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The Amazon of China? JD.com Stock Analysis

342 views | 14 Jan. 2021

In this video we provide

In this video we provide an overview and basic analysis of JD.com (JD) stock, the second largest Chinese e-commerce buisness.


The material and information presented in this video is for general information purposes only.

The sole and principal purpose of the video is to provide factual information, NOT financial advice as per the Corporations Act 2001, Section 911A(2)(ec).

You should not rely on any of the information presented as a basis for making your own investment decisions.

Whilst I endeavor to present information that is correct, I make no representations or warranties of any kind, express or implied, about the completeness, accuracy, reliability or suitability of that information for your investment decisions.

Any reliance you place on such material is therefore strictly at your own risk.


Very informative

Treedom Finance

great video

Viran Gami

Good Video, love the 3 key points, well broken down, but please pick stocks which can interest majority of viewers in terms of cost per share ?, just my two cents worth

Treedom Finance

more jd videos please