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Chris Coney Interviews Marcelo Garcia Casil CEO Of Maecenas Putting Fine Art On Ethereum Blockchain

1 902 views | 4 Nov. 2017

**On today's episode of

**On today's episode of The Cryptoverse:**

I have a really interesting chat with Marcelo Garcia Casil, the CEO of Maecenas.

Maecenas describes itself as a 'The Decentralised Art Gallery' and

'The first open blockchain platform that democratises access to Fine Art'.

I gain several interesting insights into how the fine art market works, how people invest in it, the barriers to entry and how these barriers are being broken down thanks to the use of Ethereum.






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A. X

Excellent show Chris. I've been working on a similar platform but from the Artist's side -- In fact, I reached out to Marcelo personally. In the meantime, I'd yearned to learn more about Mycaenas, and you really brought it -- comme d'habitude. Respect & Gratitude.


I didnt quite get how this was going to help struggling artists who cant get a foot in the door of the powerful art galleries. As far as I can see they are essentially creating a shares of a work of art. Surely all this does in effect sell the art without selling it. - That would be OK if the struggling artist gets those shares but I why would people buy a share of an unknown artist? - Surely buyers would want to buy shares in a Picasso rather than a Peter? Once again creating an art market only for the established artists.

Eggert Snorri Ólafsson

Brilliant idea.

The Cryptoverse

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Tareq Fadel

Sounds like timeshare for art, but the downside to this, you can't benefit from your share of the asset in terms of utilisation but only in price speculation. I'm sorry I'm not convinced by this idea


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1 291 views | 4 Nov. 2018

We dive in and take a

We dive in and take a look at the company that tokenized the ownership of a rare Andy Warhol Piece of art using blockchain, This crypto and micro ownership of art is a huge step in the right direction and an even bigger niche that has gone totally overlooked. Maecenas is one of those unique and innovative companies who has recently used the growth of the decentralized space and bitcoins notarity to grow such a brilliant idea. Here well we are on our Adventureprenur vlogs!


#bitcoin #blockchain #crypto

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fantastic project

A. X

I've studied this platform since it's inception and managed to learn plenty from this interview. Thanks Tijo!

Barrie Quinn

Meda 1 will be better

Samurai Saint

I bought some bitcoin cash today !! Gonna take advantage of the drop am pump

Barrie Quinn

Mesa 1 will be better

Matthew Tibbitts

Great Idea... Bring that art to the people... too cool.

Arcane Bear

Ok, Leave your thoughts and comments, haha youtube likes them!


Let’s collaborate right away ! London Skinder Art


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Mahamadou Sylla

I love this concept, as an art collector/dealer this is great for those who can't otherwise afford certain great works but at the same be able to enjoy and appreciate their aesthetic merit.

Electricity Non Stop

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Persius Goodnow

Woot :)


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Gaius Maecenas Promo

122 views | 12 Jun. 2020

A special invitation from

A special invitation from our guest of honor!