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1 737 views | 18 Sep. 2018

Algo trasmitido en el 940

Algo trasmitido en el 940 am de México DF CDMX alas 7:am de un 19 de septiembre de 1987 Fuente: http://www.fonotecadigital.unam.mx/vo...


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Comerciales México XEQ Canal 9 (Agosto/Septiembre 1992)

9 793 views | 5 May. 2019

Creditos y cortesia: Roy

Creditos y cortesia: Roy Lucier CMLL



Casas la luna

CD La ley de Konnan

Pilon olimpico

Universidad Latina

Merceria del refugio

Revista Arena de lucha libre


Promo Santo vs. Asesinos de otros mundos

Película: Beethoven


Nacional Monte de Piedad (Águila o sol)

Circo Ruso sobre hielo (Vaca patinadora)

Pilón olímpico II

Centro cultural universitario Justo Sierra

Mercería del refugio II

Rinconada de Aragon



SCT Caminos y puentes




Tigres del norte en VHS Musitel

Mead Five star

Boing II

Centro cultural Arte contemporáneo

Cortinilla XEQ Canal 9


Comex Top 2000

Teatro Blanquita

SEP (Cuento contigo)

Roncaly International Circus

Promocional Televisa Barcelona 92

Boing III

Intruso de Media noche

K2 (Sucursales)

Club por el agua

Promo Nido de águilas


Pilón olímpico III

Promo Mi barrio

Super Soaker


Promo Twist Locura de juventud

Raspa tu fortuna

Jabón 1-2-3

Película: Mi primer beso


Eveready roja


Cortinilla XEQ Canal 9 II


SAR Sistema de ahorro para el retiro

Promo Sucedió en México

Consejo Nacional de Vacunacion


Circo de la Chilindrina


K2 V

CONACULTA (Compania Nacional de Danza)


Promo Blue Demon

SEP (Actualización del maestro)


Mileche II

Pilon olimpico IV

Promo Mi barrio II

Roshfrans (ft. Paco Stanley)

Circo de la Chilindrina II



VHS Ricardo Montaner en vivo

El mundo de la aviacion


Grandes pasiones

Pilon para regresar a clases


Promo Mundo de juguete


Pelicula: Sonambulos Stephen King


Cristobal Colon (Película)

SITATYR/Gobierno del Estado de Nayarit


Centro Cultural Arte Contemporáneo II

Resistol 850

Promo Película de mi barrio

K2 X

Leches Bonafina

Circo Ruso II



Promocional Televisa Mes de la Patria

Las aventuras de Colon

Cortinilla XEQ Canal 9

Sistema Nacional de Salud (Prevención del cólera)

Teatro Aldama

Promo Carabina



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Rain Shadow Effect

161 529 views | 9 Mar. 2015

Rain Shadows - dry areas

Rain Shadows - dry areas on downwind sides of mountains - are prominent on the Big Island of Hawaii and east of the Cascade Range in the Pacific Northwest. Many rain shadows exist around the world - including north of Asia’s Himalayas, west of Austalia's Great Dividing Range, and east of California's Sierra Nevada Range.

Three essential items are needed to develop the rain shadow effect - an ocean nearby, winds blowing steadily onshore, and a mountain range to block the traveling air mass. Evaporation on the surface of the ocean creates moist air. Prevailing winds push the wet air inland until it hits the base of the mountains. The air is forced to rise. As the air lifts, it expands and cools. Cooler air can’t hold as much moisture, so clouds form and it rains a bunch, resulting in a lush, green landscape. The now dry air mass crosses the mountains and begins to sink on the leeward side of the range. It compresses and warms, promoting evaporation. The result? Dry areas on downwind sides of mountains. A rain shadow!

Tom Foster (http://HUGEfloods.com) and Nick Zentner (Central Washington University) have been hiking together in Washington for years. This ’Rain Shadow’ episode is part of a “2 Minute Geology” video series.

Gavriel Jaeger

thanks so much. this really helped in my revision

Naudts Guido

Thanks for all your fantastic movies!

Emma R

Its 4minutes not 2minutes:)

Jess S.

Helpful graphics starting at 1:25

G DeSimone

who is here b/c ur remote teacher sent u?




can we do anything to make the rain shadow region green ?

Potato Nuggs

2 minutes geologically??? Lies

Mark Haushahn

Washington the Evergreen State, pasha!!! After Sunday May 18, 1980 it was Ashington the Evergey State! You forgot to mention that the Hoh Rain Forest gets up to 14' of rain per year, I grew up there. The average takes into acount the rain shadow East of the Olympics.

Irish Potato [ARc]

its 4 minutes not 2




I’m always trying to explain this condition to all my colleagues that work with throughout the United States. I got a send them this video.
Thanks for sharing your knowledge ?

Ashlie Rose

Seemed logical enough yet I couldn't explain it before watching your video. Super helpful - great diagram and interesting to consider all the areas of the world created by rain shadows. Thanks!

Joey Z

I wanna punch this guy in the face coz he’s talking to me like I’m 7

John W

Love the song, Is that you singing it, Nick? I have very much enjoyed all of your videos. I live in Eastern Iowa and now want to go to Washington to see all you have discussed! I have been to Western Washington, but haven't been east of Roslyn.

Jacob Siauw

where is half life 3 gaben


Hi mrs monetaux


That was fantastic!

Miss lil foxy girl

Anyone had to watch this for social studies homework ☠️

Chong Lor

Superb Video. From a HS earth science teacher.


>^. .^< Prof. Nick and Friends. Illistrating the "Rain Shadow" . If you want, since I was born n raised on Oahu than lived, married, earned my commercial helicopter lincense ect. on the Big Island. If any of you wanna take a Jeep ride with my Late Colombian wife and I around the base of Manuna Kea. Starting in the obvious dry side of Kailua Kona. Than on around to the obvious Wet Sid of the Volcano. Iffin you do, it starts here at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jZsUEp9pCys&t=51s and ends 3 parts later, just watch as much or as little as you want, since it is free.

Alexia Playz

Lol, I had to use this video for a quiz on Science. (I got a 100% tho, it was quite easy)

Bridger Andres

I got scammed! 2 minute geology? More like 5 minute geology. smh ???

Alex Reilly

this is my dad (this comment)


the only people that like this are teachers...

Elisabeth VanderMeer

This is a great video, and I'm always searching for quality videos to play for my science classes. I like how the speech was slowed down for students / viewers were able to process the information. The imagery is great, too. Thanks for creating it!

Harrison Abolafia

Ms. Danz class was here

the phoenix 315

Examples could be east of the Grampian Mountains in Scotland, east of the Andes in Patagonia, South America, and east of the Southern Alps in New Zealand.

Final Fusion

360 no scope


Guy H.

Okay Dr. Nick, how come is this titled "2 Minute Geology" when this video 4 1/2 minutes? Hmmmm??? HA HA HA HA!!!! Love your videos! And Go Vandals!

Michael O

Or as some of us meteorology geeks would call it orographic uplift and adiabatic cooling/warming.
I love the high desert area in the northwest.  There are lots of beautiful rock formations for miles and miles that have not been beaten to death with water!

Kalina Mendoza

2 minute geology really turned into 4 minute geology in like 0.1 seconds

Reinette's Treasures

Love this series! Not a fan of the music though but that won't put me off because I adore learning about geology!



Victoria Muniz

He said 2:00 more like 4:26


why did this make me sad

Suzanne Blakeney

Kudos Nick!

pete aplin

I always enjoy these bits and of course the longer videos as well, thanks!

Montana Killsnight-Burns

Wow, that made it clear to me, thanks!!

Miss lil foxy girl

Here we go: u said it would be 2 minutes, it was 5 minutes, and it felt like a 10 hour lecture

Matthew Bolton

Madras, prineville, redmond and bend of central oregon are much dryer comparstively then eastern washington.






what if there is no mountain ???? do both sides get same amount of rain ???

john biggins

What forms mesa's nick.....some wild ideas out there

Michael Ambrose

I've never in my life thought I'd ever see someone hiking wearing a bright red bow-tie, hahaha! I love it, lol

Sara Valdez

i liked this vide

Odd Kiwi

1:06 he must be sweaty

Odd Kiwi


Alex Nolin

i luv u doe

Sofia Smith

"two minute geography"

video: 0:28 / 4:26


mike messier

I didn't know Hawaii had the shadow effect. I has assumed length of the mountain was too short.


what a simp

Roland Stuntonem

Pleeeeeeease do more of these! I love learning the natural history of western Washington!

David Anderson

I'm impressed by how many different location shots you did for this video. One script spread across both sides of Hawaii and both sides of the Cascades? Most people would just use connecting narration after the filming.

Yellow Munchkin

O yea i forgot we still in for the motel at 12 with the hard mattres ohhhhhh yeaaaa


FYI: Kona is a Hawaiian word which means the dry side of the island. In english this word is probably leeward, Hilo side is windward. On the Big Island of Hawaii, the proper name of this town is Actually "Kailua Kona". I have been told this is so the US post offices does not sned the mail to the wrong island.

Jeffrey A. Smith

I'll never forget going to the Gorge @ George in August 98 to see two shows camping out for 2 - 3 days. 105°F. We came from SLC, UT and thought we were in Moab.

Linda Kilmer

I’m really looking forward to travel post-coco!! I’m planning my “dream” geology trip to Washington State!!

Linda M

Whys it 4 minutes

Candy Medina

Nice .



Ernesto Verduzco

im here for school

Paleo Man

Another great video Mr. Z. I like the geology baladeer aspect with the guitar and intro song. If you were to form a band with your colleagues you could be known as
"The Geologists"

Stormy Sampson

Well, now I know you are brilliant. What do you see concerning climate change, Mr. Zentner? Is this a verboten subject? Please please take a look at global cooling via the Grand Solar Minimum. Please. The New Madrid Fault is a HUGE deal during this time. Every single GSM, this fault goes off in a 'series' earthquake of 3 ish all 7.0 and better...months in between. Please please please tell me you aren't promoting global warming, please?!


Great Video. We have many deserts in world caused by Rain Shadow Effect. Active Climate Rescue Initiative: Move the Water! is working to circumvent he Rain Shadow Effect. https://youtu.be/bjHxkxRWAs0

Paulo Maldonado

Great video!!? lol

Blake Trombley

did u get bullied in school




Wow, I've never heard of this effect before. Excellent illustrations!

NoScope Gaming

2 hrs b4 a test, watched it, aced it

Knoxville Hermit FREE Movies, Music and More

Great video. Excluding the shadow effect for a moment, do lakes or reservoirs have an evaporation effect that causes significant rain? Or does it have to be a big mass of water like the ocean or great lakes?
If a 10 mile long reservoir was drained, would this have any noticeable effect on the local area's rain?

Chad Hansen

That's why I love the Northwest so much diversity

Leo Verran

Would love to hear more about Hawaii, was watching a show last year and they were saying that huge landslides occur off the island chains and they can trigger massive waves, continental west coast is in the path, Two minute geology could teach us about that, how long do you have to evacuate from such an event?

Brandon Schrock

Intro is fire

Alex Nolin

ur hare iz ugly yung man and I mean your rabot

Garrett Hoskins

you suck

Daniel Taylor

I remember visiting a little town in Victoria Australia called Seymour for just a few weeks.  Its about an hour up the road from the coastal city of Melbourne but the changes in weather as you go are very noticeable.  Somewhere just outside the small town of Broadford on the way to Seymour is a place where the clouds just stop.  You can see them moving in during the wet season, drenching Broadford, Melbourne and the ares south but Seymour remains dry unless the storm was strong enough or came from the right angle to avoid the hills.  The clouds literally just stopped there and often would then move east or west rather than continue north.  The "mountains" are not tall there but the rain shadow effect can be clearly seen.

John Ringler

Washington may have more than the Olympic and Cascade rain shadow.  The Blue Mountains cast a rain shadow onto Clarkston.



Geoffrey Lee

Need to use more metric measurements... ?


1:18 lmao everbrown

Nicholas Berry

Clicked on this video because I thought it was 2 minutes, dislike

Scooter Johansen

There it is !!! Thank you !!!


awesome explanation! it helped me a lot.

Brad Black

NAS Whidbey Is. exist where it is because of the Olympic rain shadow. At NAS Barbers Point we had cactus instead of the jungle.

Zin Nguyen

Thank you. It helps me in Geography class :)


I have to watch this for school...

Hasanah Bujang

Thank you

Gregory Fox

I live in eastern Washington and my favorite color is brown. Ah home. The wonderfulness of it all!


2:00 minutes you say more like 4:26 seconds!


Hi could you tell me what effects there would be if there is no great dividing range? Would the east coast turn into desert or would the areas west of the range receive rainfall and become forests?

i have bobed chicken

Anyone else here from science?

pannacotta irl

I have a test that effects 35% of my grade on this thanks for the help


>^..^< Oahu also has a rain shadow/kona side (the word kona means dry side in Hawaii I was once told). I attended 1st and 2nd grade in a little town of Waianae on Oahu. Waianae was the defitnaly in the kona area of Oahu, it was dry and sunny there I easily recall. However, Wai in the Hawaiian language denotes water. Example Ali Wai canal in Honolulu, Waimanalo Beach on teh north shore of Oahu. AnywAy, I just wonder why a town on the kona side of Oahu (dry side) has the name of Waianae.....? So getting back to 2 min geology. The petrified forest on this video must have evolved on the other side of the rain shadow line, correct?


Dis my HW

Lady D

So basically the mountains are causing the deserts by stealing all the water!? I love mountains, even if they're sometimes jerks.

Speaking of, I've been having a hell of a hard time trying to find good videos about the geology of Colorado, our rocky mountains in particular-any suggestions?

Sneha S

great videos !! ur explanations are great


Rain shadows occur on all the Hawaiian Islands.

Panicking in Trench

I can not understand lectures and talking learning because its hard for me to listen. I was about to leave until the diagram came I was like OOOH YAS and I then immediately understood thx! I don't need the teacher now lolz