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Scalping the Order Book in the HFT world w/Ferran Font Ramentol

28 145 views | 9 Sep. 2016

Visit https://futures.io

Visit https://futures.io for more futures trading webinars.

- How HFT Algorithms really work and how to beat them.

- Why a classic approach doesn't work anymore and why chaos and random systems work.

- Leverage use in a zero sum game: The avalanche and Butterfly effect in the black swan field.

- How to use Order Book Liquidity to profit and overcome HFT.

- How using S5 Bookmap has changed trading.

Server order book

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The Tell-Tale Heart | Edgar Allan Poe Ep. 4

17 views | 9 Feb. 2021

The Tell-Tale Heart by

The Tell-Tale Heart by Edgar Allan Poe is the final story for The Month of Poe Read-along with Brad Proctor over on his discord server. Continue reading Poe in publication order with me in late February with Metzengerstein.


Books Mentioned:


The Tell-Tale Heart by Edgar Allan Poe


YouTubers Mentioned:


Brad Proctor - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYUkghQDBEKMtWbaMI1tZUw






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Elizabeth Sagewood

I remember when I first read this in school and thought it was really creepy. I still think so, it's one of my favourite Poe stories. Look at you getting all deep.

Alex’s Library

I’ve always loved this story! It’s so good and creepy. His writing always feels like poetry.

Jason’s Weird Reads

I’ve read Tell Tale Heart a few times. I love it! It’s very good. There’s so much in four or five pages.

Alex Gray

Great review! I read this back in high school and will be re-reading it again soon. I also have a degree in Psychology! ?

Brad Proctor

I did think that the police in the story represented his guilt but didn't consider that they might not have been there at all which is really interesting.

Dane Reads

I'd totally be up for you doing a reading of this :D Do you think that your degree influences the way that you read books?

The Bookish Report

Have you read The Tell-Tale Heart ❤ what did you think of it?

Books of Blood

I hate that I missed all of these read-alongs. I loved The Telltale Heart.

Server order book

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How to organize customer orders -- Server Training

72 views | 9 Nov. 2020

This is how to organize

This is how to organize customer orders. It really doesn't matter HOW you structure your book, but there has to be a consistent structure, a system of sorts. Writing randomly all over different sheets a paper is a great way to create anxiety for yourself.

In this restaurant, a blank card was left on each table when the host seated them. Then when the server approached the table, they took the card.

The first thing I did was write the table number in the top right corner and boxed it off. Then I immediately wrote down all the seat numbers as such:





I did this while I was greeting my table and exchanging some pleasantries (How's it going? Y'all having a good morning? etc)

I left space at the very top to write in appetizers.

I'd take drink and app orders. Then when I took entree orders, I'd cross out the drinks/ apps/ other orders already delivered.

If they wanted another Budweiser, I'd write +1 to the previous, crossed out Budweiser order.

Then when I was determining how the checks we're split up, I'd circle adjacent numbers (seat 1 and 2 are together) or make a note on the far left side (seat 1 + 3, 2+4)

If you'd like, follow the Instagram @realservertraining


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