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Real Madrid DIRTY History Against FC Barcelona ► Barcelona vs Real Madrid in Franco Regime ||HD||

372 899 views | 9 Aug. 2016

FC Barcelona history and

FC Barcelona history and the ACTUAL true history of Real Madrid CF & it's so called success |

~ Real Madrid vs Barcelona , Barcelona vs Real Madrid : The roots of the rivalry between Real Madrid and FC Barcelona is actually a fascinating study into the Spanish history of the early-to-mid 20th century. Real reason of the rivalry between the two clubs is because of the traditional standing of the two provinces politically. Madrid, as the capital of Spain and the seat of the royal family, was seen as the region promoting conservatism. Barcelona, as the capital of Catalonia, was the district which was at the forefront of ushering in the modern era in everything - fashion, republicanism etc. Hence a regional rivalry always existed between these two regions. Franco regime was centred, politically and economically, around Madrid. For this reason, Real Madrid, as the most successful team in the city, and the most prestigious team of entirely Castilian identity, was always likely to be the preferred team of the dictator. It was for this reason that the Generalísimo paid regular visits to watch the side in the 1950s and ’60s, especially during their most successful period when, inspired by the majestic Di Stefano, they won five consecutive European Cups between 1956 and 1960.

~ The First Ever Encounter : El Clasico , the first ever encounter between the two clubs occurred on May 13, 1902. Barcelona won thatencounter 3-1,owing to the "6 foreigners that they lined up", according to the official Real Madrid website. Classic case of sour grapes, thus kicking off the biggest rivalry in all of world football.

~ The Spanish Civil War : The war raged from 1936 to 1939, and was the major factor in shaping the rivalry as we see it today. General Francisco Franco successfully staged a coup and captured Madrid in 1939 to end the war. Since Barcelona bitterly fought Franco's policies, he held a particular anger against that region, often resorting to murder or torture to get his point across - that a different culture and society under his rule would not be tolerated. Now, football was growing as an outlet of the people's views and sentiments. Hence, the people of Catalonia started supporting FC Barcelona in hordes, just to show that they are united in their hatred of General Franco, and to celebrate their unique culture and languages. In fact, FC Barcelona became “mes que un club,” more than a club, to Catalans as well as to progressives and left-leaning Spaniards across the country.

~ The Di Stefano Signing : As if the war wasn't enough, the battle between Barcelona and Real Madrid for the signature of Alfredo Di Stéfano took the rivalry to new heights. In 1953, Di Stefano had been plying his trade in Colombia for Millionarios when he was spotted by both Spanish clubs. He actually belonged to the Argentine club River Plate, but was on loan to the Colombians due to a player’s strike in Argentina. Both clubs sent emissaries to sign him, and after long and protracted negotiations, FIFA ruled that FC Barcelona would sign Di Stefano. Here is where the government in the form of the Spanish Football Federation stepped in - they banned the signing of any foreign player in Spain, allowing Real to swoop in and agree a deal with Di Stefano. This led to an impasse, which was resolved when the Spanish Federation ruled that Di Stefano would be allowed to play four years in Spain, two for Barcelona and two for Real. Barcelona though, backed out of this deal (supposedly on the orders of their Franco-backed president), which allowed Real Madrid to become the sole owner of Di Stefano. The rest,as they say, is history, as he led Real Madrid to 8 league titles, but more importantly, 5 consecutive European crowns, leaving Barcelona in their wake. This left more than a bitter taste in FC Barcelona's fans' mouth.

~ The Death of Gamper : Joan Gamper the founder of FC Barcelona was banned from the club which led to his suicide.

~ Real Madrid 11-1 Barcelona : On Barcelona’s part, there is a story, also steeped in myth, which sums up the way they were perceived and treated by the regime. The story goes that, in 1943, after winning the first leg of a cup semi-final against Real Madrid 3-0, Barcelona’s players were paid a visit by one of Franco’s cronies, who reminded them that they were only allowed to play at all due to “the generosity of the regime”, and suggested in no uncertain terms that they ease off in the second leg. Real Madrid went on to win that game 11-1, by far the biggest win in Clásico history.



So Barca said no to Di Stephano?? I don't see how that's Madrid's fault

Hussein ali

Oh yes now I understand how Barcelona lost 8 against Bayern

Baltazar Navidad

Con Franco Messi hubiera jugado el el Real de Madrid

Muhammad Satria

After all these years real madrid still robbering the ucl, disgraceful of footbal

Vladimir Makarov

Refalona talking about cheating whil they bribe refrees and dive

Orxan M.M.

Visca El Barça ! That's Why I Support This Team.✊✊?❤️

Hakim Jaafari

More than team... Clean history.

Mario Martinez

Lol I like seeing barka dogs in denial ? why did Barcelona win 8 la liga titles and 9 Copa del Reys during " The Franco era " explain that ,and made one European cup final , I thought Franco hated them if he did they wouldn't of won shit or he would dissolve the club , We never stoled Di Stefano , Di Stefano was own by River plate and Club Millonarios , Barcelona mange to agree on a deal with River plate but not Millonarios , but Madrid made a deal with both clubs and paid more money and that is why he played for Madrid , we stoled the European cups lol that so stupid ? Franco was the dictator of Spain not of all fucking Europe dumbfucks gaylona only one of the first 5 European cups Madrid won was hosted in Spain , that is why north Korea can't Rob oylmpic medals because the whole world would cancel the event and get mad at North Korea , it's funny how they say in the video Barcelona were bomb they were , but the capital Madrid was bomb even more in the Spanish civil war you gaylona fans think only Catalonia was effect that is why it's called a civil not Catalonia vs Spain but gaylona fans claim you know history ? , shitlona fans are pathetic and gay can't except where the kings of Spain and Europe , 34 la liga and 13 European cups enjoyed your shitty trebles and also enjoyed our 3 straight champions in row something shitlona will never do , what are you going to say Franco return from the grave ? , uploader we all know your a shitlona dick rider like I said enjoyed our 3 straight champions league trophy , keep making excuse for our success Madrid will always be kings of Spain and Shitlona fans keep making excuse haters Hala Madrid and " Visca I will never be better than you Lona "?

Junior Gonzalez

How I see it this is side A of the story now I want to see side B and the truth of both parties; side C.



Diego H. Milane



Visca Barça Visca Catalunya

paco ramon

Barcelona decorated Franco during the dictatorship.

Akshat Bhalekar

It’s fucking sad my CLUB had this history. I will watch this over and over and be disgusted by it

Gabriel Ruiz

1956-1960 Franco’s era
1966 End of Franco’s Era
1998 Mijatovic’s goal in offside
2014 Ramos goal with five minutes
2016-2018 fouls, penalties, offside goals, Florentino


Surabind Debbarma

Hail Barcelona...!!! ✊


Hala Madrid and puta Barça

stylae stylae

Forca barca

hellyeah opsss

Why do you guys still play in laliga???


Viva Barca ?


Ser Eminente

Barca fan always maybe we ain’t got more ? but we’ve got heart we give it all in the field... and happy of the players we’ve had in history don’t get me wrong Real had many good players too let’s just enjoy football this to enjoy not to fight or hate the other team cause each has great players and is them that make the team not a logo... ??


They still do it now

Minister Of Humour Resources

Next up, Independence of Scotland from the frail old British Lady, also called as Queen


History can not be erased, 13 trophies HALA MADRID

Muthu Selvan

Yes,they got Di Stefano by unfair ways, and that shows that they are feared of Barça, still now??

Leo Andres ingemann

I hate Real so fkn much

Jaime Mosquera Garcia


Santosh R

Some random Barcelona guy posts shitty videos like this . Hats off .

Imthias Subaier

Now the goat is in Barcelona


It iiz what it iiz... Thank god, Barca is still behind Madrid, and when Messi leaves, barca will be no longer a big team, and Madrid will take all over..

Wonder Boi

Visca El Barça! ??

Ski 86

Not our fault Franco knows his football

122Vineesh Shetty

We make our own players we don't steal them?♥️


Hala madrid fuck barcelona fuck linekar


LIARS. Franco helped Barcelona more than any other team, specially economically. Let´s see: during the hard and violent part of Franco´s regime (1939-1960), Barcelona won 7 leagues and 6 cups, while Real Madrid won 4 leagues and 2 cups. The firts league won by Real Madrid was in 1954 (15 years after the regime started!!!). The only teams supported by Franco was Atletico (which was the official army football team) and thats why they have won 7 of their 10 leagues during Franco´s regime. The thing is that Franco wanted catalans to be quiet and happy and he used football (and many other things) for that. By the way, most of the catalans that where in Spain during that days were facist, very facist. Much more than people from Madrid (territorY that was the resilience until the end of the war). You are LIARS OR ILLITERATED.


Came here for the stupidity ?

Jefferson Huang

The sad fact is that Franco chose to corrupt Madrid and not Barcelona.

Wormi Ngasainao

Fuck Barca fans before the war Barca don't have anything but Real Madrid have trophy and the war was not broke out by Real Madrid so nice excuse Barca fans


die all Madrid players everyone


@Pjor Berger  ? this kid right here says that do ur research, we researched and then tells u how come u know its not fake.
It comes through RESEARCH Dumbass

Anas Larbaoui

Visça el barça ???❤


Butthurt Barca dogs... Truly Pathetic

Yousuf Farah

This video is full of bullshit and lies. Your dirty club is still called Uefalona, ( though in fairness I prefer to call you scumbags Refalona). I don't know what you think you're changing by making this pointless and stupid video.


this is something that happend a long time ago, and just bc of a few ppl, this doesn't mean u should now hate madrid now...

"Your love makes me strong, but your hate makes me unstoppable" - Cristiano Ronaldo


Fck pepe


fuck madrid

Vincent Productions

as a Bayern fan, I feel you my friends, Hala Corruption.

Monarchy King

Cataln lefist revolutionar kill priest and spanisch culture exterminate spanisch nations Franco is hero.

Diac Gruia

Hes a dick

Diac Gruia

Ramos has no respect


Give a like who hate messi


this channel is spreading lies


Fucking Club Barcelona

Money Maker

Bullshit barka dogs in front of Club of century Real Madrid

Subhash Gupta

5 years 4 ucl. 3 UCL back to back. Força 3 UCL in a row.

Dr chromental Fen

I love because of ramos , isco , Marcelo and ronaldo was there too

Fh Manna

Barcelona cancer of football. hala madrid

Jefferson Huang

Congrats, not only are your fans obsessed and immature, but also stuck in the past.

Take away those 5 UCLs and Madrid still has it most.

Sumaiya Tasnim

catalan province goes against the Spanish government and rioting, making the environment chaotic. Now, their fans are doing just like them ? keep crying cules ?? anarchists

Shiv Puri

Bought Madrid and Barcelona are dirty corrupt clubs you hypocrite

Garis Khatulistiwa


Monarchy King

Typic lefist democratic propaganda.

Mary Hurmiz

Where are madrid biches who thinks that they won 11-1 but franco he did not have a delto at that time ?????? hhhhhhhhh visca el barca visca catalonia

Saugata Bagchi

Who is here after Bayern 8:2 Barca

José Cabello

This video is RUBBISH. Hala Madrid and God save Franco. ?? ?


Hhh 13 champoions in Europe we meet milan and liver and much greatest team..do you teel me also franco had lead euorope..and let's you know,,Kobala Barcelona legends was register a spanish by Franco's help

saiman Kforay

Hala Madrid

Santosh R

Keep crying crying . Only people from Barcelona are talking about reals dirty football in this so called clip ? ? .wow what a proof!!!! IO LEVEL 9999999999999999 .

Aamir Baloch

Madrid is king of Europe ?????????????


Puta Madrid

Endangered Species

Can i really believe that last topic??were they really threatened??
Was in description

k1 1337


Kif Geb

More people need to watch this..... real Madrid doesnt even feel ashamed about this

L Doc

#HalaMadrid, Royal White Forever

sibtain ali

When you hate Madrid more than anything.Barca for life.

Danny Hustle

Fake history

Baltazar Navidad

1000 madridistas no les gusta el video

soheli sharmin

If you remove all of that then we won more ucls than you Barca dogs. Bark unlimited

Dios ha muerto. Solo queda el superhombre

And then Spain wins a World Cup thanks to Barça players and football style


Before watching the video, i would request you to please Refer to this link.....

Ski 86

Fuck Barcelona o as I call em Uefalona


Johan Cruyff enters chat.

Di Steffano leaves chat.

Pizza Roll

This film was made by salty Barca fan???

Mr. Yeti

Whatever!!! Fuck u catalan

Kazi Sazzad Hossain

Ok so this is all about la laliga and el classico to 1975 which was unfair (from a Madrid fan) .But what about after that?? We still won more UCL s and laliga s than u. 13 UCL 18 Laliga to yours 5 UCL and 17 laliga. Franco can control Spain but not Europe. So if you wanna bark about history than we are still way better than Barca. Now you can bark about your Copa del reys.

Kevin Ortega

As a Real fan it’s hard to see Real’s history. Kinda makes me sad.

Yousuf Farah

Only an idiot would believe the stupidity in this video.

فارس الحربي

Barcelona, ​​the glorious history, in contrast to the club with the black and shameful history you know so well

Babai Deb nath

So thats why real madrid fuck on his names they were favoured but no government and no man can stop Barcelona because barça had his own signature inf football hitory and real madrid ashamed on that team truly mother fucker.........???????????????

MR Moon Gaming

just execute real and ecery man, woman and child who supports them

Muthu Selvan

Fucking madridistas bitches




RIP Joan Gamper
Visca Catalunya❤
Catalunya is not Spain!

You're Not That Guy

Israel and Palestine. Free Palestine. Spain used to be a Muslim country.

L Doc

Fucking #Uefalona rats

Ms Mukundhan

Fantastic video.Truth.so this is how they won 5 in a row.


Only salty Barca fans use this bullshit as an excuse when Madrid prove they are No.1

Muthu Selvan

Proud to be your subscriber.

Chamo Garcia

Real Madrid is the biggest mafia in world football.

Subscribe to pewdipie

Oh yeah yeah
Oh yeah yeah

What does fcb mean

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Why do FC Barcelona and AC Milan have an England flag in their logo? | Oh My Goal

904 673 views | 29 Aug. 2019

There are logos we’ve

There are logos we’ve seen so many times, we hardly notice them anymore. We see them so often that they just remind us of a team, a goal, a memory, or a trophy. But each logo has its own part of mystery, its own secrets, its own story.

For instance, do you know why the English flag features on the badges of both AC Milan and FC Barcelona? Is it the same cross? You asked us for this video, so here it is!


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Bc they both lose to much times against eng teams

Daniel Catallo

St Ambrose is correct. The Central Duomo of Milano is actually called St Ambrose Cathedral. He was the Bishop of Milano but that's the least of his accomplishments. He was a beekeeper and his Thesis on the separation of Church and State resonates to this day. If Popes had followed his direction, the world would be a much better place today.

Cheese & Cheese

Bull. We’re just such a dominant country.


Is it only me who realised because of this video ???

Feride Bexheti

Oh My Goal you also forgot Parma!

Peter Gathenji

Also Ronaldinho was in both

Cameron Patrick Hassett

Knights Templar


It's not A England flag.......done

Feleke Minuta

Because both Italy and Spain technically colonized by England

Taitea Kopyte

Well, to be in the simplest way ever, the cross stands for the cross in which Christ died. And they used that as a mark of symbolism for Christian based clubs. As simple as that....apart from all the representations you've done. BUT NEVERTHELESS THE CROSS WON'T BE IN FIRST PLACE IF THERE WAS NO JESUS CHRIST! I felt that you want to be unbiased the best way possible and that is commendable. As simple as that..even more! Nice clip, by the way. Loved your soccer stories!

Muni Munito

I knew it b£for£

Sanjay Kr. Kaushik

Can u pls provide the link of the background music

Stefano Valente

It's not the "england flag". That's the st George cross, the original vessel of the Republic of GENOA. The English monarch paid an annual tribute to the doge of genoa to benefit the protection of the genoese fleet in the Mediterranean. It was adopted by the English fleet as an identification. St George is the patron of Catalonia, Barcelona explained. The a.c. Milan cross it's the st. Ambrose one, patron of Milan.

The Batman

Like se tifi milan

JuAn CuEvA

And Bologna, and Genoa, Sampdoria (in kit), etc

val vincent

For milan it's a st ambrose cross which is the patron saint of the city. That's why even inter honour that with their away shirt ini their famous 2010 treble year. Its white jersey with red cross. They look like a crusaders lol


??????? ????????????????????????????

sports range

Ronaldinho and Ibrahimovic played four these two teams

Ryan Sweeney

Guelphs more like


Can we all appreciate the music change between barca and Milan

Di. Bollati

It's more likely from the early Knight Templars and the Freemasons who decided to design such a logo. Man. City have being given the color (sky) blue for a reason too..

Billy the GOAT

Most teams in Italy and Spain and in South America were started by English men and they were mostly cricket teams before football teams. You even forgot inter smh ??

Colin Brown

Genoa have the st George flag also

Demarco Fernandes

I was in Barcelona a few days ago and saw that cathedral

Andrea Innocenti

AC Milan and not "Milano" Carry the English flag on the logo cause the pioneers, founders, head staff and captain of the origins of ac Milan where all english

Gaming Nerds

They both have a English flag so they can remember that an English team had beaten them from coming from the back.

Karut Molek

Logo Knight Templars

Ghost Blood

Never crossed my mind

Matsobang Kgomo

This won't come as a surprise as the origins of Football begun in England so yep both of those clubs were formed in partnership with the Brits of England

Mark Chambers

What the hell happened to Ramires

frank salz

Catalonia was once muslim until its population was forced back to christianity sad but true


Y’all tripping about this theories on Ac Milan, you could have just Made a research on the city instead and see yourself that is actually the Duke of Milan’s flag!


What Happened When Messi's and Ronaldo's Son Playing football...CAN FOOTBALL Era got changed?...Can they play from Same team♥️

rost Rust

Its easy..they are christian!!..simple!

Jude Thaddeus

Bcz English league is the best in the world

Ultimate Kill3r

I call bs

Lulu Ali

Bcoz premier league is better then both Italian and Spanish leagues

Maro Ugarkovic

Barcelona’s kit has Croatia’s checkers on it

Paul Merson Villa legend

Did an English striker play for their club & shows George Best Manchester United & Northern Ireland striker lol

Note: title says why does Barca & Ac have an English flag on their badge not Northern Ireland flag !

rudrarup paul

Music ???

Radu Boboc

Genoas cross is actually the Genovese flag. The old republic of Genoa had th flag that the english use nowadays and that was way before england even existed, england was just a dream at that time, they had only duchies and counties divided and at war between themselves, so we could assume that england stole the Genovese flag. From what i know the english that traded in the mediteranean sea in those times payed tribute tu use that flag for protection to the Dodge of Genoa.

Mark Chambers

Genoa have the England flag to

Black BuckChain

I dont need to go to college when I have youtube

Samy Amm

The English flash is accurate the flash of the city of Genoa but England stole it

Avisek Ganguly

Great choice in music

Kennyboy7 Bruster

Oh my goal what a story. What a soccer channel I love y'all so much. ⚽⚽⚽⚽⚽

kiokio kiokio

It's not the England flag... it's st. George cross, originally the flag of the Republic of Genoa. England had to ask permission to use their symbol. That's why you have the actual st. George cross on the Genoa football club crest...


What is the Italian song I can’t find it anywhere

Aidy Gooner

Genoa have St George's cross on their badge because that flag is actually GENOESE, which the English adopted as their national flag. ?


Beautful christan culture.....dont take it for granted guys.


St George cross ??????? and no although England use it as their flag, he was not English he never came to England once in his life,

Cholo Tajada

Thats the kind of videos we wang in youtube


Oh my god lol England flag ... Im not even gonna watch this video


Don't is the English flag but the Genova flag, later was take by the English. In italy we say : ignoranza in abbondanza. For the English people I don't hate you but England don't is ever the center of the world. Also in my city is used the cross of San Giorgio, but not because have some type of English connection. If we would say the truth is the English flag that have connection with the Genova flag.

Black OpsGamer

Why does Barcelona wear Croatian qubes on their kits


1 like = 2 subscribers ?
If you don’t do it you will be cussed forever
Subscribe to my channel now ?

Wasim Mohammad

In Bologna’s flag it appears too

James Bennington

That's because it's not a flag.. Get Educated for once!! We're in the age of information for crying out loud.

HuSia Cat

Paying tribute to the inventors of the modern game.


My country is great

African Expert

Im happy you chose Kaka for Ac milan in your vedios, I feel like he's not being acknowledged as much any more?

The one that was here before you :P

WTH made this.... Lmao It doesnr eve. have to do anything with the england flag... In Italy there's is Saint Ambrosss patron that's why they used it same as Genoa especially in Milano...St George is a patreon in Catalonia.... there's is nothing else to it.

Ina xaaji

Stop lying is it is the crusaders

Lala Bella

Saint George is definitely Merlin. Thanks me later


What about Gary lineker? He played for barca

huhubu huhubub

Genoa has the flag because it was also Genoas flag when they was independent from Italy.


It’s obvious. If you ever payed attention to historic cities and religion you would know that the “England flag” is St. George’s Cross, who is the patron saint of England as well as Milan, Barcelona, Freiburg and many other places.

Kazumi Harvell

I find it funny about how dramatic oh my goal makes facts in the text by shacking it to be more mysterious


if you wave the St Georges Cross flag in England you will be called a far right nazi

Yuta Nakata

In the present, Saint George is a 2-Star Rider Class Servant and he is available from the FP Gacha #FGO player here


Ist nicht england flagge ist vom roten kreuz
Its not englan =red cross

Rory Thompson

Do a video on jack grealish run of losses

Football for life

Because they were made by English businessmen


Possible argument for a team logo -> „Did they play their first game against a english club?“ you serious mate?

vicky kundr

Please don't use music in your videos


Forza Milan!

Mounidharan T

Why bologna and ac milan have similar logos???


It should be a Scotland flag

Here's a game

This video is very annoying with out speech. If I wanted to read a video I'd be on Facebook not YouTube

Dhruv Jha

Am i only one who thinks that, everything Braca is it is because of Messi ?

Reeze Vlog

it’s just a cross...move on


It’s God’s will that one day an English club (Liverpool) will come along and kill of their champions league dream after commanding huge lead ???

Vittorio Fioravanti

It's the Cross of St. George which is an English symbol. In Milan's case, the club itself was founded by an Englishman but also it's a representative symbol of the City of Milan (Milano).

Harinder Singh

Plz some one tell me music name ?

andy nixon

That is George best of Northern Ireland not England

Declan Thomas

Oh my goal finally has an interesting question

cobra in

u asshole kid.ignorant these ia milan simbol and not england flag.eng flag origine from genova...

Mark Chambers

What the hell happened to Sami Nasri?

Greg Howard

This has to be the most annoyingly formatted channels that still gives good information. I just can never get all the information because the videos are too drawn out for me to watch

josh brown

Milan’s cross is from the city coat of arms.

adam c

The Barcelona colours on their kit was taken from a teacher from the UK who suggested to use the same colours from the former school he used to work at in Formby Liverpool


0:58 what does which explain mean?

Jamie McGowan

11 English tourist had a charity game of football to feed the catalonians as Franco as starved them & the the team became known as barcelona

Omar Graham

It’s not just the english flag. It is saint george’s cross

Francis Slim

Everywhere there’s a cross it’s an England flag ffs ??

Aegon Targaryen

What is the outro song name?

Lapo Papiani

That’s not the English flag??‍♂️ it is Milan’s (the city) emblem

Mat Cli

Speaking of Barcelona I'm wearing their t shirt


If u look on FIFA career mode where it gives the info it says it has something to do with England that’s what I thought it was

Bughatii Lovren

Luv the music selection

What does fcb mean

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Barca vs. Real Madrid: How soccer is politics in Spain | AJ+

305 278 views | 15 Nov. 2017

In Spain, particularly in

In Spain, particularly in the contested Catalonia region, Football rules. Including politics.

Want more? Check out this similar video from AJ+: https://youtu.be/0OSuQ1N6waM

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#Barcelona #RealMadrid #ProtestsinSpain

Watch Part 1: Inside Catalonia’s Battle Over Independence From Spain https://youtu.be/P9k0yb4dtoQ

The country is home to the two top teams in the world, Football Club Barcelona, or “Barça,” and Real Madrid. Barça is a premier symbol of Catalan identity and pride, while Real Madrid is seen to represent the Spanish crown and Madrid’s rule over Catalonia. As the battle over Catalan independence hits crisis levels, AJ+’s Dena Takruri hangs out with Catalan soccer fans, for whom stadiums are a symbolic battleground over the future of this region.


Dena Takruri

Senior Producers:

Shadi Rahimi

Dena Takruri


Melissa Aparicio

Alessandra Ram

Associate Producer:

Kevin Gong


Dariel Medina


Jeff Den Broeder


Chia Liu


Brietta Hague

Anna Giralt Gris

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Diego H. Milane

Madre mia que forma de distorsionar la realidad. Suerte que nadie en el mundo se cree esta basura

Salad Axmed Nuur

now more americans know what is the difference between Real and Barca

Prashant Sharma

its not soccerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Aderinola Olamiju

It’s football

Juan Miguel Galindo Lladó

Real Madrid and Barça both show the union between football and Spanish politics. Even more if we think that both teams represent not the working class domination of themselves, but the high burgeoise one of there cities and both have seduced an incredible number of low classes people by tales of success, own interest and the possibility of being related to millionaire figures and enterprises.

Hiatorically, RM and Barça are the exemple of the ones of the top and the economical power seducing and lying the ones of the bottom, disgregating them by identity craps that has no sense and limitating his revindicative potential. Not criticizing football (which I like), but market and, specially, mass opium in what has developed.

Sorry if my English is not quite good ???, I'm not as marxist as you could think hahaha, it's just that football IS a good exemple of apropiation and disgregation of social movements.




There are also many Espanyol fans that want to vote

Mr. Claramunt

Hearing her saying "soccer" in Spain annoys me a bit ?

Federico Del Castillo

you shoul do one like this but seeking the history of athletic bilbao in politic

Karl König-Mehrtüssen

Sorry but this is so biased and unfair towards all Spaniards. Putting yourself on the side of this fascists is rotten "journalism". You divide even more. Shame on you.

Don Bilbo

What about Espanyol fans? Are they for independence as well?

Aslan Ibrahimov

Dena is so curvy! Cutie pie! :)

Roya F


Nomah Simdeux

Catalan doesn't need Spain it's rich it depends more on the European Union

Julian Barbosa

La liga is not the spanish premiere league.

fdpwwe bd

Title and content doesn't match. where is Real Madrid part? Real madrid have nothing to do with catalan independence. "Barca and Catalan's fight for independence" should be the title

Mikey Lejan

I prefer Soccer

Dena Takruri

To everyone living in every single country in this world besides the U.S. who is offended by my use of the word "soccer" versus "football," I sincerely apologize. I hope you enjoy the video despite that!

Januzai Ramli

People need to understand that most people are not from USA


Aj : in spain soccer...
ight imma head out

Mario Ramirez

Franco despised Barca yet funded the camp nou? Please research before misleading people.

Danny Fenty

Hala Madrid ????❤️

Soumodip Majumdar

It's not soccer it's called football.


I'm a Barca fan though I knew nothing about this before watching this video. To be honest, I don't care.

Dexter Dédalo

Have you seen how tiny Catalunia actually is!?

Ry Rilo

Football was the common mans game but they've grown rich and are now multi national companies. If you are pro Catalan how can you represent the Union? So the politics gets dropped when it involves furthering their footballing career. Business comes before morals for a lot of sports ppl..except a few who become legends like Muhammad Ali or Colin Kaepernick.

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Can anyone tell me the name of the music at the starting its really cool !


Cataluña siempre ha sido y será españa. Que unos paletos digan indecencia en ub partido no significa que todos lo piensen....


Not all catalans want independence, they are a minority that uses the camp nou to be noticed

Rudy Straight

Football is a shit sport


Forca barca.. I love Barcelona

Nazmul Najmul

I don't find anything new throughout the report. Everything showed in the report known to all from a long time ago.

Neil Sumanda

**Association Football... that shud fix it...

Cheterz Rivera

I wish spain would stay as one. From the only asian country with spanish heritage, filipinas??? #respeto


so many people are DEAD ALREADY and they do not even know it (politicians, laywers, mafiosos, pimps, madridistas, perez and corrupted people in general).. enjoy ur fake "successful" shitty life here in this world of shit, it will only last for some decades....

Giusepe Ghiurca

Don't listen to Eric. Be smart and independent!

Deklan T Smith

viva la catalunia!



rajesh bista

The Catalans can never regain their independence, wanna know why? Because their Talisman is someone from Argentina. Dont fkin cry go and fight for your rights. No one gives you your land, you have to forcefully snatch it.

Ranya Putri

lol AJ+ must be regretting their support for Catalonia now that they're trying to support Israel and not recognising Palestine as a state and that they're condemning Spain for recognising it


Why can’t football be like how it was in the old days? Just playing for the joy of football and not for political or financial reasons.


Shame on Barca! It’s a sports club not political party!

alejandro B

When has football never been political? The same owners of our beloved football clubs are in and out of politics everyday, lobbying for capital.

khan lmao

It's football !!!

KNate -

Free Catalonia..

Ali Cina

Its football not soccer you fuckwit


Hala Madrid

Januzai Ramli

Everytime I think about football,USA is the last thing to come in mind,I often forgot about them because of football and I am thankful for that

Curly Fry

Isn't Canada going through the same thing with Quebec ?

Croatian Warmaster

Franco saved Spain from putas rojas.


So horrible!
This has a lot of failures and it is so one sided!
More than half of what she said is wrong
Instead of talking with one side of the coin, try to talk with both of them


Selfish Barcelona funs football it's not politics.


This is so biased, pure manipulation.

Spain didn't conquered Catalonia, Catalonia has never been an kingdom of its own, for starters.

The referendum was illegal for secession goes against the Spanish Constitution.

They speak their own language, and have their own flag and traditions... so what? Most places in Spain are just like that. Most places in Europe are like that for that matter, but that doesn't mean they all must become independent states.

So biased, I'm out.

Ali Cina

Barcelona is a team of freedom fighters

Izham Ezanee

You in Europe please call football..

Legend of Nibbaheem

Catalunya won the 2010 world cup


The referendum was not a democratic act, it was an illegal act

Moe Tahir

#visca_barca❤? #visca_catalonia?❤


Satanic Franco is dead FOREVER. So are all the supporters/fans of corrupted scums real madrid... You support corruption, you like corruption, so you are corrupted...You support vil, you like evil, so you are evil...




Lawrence DeHerrera


Nomah Simdeux

Free Catalan

Carlos Perez

This article is obviously bias. Franco suppressed every one.

My grandfather died fighting him.

Franco pardon Barcelona’s football debt. Franco was awarded by the club itself.

This article is done from the view of the 50% of the population in Barcelona that wants to separate. Do they hold on to Franco to keep that bad memory producing the hate they need to recruit.

This person did zero digging into the truth. The Barcelona club uses political tactics to mar everyone else.

The video es all on the opinion of the Barcelona fans and totally ignored the other first division team Espagnol.

This report is lazy and it is a joke.


that why barca is MES QUE UN CLUB

denis okelo

So much respect to Espanyol

Derick Okongo

When did they talk about how people from Madrid feel it was all Barca

Mikhaèl ميكال


DZ Ddteo

How insulting is it for her to say the "real" fans are down there at the Espanol ground ?

Faith bian


Reyhan Akbar

Hey be netral....??

Publius Maximus Manlius

1:28 That guy speaks Spanish super fast.


no franco loved atletico madrid not real madrid

Karthik Carthic

its football not soccer!!!!!!!!!

Magesteriall Tv

visca el barca
visca el catalonia


Ok, Dena you are very attractive. You win, subscribed.


Soccer? What's that?

Mes Que Un Club

Nobody gives a shit what some immigrants arount the asspanyol stadium think about Catalonia independence. 88% of the population inside Catalonia are pro-independence, that region deserves it cause they're trying to achieve it with democracy(referendum), as simple as that.

#ViscaelBarça y #ViscaCatalunya
Love from Kosovo??

Ferintosh Farms Photography

Screw you poor guy who has season tickets, you're not a real fan; I think you can be a real fan when all you can afford is nosebleed still.

Mo Falen

Lol real Madrid 's player cr7 won more major trophies than farmer Barcelona ? ? ? copa del rey dogs ? ?

ملقرت ملك صور

Whatever on earth this video had to do with Sugar?!?

Muhammad Vicky Afris Suryono, S.H

Is not only Spain! everywhere football is not only sport but also politics, ideology, social-class and cities.

Tarek Aidi

Real Madrid is seen this way just by the most racist Catalans

drisyap prasad

Love barca....and there cause

tiritas ochentaycinco

Why this wrong music?.


I was going to watch that game then because of the stupid referendum we couldn’t, we couldn’t even do the stadium tour let alone most of the shops were closed, ARHHHHHHHH, fortunately I got to watch them in Wembley against Spurs!! It was lit!


Visca la terra!

Suhail AD

0:44 show the stadium not her face

rose oris

Fc barcelona is the biggest jokes of the century.

manan chaudhari

It's called football...

Freak in the South

Catalonia is not Spain

mohd thabris

HALA Madrid

Ruben Pereira

Contrary to what most people believe Franco was an Atletico Madrid supporter for most of his dictatorial reign. Atletico is considered to represent the Spanish air force. Franco switched allegiance to Real Madrid only after our European domination in the 1950s. So the "Real Madrid is Franco's club" narrative is a little flawed but not incorrect nevertheless.

Diana Martín

First get right information and stop bringing nazi catalán propaganda.



kahl drogo

Athletes should and have the right to their political opinions like any other individual. They just happen to have a better platform to voice their opinions and be heard and that’s a good thing if they stand for freedom and nonviolent protest

King Messi

Madrid is a corruption club ..win all UCL by corruption..

Josh Mellott

#freecatalonia from Spanish occupation


brurnette y're beautiful

Señor Trepador

whatta shit of video

Raul AntiCatalunya

This video has so many wrong facts.