanks!!


He is not the best at explaining.

Eh Wyse


Cider Waffles

just make a bot and use it on a few different exchanges at the same time.


I gotta say I do not like trading coins, its better to buy and hold them if you think their going up, or its one step forward and one step back .. I use THIS to make money and its got 50% off for a few days now - the ONLY one of the top 3 mining companies that actually have any sort of chance to buy in at the moment .. https://hashflare.io/r/5E7BD770-HALFPRICESALE


how much coffee do you drink?


You are a very bad teacher or can artist.


Bit Rekt indeed

How Rich TV

newbie 101 ...so so dangerous but there's logic to it

Shaun A Pritchard

what video software are you useing

Ryurik Ritz


Abraham Crypto

Even if automate it, what if their is a flash crash? You let with the order to sell at a much lower value or wait a month or so for it to go back up... if it does?


that was the most obnoxious video I've seen all week

Applebite Colombia

You are a stupid dushback bro... you claim yourself being a nerd, is missing the smart part of a nerd to you, te rest you got it !

Ikenna Okolo

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Alex L

first of all you have to determine good entry point for your order and good exit point.

Evelyn Kumar

i just stumbled upon your video and watching and have learned so much already than in the last month would be good if u didnt talk so fast and click click and move things on your screen so fast lols we are all not fast geniuses but great video

wieso namee

when u are interested in HYIPs Hexabot is the best choice atm https://hexabot.top/?r=dizzzz


wajahmu mangkelno cuk

Grumpkin Mcfly

Is bittrex day trade only?

Monashee Gradens

damn... u need to calm the fuck down


I use bitraptor bot, I don't have time for trading. It just made me 210% in 27 days

Stranger Phenomenon

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one thing I like about this guy is He is realistic unlike others


you soo anoinn

Pro Moto

Jerry You think you can make money only when Bitcoin price rise? This is not true, you can win with crypto anytime.This is not true, you can win with crypto anytime. https://medium.com/@themillennialcryptotrader/29-days-after-massive-crypto-trading-and-7-000-in-profit-day-21-ca-h-out-48c5f837e47e

Joshua Hurley

The end of this video had me crying I was laughing so hard.

Davy Mathijssen

1 tip Just make video screen shut op en play A song like If You igread

Robert Villano

That's totally guessing..gambling, open a broker account at JAFX, put money in or Bitcoins, go buy this indicator from www.tradersucess.com
BTC BOT TREND INDICATOR, and follow the signals and take the trades on the cryptocurrecys of forex market...

Davy Mathijssen

Zanax ? Herowine speed coke wat do You us ADHD

Rawicha Brown

Hey there Jerry... I'm a Forex & Crypto trader, my wife and I are about to launch a Crowdfunding Project, for our Crypto Trading Bot, that will make at least 2X (double) a month... I want to talk to you about an advertising opportunity.

How can I have a private convo with you man?

Erik Hawkins

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Wayne Johnson

Is there a way on bittrex to find out what you bought at?


When your Runescape G.E flipping skills aren't helping you IRL ?

Davy Mathijssen

Never day trait coins wat You do is not day trade Its 2 secen trade it dont wurk You need pasions nevver sell in lost!!! Stupid

Alejandro Roldan

The only thing I saw in the video were bitcoins lost

Petra Tenwalde

Well... you win some, you loose some :)

Aubrey Harris

Is there a way I can delete and block this idiot?

Davy Mathijssen

Did hi smoke crack?

Eliberto Cantu

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Peter Israel

Great site for earning free bitcoin https://goo.gl/22D5dL One good thing about this site is that you can buy a plan to increase your earnings.
They have various plans.


Speculative bubble. No one is selling bitcoin/ICOs there is no two way money. Illiquid speculative market. Should be illegal. The “educators” sprouting fibs moving averages trendlines etc are making a killing on poor suckers. They are assholes. When it crashes it will crash hard and all the .05:1 “successful trades” wont account for shit bc whats to stop it? Theyll be NO buyers beneathe the market (shorts taking other side) if you dont understand this then god have mercy on your soul. Everyone is suddenly an economic major. A blind man could make money in this bullish bubble but that money will disappear through greed/having to keep risking 100% of your account. Ffs dotcom, tulips, housing. Hello!!
6 months after tulips went on the futures market it crashed. Bitcoin just went on the futures market.

Crypto is the future and a great thing for us people but not this way and not at this time. Do not trade waste of time. You may fluke making money for 1-2 years then boom 100% account wiped in one day ...gone. Waste. Want to trade? Learn properly about demand supply, market makers, auctioning of price, news fundamentals, bond traders/yieds, understand what values a market. What is coin valued on?? Nothing but SPECULATION/PEOPLE WANTING A REVOLUTION. Energy costs are through the roof. Its unstainable.

kid gore

its very informative

Bazz Arh

Funny Kent lmao

Threbor Sy

Cool :)

Abraham Crypto

Good idea if automate it! If the exchange offer an API and can view all the buy/sell orders, work out the spread/calculate and place the orders in real time, it's possible to run it auto pilot

Raby Youssef

can you put a video how to use USDT in Binance and what is the benefit of using the USDAT/BTC pair


Damn i came to learn something but instead got a headache after 3 min. Thanks for that

Evelyn Kumar

yes you can talk alot which is great but please slow down a little hard to catch everything as beginner and how do u make yourself like that with no background and big screen please? thanks Jerry

Zozo Zozo

A day? Nah, not possible. You can rather earn >>>>>>100$++++++++ spread over a few days with a good capital and some wise investments (looking at upcoming hype coins etc, going in for short term)

K-Marquez Marquez

nice vide! why some nasty comments? he never said HOW TO MAKE 100. he had an idea and strategy and he decided to share it with us. I guess we all learn the same way. messing around and looking at vids:)

Primrose Stitcher

OMG, you are like Sheldon Cooper on crack! lol I might could understand the general idea if you SLOW DOWN


Since I have been trading with [email protected]gmail.com have never for once regret my decision. He has the best btc software

Justin Greenwood

Dude this is so funny! I learn what not to do and laught my ass off. Your so awesome laughting at losing $500. I watch you trade anyday its priceless.

Christeil Nagatron

This strategy is only applicable IF THE MARKET IS MOVING IN ONE DIRECTION (AN UPWARD DIRECTION) . . if it suddenly drops down then it's a lost . . you can cut the lost and move to a different coins that is in upward direction and do the same process again . . .


90 % of people lose money on trading, the 10 % have better things do to then making youtube videos

Niklas Hakansson

Even with the instability of bitcoin, it's still a very profitable business to invest your money. I was introduced to bitcoin trading by Mr Alexander Quinby who showed me how i can increase 0.2 bitcoin to 1 bitcoin in a week, it was so surprising and i wish to share with others. You can contact him through [email protected] com

First Last

you're too close to the camera.... you trying to squeeze an inch on me son?

Angry Bitcoin

what a buffoon

Nguyen Hai Manh


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good guy

Stop forcing trades. If you're not 65-75% sure you'll profit from the trade don't trade or you end up losing money. I can go days without getting in a trade but when I do i make more than my day job. Other times I can go weeks without a trade so it is always good to have a job.

Raballah Geoffrey

Hahaahhhaaaaaahhaaaa! Dude must have had contact with a hooker when making the vid....

Trading on bittrex

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Bitcoin for beginners - Trading on Bittrex exchange

1 079 views | 30 Nov. 2017

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You have great content, I don't know why your subs are so low now but I can see them growing keep up the good work thanks


why invest in an alt coin if u cant put them secury on hardware wallet?


i wish you could buy with fiat on bittrex :I