Protocol hack

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How hackers use DevTools - Web Security #4

11 630 views | 12 Oct. 2019

Full playlist:

Full playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLYxzS__5yYQmaTY08Z93Kuy7Dg41G4rqX


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Natesh M Bhat

I didn't get any notification for ur videos even when I have turned All notifications on.


Super helpful! Thanks so much!

Maxi Equa

Thank you! Please would you add this video to the playlist :)

Patrice Kenmoé

00:52 you should know, the console tab, Sources tab, Network tab and some sort of Application tab as well 01:10 Console 01:47 is the scripting tab 01:56 Sources tab, for debugging purposes, to see if you can manipulate JavaScript in real time 02:16 pretty print 02:21 what happen if I want change some sort JavaScript execution meanwhile it's executed ? 03:35 make them conditional 09:10 local storage


Woah this is crazy. I did not know i could have this power with dev tools.

b.tulsi Rao

@codedamn..firstly thanks for sharing detail video.. small request to you. could you please create a video on how to find dom xss using inspect elements, as most of the application now a days works on API, whatever we enter in input parameter does not reflect in source code in this case how to use inspect element in browsers.


Many of the things I was unaware. Thanks this was helpful.

colingamer13 playz

i saw this video through a link

Danial Malik

First Comment! <3 u


been searching for this for soo long! Thank you! Good stuff.

ashley pursell

great video thanks so much

Kikijs221 Play

Don't have source

Onion s

Do i need to learn deep javascript

Protocol hack

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Breach Protocol Exploit in Cyberpunk 2077 (1,000,000+ XP per hour)

37 247 views | 23 Dec. 2020

Follow us on Twitter:

Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/GamesDataBank

Join our discord: https://discord.gg/Zq2xHMHSwU

Special Thanks to Dodo and Avha for contributing in the discord!

How to do the speed cheat: https://youtu.be/bcfwOD6Mio4

Follow on Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/videogamedatabank

We found a brand new and improved Breach Protocol level up exploit for Cyberpunk 2077. With this Cyberpunk 2077 XP exploit you can expect to hit max breach protocol level in 30 minutes, or less sometimes.

If you can't get this exploit to work, don't lose sleep over it. This is the most difficult and buggy exploit out of all the ones we've posted so far. There are so many things that can go wrong with this exploit because there are multiple exploits being used together. If any single one of the exploits stops working right, the whole Cyberpunk 2077 breach protocol XP exploit is ruined.

You'll need level 18 intelligence for this cyberpunk breach protocol exploit. That way you can buy anamnesis level 3. It's difficult to get this perk working correctly, you may have to try multiple different tricks as shown in the video.

Next you'll need to go to a specific area in Pacifica where there are some broken cameras that let you play in real time while scanning. When you combine that with Anamnesis you can spam the turn camera on and off quickhack super fast forever without stopping.

Also before you start you have to check to make sure the breach protocol exploit from the previous video is working, or else you'll waste a lot of time grinding this Breach Protocol XP cheat in Cyberpunk 2077.

Turn the camera off/on and wait to see your XP gains, then do it again and make sure you're getting 130+ on every on/off cycle before you commit to grinding with anamnesis.

Finally once you grind this way for long enough there's a chance the on/off will break and it will let you spam it without the cast time. When that happens you'll be gaining more than one million breach protocol XP per hour.

This is literally the fastest way to gain breach protocol XP in Cyberpunk 2077. There is a mathematical limit to how fast you can gain breach protocol EXP in Cyberpunk 2077. Unless someone finds a way to get more XP per interaction from something like this.

Now you know the best Cyberpunk 2077 breach protocol level up exploit. There is probably no better breach protocol farming exploit in Cyberpunk 2077. If we ever do find a faster way to get breach protocol XP fast in Cyberpunk 2077, we will make a new video. Until then this is the best Cyberpunk 2077 breach protocol cheat you'll find on the internet.

Dan Noel

off topic, but if you dupe or craft, make a ton of, health booster(+20% health),capacity booster(+50% carry capacity),ram jolt(+2 ram), & stamina booster(+50% stamina), apply all at once, takes literally less than a minute, and they last for 30 minutes gameplay, ?


Why is this video almost 20 minutes?


Amazes me how people can find/discover this shit!

Phil Henderson

They look like concrete flower beds

Michael Jordan

Must be nice on console with your interfaces remembering the last thing you picked, on PC you have to mouse scroll each and every single damn time.


Omg.... Talks too much..

Jasper Bouchard

Using Netwatch Netdriver MK.5 Legendary deck with 30 RAM with Memory Boost, Ex-Disk, and Limbic System Enhancer (all frontal cortex stuff) equipped and it worked like a breeze for me to get my last few breach levels. Thanks for the tip!

Additionally, getting tons of components from this explot as well, not sure what it is triggereing but If I spot it I'll update what's causing it

torben lyneborg eriksen



7 hours of this guys' life, and you ungrateful peons who are complaining about 20 minutes. Go find shit on your own then. Be grateful he even shares exploits He finds. Anyways, good vid man. Ignore the haters.

John Gotti

Thx for all your hard work bro ? love the vids!

Seth Dunaway

This game is great fun but it's so fucking broken and bad ?

loading Name

That advertisement at the start is total mood

Also do all the glitches still work? ☺️

Mitchell Julius

Lol, when I first noticed this, I was like: wait, is that real?? Can I really do this?? Gives you extra Ram so I loved it.

David Alberto Contreras Miranda

Same way you were glighing the breach protocol, using the perk maxing up amnesomthing, from the same spot, you ping the 4 things you can see, the camera, the 2nd camera on the left, the 3rd camera on the left, then the car on the left also, same way, but a bit slower, but about 5 mins and got like 4 lvls... very easy...

Ryan Dixon

How you found the breach protocol shard?

Joseph Merrill

whats the best way to level up engineering yall?


Where do you even begin “figuring out” exploits? I wouldn’t even know where to begin. Like... do I think in my head that I want infinite ammo and then my fingers will press some buttons and “figure it out”. ??‍♂️ Props to you and people like you!

james troup

Wish there was an attribute and perk point exploit to be able to unlock everything in all trees ?


Hi, have tested your trick it work. I have test another faster way by modified yours. Use breach and distract then just spam On/Off camera(Quickhack menu no more uploading). Ping can get alot of Quickhack if the area got alot enemy. Anamnesis must start from Full RAM to get it works. I using PS4 Slim.


I was doing something similar to this and discovered a better way to do it if you want me to send the video? I don’t make videos or anything so more power to you if you want the content. Did this on camera you do the stuff on quick hacking with. Got my breach protocol in 10 min. The way the anamethis or however you spell it only kicks in when you have the ram all the way. When I had my ram at 30 it got it to glitch out and use the perk everytime. I found out how to trigger what you wasn’t figuring it out everytime

Terry P

Wow.. you managed to literally hype this up to be so complicated and amazing I almost had an orgasm and then nothing for like 15 mins... then I found 17 other videos doing the same in 2 mins. Gotta cut the waffling a little bud^^

joshua peed

First try ty

Uncle Spam

none of these work on PC ......FYI


This was 17 minutes of talking just to talk and 1 minute of info on the actual topic lol

Marquin Alisia

Damn.. not smart enough

Willie B

No matter how fast, slow, or steady I go I cannot get the Anamnesis to work. I run out of RAM and have to wait until it refills to keep going. I've tried it with my upgraded equipment as well as stripping my cyberware down to the lowest levels. What do I need to do differently?


Used this method to get to lvl 20.


Man I see this channel growing fast! Congratulations!


I was doing the breach protocol exploit that you posted earlier and I got Anamnesis to proc a few times even without this menu always open bug, the thing that fucked it up for me was the Camillo Ram manager that I added for your advice, everytime it procced, the anamnesis stopped giving me 4 ram back every time I went to zero. Gonna try take it off and see if I can get to 20 with the old trick as long as anamnesis keeps on proccing, I'm already 15 anyway on that character as she's a full Netrunner build.

Uncle bioticz

You over complicated this so much to much talking

Darren Pask

You can do it with anamnesis but you have to wait for your ram to recharge I'm getting 3000 xp every minute or 2 ?

Ryan Torkelson

I was able to do this at the camera in Pacifica used in other quick hacking exploits. No rendering needed. Just started at full and did slow steady pace with the mentioned perk capped.

Matthew Burgos

The place where you exploit quick hacks can also be used for breach and it's less buggy for me. Also I was able to do it with all the cyberware upgrades you said to avoid.

kyle keith

Can I still earn attribute points even though I'm max level and max street cred?!?!

jerome ty

working! key success are the perks and the build , but it takes a while to reach max lvl. Harder difficulties looks to work with better xp gain


I love videos like these

Drew T


At this point, they’re not exploits.

They’re unintended ‘features.’


You concerned me with how many times you said this bugs out but it worked perfectly for me first try thank god lol! Thank you!


I’ve been duping the upgrade shard that gives you a bit of xp for specific traits. Only have the shard for quickhacking xp. Remember getting a bunch but never paid attention until this morning when this idea popped into my head.


ANAMNISIS,greek for MEMORY.this game seem to use a lot of that.also:RAM DOESN'T ACTUALLY WORK LIKE THAT.also-also:why doesn't anyone read the fucking messages?ocd triggered.


I used this method on the same camera as I did your quickhacking exploit and it worked.

Frozen Hare

You can do the menu part and get time to not be slow-mo by zooming in with your optics before scanning the device, up on d-pad,


Pacifica seems to be where the most exploits are for INT builds lol

There is also a bug where using Turn off/on camera will not go on cooldown, by which I mean you can just spam it. I think it has something to do with one of the kill cooldown perks or breach protocol cooldown perks. I've noticed it more when I've killed someone though and it works with any camera on the map.


great video, lots of explanation

Robert Booth

Thanks! Tried on PC, the rate you gain for this is faster than 1 million per hour. I timed it and was getting 50k per minute. Worked 1st time, thanks! You do seem correct, key does seem to be being at full ram and going slow until you verify it is resetting the ram, then as fast as you want.


Best exploit: play the game on EASY.
Because that's all this is - a tedious way to play the game on easy.

laffie waffie

Finally got anamnesis to kick in took few days of trying but got it

Diaper Girl Psykira

FYI, you can also do this on the shutters in V's apartment, and if the perk breaks and you hit the "no ram" message, you can rest in your bed, and do it again.


U getting close to 10k subs now?


I have found a farily consistent way to reproduce this glitch (the instant hacking part).

Hack the camera, then re-render it.

Enter scanning mode while not looking at any hackable object, then turn to face the camera while in scanning mode. This way scanning mode remains in realtime instead of slowdown. So far this trick worked for me a bunch of times

In a similar manner, once you manage to activate this glitch at a place with lots of enemies you can also get near instant quickhack XP by using ping (pinging is a bit slower because you need to wait for the initial ping animation (2s) to go off, before you can ping again.

Antony Owl

Thanks for the Guide. Found out, I'm getting 105 xp per Turning On/Off at 8 Intelligence lvl, without that perk and without removing any Cyberware, and cameras don't break. At Coastview, Pacifica, a few block North from your spot

Brian YourMaster

Nxt time you make a video dont make it so looooooooong
The video could have been 2 minutes 3 max just show where you are what you need and what you need to do done ezpz

Jess Kerson

On PC autoclicker / macro is your friend

Staticthe WhiteWolf

Something on a street made out of concrete, filled with dirt, and has plants growing out of it? Maybe a planter?

Dover Sole

Started this before watching the end. Im a fully loaded netrunner, netwatch mk5 and all cortex mods, etc. It still worked the first time.

Aqua Neon

I had 29 max ram and it worked on my first try.


All these exploits are good for youtuber who make builds fast but for players...what's the point playing the game

travis 420

There is a legendary crafting spec for a m1973 on the roof of afterlife on top the room to right soon is exit elevator


It works for me great If I count 1, 2 for each press till I get in the glitch, maybe it might work for you guys! :-)


Default key on PC for that action is F

Savio Noronha

Just get to the point

Ian Seely

Worked first try, although I accidently backed out of it like 8 times, but the camera never once gave me problems, I didn't max out Anamnesis only 2/3 and I accidently did breach protocol and uploaded ICE but for some reason that actually helped!

Peter James Lee

Method of how to max everything........ play the god damn game


I was going through my playthrough looking to make a Satori/Katana build, then I discovered how OP quickhacks were, and at that point I was already level 47, so I said fuck it, and made an intelligence build with 7 Intelligence using the Legendary Netwatch Mk.5 Deck, Rare Contagion (If anybody knows how to get Epic please let me know), Epic Overheat (I don't remember where I got the crafting recipe for this), and Rare Synapse Burnout with the Mass Vulnerability Daemon, and guess what, It still fucking works, Int builds are so fucking OP.

Total Stats: 20 Body, 18 Reflex, 18 Tech, 7 Int, 8 Cool.


Anything that requires you to be level 20 in any spec isn’t a glitch


Does difficulty level affect xp experience for this glitch?


Told you

Raven Wells

Well I got it to work, so did it for 20 straight minutes...Gained 1 level of breach protocal from 6 to 7...wth, lol

Gerhard Schelkmann

Nice Video ?? I tested it and it works good for me. I play on XBox serie S and used Anamesia on level 1 with the Mk 5 Netwatch Deck. I did it from the Spot you showed in the Video. With the full stack I started scanning, slow pings every second. When the ping turned red I switched to turning on off the camera. When the ping got white again I used it again till it turned red again. For the rest I used the camera on/off again till my points where gone and then I could spam it. My screen showed no points but after every click it showed 1/30, 2/30, 1/30... and so on. Wasn’t complicated to use the exploit this way. Thanks for the the video. Breech was realy not leveling fast. Started with the exploit at level 7 while Quickhacks was already at 20. I needed round about 45 minutes.


HOLY ** I get it! This is a hard exploit to pull off! Don't need to talk our ears off about "how difficult this is" for five whole minutes. Geeze. Timestamp past the part with all the disclaimers at least. I appreciate that you figured this out and posted it up here to share with all of us, but there are few things on youtube that get me riled like a video that just goes in circles uselessly forever before giving out what they actually made the video for. Some banter is ok. But this is excessive.

Sir Dave

mine doesnt work...maybe they patched it?


Press F to pay respects to the camera

Andreas Geisler

Lol had 30 ram and tryied it still worked great

Stephen Fitts

Thank you for this video. I experienced a different glitch. Not sure if this happened on PS4, but on PC, you can get stuck in the "scanning screen" where it wont go away and I have only been able to save and reload to get it to return to normal. Anyways, from stuck in the scanning screen I had to turn around and let my ram build back up, then I turned back around in the spot that you are in video, not paying attention I tried to breach protocol the camera and quickly hit escape because I knew I messed but what happened was that it allowed me to turn on and off the camera as fast as I could hit "F". Button on PC. I was able to spam the "F" button for about 4 minutes and it maxed me out some 150K points. I didn't think to record it until I came to post this comment and am not sure how to use all of the fancy screen capture software but I did make a zoom of it if you are interested.

Clifton Sargent

I will come back when I’m lv.18


If you put Combat Amplifiers on the Yinglong iconic SMG, it gives you a 5% chance for each element. With 4 equipped, you have a 20% chance at burn, bleed, poison, and shock, all at the same time.

I don't know if it's considered an exploit but I haven't seen anyone mention it


If you're on PC just use autohotkey or similar to auto-press the key.


dude come on
18 minutes? really?

Hugo Adame

The exploit Champ is at it again ! #MVP . can’t wait until the next vid !

Robert Miller

I followed your guide to a T and just couldn't get it to work, but for some reason one time I accidentally clicked Breach Protocol, immediately failed it, and suddenly the on/off switch for the camera was enabled in realtime.

jimmy john

FYI , your quickhack camera works also, wait for full mana and have the refill perk thingy, then spam on off and once it depletes to 0 it auto refills to 4 so you can just keep spamming

Kris Larsen

Another good one is the mines just deactivating and reactivating them over and over again

Protocol hack

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The TRUTH About How to Hack in Cyberpunk 2077- An In-depth Breach Protocol Hacking Guide/Tutorial

139 422 views | 11 Dec. 2020

This is a comprehensive

This is a comprehensive cyberpunk hacking guide tutorial on how to solve breach protocol hacking minigames in Cyberpunk 2077. In this Ultimate hacking guide, we'll be discussing how to hack simplified, your cyberdeck, and breach protocol as well as access point hacks.

The hacking minigame in Cyberpunk 2077 can be frustrating to figure out. Knowing how to unlock all the options will help a ton and that is what this video is for! I will also be showing you where to go to get a cheap operating chip early in the game that has a higher buffer to save you even more time.

We go over:

How to hack in Cyberpunk

How to do breach protocols & access points

How to do the hacking minigame

What is a buffer in cyberpunk

How to get a larger buffer

Where to find good operating chips in cyberpunk

Secret Button Shhh!: ? https://www.youtube.com/c/TheInternetsAwesome?sub_confirmation=1



0:00 Intro

0:20 The Basics

2:45 How Sequences Work

4:15 Live examples

8:45 Where to find a Cheap Cyberdeck with a Buffer of 7

9:05 Final Example with a Buffer of 7 Now

11:00 Key Takaways/Outro


Thank you for this. The other tutorials are trash

Mr,derpy the zero

I kinda messed up and spooked her then I had to kill her and now I'm here


Thanks dude ?

Victor Okolieaboh

I strongly recommend Novak_crack on instagram as the best online hacker to recover lost account and also hack partners secret accounts.? percent legit ❇️

Ryan Dalziel

Great teaching!

Takemura Hanzo

Thank you, this was extremely helpful

Trent Richards

I got to the end of the video and he still did not complete a protocol completely. There was no 100% success like it says in the title.

Darius Romfield

Thanks, this helped. But you should dub over this video replacing Zee A with Seven A.

iffy Saqibi

Still dont get it lmao


best video about hacking minigames

David Schaeffer

The biggest point that was missing here is that you can sometimes start with an intentionally wrong code if the first line doesn't give you what you want. So if you have a 4 buffer and have a puzzle with 3 codes that doesn't give you the first code on the top line, you can hit that wrong code first and then start your sequence on the column as you will still have 3 buffer slots remaining to solve the puzzle. Hope that makes sense to people.

K4 K

Hunting Horn mains will get it. Last note and first note stacking for ultra proficiency!

It's always nice when you can get all of the sequences, especially if there's 3 and they are all similar.

Sriram R

Does the game have auto hack chips like in fallout 4 ?

Origin of Spin

Lmaooo i thought I ALMOST had it figured out until I watched this and realized I was completely off ? this made it finally make sense and the last example blew my mind / the eureka "click" moment. Thanks G !

John Diaz

Plot a course before you start. There, easy.


Very good info!! Thx u!

Douglas M

Tiper dacktal. Dipper dack scavern


Just get to it.


U made it worser to understand. Still dont know how to do it.

Jackie Francis

You are just disgusting and a disappointment for all gamers that wanna give the game a real chance

Andrew Price

This helped me a lot thanks so much

Sebastian Haraźny

There is no 100% because even having legendary sometimes you need 9-10 signs and you have only 8 !!!



Khalid Mubarak

Watch it in 1.50x thank me later

Aaron Inground

finally I understood thank you for explaining that good!

Toby McGroby

So THATS what the number for buffer is... I can't believe I didn't notice that earlier. Thank you very much ??

Valhalla 79

Thank you so much for this!!


Thats a7 not a z so you definitely cant explain anything


This is the best video I’ve seen yet on showing the rules of the breach protocol game instead of you just blowing through it to impress me.

The Dream Reaver

Helpful video! A small criticism: vertical rows are called columns. It gets confusing when you mix rows with columns.

Ezequiel Cruz

How do you reset?!?! I did not know you can do that

Mitchell Julius

Just watching to see if I would learn anything new...


dude who takes 5 minutes time for breach protocol each time to get the perfect combo and figure out the perfect solution. it may work bute it's annoying as hell. just boy a decent deck with buffer size 8 and try to solve it as good as possible...


This School rn


Lol I knew how the hacking worked before watching the video, but still a good video for those having trouble learning it!


Well that helped a lot! Thanks man ^^ Got that chip already as one of my first investments :D

Francis Maloney

Clicked on video because thumbnail makes it look like you’re going to show how to get 100% success every time, like there’s some neat trick. No...inside you just show us the fundamentals. Waste of 12 minutes


Why no 3 sequences exampleα;;

Kelvin Nick

I really wanna appreciate n recommend hackcode90 on insta for helping me out.....

Amin Iqmal

does game time stop while we hacking ?. I when hacking, just click fast because i know enemy are coming but don't know if game stop while hacking.

Simple JACK


Alexander Schmidt

Is 4 intelligence enough to hack all terminals for the data mining game (bleach protocol) or does the requirement increase in higher areas?


Thanks for the vid it’s helped. My issue is you didn’t give a good look at where I can get that chip?


Definitely helpful, thanks!!


This was perfect ty! I can't find this online. My jack in/connect in is 4 but things take 5. So im 4/5. How do you increase that?


somehow im just even more confused

Jeremiah Hendrix

This video confused me more


Excellent video on hacking. Terrible job showing where the better chip is. Watched it 3 times and still have no idea

Rick Holmwood

You didnt know how to do it in the beginning of the game because you are an idiot! Now teach me how to do it

carlos ay

Thank you! This was very helpful ?

Patrick Sanchez

Best, most clear explanation on yt. The green arrows/squares/circles you added made all the difference in understanding compared to other vids. Thank you!!

Travis Rutters

Thank you for this, i think you may be the only one who did not over complicate this explanation. Much appreciated!

Innocent Happiness

All thanks to hackcode90 on instagram for his great works.. Dm ASAP


Got it, keep reloading the hack until you get one that works.

Toby McGroby

5:37 Perfum circumstance lmfao

Chesse Balbizi

This guy just made my day

Rick Siow

Thanks man for figuring this out, you're a genius!

six slamon

I'm learnings things

Кирил Йорданов

Oooo you are so smart. .DUM⚡BASS

Inverted Chaos

Vertical row...aka a column. :)

Selmir Subasic

Where are you seeing “ZA” not once did I see “ZA” and you said it multiple times on multiple different codes..? It was 7A every time. Lol ?

Raven Blackwood

At last. Someone explaining this without confusing me even more. Quite simple really, thanks :)

Rodolfo Oromuni

Your explanation its all over the place but since I already had a good grasp of the mini game this really helps, I think this may make me better

Shaun Daly

Great explanation!


Thumbs up and subscribed. Excellent vid. Thx much! What is your strategy to earn money? Getting 15000 or 20000 eddies to get a better deck seems to be impossible to me... :(

Zarati de Paz

Thank you!!!


3:32 This is not a real word.


Awesome - Thanks! :D

Encrypted_ Script

No thanks, I’ll continue to smash with gorilla arms.

Scott Kaye

7A is not Z A. it is SEVEN A

Burnt Waffle

Anyone else having an issue with the sequence codes not showing up? It’s preventing me from doing some side jobs. As soon as I try to start inputting a code from the grid it just auto completes and says it was a success but nothing happens. If I try it again it does the same thing.

Victor Okolieaboh

I strongly recommend Novak_crack on instagram as the best online hacker to recover lost account and also hack partners secret accounts.? percent legit ❇️

Mark Cecilia

* Caso todos vocês desejem muito SteamKey ,considere usar o t.co/AGspuwK4fI?a(51n120)
* Está disponível para todas as plataformas *


Thanks bro, this is by far the best and fullest Breach Protocol video that I could find


Let me know if there are any other guides or tip videos you guys want to see! I am having a blast with the game and enjoy making these! Please like the video and even consider subscribing. It's free! <3


Best hacking explaination on YouTube, dude! Cheers!

Nicholas Mcanally

I give up


nice video hopefully it will make life a bit easier :)

Marlin Wyllie

You choose the corresponding letters/numbers in a horizontal, vertical, horizontal, vertical pattern. That's how I did it anyway.

John Random

Super video, laid out real logical. I haven't hacked yet but now it is probably almost all I'll do.

Theultimate Fry

What's the point of the video? These tips are obvious if you can think


Wish I had known this early on, but when you take the perk that "uploads your first daemon automatically during a breach protocol", it works on the access points too for some reason, when all you're doing is code breaking, not actually uploading a daemon. So you always get the first for free and only need to worry about the second and third code.

Kyle Ferreira

@10:44 you could also start with BD>E9>1C>1C>7A>E9>1C.


Thanks. This is the 4th hacking one I watched. First one where i got it! Good work

Dan Weiss

"vertical rows" are called columns and calling a row a "horizontal row" is redundant

el solo

Who is this hard for?


Thanks for this, I was having a hard time figuring out how to hack. Much easier than I thought.

Dj Darian

Played at 1.5x speed, you sound like Ben Shapiro


thanks, I've been focused on the having and was getting frustrated when i was clicking on the next code and i would fail, didn't understand why i could get the codes one in a while now it makes sense

Mitchell Julius

The Netwatch Cyberdive MK.5

I think that's what it's called - gives you 8 Buffers, and not to mention the higher your intelligence the more ram units are reduced in usage... at least I think.

Lil Donkey

Jesus u talk slow it’s really the worst

Ste Mill

if you want to learn to hack, teach it on the mission "Last Login". There is a hell of a hack


Big help brother. Thanks

Wat Dis

My head hurts from watching this.

Sam C

Wow , not sure why this didn't click earlier. I was getting so annoyed that the sequence would reset. But its called a "sequence" for a reason. This makes it more tricky according the my conventual thought on it. I thought I just had to hit a sequence that lined up with the code in that column. Damn this was frustrating me because I thought it was a glitch. So ... yo thanks


No offense but this was the worst explanation you kept on second guessing yourself about what you were saying so that made it hard to follow along as to what you were actually trying to tell us. If you don't know what your saying how are WE supposed to figure it out if we are trying to learn what your UNABLE to say correctly .. lol the only thing I guess I got out of it is where to get a better buffer ... but still don't know really how to correctly decipher a hack.

Allergic to irrational beliefs

This what you get when a nerd creates a game


Thanks for adding time stamps

Wilfred Ong

Even though I know how, I watch to see how you teach...
Shorten your video next time.

QuyetStorrm Wylyè

I still have no idea of what you are saying... I can't do this hack even if my life depended on it.