Lilo & stitch experiments

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Covid-19 Tribute Crawling (Evil Experiments from Lilo and Stitch)

9 236 views | 24 Jul. 2020

"Sick Of Covid-19 News?

"Sick Of Covid-19 News? This is my first video for the ones are sick of the news, this is a special video"

Disclaimer: I do not own anything this is for entertainment purpose only

All content belongs to their respectful owners no copyright, This is a Tribute to Covid-19, featuring my favorite evil experiments Cyber, Dark End, Leroy and Scratch.

Krwlng belongs to Linkin Park

Cyber, Dark End, Leroy, Scratch and Lilo and Stitch spin offs belongs to Disney.

Please no hate or inappropriate comments otherwise I'll turn the comments off.

Enjoy the video.


Thank You All Lilo And Stitch Fans For Helping My Channel Grow!!!

Priscilla Mckindley

Is dark end even considered evil

Priscilla Mckindley

And cyber wasn't always evil

Priscilla Mckindley

And I dont even know of scratch is that evil

Jamie Coverdale

I like the collection of scenes and music you chose to tell your story in this masterpiece! You did a great job putting it all together! ????

Priscilla Mckindley

And leroy is just like the other experiments so he can be turned good

The Corruption

All of the experiments are evil besides Ace

Paulo Andres Castro Gonzales

Great video, though it appered randomly suggested by YouTube

- Schattenpflanze -

wasnt there an experiment thats a literal virus?

Shaun Giles

do among us with evil experiments

Veganer nicht-binärer spiritueller Sozialist

Is Scratch 628?
By the way: You have forgot Experiment 627.

Ethan Ingram

I don’t recognize the turquoise one

Alfred Hinton

Stitch and Leroy fought about evenly but stitch couldn’t do anything to 627 in a fight

Lilo & stitch experiments

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Lilo & Stitch 2x25 Mrs Hasagawa's Cats Ace

96 153 views | 4 Feb. 2017

Nico Alcock

Who else loves Lilo and stitch

abandon ship?


Cunthia Meza

even blowhard is my favorite

Jesse Torres

Ace is very rare already good prior to the 1st movie. Jumba accidentally made a good experiment when it’s supposed to be evil. Awesome mess up.


We're evil cause we sing annoying'ly of key

David Coleman

What were the commercials

Nate The Grate

4:36 Favorite Experiment

FoxyFan5000 and ZaddenDaemos

4:44 6:09

David Coleman

What day was this recorded from


Lol Gantu and Reuben

Bleach and a Blowtorch

Sad that they didn't include all of Ace I really prefer it with the deleted part. Also, that was one of the best Pleakley/Jumba moments

James Tafoya

Experiment 002 aka Doubledip: Design to double-dip food

Experiment 024 aka Hamlette: Design to turn objects into ham or pork

Experiment 031 aka Gotcho: Design to pinch people

Experiment 044 aka Forehead: Design to agonize victims by singing barbershop tunes annoyingly off-key

Experiment 051 aka Hocker: Design to spit acidic saliva

Experiment 077 aka Zawp: Design to annoy people with his loud snoring

Experiment 090 aka Fetchit: Design to fetch the morning newspaper for Jumba

Experiment 111 aka Mulch: Design to tear up the ground beneath his feet

Experiment 134 aka Shredder: Design to shred important documents

Experiment 201 aka Geigenstein: Design to eat books so no knowledge is gained

Experiment 214 aka Pix: Design to take bad pictures of people

Experiment 288 aka Boomer: Design to be a living boomerang

Experiment 358 aka Manners: Design to turn people polite

Experiment 507 aka Woody: Design to eat wood at a rapid pace

Experiment 521 aka Wrapper: Design to mummify people in tape

Experiment 533 aka Blowhard: Design to immobilize victims and objects by flying them like kites

Experiment 566 aka Derrick: Design to drill potholes

Experiment 262 aka Ace: Design to cause chaos and destruction; failed due to being programmed heroic and instead helps individuals in distress or danger

Mr.J Jr

Double dip is my favorite I just love his look

Daviddanijo Johnson

This is not ace episode!

Vincent Agostino

This Was Recorded On May 24, 2006.


I was expecting Gantu to go and capture all those experiments at Hasagawa’s place, but I guess he didn’t bother this time. Bet Hämsterviel would be crossed about that.

Jason Tachin

rw: ONE WITH 4 HEADS! *Holds stitch in their arm and struggles*X-(
3h:We're evil cause we sing
4thH: Annoyingly off
Unison (off key):Keeeeeeeyyyyyy!
stitch: *Pulls his ears down in annoyed response * Stitch: YEEESH! <X-(

BWS Wrestling


Jason Tachin

rw:@4:46 <8-D ^^; YEESH ! LOL X-D

David Coleman

That was the day Zoey 101: Spring Break-Up was released

Kyle Strode

Kyle is your favorite team on the planet
I love Lido and stitch

The Nailsmith

I love the polite one
He’s like scp 662 ( misterdeeds)

ashley jelista

Their all cute and powerful but some of them

abandon ship?

Wait a second....blow hard? I thought there was already phoon?

Cunthia Meza

do you want to know what kind of of my favorite cats of Mrs hasawag 's is manners

Nico Alcock

Who else likes Lilo and Stitch?

Cunthia Meza

a camera experiment

GreenJacob 18

I don’t like this episode they actives so many experiment they should gotten they own episode

Jim Lamantia

It's actually from the first airing on May 19, 2006.

David Coleman

This premiered the same day as the suite life of Zack and Cody episode "A Kept Man"

Jason Tachin

rw:@15:16 "Half Price "get it? ;B-)

garcia adrian

I miss this cartoon show


I don’t like how they have one good. I feel it should have been programmed to make others dependent on him so they can’t fend for themselves. Or if he HAS to be good, make him a failed prototype. Number 000.


2:57 omfg stitch lmfao this has me laughing way too hard.

Gian Carlos O.G.

Ace is 262
Stitch is 626
Ace and Stitch is like Tom and jerry

Bradynn Barker

4::05 Wow this episode has a lot of experiments
15 experiments to be exact


I love doubledip!! ❤️❤️

Darkness King

I counted 13 pods being activated but only count 5 in the yard

Official Kirra Kinola 21

5:24 Probably one of the only times Reuben wasn't making insults towards Gantu but instead tried to get Gantu into catching some experiments. LOL

Official Kirra Kinola 21


Joshua Ortiz

if Ace had a voice,Christopher Reeve should have voiced him,but he passed away in 2006


4-Series: Top Secret and mysterious series of militaristic and mostly failed experiments. the ones they are impressed with

LN Art

We're evil cuz we sing ANNOYINGLY OFF KEEEEEEEEEYYYYYYYY!???? I love them


I like to think that Mrs. Hasagawa could be the one to set 627 and Leroy straight. They may not have one true places, per se, but I think she'd make room in her home for them. I think those two still have the capacity for good, no matter what Jumba/Hamsterviel says.


2:57??? hes a lawnmower

Lilo & stitch experiments

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Leroy and Stitch - Final Battle (720p)

276 123 views | 5 Nov. 2019

The Battle Against The

The Battle Against The Leroys

"Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use."

Magid The Gliscor

0:19 COOLER (500)?!

Huginn Hjartarson

Stitch: Experiments! Assemble.

Jordan Goertz

I don't speak stitch but i think he said lets kick ass

Xiomara La Gordita

I remember this scene being longer wow

Chris Richardson

0:28 - 0:41 Since Gantu Reformed And Joined The Aloha Team I Like Him Now And I Forgive Him For The All The Bad Things He'd Done In The Past Thanks To Dr Hamsterviel. Besides I've Learned That Always Willing To Forgive Your Enemies Is A Noble Trait.

Emily Lai


Alejandro T.Ramirez


Luna Morningstar Blaze

Man I haven’t seen this movie in like forever

ItsUseron Roblox

Fun Fact: Frank Welker (the voice of Fred Jones [since scooby doo where are you] and Scooby Doo [since 2002] made a cameo in this scene
He voiced, Sparky (Experiment 221), Sprout (Experiment 509), Mr. Stenchy (Experiment 254), Kixx (Experiment 601), Holio (Experiment 606), Finder (Experiment 158), Deforestator (Experiment 515), Yin (Experiment 501), Yang (Experiment 502), Tank (Experiment 586), Checkers (Experiment 029), Slugger (Experiment 608), Splodyhead (Experiment 619) Which means he voiced 13 experiments.
a legend.

Evan Sawyer Hancock

Stitch and angel siting in a tree

Jusuf Ramadhan

Before avengers endgame

olga janeth flores piña

This you


3:59 in a perfect world gigi didnt save Satan

ReaperTalon 1

At 4:04 I believe was a Star Wars reference, and at 4:06 was another one.

Xave Buenaventura

That "There's too many of em" part reminds me of banner in infinity war. Also he's green and big HAHA

AndreNitro X1000

After watching the whole show this was one of the most epic battleS to me as a kid!




So, was Leroy Experiment 628?

phương nhi lê

Lilo & stitch

Long Live X

Experiment 626

Selena Easttum

Nice one Gantu!!!



Harley Quinn

I always thought of this as venom vs carnage

Vanessa Sandoval

What about set up aloha oe

Иван Дегтяр

0:40 there is a pumbaa in the background
Там пумба на заднем плане

Alejandro T.Ramirez


ionel ionel

January 13, 2012

chicken noodles

this is the endgame i grew up with

mabelle basco

what number is that experiment

Darrell Kee

0:40 beside Derrick and zappy is that pumba and teemo

Laura Garduno


Joshua Carmona




Jacob B

3:41 BABIES!!!???

Bradley Cossins

Pause at 1:35 and you'll see Timone and Pumba behind Gantu's leg to your left.


3:04 - Angel: Stitch!!!
3:11 - Angel: I ? U Stitch
3:12 - Stitch: I ? U 2 My Angel

Evan Sawyer Hancock

This is my favorite show and movie I even have a screen on my phone of it

Morgan Miracle

Gantu: you never did understand the meaning of “Aloha”, did you?
Hamsterwheel: well, I think it means-
Gantu: that was a Rhetorical Question!




Huginn Hjartarson

Stitch and Leroy were both cloned by Gantu on the same place, which means they're not cousins. They're brothers.

• Sashley The Platypus OwO •

ima f*cking hate you LEROY!!!!!!

Cat Santos

Why can’t I catch these guys with my pokeballs??!!

Gray Angel

Take buujibu ♡

Anthony Villanueva

5 and 6 series were MVPs here

Vanessa Sandoval

How many clones of Leroy to defeat all 626 experiments

Alejandro T.Ramirez


Seth Leoric

I remember watching this, oddly found it awesome

Vinessa Reese

War World Kick Ass

Deron Castro

2:48 wut.

Apax Predator

3:13 THEY'RE COUSINS!!!!!!

it’s Firewolf564 YT༄

1:43 I noticed some little details in there:

1. Two new cousins (Kingpin and Weasle)

2. A recolored Angel (experiment 624)

3. Cloned experiments (Sproing, Deforestator and Weasle)

20th Century P. A. C.


aguas 20

1:38, Easter Egg on the far right.

Julia Nguyen

i love this stitch and his cousins so much i even but a profile of him XD

Sammyjames Friend

1:38 on the right above the green stitch is none other than timone and pumba

Jibanyan the cat !!!

1:36 timon pumbaa???????
Pause the vidio

phương nhi lê

Leroy & stitch


people always thought it was lilo and stitch.

Mashiyah Martin

wait so angel and stitch are dating? o.o

Kingkupa Marvel

timon and pumbaa in the background

cool 23819

imagine all the powerful experiments they could've come up with if they kept going!


I wish Angel was in more of the movie

Fire Type Toby

Why was holio running away with fibber and nosy hes a living black hole

18karat gold

I haven’t watched this in years, how do I still remember most of their names??? omggg

Jose Hernandez

0:06 I cracked up on this part.???

Emmy 11

Used to know all the names of the experiments. The tv series was my childhood ?

Mike Keywood

Stitch was my childhood crush

Joshua DeLo

Is this movie one or two?

revin hatol

3:25 Chihuahua

Alejandro T.Ramirez


Viper Wolf24

Three Timon’s and Pumbaa’s? Each one came from a different movies from he lion king,
The Lion King (1994)
The Lion King II Simba’s pride
The Lion King 1 1/2 special


ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 엔드게임 전투씬의 아동버젼같당


There should've been an Endgame type scene where Kim Possible and Jake Long, who both crossed over with the show, joining the fight. And The Proud Family and the Recess gang, who also appeared on the show, reacting to the news reporting about it. I'm just here to say this.

Devon Reese

My Favorite Part

Gray Angel

Experiment 624 is my most favorite other than 626 of course ^^
None of the rest come close to the one true power couple ;]




Show us all the experiments we need to see to complete Disney, it's not enough, even the clones or duplicates you made is stupid, you made most of us disappointed!

Fanel Fabien

Stiche said the white one is judole in neyo she knows video music are they still no not that said stiche they stuck on its something going on said stiche I can see said stiche my people are still moun chinoir

Anthony Fierro

How many expirements are thier

Thomas Freund

How brutal the fight actually is if you remember that they are all bio weapons and what they could do with their powers so no wonder that they were illegal

Jose ramon Canetw


It’s me yo Boi

Disney’s version of Pokemon

Bluberry the dutchie AKA Ary Beery

rip david ogden stiers/jumba you will be missed

Rocko Rama

1:38 is that me and Pumbaa?

Mikhael Gonzalez

4:32 it was at this moment that stitch knew... HE FUCKED UP AND DIED!!!!!

Marissa Chauvin

Are stitch and angel cousins, despite him having a crush on her?


That lava dude was always my favorite such a cool design alot of these could be pokemon


I actually wanna eat a sandwich now

Gwendolyn Conner

3:42 and 4:29 and 4:39?????

Shena Sterling

Come on aloha team you can do this

Anthony Fierro

So many experiments

Jennah Hawwa Ali Cooper

Subscribe to Mr. whiskers or cat

Joaquin Adormeo

Wait this was real, I thought this was a dream, it's as amazing as I remember


Ah yes, I remember when two alien armies battled it out in aloha stadium...haha

Khayree Beyah

It’s actually amazing how some of the experiments are able to defend themselves…one of them is an actual Christmas star and yet is able to fight Leroy clones

Nahtan Dorvol

Best anime of all time

nachan kyle

Ganto actually become good from the Chinese series of stitch and ai

khammuan champhapungphet


Crissy G


Jutlor Briolt

Shit my childhood memories, this is wholesome af