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24 421 views | 7 Mar. 2019

Quick install video of our

Quick install video of our new B/D Shifter X Series with adjustable lower half. Thanks to @hollywood914 for the help.


You can find the three designs here




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Aska Liu

Bit of a genuine user review LOL,

so not long ago i help a mate install the hybrid shifter in his d series EK so i got to play with that for a bit, and just today i installed the Ktune circuit 2 X in mine B18B EK.
to be completely honest, apart from the extension arm design which i absolutely love!!! which is also the reason why i choose ktuned over hybrid,
HB one felt more solid due to the pivot ball being encased inside a metal housing i believe, less play, more smoother shift,
pivot point is higher than standard and/or ktune setup, which is rather interesting.
also the weight is more balanced through out length of the whole shifter, i believe it's due to the extension bit being small and light weight.

So, the negatives:
not sure how the X2 or the circuit X would be, but because i got the circuit 2 X that has the biggest extension arm, the weight is not really balanced, feels like the shifter kinda wanna fall toward 4th (i did put in new ktuned linkage bushing on both end too), which actually made shifting into 4th much easier than other gear lol, but that's a given due to the extension arm design i guess, don't think the other designs would have this issue?

my biggest issue with this setup is the oem rubber boot design for the pivot ball, it's a bit flimsy for the cost of this setup, and that's putting it nicely...

also do be very careful with them if you end up getting one, coz the painted area, they are easily scratched, i literally had them sitting inside the box on top of the bubble rapped bags provided, moved the box around a couple time and they were scratched, some are rather deep, and no, there was no metal to metal contact what so ever happening inside the box,
so what scratched it so badly is beyond me.

atm my setting is halfway between 2 and 3, extension rod set to half of the total length, with a skunk2 knob on top,
shifting feel is rather clicky, or a bit raw, in another word not "butter smooth", which i do like actually, you can kind feel the sync rods clicking into place and all.

and, it does not look as good if u run it exposed with out the shift boot... yah... ^^|||

The positives:
the new extension arm design is absolutely stunning, great finish on the machining (just be very careful not to scratch it = .=), much more elegant then the old design,
would love to collect the whole set of the extension arm if ktune end up selling them separately?

The threaded twisting adjustment design is much much better than the hybrid shifter 2 bolt up and down design in my opinion, better locking stability, and much less chance of it becoming loss on the long run.

the pivot point is oem location, this is totally a personal preference really, because i did find the raised pivot point being a bit weird for some reason, much prefer it being inside that cap area on the linkage.

some people reckon ktuned rushed this model to compete with hybrid, but i think they did a much better job in terms of design and function, apart from the rubber boot ofcoz...
it is definitely worth the money just because of the in cabin threaded twisting adjustment, and how sleek the extension is, imo anyway lol
if i had to choose again, i would still go for the ktuned over hybrid,
i really really don't like the design of their extension bit, and those 2 bolt up and down setup, but that's just me

MikeG_ 444

@K-Tuned why does the bottom of this shifter hit my (stock) exhaust and I don’t even have the throw as short as it can go? Any remedies to that


Why do we have to pay for the part that doesn't fit? aluminium plate ?


U restarted reef the fuck outa a hella expensive brand new shifter take it easy wow

J. Cheng

Hopefully i win the contest for one of these.


Hector Jaimes

Thanks had my ktuned short shifter since before summer but was too busy, now I got clearer instructions, also held off for so long because I need to replace my broken shift linkage


Yall should do a install how to for the s2000 cluster converter


Birthday in July lets go haha. Hope all is going well guys. Much Love


Bartek Markiewicz

Why is the price of these shifters in the description different? would I like to buy one for my D series? which one will you recommend?

Hmong Meatball

This doesn't fit d serie


got the exact same set up in my em1, love it!!


I just installed this in my Del Sol today and it feels AMAZING like a totally different car


What side do you install the spacer??

The Dark Lord

Best shifter for B/D series


Aluminium plate doesn't match the EG ???

Brandon Smith

Nice. K-tuned ftw!!!!!

K tune

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Ktuner v1.2 Install - 2020 Civic Si | Phearable STAGE 1 TUNE!!

24 079 views | 15 Jun. 2020

dude, I LOVE this new

dude, I LOVE this new tune! Since recording this video, I've done my first race with it against another 10th gen si, and I can now say that I truly prefer this over TSP Stage 1.

* LINK TO THE PHEARABLE STAGE 1.5 TUNE: http://www.phearable.net/tuning-software/phearable.net-ktuner-2017-honda-civic-si-stage-1.5.html

**** Here is all the equipment I use:

1. GoPro Hero 8 Black: https://amzn.to/31FWp1E

2. Manfrotto TRIPOD: https://amzn.to/2NTNC3R

3. Manfrotto PHONE CLAMP: https://amzn.to/2NTVqTm

4. External Microphone: https://amzn.to/3fdl8Ow

5. Chemical Guys VINYL WRAP DETAILER: https://amzn.to/3e0rUpM

6. 3M Car Wash Soap: https://amzn.to/38u9FHT

7. GoPro Headstrap: https://amzn.to/2Dcsvb7

8. Macbook Pro: https://amzn.to/2VOPr6H

--LINK TO MY NEW MERCH STORE: https://teespring.com/stores/what-the-hill-2

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/camhill182/

Subscribers at time of posting: 6401

#Ktuner #10thgencivicsi #Phearable

Josiah Mamea

I think you sold me on this tune as soon as i get the tuner!

Highline Fitness

is there a difference between sport mode on/off for this tune?

Ashton Johnson

Tsp stage 1 or your new tune ? Which is better ?

Rob Karlo

I just added this tune to my V2, my desktop has windows and my laptop is a MacBook. I plugged it to my civic and it’s on there, but I didn’t flash due to it being 10pm and gotta get up super early. I hope I’m good. We will see. Lol.

Moiz kazmi

Did u already do the giveaway??


Can't wait to get one thanks for the info

Andrzej W.

Hi. I have a Honda Civic SI 1.5T. I installed the Wagner intercooler and I want to buy a ktuner. What do you suggest to upload a map of 21.5 or 23 psi?

Stiglitz Keller

My Tunerview stays frozen when I drive ... even though it’s connected to BT

Jermaul West

updated video? really trying to debate if i want get this. does it have low end tq or still nothing really until 4k?

Kyle miles915

My 2017 ext si clone got totalled...not my fault ...and i got a new 2020 touring sport. .totally different and better ..loving it so far very smooth

Tyler Webster

How to disable rev hang with 2017? I dont have that button

Toxic Misfits

Map 3 cliff hanger :/

Chad Mcquade

I would love to win the tuner I never win anything haha

Manny Gonzalez Valle


Saucy Sweater

You had me at chips ahoy...

Eric Drobnick

Appreciate your videos, you have been helping me out a lot as a new owner of a '19 Si!

Killer Pollo

I mainly use my YouTube account to view basketball related videos, for no reason this pops in my recommendation list. I watched it all

Tyler Dowd

Looks great

Kirk Lazarus

I'm down for a giveaway, but I'm really going to wait to do mods until 36K so I don't void my lovely warranty. After that, all bets are off.

Aloha Dave

So, I just installed last night phearable tune. After watching your video when your go pro stop working I was hoping to see how the different modes work on the steering wheel. I see how you did rev hang but how to adjust from 1 to 3 in the modes. Phearable explains the same as you mention in video but nothing shows in motion when you are driving so it’s a bit confusing! Any help would be great, Thanks

Brian Huynh

how do you switch maps? because it says by using cruise to switch but isn’t it for rev hang?

xoxoxxoxoxo -

Yay u finally made the vid ?


Next video “hey guys I blew my engine”


Holy Rock Chip! Did I miss that in another video?

Andrew Espinoza

have you felt any clutch slip with this tune?

Christian Wong

Does he have a tune that competes with TSP cvt 1.5t tune?

Jose Roman

This paid programming was bought to you by Phearable ?

Alain Arevalo

so TSP stage 1 max boost 237 whp @ 23.5psi vs Phearable Stage 1.5 235whp @25psi

Chad Miller

@nabisco needs to sponsor this guy! lol

Bryan Rojas

What’s your knock control when you finish racing?

Andrzej W.

What can you recommend. Phearable stage 1 or TSP stage 1? What will be the difference?

Kyle Coates

Could you just floor it already lol

Brandon Werntz

Nice video, and you gave me munchies ????

song wang

I have 2018 si with HFP suspension I hope you can get one it feels very good

Stuart Trapani

You can also get tunerview on your phone to see your gauges on v1. 2


Wish you were in my area! We could test our tunes out and see how they compare . Congrats on the new tune


are you running this on the stock clutch? I keep hearing the cars stock clutch can't handle much past stock power.. if so, any clutch slipping?

Antonio Alegria

I just got a 2020 civic si that tune would come in handy ?????


hates Honda Sensing
buys 2020 Civic Si

Moon Man

Can’t wait to see the interior swap


Basemap tunes are trash

Kirk Lazarus

Windows thinks every damn thing is a virus. No computer, Rosetta stone is not a virus.

Zach Witteman

I got the tune and have the prl race maf does your car still stutter at full throttle

Franklin .17

Were you around Beale within the last couple days? Lol saw the same 10th gen

Brian Miller

Anxiously awaiting the v1.2 giveaway. My 2019 tonic yellow pearl coupe Si needs some more powa baby

Burgerstandman_fc3 Aaron Godsoe

? the end was funny ...I legit thought you were about to rage ? ?....can’t wait to see the races

Ratul Rashad

If you beat the colbalt with this new tune, I’ll buy it


TSP Stage 1 is better. Lol TSP tunes are made by DRob so there's that too.


Question. You’re on second gear at the 9 minute mark well you came to a stop and you went to one and then two. You’re digital gauge jumped it’s mph number is your clutch slipping or that’s normal?

CK Kalaw

Hi. I watched this video and bought Phearable1.5 tune. Does your k.con go high using 4th to 5th gear? Mine went up to .89 gunning it on 4th and 5th. From 1st to 3rd is was normal. -49-.62


I'm really looking forward to that leather swap. I never knew what I was missing until I got a car with leather. It's somethin' else.

philip ward

does this void out your warranty???

Shawn Nibbe

I'm not super sure why you would swap the seats in you Si for Leather from a touring. The Si seats are way better. If you want leather check out katzkin.


You should do a turbo upgrade next ;)

Smeet Joshi

Is the GOD mode version of this tune compatible with a 2020 si?


No hate but promise me you'll lock your doors now, don't want to see a great channel owner getting robbed again :(


Will you be reviewing the “gurgle on demand tune” from phearable


What do you think of the Clutch delay valve affecting 2nd gear and 4th gear ?

Dom Valdez

He got 235 hp and 285tq on map 1 ?

Scott Randall

I died when he got pissed about the traction control. Literally cried laughing. I want the clip for my startup sequence with Honda hack.


Ugh. I've been sitting on the TSP Stage 1 tune just cuz it pairs nicely with the PRL CAI and Race MAF. And now you tell us the Phearable tune is better. Please help me make up my mind. Ahaha

Zachary Newsome

Does installing the Phearable tune disable the tighter steering and suspension aspect of sport mode?

Andrzej W.

What do you recommend, TSP Stage 1 or Hearable Stage 1?

Shaun Christensen

Sick video!! I look forward to seeing more races!! Keep up the fire content Cam!! My days are always better when there is a new Cameron Hill video uploaded!! God bless ya brother!! ????

Chris Owen

will this tune work with a race maf?


Does it allow for you to use Launch control??? i have the TSP stage 1 tune and i hate how i we cant adjust launch control!

Alain Lopez


Peter Nguyen

Love the content man — keep it up ?

mihai b

Are you selling the 1.2?

Itz Nicholaaas

How l9ng did you have to wait to get the tune. A friend of mine bought the same tune

Juan Gonzalez

Thanks for this video! I just ordered Ktuner v1.2, I'll rewatch your video to be sure how to flash properly the ecu

Ricky Medrano

I had the same experience. So much smoother than TSP stage 1. The car is such a joy to drive now. I had trouble getting smooth shifts on TSP, but this tune just feels so nice and the power delivery is more prominent.


I know I’m really late but on your Ktuner v2 video, did you ever fix that map 3 problem where it wasn’t hitting full boost?

Mario Ra

Looking forward to that v.1.2 five away. Been wanting to tune my car for a while now


Are you still on stock clutch? I have a friend who has a hondata, and he said hes said his clutch already starting to slip with stage 1

Ruben Salcedo

Does it void warranty ?

landon turner

Why did you buy a whole new KTuner?

Paul Hinze

I couldn’t wait any longer. Just ordered this tune for my 19 SI.


Great walk through!


What is this company? Couldn't find too much info about it on the CivicX forums.


Sick gains! Subscribed. Can't wait to see your build plan out

Andrew Hofmann

Bought a 2020 si yesterday.... as I was watching this video I got a notification from phearable saying my ktuner shipped! Haha. Great video, made my decision making a lot easier.

Bruised Avocado

I've notice my knock control SKYROCKET with this tune compared to tsp1 have you noticed this?

Chester Loo0

Can itry the time please


What's the big issue with honda sensing. I'm in the market for a 2020 si

Luke Thompson

Ktuner give away you say? My 2019 si needs more power baby!!!!

Kirk Lazarus

How is the gas mileage after the tune?


Biggest thing with this version ktuner is always make sure your laptop is fully charged because if it dies mid tune you will probably brick your ECU

The Tank

Tomorrow’s finally the day, grabbing my 2020 civic SI sedan


i noticed tsp stage 1 feels smoother in sport mode on map 1

Toxic Misfits

Easy now Honda might copy right strike you for exposing their car can have more power lol

10thgensicko GANG

I want this tune !!

Giancarlo Silipo

Dope!! Can't wait to see you race her. What is the song at the end?

Aj D

My man coming back up ? no homo bro keep it up!


Question: i have 2018 civic 1.5T, can i use it with honda hack?

K Heezy

How did your v2 get stolen?

Clayton Trammel

got a 2018 si coupe love your videos man!!!!

titua patipapa

Ktunner give away yeaaaaaa?

Cody Bonds

Nice! I bought my 2020 Civic Si Monday. That tuner would make an amazing first addition to it. Thanks for the chance! <3

Drag Racing Nc Chapter How's those tail lights

Hell yeah brother I got a 2014 two-door SI coupe that is from Canada and apparently the guy that bought it had a lot of custom stuff done towards it's got a Euro r version of the engine in here and that's one thing I'm lacking the car did have it with the dealership throw it away so now I need a new one cuz a guy the owner that owned it before got in touch with me and said that he unmarried it and threw it in the trunk and told them that that stays with the car but they throw it away or somebody took it and now I need another one to return it back so I don't blow up my engine

K tune

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Tune O Rangile | Srishti Bhandari | Cover Version | Old Is Gold | HD Video

8 743 433 views | 19 Dec. 2017

Srishti Bhandari

Srishti Bhandari re-interprets this original Lata Mangeshkar number giving it a slow lounge feel. While the original song composed by R.D. Burman had the legendary Hema Malini crooning this number for the dashing Rajesh Khanna from the movie Kudrat, this reprise version has been recreated by Mika Singh.

About the project – Old Is Gold

Old Is Gold is a project conceptualised by Mika Singh, produced by his company Music & Sound in association with Saregama. A set of 27 unplugged recreations of classic evergreen songs mix of romantic and melancholic have been chosen with various reality show winners like Sahil Solanki, Raman Kapoor, Srishti Bhandari, Akira, Jyotica Tangri, Daler Mehndi’s son Gurdeep Mehndi giving them their glorious voices. Mika too has sung some covers that are different from his regular peppy style of singing. Watch out this space for more.

Original Song Credits:

Movie: Kudrat

Starring: Hema Malini & Rajesh Khanna

Singers: Lata Mangeshkar

Music: R.D. Burman

Lyrics: Majrooh Sultanpuri

Cover Song Credits:

Singer: Srishti Bhandari

Music Re-created By: Mika Singh

Directed By: Jagmeet Bal

Concept By: Mika Singh

Produced By: Mika Singh & Dr. Tarang Krishna

D.O.P: Amit Singh

Mixed & Mastered By: DJ Rawking & Zoheb Khan

Recording Engineer: Ankit Vasan

Choreographer: Divya Kotian

Directed & Graphics By: Jagmeet Bal

Designer: Geetanjali Arora

Makeup & Hair: Manisha Suryavanshi

Stylist: Geetanjali Arora

Special Thanks: Surinder Singh (tabla), Ankit Vasan (Rec engg), Music & Sound Team, OCP Music & Musicians

Label:: Saregama India Ltd.

To buy the original and virus free track, visit www.saregama.com

Follow us on:

YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/saregamamusic

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Saregama

Twitter: https://twitter.com/saregamaglobal

Priyanka Kumari 214

You looking so nice

Riya Pandey

Paas bula ke gle se lga tu ne to bdl dali duniya
Is a awesome and Hurttouching line?‍❤‍?

Sneha Shrivas

Amazing ?

marshmello FF

Feel the song

Dil__dosti__status _

1:32 ❤️❤️

Manisha Kumari

Nice eee eee

Sumitra Singh

?Nice song ?

akshay ranjan

Omg....u r superb.
M listening dis on repeat mode


Winter time in morning walk slowly and plug earphone___❤️❤️#fell_it?

Yogita Manhas

Mood fresh ho gya

Ajay Rathod

Expression is more than some of the actor's career.

Ashu Sahu

Beautiful voice Mera Dil chu liya

Mitali Mahalle

Loved it! ? ❤


Stunning voice.

Dev Lokhande


Balendra Kumar shukla

All of u know that this song is my favorite song
I drive my own car whith my wife I played this song ??????

Pradeep Kumar

Waho mai chupa ke ye kya kiya
Answer- may be born baby accidentally

Kishan Mithapara

good song ..........

Pragya Shukla

Addicted ?❤️

Dilip Kumar

My fever singer and song bhi sookon milta h yaar

syed king

Pas bula k gale se laga k tune to badal dali dunya ?

Sharjeel Afzal


Imran Khan

Nice song ???????

MD. Main Uddin

very good.

Ravi Kavdeti

Use headphone? guys

Nayna Kodlinge

Nice voice

Shubham Torave

1:32 wow ❤️

Meenu Singh


Roshan Gupta

1:32 ?

Navneet Sharma

Awesome ❤❤

Arindam Gupta


Ankit Singh

Heart touching song ??

Geetanjali Singh

I love song ???



Afroz Alam

Awesome song, beautiful line...paas bula ke gale se laga ke tune to badal dali duniya

SakshiAmit Singh

very nice song and voice is very cute?

Souvik Biswas

1:33 is the best ❤️❤️?? pass bulake gale se lagake tune to badal dali* duniye ❤️

Aalam Rehman


Saurabh Gupta

Op song baby

Vagisha Singh

Paas bula ke gale se laga ke tune toh badal dali duniya.....v2?

bivash singh

Issay kahtay h kaisay songs ke maa behan 1 kee jaati h


One of the better covers out there

miss manju dr

1:35 lines ♥️??

SãkìbûL Hãsäñ Sákìb

Ñíçe ?

Li Wa

This is real talent,, after long time I searched it,, beat all categories,, old is gold but this is osm

Rahul Gurung


Mariya Ansari

Old is geat ??


Kub sundur

Sneha Ranga

Original best ?????

Aribaavi Sheikh

Someone in 2021

Janvi Saini

Yr background music so loud

Asma Khanom ononna

রাসূলুল্লাহ সাল্লাল্লাহু আলাইহি ওয়াসাল্লাম বলেন, “তোমরা ঈমানদার না হওয়া পর্যন্ত জান্নাতে প্রবেশ করতে পারবে না। আর তোমরা পরস্পরকে না ভালোবাসা পর্যন্ত মুমিন হতে পারবে না। আমি কি তোমাদের এমন কিছু শিখিয়ে দিবো না যা করলে তোমরা পরস্পরকে ভালবাসবে? (তা হলো) তোমরা নিজেদের মধ্যে সালামের ব্যাপক প্রসার ঘটাও।” “তিনটি জিনিস যে ব্যক্তি একত্রিত করতে পারবে সে ঈমান একত্রিত করল,১. নিজের ব্যাপারেও ইনসাফ করা,২. জগতের সকলকে সালাম দেওয়া, আর৩. অল্প সম্পদ থাকা সত্ত্বেও তা থেকে ব্যয় করা”..।ববব।।

Nandini Chaudhary

I love this song

Abhishek Kartik

Kyu gand maar di bhai is gane ki

Rabiya Khan


nitish kumar gupta

Kya voice hai

Mr. Nitesh Modi

Wow Beautiful???

Army Gamer

Nice song

Usa Sahu

Vinay ji

KaShYaP aNuJ ShArMa

Very Heart touching This Song ?????

Anand Parihar

Lovely song

Mansi jayswal

Old is gold

Sonia waingankar

This song is like a drug

Santosh Jaiswal

Such m...hamari duniya hi badldi

Reetu Manikpuri

Nice song

Ramkumar Lodhi

Amazon nahin kar pa raha hun Achcha songs

Deepika Kanwar

Nice voice ❤️❤️❤️

Rahul dhangar

1:30 just go ❤️♥️

Sohlin Qureshi

Kya baat hai

jignesh patel

Just Imagine, I am driving ? slowly on⛰ hill roads with my wife amidst all the fog and playing this song??.

I won't control my emotions at that moment because she will be with me at that moment.

Koushal Rv Rv

Surendra ko kisne notice kiya from comedy circus

Komal Siddiqui

Butchered the original song! Damn

anshika sharma

Bestest ❤️

Amar Ary

nice thinking

Satyajit Das

I think this voice is cute ...for this song

Vishal Nagpal

I love this song

Yogesh Bhatt

Awesome ?

Anamika Dewangan

Love this song ?

Ayesha __

Came here after watching instagram's reel????

pakeeza saeed


Bhargav Rana

I really like music ?

Neelam sharma

Omg.....her voice??????❤❤❤❤❤❤❤?????❤❤❤❤????❤❤❤❤?????

Nitu Kumari

I loved it ❤️❤️❤️

Sarat Sahoo

So nice sweet song sweet voice

Varsha Gupta

Nice song

Commando Rajawat Niyati

Original song is very much good than this girl !! Don't do these

Kunal Wani

Super cool songs ??

rahul p

Tune o rangile kaisa jadu kiya
Neeche se bhi liya
Aur muh me diya ??

Kalpesh Vasava

Wow ???

ɪɴD Sυмιт YT

Awesome voice with beautiful face

Noor Jahan

Mst gaye ap,???

Riyaz Ahmad

My favorite song ?

pratiksha bansode


Simran Passi

Reels pr yehe song chlrhe h?

Rahul Navgire


Mansi jayswal

Bindiya chamkegi esko v aap bnao songg plzzzzz

Misty Kri

Nice song sis.......