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Market Mondays with Ian Dunlap: Stock Review 4/13/2020

18 884 views | 14 Apr. 2020

Stock market expert Ian

Stock market expert Ian Dunlap discuses strategies to make money in the stock market under any circumstance. Ian also answered a variety of investment questions. We covered everything related to stock investing and took questions from viewers. #investing #daytrading

Link To The Red Panda Academy: http://bit.ly/38n6HDm

EYL University: https: https://www.eyluniversity.com

EYL University Code: EYL149

Guest IG: @themasterinvestor

Joe Anderson


Stephanie Archer

?? very informative

Totals Cappers

Aside from the info, the fact that a Brotha Ian speaks about is doing this to inform our community. Peace and blessings to you all.

Mark Sanders

What about Gold?

Mark Sanders

"Over the next several months, which industries do you think will pick up? Assuming shelter in place is partially lifted then comes back in the fall"
similarly to how zoom skyrocketed once there was shelter-in-place

Prudent Mom




deondre wills

To learn the game start with , Trading Terminology, Deep Technical analysis understanding, & Paper trade. & remember trading is a different game than investing. Sport Car vs Suv


Never heard of the fear and greed index...its at 48 9/23

Tanisha Marie

Black Wealth — hey guys

Mountain Goat

Enjoyed the talk, however, Mr Pink Tie should révise his advice: if you are an investor, you should never buy on an “up” day, when the candles are green. As an investor, Only buy at the end of a “red” candle stick day.

If you are a trader, this is irrelevant.

His advice is contrary to what he said earlier: when the Air is greedy hold on to your $s....only buy when people are afraid.... in general.

Having said all of that, successful investing is a very difficult thing. DO NOT follow anyone’s advice. Form your own conviction based on knowledge, data and your experiences.

Sorry to say this, but mr pink tie is not old enough to understand the psychology of the public through multiple cycles. All he has ever known is a “hot” stock market. Only people who have made AND lost money get my attention.

Recommend the book; ‘How to make money in stocks’ by William O’Neil. He’s the guy who starred ‘Investors Daily’ newspaper, now expands into a major investment web portal. Best book ever that teaches you how to evaluate entry and exit moments.

Antoinette Drummer

Why would someone not be able to hold a stock or position for any amount of time, for example 3 or 5 years? How does holding a stock that is loosing affect the portfolio and what is wrong with that?


Cruise stocks scare me. One Tsunami away from complete bankruptcy.

P. Belle

Minute 20:20 banks pay lowwww dividends.

Xavier Hall

Kudos to eyl and Ian for educating the people on investing. Love how Ian simplifies investing in stock market and the basketball analogies are ?. Keep it coming


Which one is it ??? You’re not really at the table until you “get to 1,000 shares” or “get 10,000 shares”?????? At 50:50 in the video


Phenomenal content fellas ????????


#EYL No TenCent or Softbank both I think are Chinese companies ???

Empower YourVision

Gems !

Tearra Gunter

Wow this was very informative ?

P. Belle

Minute 40:35 - a cruise line? - for 3 years? vs the same $ in tech (AI, biomed etc) ?#confused

Kay Renae

When it comes to investing I stick to index funds: Total Stock Market Index Fund and Total Bond Fund. I don't get why everyone wants to pick stocks when most aren't going to outperform the S&P500 but to each their own. The only individual stocks I have is Walmart and Alibaba.

Charles Holifield

Man there should be a million views +. This is magical..

Brandon Jackson

Awesome segment and I am looking forward to seeing more Market Mondays

Ash Christie Herds

Where can I get to Ian Dunlap? I'm investing but want to improve my understanding

john gordon

Hi what do you think of penny stocks ticker TRNX SEEL?


Love the info...Peace Bros...


PayPal Mark Andressen is one of the founders of the company...." A tech-heavy head from Silicon Valley. Additionally, he sits on the board of Ebay.

CT Reid

I got my eye on Shopify

Valentino Tauaese

Great job !!! I’ll be here every Market Monday. ???????????????????? thank you EYL and Ian!!!

Jerald Roberson

Thank brothers for the information.

Gerald Boone

My dad taught me about Real Estate so that was the route I went. Ian said that the average Black family owns 12 stocks. That is crazy. He said that we are not doing anything until you own at least 10,000 stocks. 10,000 stocks is the goal I will try and match now. I am new to stock investing so I have a journey.

Thanks for the content

Ashley Atavia

I love Ian's personality ?

Ro Car

Black men trading. Subscribe!!


Loved this episode ?????. Yall hit me to the movie Barbarians at the Gate... ???? definitely trust your book and movie club. Yall tell Hollywood to invest in more in money movies #Bigshort #WolfonWalllstreet #Enron #CNBC #AmericanGreed


The analogies are on POINT!


#EYL Commensurate package is going to be cut over 50% with this revised 'telecommuting era' we're entering. But the down side I fear is that once the economy levels, and hiring is left for employees to stay at home might backfire. The question would be how do you keep the people and company's goals efficient as over time subordinates may become 'slackers'. The comfortability of being home can lead to compromise in quality of work performance undermining its whole purpose...

John Moore

What a DIFFERENCE 2 months make, from Plandemic to Protest. Today's date June 11, 2020

Greg Weeks


Y'all are the Shit bro


What literature do you recommend as a read so that I can learn at what price point to get in at I’m real intrigued on how you guys do that

Kelly Augustin

This is great stuff !!!

Tiffanie Joyner

Greetings Guys - Wanted to say thanks for the content and all of the information! I found these videos and this platform a little late, but studying these videos has been a game changer for me. I know you hear it all the time, but THANK YOU!!!


Market 13

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I bought knockoff Galaxy Buds Live from a Flea Market for $25 - are they actually any good?

6 640 views | 9 Feb. 2021

(For Entertainment

(For Entertainment purposes only, and also just showing what cheap tech does!)

*And I do not endorse the purchasing or sale of any replica products whatsoever*

Another to trip to the flea market where you never know what you will find.

Well months ago, out of curiosity I asked a guy at a stall how much he wanted for knockoff Buds Lives and he said $85, I said no to that and moved on. I went back out there about 2 weeks ago and found a guy out there with 2 boxes with some miscellaneous electronics. Once again curious I asked the price and he said $30. I got him to $25 and called it a deal.

I was curious. I've bought cheapo stuff at the market, sometimes good, sometimes bad. But I didn't want to buy a pair of Wish or anything since I really didn't have that much interest in them...but for $25 - why not?

So sit back, relax and watch me ramble about with some weirdly shaped earphones for 14 minutes...WAIT 14 MINUTES ON A SMOOREZ VIDEO - WHAT IS THIS?


Joke Intro: 0:00

Real Intro: 1:06

Looking around the box: 2:17

Unboxing: 4:25

The buds: 6:37

Pairing, in-ear & testing: 8:00

Battery life and retest: 11:16

Conclusion: 12:32

Outro: 13:12

Be good people alright!



Twitter: @SMOOREZofficial (I will be deactivating this soon since I never check it)

Instagram: s.moorez

Discord: https://discord.gg/WSDtfkf




Mick Gordon - BFG 10K (Doom Eternal Soundtrack)


Intro - made by: GRAMA Design (Grunge/Glitch)



*All images used in the video belong to their rightful owners but are used under fair use/demonstration.


#CheapoTech #FleaMarketFinds #GalaxyBudsLive

Richard Abrams

I've got real galaxy buds live and like them. I can't use regular earbuds so these are my only choice. I don't think the sound quality is that great compared to the ones that go in your ear canal but they do the job.


Who cares if they have great battery life if they sound horrible and don't fit?


I was hoping you would


Sweet new video

Carlos Chávez

I have the real ones and Im pretty sure you had them on properly, they are kinda unconfy after a few hours, battery life is roughly 5-6 hours with medium volume and no anc cuz its terrible, it does nothing, but sound is good, not great especially for how expensive they are, but meh, I have them and I'm happy for watching youtube vids and music.


It's about time you're back

pitch black panther

Please review Mi True Wireless Basic

Jozalin S

i got a whole iPhone Xs 256gb from a thrift store for $25 lol

Nick Love

Well where have you bean bro

Delair Ronsinowicz

I enjoy and any and all SMOOREZ videos. But the knockoffs/replicas/clones are my absolute favorite. They never fail to disappoint.




~ Dankpods 2020

Donivan Crow

You + dankpods = profit

Ext Reee

I want jelly beans now

Ed Co

Not terrible. It's actually good. I'd love to see more. ?

Someone You Never Know

Samsung CEO wondering where the factory rejected products go.

John Smith

12:18 honestly the real deal has such a horrible ANC It might as well not have one, so people who made that clone got that right ?

Kazi Sahlan

I thought the guy scammed you and that he put the jelly beans in there.

Kazi Sahlan

I didn’t expect the jelly beans lol.

Rinus Heemskerk

Got the real deal. They are OK. Only not the most comfortable and it take some time to get used to them. They sound great and charge real quick. I got them for free with the note 20 ultra. I would never buy them due to the uncomfortable as they are and after 1 hour tops you have to get them out of your ears. Also the way yout suppose to wear them doesn't work for me and need them to wear as they say you shouldn't to get the best sound and not falling out of your ears. Ps don't wear during sport, you will loose them.

Nice your back with new videos


Dude at least it wasn't off wish


Ok I thought of the intro at 11PM at night on a Maccas run and then had to find a store that sold beans and after 4 different places that were just ready to close I found some. I think it was the worst idea I have had in a while.

Do you have a legit pair (or knockoffs) of these? How do they sound? Do you like them? Let me know!

Joke Intro: 0:00
Real Intro: 1:06
Looking around the box: 2:17
Unboxing: 4:25
The buds: 6:37
Pairing, in-ear & testing: 8:00
Battery life and retest: 11:16
Conclusion: 12:32
Outro: 13:12

Be good people please :)

Crystaldabber 77

I thought you were speedrunning the unboxing like everyone lol

Stephen Hugh Cook

Send them to His Dankness.

David Dunmore

Nearly Wish 'quality'.

Trevor Haddox

The noise cancelling on the real "beans" doesn't work at all either, you aren't missing out on that aspect.

joakim edholm

now hes got earwax in his candy XD


Funny thing... 3-4 days ago I subscribed and I just made 3 day marathon of your videos ?
I put them in small window at the corner and do my work on pc and I fricking love it. I love how you ramble about phones and gadgets and don't afraid to do it for like 40min! What I would suggest... Maybe more weird tech stuff for cars and add-ons for phones/laptops? I know that it's hard to do such videos(money to buy/editing) but maybe once in time some eg. Weird dash cam for car or weird add-ons like laptop cooling thingy that you literally put in front of laptop fan air exit and magically decrease Temps...
Anyway I still have like 15 videos left to watch so I have another day or two of marathon of your videos ??

『 Eshan Playz 』

8:00 why does it say apologies for the intro again?


Eyy dankpods have one
And hate it


I got a free pair of the real deal with my S21. Interested to see how they fit in my lugs now. They haven't arrived yet.

Chibi TheEdgehog

Some of those are real they are just Chinese market one that came in a bundle .. the noise cancelation is actually handled in app and is not intended for random noise, they are met for consistent noise like plane engines. They are designed to allow you to remain attentive as you listen to music. If you want to drown out the world you want Buds Pro.


"life is a glitch"

Ext Reee


IDK anymore

>testing any audio equipment using 128kbps audio from youtube

dude no

J. B.


Mike hock


Die Now Please

For a price this is not bad, the scam is in the real ones. They are just trash for that money.

Von L

I bought the same thing from DHgate for 16 bucks and they are worth exactly that. LoL


I got them free with my z fold 2 they are very comfortable for me the bass is great for a non in ear earbud

navigator of none

The buds are too large for anyone's ears hence it is uncomfortable. No i never owned a wireless earphones because i don't need wireless.
It is inconvenient for me to keep charging the phone and earpieces constantly due to faster battery drain from using bluetooth.


I liked your intro man, amusing stuff. Don't worry about the haters


32nd like!!, love ur videos

mr relic


Random 4400

1:01 damn that intro bass sweep ?

R.J. Paltridge

Cool I've been wondering about the budz!

John Sinclair

The name makes me think of Bud Light.

Random 4400

Oh hell yeah! It makes my day when I get your notifications! I absolutely LOVE this channel ❤ keep it up!! (Also I'm not a bot ? for those people wondering i actually love this channel my favorite tech channel)

Market 13

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13. Do's & Don'ts of share market 13 (TELUGU) స్టాక్ మార్కెట్

144 368 views | 21 Aug. 2017

DISCLAIMER: ALL the videos

DISCLAIMER: ALL the videos in this channel are for education and information purpose only. All the viewers are advised to consult an advisor before making an investment decision. The author will not be responsible for any action taken by the viewers basing on these videos.

Beginners in particular, should not venture to invest in shares directly. better to take the Mutual fund Route , preferable in SIP mode. this video highlights dos and don'ts in share market

Beginners, Beware !


thnx super

Neel kamal Nair

Stock Price Alerts
I'm loving free unlimited stock price alerts, hope you too love it.
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Thoutu Manidev

Really... Way of lectures very good.. pls keep here more information... Sir

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Close friend cheputhunte vinnattundi sir, meeru chala baaga chepparu sir , thanks you soo much

Thimma Boya

Tq Sir

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How to buy share

Panchala Laxmana chary

Great explanation sir thanks for information

anu valli

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tirumalachandrasekhar munagavalasa

Excellent sir...Thank you

chandrasekhar thamma

Can't thank you enough Sir, finally i got the best Teacher to take guidance ....

Chennuru Khasim

Chala baga xpain chesharu sir


Hi Sir
I'm Rahaman Shaik.... I watched Your Videos And Subscribed.... I want Tips To Invest.... I'm 23 aged.... Monthly Salary --13,000/-

Kumar Uday

If any intrest telugu Clint send hi my whatsapp num 7619347333

aryen sujjan

sir can i use stock trainer app after the completion of all your classes please reply sir


Well explained in detail manner..


sir i am sorry Please your name and...if you dont mind give your phone number

Manoj Krishna

guruvu ji

oka company X anee oka product ni produce chestundi oka plant lo. Yentha % production capacity ki reach iiyindi aa company aa product mida ani yela telusukunedi?

Naveen Yadav

Sir I'm from khammam
I want to invest in stock market..

Mohammad jilani khan

Sir, pls explain me about what is capital reduction in stock market. and drabacks

ravi ravi

Asalu aa shares Ela konali ?

Nagaraju Peddakotla

thank u sir.nice video

srinivasarao kommalapati

Future ఏ రంగం లో ఉంది సర్

radhakrishna kasiraju

How much money you have earned till now?

Hyderabad Stocks

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Tarak Netala

thanks sir

praveenkumar chikolu

The way u r teaching with caring excellent sir. Thank u



galla bhavanisankar

Good video..

srinivasarao ch

Sir manam loss aina money evariki veltundhi

Bollam Jagadeesh

em chepinaru guru super

Yogesh Joga

Uncle please ur number r what's app group unty link pettadi


Own ha trading chestene....knowlege vastundi......veedu evado kaani....bayapeduthunadu youth ni...stock market ante ...zoodham kaadhu ra...nayana..its completely knowlgebla thing....evadra nuvu. .

Govind Poluparthi

Awesome explanation. Thank you sir

l srikanth

Sir miru aenni kotllu sampadhincharu sir ...
Ela adiganu anukoni thappuga anukokandi..Mamuluga ne adiganu sir.. telusukundham ani

Kasoju Shivashankar

More information very good sir thanks.


Wrong infornation ....derivatives and intraday make good profits......u need good knowlege....he is completly miss guiding people and bayapeduthunadu......life lo risk chesi try cheyakapothey ....edhi sadyam kaadhu...

Yashvanth555 Nimma

Sir ఫార్ములా ఉండదానికా పోవడానికా sir మి పని అయిపోతుంది అంటున్నారు అంటే అదే డౌట్ వస్తుంది

Ss Naidu

Good ofter noon sir, plz give me the phone number sir

srisurya solutions

Sir Your Lecture is So Nice

N narasimham

Most interesting your speech

ashok cherri

??chepparu andhariki ardham ailaga


HI Sir , good and tell me the best formula ...etc thnx sin

Rachaputi 123

Asalu aa company shares unnayo manaku ela telustundhi sir


Thank you very much sir for your guidance

surarapu nagaraju

Nice videos. I clarify my doughts

ravi teja

Great sir thank you for providing knowledge to many people...

raghav hemanth

Nice knowledge

ko rams

Rakesh jinjinwalla mari baga gain chestunadu sir

Janarthanan Kannan

Kindly give me your mobile number sir

Neeraj Kumar

Thank u sir

Santhosh Naidu

While watching this video I thought my right side ear - phone was not working meanwhile slightly got fear that may be my ear stopped...

Janarthanan Kannan

Sir pls give me ur number

venkatesh chavva

Super explanation sir
Thanks a lot

Krishna Das

First of all i would like thank you for making such a great videos and uploaded the same in social media i.e. youtube. The video narration is too short and explanation way is easy to understand and i can say in simple manner, if a layman watch this video in first glimpse it self they can know where to invest and what precautions will take while investing the money into stock market. This is kind request from my end please do more videos on stock market.

Sai Prasad B.

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Why don't you talk about fundamentals and analysis.. let them decide.. you are just scaring people with lot of don'ts.. i think if they know deep meaning of value of money.. they can invest..

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then how mhch money do you have earned.since you have knowledge on marketing the shares

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I'm ready

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Shabana Ali super

Well explained..

yugander pilli

Thank you sir

Michael Dara

Dabbulu poyayi ani anukoni, dabbulu yenduku invest cheyali. Share market gurinchi telusukoni tharvatha video cheyyandi swamy. Intha negative ga vunnav, nuvvela share market gurinchi cheptunnav


Namaskaram, guruji, your words, excellent, please call me one time 8520934086

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Perfect information sir of share market. Thanq sir.

Pushpa Sree

Sir That I want to know about how to do or how to know and how to determine or practice about the fundamentals on the company sir please make a video sir and I was treating you like a Guru sir Jay Hind???

thatiparthi brahma reddi

Happy morning guruji

Neeraj Kumar

Chalaa use Full video sir edhi

జిట్ట రాజాలింగం

Thank you sir...

Sk Seeni

Haiii sir good explanation I have doubts so please send me yours contact number please please I want to learn to stock market

Tarun Gowtham

Watch in 1.5x speed

venkata chalapathi

గురువుగారు ???

Ashan Deep Gowri

Sir I had done first mistake I borrowed money for interest and I invest and lost money..Thank you sir for your programme ..it is very useful....

Tadepalli Bharadwaja

సార్, మీ కాంటాక్ట్ నంబర్ ప్లీజ్


Will government schemes lose out by investing in stock market? .Like pm kisan, Raithu bharosa, ysr cheyutha.

siva Krishna Reddy

Thank you for information sir ???

Ravi D

Sir your classes nice

sanjeev narayana

Can u please explain about premium in futures and options...

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mouli Mouli

Hi sir, any bank investors benifits kosam trust untundhantaaru, nijamena?


Excellent sir


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Mullapudi Prabhakar

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Prakash Mvs

Great information sir, thank you so much

Rupesh Dhondi

Thanks sir, for sharing your experience

Ram Singh

Ur my God father sir