Ind vs usd

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How to Invest in US Stocks from India ?????

128 290 views | 24 Apr. 2020

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In this video, I'll show you how you can invest in US stocks from India.

Liberalised Remittance Scheme from RBI - https://m.rbi.org.in/Scripts/FAQView.aspx?Id=115

You could be a US returnee like me or an avid investor from India. Investing in US stocks is lucrative. Dividends and profits are literally better and bigger. And right now its a favorable condition to invest in stocks because the market is down and if you’re looking to invest long term, this is probably a good time to. Thanks to the new Fintech market, you can now start investing in US stocks and buy Amazon, Tesla, Google-like US stocks from India.

In this video, we’ll help answer questions like below.

- Who can invest in US stocks from India?

- How to buy US stocks from India?

- How to invest in international stock markets from India?

How Can I Start Investing In US Stocks From India?

If you have a valid PAN card, and address proof, you can start investing in US stocks, from India using any of the following mentioned apps.

- Vested

- Zerodha (Coming soon)

Vested is a US Securities and Exchange Commission Registered Investment Adviser, a new company that started a few years back and is offering zero commission trading in US stocks for folks in India. They have a mobile app and you can do all transactions from there. It’s pretty easy to use and straightforward. If you have your KYC ready you can get started pretty easily and connect with your net banking for funding. There is no minimum balance requirement and you can withdraw anytime.

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My name's Mani Karthik, a blogger from India. I worked in the USA and the Middle East for almost a decade with startups. Then I got bored, and quit my job in the US to return to India to pursue my passion for blogging. Today, I share whatever I've learned through this channel and my blogs.

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Ishmeet Ahuja

Can I buy Apple stocks?

Kivan Boy

I think it's be a lot different to trade in US market than to trade with our habitual day trading in India. Also, I'm wandering if it is even possible to make any profit after paying Al the brokerage, taxes and currency exchange fees???

Elite Polar

I have no pan card so Can i invest some in us stock

Arup Sarkar

Is any charges for investing like groww.

Unhealthy Music

Your name is mani(money) lol

Elaine Stout

Investing and trading in the stock market should not be what one should rush into without proper knowledge of what the market is about and how stocks works. Many people have made wrong investment and trading without getting the proper knowledge of what the stock market is, some have lost billions of dollars in the stock market and some are still loosing due to bad investment advice. I was lucky enough not to have lost lost my money in the stock market because I followed the advice of a professional who understands how the stock market works, he gave me the best investment advice ever and also mentor me on the stocks to buy for good return, he equally tutor me on how to trade on the stock market to make good profit. Don't be left behind on the stock market, the market is big and every one can profit from it. Don't loose your hard earned money to bad investing and trading just because you want to invest and trade in the market. Take proper mentorship from a professional today by contacting Expert Mr Elvis Hercules through email [email protected])and be rest assured that you will get the best ever.

Rajiv sharma


Venna Sudha

Very nicely explained. Can u explain with an example, how much profit we can take back home with us stock investments after all the Decutions?

Ahmad Ibrahim

I was lucky enough to get to know Mr Dennis in my Forex trading career. @Dennis_forex09 via IG,Since then my trading has increased a lot. What can i say...Mr Dennis provided an Unique trading earnings. It is really one of a kind and has it's own league. But i can confidently say that, Dennis trading is the most useful and has really increase my life and family standard. I Invested $1000 and make $12,500 after just seven days of investing with Mr Dennis, the money i spent on the course, is a well spent money and a good investment, i never regret it. Good job Mr Dennis God will continue to increase you and your family,, you can also invest with her safely..

Pulkit Palrecha

Please make videos in hindi

world war

Abe tu chutiya hai kya

Faltu ki baat karke time pass kar diya


Why a constant fee of INR 1225/- deducting every time I add fund to vested through my icici bank account?

Kumar Venkatesh

With dividends acting as a steady side income source, investors have an excellent opportunity to expand and diversify their investment portfolio. while reinvesting, portfolio diversification is essential to your financial health

Rajesh Modi

How is Stockal ? can anybody please help ?

iB 25

Sir tamil lo?

Knowledge Port

can we use webull app from india ?

sharon berry

@Dennis_forex09 i always recommend Mr Dennis to newbies. trading forex as a beginner, that results to a lot's of loss of funds. because i don't know how to read signal and place my trade, but thank God, i found Mr. Dennis who is helping me to recover my lost funds and also teaching me on how to read signal and place my trade, I'm very happy i found a good teacher. if you are confuse in the forex field or you are interested in forex trading. you should check on Mr Dennis 0n Instagram @Dennis_forex09.


can i do trading?????

Mubaris Hussain

what about Etorro?

Abdullahi Bashir

Hey guys at first I was skeptical about starting an investment in forex although it's has always been what I wanted to do. After many researches online I got to understand starting an investment especially in forex alone was a big risk of me losing my startup capital so I took my time to research for a reliable trader which I did find in person of FeliciaFx_trades on instågram she feed me knowledge on forex and also helped me as a beginner achieve my goals. It's being success although my trade and very happy I'm part of her team blessed!!


Can you tell me your telegram or whatsapp contact information

Anoop Thomas

Tesla boom?


Should I tried golbabal invest from HDFC? Their basic plan is free With High brokarge where you pay flat 2.99 $ per trade quantity is max 299. If I buy 10/100/200/299 or Only 1 brokarge is 2.99 usd. For buy inculding all Tax

rishit raj

Reliance us quity opportunity
Parag parekh long term equity fund
Icici preduntial us blue chip

Some us based equity mutual fund.

Mohd Rahib

Hi Karthik, I have registered on vested through Kuvera, can you tell me is there any extra charges when I add a fund in vested via Indian Payment gateway.. or simply changes as current currency conversions

cricket lovers

Can I bought from Pak?

TASC International FZC

Simple, straightforward and crisp! Well done ??

Anant kumar Koundinya

Hello, i want ur whatsapp number

rajagiri vamsi

Very informative ??

Sandeep Voonna

is it possible to invest in US stocks using zerodha app ?


Interesting video, take a look at my channel

Anil Dd

Where one can get deta of yearly returns of all mutual funds investing in us

DK Ghosh

I am just zero about us stock market. I want to invest initially small amout.I have Dmat account with Zerodha but do not know how to use..Please help.Thank you


Hey can I invest through webull?

Mahalakshmi Mahi

Can a person trade in indian stock as well as us stocks?

Rusty 007

Can we trade with TD ameritrade from india?

Priya Ira

Very informative video, unless you can give all your time doing stock analysis and trading don't invest by yourself, you are likely to burn your hand. Better you invest indirectly through MFs that are professionally managed or a private portfolio manager who can give your money its due value.

anand kumardeva

Great video Karthik, subscribed ?


Can i Invest in Indian stock markt ? I am from Nepal.

Bala Subramaniam

can we do day trading in us market?

Shashi Kumar

Broo I need ur help! Will uh pls help me?

Suprith C Kumar

shave ur face

Mansoor Taj

I would like to know if a US return with Money in US bank account invests in robinhood what happens. How does he pay taxes?

Mr J

Fund transferring in not easy and charges are more that is the drawback of this app

Daksh More

Hi Mani. Can you make a video on Motilal Oswal S&P 500 Index Fund?

Game Changer

Is there any cheap and best way to buy stocks? Vested is charging huge for this, or if there is any reference you could share, would really appreciate.

Nilesh Shirgaonkar

Is buy today and sell tommorow allowed in US stocks? Can a stock brought on Monday sold on Tuesday in US market? Does it result in Good faith violation?

glen cecil

My Vested app check status shows KYC approved, but it won't let me buy stocks. When I call customer service, they say KYC not approved. But why did they ask for funds transfer which I did!!!

Kushal Anvekar

Really nice video ?

sammarth yelamali

How's hdfc globalinvesting?


Sir, the video was really informative,
Can I invest from Bangladesh too?

Danny Trader

Hi Mani, I am currently in US from last few years and have account in here with several local brokers, but planning to move to India and when I do, can I still trade US stocks with those brokers and if yes who should I pay tax if there is a gain, to India or US.

Sudhanshu shukla

Just to know that ....is under 18 can invest in US stock ?
Pls reply

Haseeb Ul Haque

Can i invest from Bangladesh??

Roger Tracy

I want to cooperate with you, please leave your contact information,,,

Relaxing Music

Check out Webull app

Rohitash Aggarwal

Zerodha account se bhi kar sakte ha kya

Yash Chandragiri

I watch this after sebi new margin rule

Edison Dsouza

You said Zerodha but did not explain it?

Christine Sequeira

Really informative video. But kindly show me a video how to invest from India

Empowering Singh

Sir , My brother lives in USA he wants to open demat account in USA . Kindly suggest some good brokerage platform .

Iam vamshi

Can we buy through axis securities?

Tejwant Singh

What about webull?

be you

I couldn't complete kyc in vested

David Silveira

Mani great video thanx is there a way for Indian to invest in US index funds like the S&P 500 with Vanguard


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Umesh Jain

No passport ?
Than investment

Larry Garcia

I took Forex trading as my part time job and I earning smoothly without any stress. i invested with a professional broker and I got paid of $15,500 after a week, I wish I had done this years ago . thanks to Mr Nicholas and his team for keeping to his words. Mr Nicholas is recommended on [email protected]__fxtrade on IG , I'm so grateful how you boosted my financial status

sarah kura

Investing more on forex is actually better than stock trading because it's less complicated and higher profit than stock for example I make over $4300 every week trading with forex using the broker of Feliciafx_profit thru insta he's honest and well experienced on forex..

Mallikaa Rahane

Great explanation

Nasrin Sultana

I live in USA. How can I buy stock from here? Which one can I buy right now?

Yash Sharma

It is very complicated pls make detailed videos.

pradeep roy

Came across this video by chance. Incase someone had invested based on your recommendation they would have made it big :) starting from the date you posted till date the market has skyrocketed

Chowdhury Arifur Habibur

can i invest from bangladesh?????????????

Lokesh Anand

Wat is the minimum Indian price to invest Or buy US stocks?

Sat B

How is Winvesta app to invest in US Stocks ..any reviews ?

Master Yoda

Mani ji your videos are very informative. Please talk about investing in crypto currencies from India

Anand Tirthgirikar

What are your views about United Traders platform?

Kyle Lowy

Hey I saw your channel show up and checked it out. Keep grinding, I make content about trading as well. Hmu on Instagram @lowystrong seen some nice gains this last year and just want to spread the knowledge. Could possibly collaborate and make some sick content.

Pranav Aggarwal

Does Webull allow you to invest in US stocks?

Valsan Menon

Thank you Mr.Mani.Can you please advise,from where I can get good investing ideas in US scrips and can you also let me know,if there is any site like Screener,Ticker Tape e.t.c where I can do the Fundumental Analysis

muhammed Rafshad

Please stop using background scores while talking it sucks

Ashwin Jha

SIR PLS HELP Sir I'm an Indian who wants to trade in US stocks using a cash account, I want to day trade, is it legal? I won't be using margin in any way, just a cash account with 2/3 day settlement rule, no derivatives and no etfs
I will be using TD AMERITRADE

shivaay Singh

Sir i want to talk to you.
Please check my message on Instagram ?❤️?

Mehraj Rajput

Very useful information in a very simple way great job bro?♥️


Investing is one of the best ways to achieve economic flexibility. For a beginner there are so many challenges you face. It's hard to know how to start. Trading the forex and crypto market has really been lucrative to me. I almost gave up on trading at some point not until I got an expert to handle my trades. I made more profit than I could ever imagine. I'm not present to converse much but to share my testimony; I just made my withdraw of 7.5 BTC from a capital of lost of 3 BTC. Thanks I'm really grateful especially during the pandemic. I have been able to make great returns trading with one of the best platforms around. I discovered I made more divided better than what my current job pays. I urge you to take bold step by giving the bitcoin market a test if you really want to make more dough. Jennifer Smith can be reached through WhatsApp... +14073058743, for more info on how to increase your portfolio trading crypto

Abhishek Sengupta

how about webull?

Rahul Bansal

What about fidelity. Is it better?

manjeet singh

Helpful tips


Please explain vested app the words are so difficult

Sandeep Das

Can you keep your current stock investments which you have in USA once you return back to India after visa expiry ? How will you pay taxes on the dividends in this cases ?

Rohit Pai

I'm a US citizen, who was born in US but grew up in India. Are there any easier or alternate methods for me to trade in the American stock market?

Daksh kumar

What about webull?

Anish Thube

Taxes are to be paid in us and india as well please clarify

Mary Sam

There will be hunger in different parts of the world. So don't borrow to eat rather borrow to invest Cryptocurrencies

Henderson Albert

With the current rise coming in the stock market, i have decided to go on a ROI with my broker Mr Phillip Bolton, he just made me $4.5k from my last week's investment of $2k, it's no doubt Phillip is a profit making guru.

saurabh arora

Hi, Can we do intraday trades in US markets, also if short selling (only for intraday) is permitted?

Reaz Alam

Does Angel broking have any option of investing in US markets.... If yes then can you make one small video about it

Ayush Jain



As i have submitted my kyc documents to vested finance but still i am not able to buy or sell stocks as my bank is of 3rd party what can i do after my submission of kyc documents?

Ind vs usd

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One indian rupee is equal to how many pakistani rupees (hindi/urdu) . Indian rupees to pakistani RS

843 381 views | 23 Sep. 2017

hyy guys theory of

hyy guys theory of shubham ke aaj ke is video me hum baat krne waale h.

one rupees of india is eual to how many pakistaan rupees.

yaha fr haar baat ko clearify karenge

so video suru se le kar last tak dekhe thankyou.....
















Varun Bhagat

Kaisa chutiya h be itna aaaand kyo ke rha mr ja


India vs Malaysia
Ruppes vs ringgit
Malaysia menang India lose

jante rhao ji


Naveed Shahir 852

I'm shafqat Kashmiri from Pakistan ??

Shafqat hussain Jaffry

India purana full

Babul Hussain

India se dusre country mein paise transaction karne ka koi tarika batao please

Sandeep Verma

Chutiya ye sart video tha kamine

pradeep jena pj

Acha tu mechanical engineer hay

『ŠHマRiDeRzZ Gaming

Pehle baat pakistan me parleg nahi hote

Md Kalam

Teko Ko kuch v nh pta ja phle te sikh kr aa

Sudhanshu Kumar

सब इतना क्यू घुमाते हो ,सीधी सब्दो में बताओ,एक रुपया भारत का ,पाकिस्तान में कितना होगा,,

JAGO By Kumar Sagar

Yarr bacchon jaise Kyu samjha te ho

Danish Hussain

Hm Chutiya nhi hai ek baar Mai samajh jaate hai

animesh Mishra

Tumne parlegi ka nahi bataya ??

vikas raj


Ns Mdsp

video banana aata hai

sling blade

Very informative, thank you.
Luv from Pakistan

The Manual Guy

01:30 dont waste ur tym

ges 105sb

Pakistan may cizy zada sasti milti hay mai bata sakta ho kyo kay may pakistan mai ratah ho

vineet Mishra

Bar bar ghuma Kyu rehe hai

Yahya 117

Pakistan not Pakistaan

Masud Rana

Today 29/12/2019

0.55 paisa, ??BDT/ Taka = 1 ??PKR /Rupee

Muzamil Riaz

Pakistan may 100 doll 150000

Partha Zyan

Landon ki ??????

Deepak Jatavji

Bhai mujhe other countries paise chahaye to Kya kare

Deblal Roy

Ek sabal ka jawab dene me atna time. 3rd class nonsense video.

Vipin Kumar Kushwaha

Sidha sidha batayi na be

Amran Ali

Hi brother

Seema Gupta

Chitiya. Agar koi tere pas padne aa gaya to pagal hi ho jaiga.

Rawat Vicky


Ever Exploring Scientists

Sir it is not doller it is dollar please take care ?
Just wanted to help for making it video better


Tu ya hi kam krta rhi whala

Ns Mdsp

Bukchodi karta hai


Bro my name is also subham

Mario Fernandes

India Ka 100 rupees Pakistan mein 220 rupee's hota hai aur India ka 10000rs Pakistan mein 21999.93 rupees hota hai.

Mandar Pund

Lavda ka mechanical engineer

Entertainment com knowledge

Lol mara haii pakistan ???????????

Rahul Kumae

Now India 1 rupees = 2.20 Pak rupees in 2019



sujan chhetri


Ravi Mhetre

gaandu kitni bakwas karta hai tu

song Express honey diwakar

Chutiye sidha sidha bhi bta skta h tu

vivek kaushal

abe itna kyu chaat reha hai

anant bhat


First and Last



Bhai...try to keep your presentation basic and as simple as possible for people to easily understand...your presentation feels like a math teacher showing students how to solve a maths formula

Day Today

Bhai hai toh theek hai par latka kyu raha hai

Madhurjya Hajong

Matric pass kiya aap ne?

Asrf Ali

Jitna Pakistan 1 Days me Khana khate hain
aur usse jiyadA to Hamare india ke. Bache kha late hain

Rehnaz Taj

Agar chod k dusra bore hijde

Abhishek Kaushik

Bsdka engeenier

j. s musical group Gurjar

Yar faltu bakavas kyu karata saral tarike se koi bat ko nahi bata sakata

zeeshaan haider

india ka 20000 pakistaan ka kitna howa

Shivanshu Kushwaha

1:30.....Thanks me later...

Rez Khan


Manas Singh Official

Parle -G 3Rs ka aata hai bro

Malleshi Tillihal

I inadian rupee equal to 2.23pakistani rpees

Inayat ullah Maka

Pakistan dollar bahut mahanga hai Allah kare sasta ho jaaye

Alok Nial

Ghuma kyun rha hai.. Be???

Faryad Ansari

Abe point pe aya karo sida

Deepu kichcha

Super broo ????

Sunny Singh


ghufran shareef

This ups and downs take uturn. Do you know in 1980 pakistan currency was stronger to indian ones? Search Google.

Rahul Chavan

Very very ???? bad

Gopal Singh

Jay Hindustan

Rahul rauniyar

Nepal grab desh hai
Mager india ka 1 rupay nepal ka 1.60 ho ta nai


May samjha ta hue ek kaam karoa Google per search kro ki 1 Pakistani rupee in rupees

Jagdish kumar


Ishani Halder

This is correct Dollar spelling

yey ish

India is economically better than pakistan because 1INR= 1.621 pak rupee. If thats the case to compare economy india is so behind. Even the small countries like maldives have better economy than india.

Deep Shell

Gandhi g ka dushman Modi Indian currency say jaldi Gandhi g ki tasweer hata dega it's our challenge


Bhai tune acha samjhaya logo ki baat par dihan maat de ?? jai hind or sorry bhi maat bol is Salo ko

Neha Fatima

Jot ha totel jot ha allah maf kara bhai ?

kimaya kasturi

Isse achha to google par search kr lete...
Pure 3 minute 28 second waste kar diye
By the way - It is dollar not doller

shankar rajput

Laude sidha bta na chab kyu RHA h

Gopal Singh

Agar mein Pakistan Wale ko ek rupya dunga vo mujhe Kitna denge

Owais RAZA

india ki Itni abadi ke bad yeh hai
pakistan main awam ki incom Achi hai

Inayat ullah Maka

Pakistan dollar

Rez Khan


Jaswinder Singh

Sala vidio da

Vivek Mishra

Ab chaina par video banao Pakistan bhol jao

Nitesh Maturkar

Mauritius county Vs Indian county ka rest batashakte ho

Prabhjot Singh Khakh

when u dont have enough content...” agar sidha sidha amjhe toh.....”

Mr.Puneet Joshi

Tu bahut jyada bolta hai?

Shahbaz Khan

Ghuma chutiye

Aryan Kushwaha

Chhotu Sidhe Sidhe bolna

study with fun by shubham

1 indian rupees = 2.16 pakistani rupees

Jutt Sahab

Pakistan zindabad hindustan murdabad

jante rhao ji

Mera lan****+'''"""''!d


Modi kanjar


Chup chutia ghuma kyu raha hai


Point pe ana jaldi

Farhan Memon

Pakistan ki quality achi hai

Anna's Here ツ

Me toh yeh bhi bhool gayi ke pakistani paiso ko rupiya kehte hai ?

amazing things 08

Bhai 100 dolar yani indian ke 60600 ya 60800 rupye hote he tumhare hisab se????

Rakesh Kumar

1 Indian rupee = 2.18 Pak rupee Google it wrong info

Royal Farm

Abe sidha sidha bata ghuma kyu raha he

SIKH regiment


Saqib khan Khan

Jo India ka hijra apni bhan ki dalali khana chata hai wo pakistan a jay

Partap Bajwa

lawdaa saalaa achee se smjhaa

Ind vs usd

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Forex Thailand thai baht to Indian rupees exchange rate today | thai bhat to rupees

1 440 views | 24 Aug. 2019

Inr to thb | inr to baht |

Inr to thb | inr to baht | thb to inr | baht to inr | thai baht to inr | bhat to inr | 1 baht to inr

Hello friends, welcome to my Youtube channel, whose name is online Jaidev, here I will give you information about the price of all these things related to friends gold related to diamond information about the price of currency exchange rate aluminum and silver, and if you have any problem, you will get the WhatsApp number in the description, talk to it, you will definitely get the answer. gold price new update silver price new updates platinum price new updates palladium rate new updates diamond prices updated.


only for education purpose. And we do not show any kind of discrimination about any religion in our video. We give information about the price of everything in our video, whether it is gold or silver or aluminum copper or currency exchange rate we tell you about all and we also tell you the currency exchange rate of every country.

Thanks for watching

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channel host :: Jaidev verma

editing by :: jaidev verma

country name :: India

joining :: Dec 2018

From :: Bihar

lives in :: Delhi

Video About

euro to dollar euro tl euro to usd euro to pound dollar to euro usd to eur euro to pkr euro dollar 1 euro euro to rand euro rate euro exchange rate euro to cad euro to aud euro to rupee 1 euro to inr eur to gbp euro to php dolar euro euro real eur chf euro to aed euro to sterling aud to euro yen euro kuna euro euro rate today cad to euro exchange rate pound to euro euro to sgd usd usd to inr dollar to inr usd to cad euro to dollar dollar rate dollar to rand gbp to usd dollar to rupee cad to usd usd to aud usd to php usd to pkr euro to usd dollar to pkr dollars to pounds aud to usd bitcoin price usd dollar to euro usd to gbp usd to eur usd to myr 1 usd to inr usd to idr inr to usd dollar rate today euro dollar usd to rmb usd to sgd yen to usd usd to zar usd try rand to dollar usd to lkr dollar rate in indian rupees bitcoin usd bitcoin to usd aed to usd rmb to usd usd to nzd 1 dollars in rupees dollar to php canadian dollar to usd canadian dollar rate dollar to lira usd to aed dolar euro sgd to usd dollar price dollar to naira us dollar rate canadian dollar to inr 1 dollar hkd to usd php to usd usd to tl dollar to shekel yen to dollar usd jpy usd to cny dollar to cedi usd to hkd doller to inr pound to usd nzd to usd usd to egp usd to ars canadian dollar rate today usd to mxn eth to usd jpy to usd usd to inr live idr to usd rupee to dollar dollar to yen gbp gbp to inr gbp to usd pound to inr usd to gbp pound to rupee pound to pkr pound to rand gbp to aud eur to gbp gbp to pkr pound rate euro to sterling aud to gbp gbp to cad rupees usd to inr euro to inr dollar to inr gbp to inr dollar to rupee cad to inr sar to inr usd to pkr pound to inr aud to inr 1 usd to inr inr to usd sgd to inr pound to rupee inr usd to lkr yen yen to usd yen to dollar usd jpy yen euro jpy to usd dollar to yen php laravel