Penny stock tracker

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How to Track Your Trades with Penny Stocks (Plan, Track, and Research Trades Easily)

164 views | 18 Apr. 2019

New 2019

New 2019 version!

Easy to use Stock Tracker, designed and used by Professional Traders: plan, track, and analyze your trades on an easy to use Excel tracker. Must have Excel to operate (Libre Office compatible). Quick links for easy and efficient stock research, tracking, suggested limits and stop losses based on your goals in each trade. Instant calculations, P&L historical tracking.

Perfect for new traders & Tenured


Compatible with Excel and Libre office

One of the easiest and most professional stock trackers available! (MS Office Excel or Libre Office Needed)

Purchase at:



This is fantastic my friend! I will keep this Stock Tracker in mind once I get started trading in January :)


Great video. Hey I cant seem to access the link you have in the description.? Plus what platform are you using to get all the data such as earnings etc ?

Penny stock tracker

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30 044 views | 26 Mar. 2019

Here is a breakdown on

Here is a breakdown on how to know what a pump and dump penny stock looks like and the risk involved! i hope this video helps out our beginner traders!

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Mike Wang

Ricky where can I get your background music ?!

Robert Williams

This was alarming from the beginning and high probability we see 10.00 tomorrow if it resumes trading. CSTR ran in the same way and is about dpt. dump the same way.

First thing when you see a runner is check the chart. If theres was no liquidity before the run, it can disappear just as fast as it came. These microcaps can and often are HEAVILY manipulated and the money trading them knows how to work the new traders.

20F reveals 11.50 was a generous price considering the assets. There were opportunities to make money but chances are, anyone in it right now will see an enormous loss when trading resumes.

And if you think you want to short sell it, good luck. There won’t be any shares available at 90.00 and Shorting at 10.00 won’t help you much even if you could borrow shares. Chances are it crashes when it resumes and never recovers from the losses.

I expect shippers to make a similar move but with substance behind it. (DCIX, PXS, TOPS). Trick is to have a seat before it runs but that was impossible with HUNT. It wasn’t even “a thing” until the manipulation play started.

Your video was spot on and very good advice. Very fair. Very correct.

Informed Tradez

Just leaned about it threw your video. It made a crazy move.

Alex Flora

If you wanna make a career trading I feel like you should avoid penny stocks

Chris W

Tsla for 267 lol

King Cesar

I believe it's a short cover rally. To wear becomes a short squeeze. And yes the waterfall will fall but who knows at what price. This is where the shorts blow their accounts

Arsh Patel

how did you find the new for HUNT

Joanne Vaccarella

Please change that music. Thanks.

Wilson Mar

No volume

Alex A

How often do pump and dumps happen and how do you find them consistently

Nestor Sandoval

I was up 5k now I’m -4K trade smart not with greed

zabir rana

Ricky what u think about boilnger band indicator for day trading ?


Thanks for the tip Ricky, hope you're making BANK!


I just want to know before it pumps!

Holden Greenfield

What program are you using to show the stocks?

Abraham Breuer

Tesla curt on April 4

King Cesar

It's called a short squeeze you try to short it you will lose your account look into it. You must wait till the crash begins. And even then you need to understand the risk in shortening a stock. Istock can go all the way to 300 like TLRY. So you better know what the f*** you're doing. On either side of the coin. This is where investing goes wrong. You must understand the rules of trading. I don't care how right you might be. The stock don't care just like bitcoin. It will have its own time cycle.


JUST BOUGHT 10k shares at $103

Adam Sneen

what the hell happened to UGAZ today? Brutal

Blake Anthony

“Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should...” If only more people lived by those words. Well said Gootz!


Tomorrow 94 limit short pre market 10 shares

Joe _G

5:38 Ricky taking one for the team just to get his point across and save our accounts, not all heroes wear capes....

Tavin Keovora

I think it was predicted for it to get back around the high’s again because of the halt, it gaped down meaning it was most likely going to fill the gap especially because if it’s a daily gap, than after filling the gap just wait to see if it’s a gap fill and go or reversal. Wouldn’t say this is a beginner strategy, but definitely not a super hard strategy.

Ashish Sharma

Thanks Ricky! It was very helpful. Can please do live trading for penny stocks? From pre-market and the way, you select the stocks? Please!
God Bless you bro!
Thank You for all the knowledge you have shared.

Strawberry Cream Pie

Okay boys and girls let's do our research prior to calling a super nova stock a pump and dump

Jonathan Ferrer

This is great. I am tempted to Short this stock. Thanks for the info. :)


I’m gonna short the hell out of this stock

KinggBrandon Smith

another burst when market open


Mr. Ricky Gutierrez, I want to say this to you & hope you get to read this personally...... So i think its funny when people out here in the "Stock" world or "YouTube" world actually take the time in their day to HATE on a young, successful & motivated Entrepreneur like yourself. I served my country in the Army & after getting out its been my journey to mold my own future & build my own success through trial & error. Without making this super long, I super respect the way you express yourself, always positive & not giving any attention to negative crap anyone says about you. I have personally observed you and how you present yourself and its with class and a humble approach! Just alone in this video you are always being kind enough to warn newcomers to this world of potential dangerous situations that will crush their spirit in this market. I commend you for that and i only hope to network with you one day! Keep pushing forward my bro and i wish you continued success in everything that you do in life! Realology777 keeping it 100% real. Any feedback is welcome.

Justin Smith

DRNG DRNG DRNG DRNG, like seriously check it out! Let's all get rich together.


The reason hunt is going crazy it's because of the tiny ass float. 200,000 shares outstanding it's nothing


Careful same thing happened to $drys!!!

Casper Trader

Dang! Thanks for warning us Ricky! Now we can all short it and make massive bank!??


Hi Ricky, I don’t want to remain a new trader. Can you please teach me to be an expert?

Ryan Mitchell

I saw it go from $70 to $30 in literally 2 seconds, someone could’ve gone broke if they bought it just before

Anderson Racine

Good Content Very Informational thank you


Loved these videos when I was first getting started now I'm a full time trader ? keep up the good work Ricky

Teddy Miller

Great job on that swing trade Ricky! I was swinging it myself too

Jailan Rayvon

It’s not on Robinhood :(


And now it's T12 haha RIP longs

Anderson Racine


Dave Lewis

All stocks that make big moves like that are pump and dump. Being hard to trade isn’t the main factor here, it’s possibility of being halted for days, weeks, months is the major problem! Having your money tied up in that, no good!!

Luke Wallace

Literally watched it go from $9.45 to $95.00 and did nothing lol


Circuit breaker halts aren't necessarily pump and dumps. If it goes up or down more than 15% in 5 minutes, that's a halt. It'll usually gap in the direction of the price action. PCG got halted in the $8s and re-opened around $14 several weeks ago. It had a very strong news catalyst down and up (California fires, bankruptcy, apparent exoneration). The on and off with multi-billion liability kept me out of that one on the upside.

Watch out for T12 halts on these kind of penny stocks.
It can lock up your money for months.

Jailan Rayvon



Is Huntertown Indiana an actual Company or is it a City?

Johnny Stocks

I agree, it’s very aggressive ?
Make sure y’all set alerts ??


Check out DIrv direct view Holdings they are in the security sector they have a lot of movement in a lot of news


Thanks !!

Krogzax Ants

I stay far away from stocks like this. Did not made a single trade this week. Thanks for the video Ricky

Thanos Was Right94

Good stuff brother, only started Robinhood around last February. Learned a big lesson with IGC last October. Everything you’re saying here is important and relevant.

Alex Orth

lmao got a penny stock add before this

Jake Kirby

You know how you can take advantage of pump and dumps? Shorting it if you know what you're doing. Still extremely risky but less risky than trying trying to catch it in a bull.

G Man

Ah the good ole' pump and dumps...... Stay away NEW traders!! Beware! You've been warned!


$3 spreads all day. You're in the hole $3 a share as soon as you click buy.

Brian Rubi

question is how do you find these?

Terel Miles

Very informative video Ricky!

ℛɛᴛʀᴏ ℛɛᴅ

You on vacation

Damian Lamb

HUNT isn't available on Robinhood... Dumb...

Josip Pavlovic

Wow they halted the trading of this stock because the SEC realized they haven’t shared any news since last week. Major pump and dump and I’m glad I shorted it!!

Jeffrey Braddock


Jenn Cattaneo

Seriously, I did this several times (with just $100 invested) right before I joined LPP. It's such a mind screw haha. You're so right. Thanks Ricky :-)

John Peters

NASDAQ has halted trading for HUNT for today, Weds March 27th until the company can provide more information about its trading activity. I made money on BPTH but honestly, would stay away from this one.


Everyone here is an idiot. This is a merge. This is why the price is like this. These gain are unrealistic.

King Cesar


Alan Guo

scalp trading opportunity with robinhood baby!!

I'm just kidding (don't do that)

Mario O.

The stock just needs a low float with high volume to move like that. Obviously still risky but just something to keep in mind.


Thank you for this video. There are concerns of the stock TOCA being potentially a pump and dump. I'm in with 335 shares. It went up 111% in one day Friday 2/21/20.

Gamer stupid

It's like you buy when it crosses high of the day if you miss that then there is no setup until there is a bearflag pullback... setups are most important....

Ben Doherty

Some lucky person out there hopefully made 1000%.

andrew lessick

technically not a penny stock if its above $5


GLBS looking good too.

Brady Stutes

Did you use like$540,000 today on tesla to make $2000

Muqtadir Akinwande

Everyone’s going to be looking to short watch out for a short squeeze.



Rafael Santos

Whats stock name

Dustin Prince

That was great! You always have great advice and lessons. Well now I finally understand what happened with my position in BCCI and their Super Bowl ads, now I’m sitting in red for weeks. LEARNING!!!

Wilson Mar

Manipulated by computer


Looks like BPTH might break out soon from the 180 day chart lol


How do they pump and dump? Is it like a thousand traders getting together and buying at the same time? Is this even legal because it happens all the time?


Avocet Mining ASA is another example of a recent pump and dump. It's a gold company - and yes, gold is going up - but the company has basically stated that it will most likely go bankrupt in 2019. There's no value there!

JTR Films

Great advice Ricky! and to follow up, HUNT just got hit with a T 12 Halt from SEC. You should do a quick video going over what that is for people. Thanks!

Jeffrey Braddock



Cover HEXO too if you can.


Thanks for the video bro✊?


hello, where can i follow you trade ideas?thanks


Do people know when a stock will rise in price or do they just take a chance? I was wondering if there was anyway to know what kind of cheap stocks are good to invest in

Grant Grant

I found you to be one of the most honest trader/guy out there tums up to u.

Penny stock tracker

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Finding A Penny Stock Edge By Tracking Data

6 278 views | 28 Feb. 2018

Buy My Excel or February

Buy My Excel or February report I will email it within 24 hours of payment receipt - http://www.paypal.me/jonk87

Arturo Maciel

Hellz yah stephen! Loving those spreadsheets Self suffiency at its best!
How long have u been in the millionaire Challenge for??

Martin Sabucha

You know, I feel like you are talking my mind, Triforce, Dux, Gritanni... spreadsheets, tracking... and funniest thing? you got 4K view on video, but no cars and charts in the " this cross this" easy BS so people don't watch...Keep it up. would love to have a conversation about your findings.

Minjae Cho

This video provides so much value, thanks so much Stephen!

Pamela G

Great analysis! There is so much to this! I have so many questions! Are your excel and powerpoints still available to purchase for $80? thanks!

Frederick Baggett

Yo Steven, Just giving a heads up I sent payment for both the excel and power point report at around 11:00 a.m. EST time. Please send whenever you get a chance. Cheers mate! We will not FAIL!

Manuel Billiris

Brilliant!! I wouldn't worry about people complaining about the price. Its a bargain considering you get everything - data, diagrams, referenced charts and explanations.

King Cesar

Love it!


When you find your groove, you're going to kill it

Alex Louis

Thanks Stephen this video really gives me a good sense of how to start tracking data better


Good stuff man. Get Muthaf%$#as profitable!!! This is excellent.

Gary J

Is the price in USD or GBP?


Stephen is this still available for $80? For both?


Becoming your own guru ?


What made you hold that triple top AKER at the 0.70s? mid day? Was it just purely respecting your risk level?

btw, great video and explanation, I watch you to try and learn how shorts think. BPMX was a nice example of your 'gap and crap' strat in my opinion.


how do you track data like do you just look at a bunch of different stocks and try to find a pattern or do you use a scanner? I mean like after the market closes how do you track stocks and find patterns

Bob Riddell

forgot to say very impressive. i think they dont give out how you find a edge is bcuz then they couldnt sell their dvd's if everyone tracked data lol


Great video, thanks for the insight

Byron Daniele

Hey Stephen great video, these still available?

Nicholas Law

Thanks for sharing, really appreciate it.

Julio cu

Great job!!!

David K

REFINE REFINE REFINE always room to improve the pattern with more and more criteria.

nishith pankaj yadav

Can u send me this for $ 80?

Carson Emery

where do you get the data aggregated from before you type it in the sheets? are you just typing 1 ticker at a time and filling everything out like that? Thanks


show all of your secrets for free

Daisy Sudparid

Thanks for the time and work you put into the Excel and PPT.  I really appreciate you sharing your insight!  Live the dream bro!


«AYTU fell from 2,20 to 1,20 thats a 100% decline» you sure about that buddy?

Taye VanMerlin

What is the current charge and are you currently selling the spreadsheet and report?

Brian Hemphill

Does this still work

Bob Riddell

what statistic that youve tracked helps you with stopping out

Cooper Anderson

Awesome spreadsheet, thanks for sharing!

Went Use

ive been tracking data too, don't forget to cut losses bro! some huge ones there :(


Love the stare at the end! haha but overall wonderful video!

Marko Treidi

Is this buyable in 2021?

Lezley Suleiman

hey checking in to be sure you got my paypal payment. can you check in please? It was Saturday but I'm sure you're over the top with stuff on your plate...to mix a metaphor or two.


This all seems too difficult to learn in a 6 month period. I'm trying to research tim sykes and i don't even know how to use my fidelity account trader program.....

Tony Conyers

Hi Steven, I sent the money for both. So looking forward to using your excel. Thank you.

Nathan Casey (Minnesota Nathan)

Damn it's crazy seeing this now

Aren Kumar

Hey, can you please check your email, sent the money on Thursday for both spreadsheet and presentation. Thanks -Matt


what all is in the excel does the part were you track your own data come with it


Gap and crap...classic Stephen naming procedure:D

Tri Nguyen

How to buy your excel and presentation?

Ryan D

Would like to purchase your Excell an power points can u give me a price or email me please thanks

Marcus Chan

How far ago does your stats go?


Are you still selling the excel sheet?

Lezley Suleiman

Best video so far! Like your shirt! And will buy this product...need a lot of guidance with tracking info.

Peter Roscoe

Best 80 bucks i spent... saves a lot of time mate thanks so much LIVE THE DREAM

victor cruz

I just send the 80 bucks

Ken Sviland

nice work buddy, cheers!

Joe Shmo

Someone needs to pay their rent LOL. Stocks to trade aka the losers corner