White apple case

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60 Days Later iPhone XS Max Smart Battery Case

7 649 views | 16 Apr. 2019

After 60 Days we see how

After 60 Days we see how the iPhone XS Max smart battery case has held up. I also try cleaning the case as well! How did the case do after 2 months of daily use? Click on the video and find out!


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#iphone #smartbattery #followup

Sourav Datta

The humor u use in between ur review makes u really unique and fun to watch...

Have a few qstns...wen u put on the case...would it charge the phone continuously?

If thts the case wont it degrade the battery?

Theodoric Of York

Get that eraser a little more wet, damp don't totally ring it totally out. You should see a difference. Mine cleaned up very well.

Lacie Wray

Pretty sure there is a warranty that you can use for when it gets worn out

Randa Baioni

Does this case work with wired headphones? If not - what wireless headphones do you recommend?

Ericka M

What about ink on this case

Taymur Hussain

Yup ur right I have a smart battery case in black for IPhone XR and it does pick a lot of oil stains and it’s very visible

Sukhpreet Deol

What’s you maximum battery Health after using the case

r b

keep making great videos! I use Android myself, but I'll watch anything you publish.

Ambi Dextrose


Jeff Barner

I had the charging issue a couple of time I first got it too. I forgot which beta as running. Also I think at the time I was using the poopy 5w charger. It’s like the 5w wasn’t strong enough and the case wouldn’t register to charge itself. I would have to restart my phone too


Please do a 120 day follow up. I have a black one for my iPhone Xs Max

Vic T

Do you recommend this case after a year? And what color do you prefer?

Joey Perry

How but now how is the case?


Thanks for your honest video!!! nice work! Never a white case for me again!

CS Fraser

Yes would like to see the follow up. Would alcohol wipes remove the dirt as well? I can’t do scrubbing with the magic eraser.


You need more subs wth ?. Quality content!

Flawless Films LLC

I have the Seceret juice to clean all white  products...  gawd signing out!

Oh want to know how the  gawd got the  symbol? Sub to my channel, vids coming soon!!!


Have you had any issues with it so far? I've read allot of bad reviews of it dying few weeks -months in. I want to buy one soon. But I'm skeptical now. Also I've read it deteriorates the iPhone battery with time because of nonstop charging. Can you give any good advice?

Challenger Boy

Did the battery case lower the battery health ? I heard it damages battery capcity

White apple case

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iPhone 12 Pro Max SILVER 512GB + Apple Silicone Case with MagSafe White Unboxing Experience

30 873 views | 13 Nov. 2020

We got the IPhone 12 Pro

We got the IPhone 12 Pro Max (512GB) + Silicone Case from Apple in the color White!

The phone is so big but absolutely gorgeous - I am so in love with this elegant phone.

I cant wait to record great videos with this amazing phone as well.

Any support is greatly appreciated!

Always a big thank you and I LOVE Y'ALL!

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Srasri Kritkrathok


Kinza Bensouda

Mine Is in the fedex truck and I got the gold. Enjoy

victoria katei

I got the 12 pro in space grey and i'm kicking myself for not going with silver instead?


i’m getting the same phone with the same storage & case! :D

N kim

Finally someone unbox the silver pro max 512gb

thank you this video was really helpful because i want to buy the same phone ☺??

Lilith Rose r0lilith on IG

ughh the silver is absolutely classic. i pre ordered mine ten minutes after the release and ive been soo impatient ever since! ??love this vid! cannot wait for mine!

Flutterby Scratchcards

Amazing video currently watching this on my 12 pro max silver ? xx

Britt Dijkstra

Id like to get the white silicone case as well! I am afraid it gets dirty fast though, what is your experience with it so far?

yuki chan

woooooow what a beauty and 512GB, so many space for memories!!! are both of the phones silver? ^_^

Maria Khan

i still don't know if i should buy the iPhone 11 or the iPhone 12 ughhh


I just ordered the silver pro max, it’s so underrated
, the side of it looks so hawt ?, cant wait for it to arrive ?


영상 완전 오랜만에 봐요 ㅠㅠㅠ 아이폰 완전 예쁘져 ㅎㅎㅎ

Quang Tuệ

Ohhh I’m waiting to see this color?. Silver is so great and beautiful. All of videos are blue and gold color?.

Godly Dev

Nooooo my iphone 12 pro is over heating and my battery drains fast

S0LIVAGANT_0009 ••••

Silver is the best by far

Gabbs Ortiz

I have this phone and I love it! I didn't know the white was so popular I thought for sure it would be the Blue. Cool, I'm rocking it with the orange (Coral) apple case.


finally a not gold phoneeeee



josva sughal

Is it too big or its ok ? What do you prefer 12 pro or 12 pro max . Im littile confused.. by the way nice video.....❤️❤️

katie beradze

I still have iPhone 4 and I’m dreaming for new phone ? can someone get me one

Jenni Lo

Finally someone who unboxing silver. The white color looks so aesthetic

Dark Shadow



Im loving the silver with white case combo ✨

Neil Perena

The silver with white silicone case, perfect combo ??

Micheal Erick

I want to thank #40_crak# on iG for his great work.

Taylor Ligon

Should I upgrade my iPhone 11 to this phone or wait?


It's been a month. How's the white silicone case holding up? I've been wanting to buy that!


Please do a what’s in my phone video?

Harry Drake

Thanks! I'm looking to get this combination!

Srasri Kritkrathok


Micheal Erick

I want to thank #40_crak# on iG for his great work.

Aya So Ermac

SO PRETTY!! Still waiting for mine same color ahh <3


What song is at the end?


i love this video! it was so cute to hear how excited both of you guys were :)

Rene Cruz

Do those apple cases actually protect that phone from drops ?


this video sold me on the silver pro max! can’t wait for it to arrive!! also what’s the second song in the video called? it’s so nice ??

Destinie Lo

When you said another unboxing? I was like ok let's do it hahahaha

Dee R

Finally a silver pro max! Thank you!!!

White apple case

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Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max Silicone Case Review!

87 553 views | 11 Oct. 2019

iPhone 11 Pro Max Silicone

iPhone 11 Pro Max Silicone Case Review!

in this video i unbox and review the iPhone 11 Pro Max Silicone Case and give my thoughts about it and talk about if you should buy or not!

thanks for watching the video i hope you guys enjoyed if you did please like, comment, and subscribe!

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Cynthia Lopez

You are cute!! Def buying the case

Athena Cho

does the case get dirty easily?

connor hetherington

I had my first apple silicone case for 11 pro max, for the money it’s not worth it on mine the silicone started comming off on the bottom right corner and where the power button is, I have had it replaced but if the same thing happens again il get my money back and get a aug case from eBay they are suppose to be really good?

John Emmanuel DelaCruz Gatus

No hate, but the camera look like a hole with white case bc it is very dark especially in space grey

Benedict Payot

White looks so clean. How's the color now?

john tovar

That white one looks Dope

Pavel Malý

2:31 the dust on your keyboard is driving me insane ?

Just j.c xX 2412

Why his hands look so small

Veronica Serrato

Hi I just bought a white silicone case for my iPhone ? 11 thanks ? great ? video

Quinn Encalade

I like the white but I feel like it's just going to get really dirty overtime.

Ethan M

You Talking about about the open bottom for multitasking , did u forget you talking about iPhone and not Android ? sometimes I wish I could go to Android


Guys i wanna buy iPhone 11 Pro Max and still i think color of case is looks like better than others, i wanna choose white silicon case or red silicon case

Daniel C

the new 12 pro case has the lip all the way around :(


Does it get yellow on the sides like the fake ones?


will they get dirty easily and not being able to wipe it off?


i legit was gonna buy the black case until i saw this and changed my mind

Dan Vojtěch

What color has this iphone? Space or green?

a samsungnoteii

The white and black silicone cases look the most sleek and prestige tbh

Roman Villasenor

How long until it starts to yellow? Obviously since its white its inevitable it’ll happen.

MDC 4334

What's the name of the intro song?


Same I was wondering how the white case would look like and I’m totally loving it

David Jacobs

Only problem with the silicone cases is that they are a pocket lint and dust magnet.

Ohne abo

is it actually white ?? it kinda looks pink on the apple website


I wish I was brave enough to use my iPhone without a case lol


Any scruff marks or scratches on the bottom part ?

MC Tumbling

How long does it take for it to get trippy?


The only problem I have is how dirty that keyboard was!! But loved the vid ?

Bmuelles 2001

Is otter better durability wise?

Antonio De Jesus

Is this seafoam or soft white?

Dan Vojtěch

Hello! :) I can ask? What color you prefer iphone 11 pro? And size? Pro or Pro Max? I have iphone Xs Max , And I don't know if to sell it and buy Iphone 11 pro max space or let it and buy 11 pro? I need some advice

DJ Ness

you lost me on "I will never use an otter box"

Shivam Sohal

Man I wanted to Buy An iPhone 11 Pro Max Space Grey But Now Im Going With Midnight Green With The White and Black Silicone Case Just Cause You Made Me Change The Idea.

Great Reviews Thanks

Cam Harrison

I agree with you, no otter box cases, it ruins the experience on having a premium iPhone.


What kind of background is that?

Estella Bacolod

Does the white silicone case get easily dirty? Cuz thats one of my concerns.

Camillo Kohl

did it turned yellow yet. and does it get dirty fast?

Jeremiah Lee

his head so big his hands so small

Beselfless Wear a mask

Apples white silicone is the best. Never shows dirt wipes clean all the time. And if have a pet you don’t see all the hair on it like you the black Apple silicone case. Light colours for silicone dark colours for leather


I get the same exact silicone case with the soft inside minus the apple logo for $20 from Boost Mobile. I got mine in black it feels really good and makes the phone just look even better some how..


after watching this, i purchased it. thanks man!

Junior G.

That keyboard is so dirty 2:27

Trav L

Much better than clear case. The clear case just absorbs all the dust and fingerprints

Aqua rich

Dusty keyboard

Qt pie

Bought this case still waiting for it. Have an otterbox it’s a bit bulky but I really don’t drop my pro max that much. Does this silicone case have atleast a drop protection from pocket height?

Anil Kaivalya

Does this turn yellow?

Givenchy Homme

Damn that first shot makes you look thick af! Nice review otherwise!

G Vill

Nice case! Nice pants too!

Inez Geerts

Does this case looks as beautiful on the 11 PRO MAX SILVER?? ???? Or better with space grey? What do you think? Thank you. ?


I love apple silicone cases, the only thing i dislike about them is the massive cutout on the bottom. Even though i'm very careful and don't drop my device, i still don't like worrying about that little liability, in the back of my mind i know if you dropped your phone on the bottom, it will hit the ground directly on the screen and shatter, but like i said, i'm careful with my phones and never drop them so i'm not super worried but the lingering fear is still back there.


Bought a knock off for $9
- same color, same design, same microfiber lining, same apple logo.
-indistinguishable from the original

Also made in China and probably from the same factory as well. Only difference is I didn’t pay $40 for it.


U look like lil pump

iPhone Fanatic

I always go with apple silicone cases.. they’re in my opinion the best! I like the design and feel and the protection it gives.. every now and then I try a different case and I always end up going back to my Apple silicone case.. I have it on my new iPhone 11 pro and for some reason I think Apple improved even more the quality cause it feels a lil more slimmer plus the material doesn’t get that much dust and lint like other Apple silicone cases in the past.. you can’t go wrong with Apple’s silicone cases they’re just the best.

Mr Mart

Best intro music ever

Jae Tech

Why do you buy real apple cases? You yourself said it pointless and to get the fake one... just curious?


May I have ur wallpaper pleasee

Mike Gonzalez

Hey bro! So are you or are you not using a case?? Lol. Midnight green or space gray, and lastly why max over reggie? You not get tired of the massive phone?

Maxim Mironov

Hi Jared.

Thanks for the detailed video.

While using the case do you think that the color will distract you from the screen, when you watch videos for example?

rianna kee

Never had a white case. Only concern is does white get dirty fast? Holding your phone, everyday routines etc.

Mindy Doan

I love your review, could you please do a review on their new colors?

Vassilis Magoulas

love the case. One question though... how does it handle dirt over time? will it turn beige or yellowish?