Nova cost

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Total Cost Involved, 1966 Nova

6 358 views | 26 Oct. 2017

Nova cost

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ATI Nova Liberty .22 Complete review

11 837 views | 4 May. 2019

I present to you my review

I present to you my review of the ATI Nova Liberty in .22 Caliber. This is another entry level PCP that has a lot of feature for a very reasonable price. The List price is $299.00 USD and comes with a 10 shot rotary magazine, single shot tray, iron sites, side cocking, one piece fill probe, replacement o-rings and more.

I demonstrate accuracy with JSB Pellets, Nielsen Specialty Ammo Slugs, and H&N pellets.

American Tactical Imports


Hardair Magazine ATI Nova Liberty review


Save 20% until 12/2019 HARDAIR20

Nielsen Speciality Ammo


Air Velocity Sport


Air Velocity Sport Liberty Tune video


Hajimoto Productions


Hajimoto's Teaser to the review for the ATI Nova Liberty


Hajimoto's ATI Liberty Strip Stack Pak


CVLife Scope 6-24x50mm Illuminated Reticle


Mateus Torres

Whats is the difference with nova vista

alex barredo

Nice pcp and review, subscribed ?

Frankie Waters

If you guys are waiting to buy one of these your wasting time. It’s an excellent gun for the squirrel woods. I had one of the first guns and their is a huge thread to mods on the GTA I started. Grab one and join the convo!!

Rabiul Islam

Please price

Elmer Thummel

Great review, thanks

Jeff Blahnik

Mr. Dr. H I just purchased some 24 grain varmint knockers slugs for mine From my Nova and that 80 yards they are almost just plowing a foot in front of the target to the right I shoot soon 21 grain barracuda matches and they are right on any suggestions on what might be going on with the slugs

Heith Watkins

Thanks brother. I like that rifle. God bless you.

Fourwheel Cowboy

Haji nice review man ??? would u know the size for the orings on the liberty fill probe?

john harvey

I totally apologize for the comment I just left. I am an idiot. I was talking about the Seneca Aspen. I was confused because it started out as a Nova. The first reviews that I watched on it .... It was a Nova rifle. And I remember something about Seneca buying them out.
Now that I look at my catalogs.... This rifle is cheaper than the Aspen. But what I'm looking for is that built-in pump. That's the coolest thing since sliced bread.
Now my other comment should make sense to you. Lol!

Adrian Boizo

Ok Mr Hajimoto I’m on the fence I’m about to buy my first pcp I was going to buy the gauntlet then I saw all the great reviews on the liberty and really like the gun but now I see Air Venturi avenger and I haven’t seen no reviews yet so do u have an avenger and which do u think is better just the rifle only

Santiago Chavez Torres

Really impressive, this carbine has nothing to envy to the carbines of the big manufacturers.

Giovanni m

Haji thanks for the review, can a DonnyFL MOD BE ADDED.

Jerry Pruett

LIKE! Your production of this pcp! Semper FI!


Great review, seems like a great buy. I would definitely have to remove the logo though,lol


Just called ATI...no plans for a 25 cal yet and they provide a shipping label at no charge for warranty repairs.

Chris Figueroa

Awesome video haji thanks helps me out a lot I got that gun

Donald Babcock

I already have a Seneca Aspen .22 (Nova Freedom) Really like it. It looks a lot like this Airgun (made by the same people) I think this would be my next Pellet Rifle!

Jess Arenas

Is your shooting on high power or low power cause you said 15 grain pellets are shooting at 910 FPS but the first pellet was shot at 810 and it weighed 15 grains?

Lou Siffer

is the barrel choked?


For a 'regulated' air rifle that's supposed to be capitalizing on the Gauntlet's breakout into the PCP community, it really doesn't bring anything to the table to compete with the Gauntlet's regulator. It's a nice-looking gun, but the Nova still has a shot curve, which flies in the face of any honesty it has of being a 'regulated' PCP since a regulator is meant to flatten out the shot curve. Nova looks nicer, has a nicer Single-Shot tray, and has open sights, but the Gauntlet is just more consistent shot-to-shot for the same price on AOA.

Adrian Boizo

How are you doing Mr. Hashimoto I’m about to buy my first PCP air rifle was about to buy the gauntlet Then I seen your video on YouTube about the liberty NovaI was wondering which would you think is better entry-level PCP first time PCP buyerthe nova or the Gauntlet

Varmint Sniper

Bummer they are all sold out except the wood version. I’m thinking of getting one for my mom. Any other links to available stock?

Garry Sansoucie

Thank you Haji, great review as usual! I’m very impressed with mine and bought it based on your preview and Steve’s full series of videos. My first PCP and I’m hooked!!!

Robert Kruckman

HAJI:: U and AVS did a really good job getting the info out about the the NOVA. I just checked and these are once again B O. Anyway like I do with most of Ur vids I will download and save. U 2 have showed me so much, almost as much as KENNY KORMANDY.... RIP.

Jeff Blahnik

Listen ? DRH I think it’s time Steve O brother from another nova mother U ARE A DR NOW!!! He is a bad man!! Love u guys both if you get cold next winter come down to the shooting shack by the way Dr. H nice hat good shout out to the FL Sylo 15

albahar 06

Thank you haji.??

vladimir Dimitriu

Oau nice video made USA? /China airrifle! Tnx for share! Btw where did you ghet these old jsb's .Best of Haji I know that!!

Michael Culclasure

Great video Moto I've been trying to find this air rifle for weeks in the synthetic stock to no luck of course they are all sold out and now a 20% off just my luck but where do you find the coupon code at . Thanks in advance new PCP air Gunner.

Beefalo Bart

Can you remove the front sight band, and if so does it effect the harmonics any?

DR Dan

FX from Swedens worst nightmare.

Desert Silver

Thanks for the heads up on the CVLife scope Haji. My Liberty is at the PO waiting for me to pick up and I'm going to order that scope now as I was a little reluctant to buy it before.

Commenter Five

Hajimoto! I've read some of your comments. Now I happened on your channel. Subscribed. And thanks for the info on the Nova Liberty.
.....and now I've had the cousin gun, a Seneca Aspen .22. It makes my others, breakbarrels and pumps, obsolete. Mine is quiet, and I've quieted it more by cutting styrofoam to fit all under the shroud- patience required- and a self-made PVC moderator in the muzzle space. Noticeable lowering of sound, tho, again, wasn't too bad to begin. Some reviewers say to oil (silicone oil) lightly; No, oil everything heavily, especially the pump cylinder until no metal-to-metal is felt thru the handle. Then it'll be ok for a long while.
These pellet pushers do everything right. Thank you for all the great reviews without music, with natural sounds. Be blessed Haji.

Robert Kruckman

Oh!! HAJI: Ur vids are top 1% of all of them out there and I watch alot. U are the BEST!!

Jeff Westbrook

Excellent review! However you really peaked my interest when you said you’re working on a review of the Huben! Can’t wait for that! Thanks for all you do for the air gun community.


Hajimoto when you going to get more air stripper kits for the .22 I just ordered one today so looking to get one.


Would you use this rifle in the Pyramid air cup ? ?

john harvey

I've seen a review of this gun by young kid that goes by air gun enthusiast.... And I was blown away. Pyramyd air also did a review... As well airgun Depot. Nice to see your review.
All the reviews have been really good.
I have said for years that someone needed to take the daisy 880 platform and amp it up.
When it comes to 17 caliber and 22 caliber I'm more of a fan of break barrels. I just don't see the need to spend the money on a PCP air rifle of such a small caliber. This rifle has changed my mind about 22.
I have an old Gamo Hunter extreme...at that time I bought it it was the most powerful break barrel on the market... And that appeal to me as a hunter. It is a beautiful gun and well-made....it's major drawback is it has the world's worst trigger. It's easily a 12 pound trigger pull.... Which makes shooting a Springer even more difficult! Lol! It is an extremely accurate rifle though.... You just really have to fight to get good groups. Also the feet per second using the h&n hunter extremes... Is around 750 ft per second. That's not shabby by any means... But that rifle when I bought it was $600.
This rifle is less than half that and giving me 200 more feet per second. You better believe I want one.
I just have to pick the right timing when I buy new guns. I already have so many and I'm a powder burning guy as well....
let's just say that I'm a family man and my wife and kids come first. I really have my heart set on the HATSAN Hercules in 45 caliber next.... But I also need to get a fill tank. Because there's no way in hell I'm going to fill that thing with my hand pump! Lol!
But I think I'm going to pick this rifle up for my birthday this year. It won't break the bank.... And I won't hear too much bitching from my wife about it.... Since she just broke my Craftsman's drill... That I've had for over 25 years. Lol!

David A.

I watch A LOT of airgun videos. Makes up for lack of range time i guess. Being that beginner PCP guy ive been saving pocket change and that extra 10 spot here and there waiting on a thumbs up or down on the Benji Fortitude Gen2 or Gauntlet .25 to upgrade from my Maximus. I might not have to wait anymore. Thanks Haj! Plastic or not i love a light, carry all day gun. The maximus has been good to me and is a keeper and really havent needed to go past .22 for what i do. Well, time to get in some OT. Thumbs up ModFather

Air Head

Anyway to get the 20% off now

Robert Guzman

Where can I buy one ,been looking but cant find it.

skinny Mitch pettengill

Seems as though from your video it is a pretty nice platform

James Payne

is the trigger metal or plastic?


Good video Haji!

Gunner 1985

Great info

Bryan Morgan

Great review and shooting!! Wonder if my Diana Stormrider Gen I would shoot them 19 grain slugs

Martin Hensley

Promo code not working

Jason Tilghman

Love this review.... never thought I would want a pcp, but I will do this one.... may have to wait a while, wife mad cause I have too many air guns now!!! Lol


Nice vídeo!
the tests were high or low?
greetings from Argentina


oh by the way ,i got an umarex gauntlet air stripper on my fit tight and perfect ! your parts are def better i bet !

Kevin Young

Excellent video Hajimoto.  You and Air Velocity Sport are two of my favorite Air Tubers. With that discount code, I cannot resist.  Ordering the wood stock version today!


I keep finding your videos enjoyable, subbed!


What a great starter PCP, though if it was me I would be looking to lower the power by hammer spring adjustment or reg adjustment as its not well matched as each shot is lower than the last which means its over powered for its set up. 16 to 18 ftlb would probably do the trick for an even shot string, power is not everything especially with air guns. but a good starter, couldn't ask for more !

Adrian Boizo

How come nobody else sells or does reviews on the liberty only American tactical sells the the liberty American depo or pyramid air don’t sell it or Utah air

Robert Funk

Great review as always! What a sweet shooting pcp that rifle is! WOW! I was looking at getting a Gauntlet. This might have changed my mind. When are they going to make one in .25?

MountainSport Airguns

Great video! It is a great gun for the money. ?

Michael Culclasure

Good morning Moto had to watch this review again it was so good , question can a moderator be installed on this?

Creative channel

with respect to aacuracy and reliability which gun is better
-hatsan AT44-10
-kral puncher mega
-nova liberty/ hp p900

Desert Silver

What pressure did you start your shot strings?

Chris Figueroa

Nice video I'm getting mine tomorrow in wood stock . On the video it sounds a little loud I hope not ... Cuz I'll be shooting mine in the back yard lol

Joseph Saucedo

Hi I would be great if you would show a Marauder also shooting slugs I going to start building my armada with parts from Jefferson state parts and was thinking about using a fx x twist barrel. It would be sweet if someone could make a way to a just the transfer port though. I'm also going to make it a bottle gun but Im having a hard time finding the war or cobra regulator drop down block don't no why can't find any one with one or any were that selling one? The liberty cool I bought one for my brother he loves it. Keep up the great work. Love your reviews.

David A.

Aaaaaaaaand i just had my brother mention the ATI Freedom/ Aspen to me. (Built in pump). Having so many budget choices aint bad but sure is confusing

Jim Omalley

what kind of crono do you use ?

Will Roman's Airgun world

Wow..very impressive brother...I like the design of the liberty my self over the gauntlet too....good shooting gun...NSA did very well too..thanks for the great information and video... ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


Great review Haj.,made me buy one!

Richard Campbell

Just wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas brother. I also have a question for you. I am looking at purchasing a air rifle for my nephew for Christmas. I'm looking at the Nova Vista 22-caliber Woodstock. But I am also debating on the Umarex Gauntlet 25. I myself love to Tinker with my rifles so doing some tinkering is no problem. Just a question. Which one do you prefer over the other? I know the Nova Vista has been having problems with the Poppit when turning up the regulator higher. I know my nephew would like to shoot slugs out of his gun so I am kind of questioning that popit. On some of the reviews I've read on GTA I guess there are some guys who are making a peek popit. Anyways brother I just thought I would hit you up with the question as to which one you prefer. Merry Christmas my brother to you and your family. Stay blessed and Shoot Straight. ?????✌


Thanks for shooting the slugs through the rifle. It seemed to like the Nielsons. Not very many channels are using slugs in their reviews yet.

Matt E

Been looking forward to this one and it does not disappoint.
Many Thanks!

Latif Awan

Nice video bro


I would like to see the stock have a place to store a fill probe so you never forget it at home! LOL

sebastian Cortazar

Haji thank you so much for the time and effort you put into making these reviews, I have been waiting for your video, and now my Nova liberty is on it's way thanks to you.


Great honest review Haji. I liked it and the rifle. So glad manufacturers are getting into affordable PCP's. I mean, $300 or less.........WOW?!!!!!


good review haji, I didn't know this rifle exist until last yr the guy u showed in ur vid, he added a Ferrari v-12 to his liberty ? so much power in 22cal..i didn't the liberty would shoot those slugs that good..cant wait to see the red wolf ..are u doing any power tuning 2 the liberty ? get those 18g up 2 880-890

Matthew Blumenthal

Good review. Very attractive gun. The kind of thing I can take into the woods with no fear. Thank a lot!


Hi there. First time seeing one of your reviews. Really like it, especially how you neatly include so much info on the video during the shooting segment. I have subscribed.

Hunter One

Excellent info and great presentation. Nicely done.

Stedy One

I liked my plastic stock Liberty so much that I got the wood stock also. Did the Steve mods to both. Love it. Great video Haji.

The Dollar Sportsman

Excellent video, brother! Ever since I got into Airguns, y’all’s keep making me want to spend more ?.

So here’s my question: for a regulated PCP rifle, why did the velocity decrease with almost every shot? I would think the regulator would do better to prevent that. Let me know your thoughts!

teddy jam1

We're I get one haj I been looking for one it says dis

OriOn The Iguana Hunter

Haji, Nice video! I see your was doing excellent with the NSA slugs. I've tried mine with the 23gr but it didn't perform that well. I need to try them again because I've increased the power a bit and I think with the new power it might do better. I don't know if you have check my videos but I currently have a series I'm doing about this rifle, I have the wood stock. Let me ask you another question. With the plastic stock, do you noticed something weird while aiming with it? Mine (the wood stock) looks like optimized for the open sight, with the scope I have to build a cheek raiser.

Thanks once again, great video!

Chris P

Nice video! I have 2 questions: Can you adjust the regulator for more power? Was your testing done in the High or Low setting?


I got 2 magazines with mine.

Adrian Boizo

You should do a gauntlet vs liberty video


What is the regulated pressure. Maybe I just missed it ! The operation manual says the gun is designed for use at pressures between
100 and 300 bar. (1450psi - 4350psi). So is it safe to say is set at somewhere under (1450psi)? No actual mention of the regulated pressure.
Maxum pressure of internal air reservoir is 300 bar (4350psi). Untouched it appears to be a good pest controlling tool.
Thank You, for the helpful informative vid..


haj ,you should try the nova freedom my friend ,remember ,built in pump !

Albert Lopez

Hey Hajimoto
Was wondering where I could download a copy of the parts diagram or schematics on the Nova Liberty? Any ideas? Any help would greatly be appreciated!
Albert Lopez

Air Velocity Sport

Awesome review and great shooting! Thanks for the shout out. You covered a lot of good details. Thanks for showing what this gun can do in the hands of a capable shooter.

Crosshairz’ n Critterz’

Daaamn! Tons of features, power adjustments! I’m diggin it???
And you’ve already re baffled it, you rock Haj!!!

Nova cost

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NOVA BIM 5D - Generate BOQs from a 3D model cost estimate

615 views | 25 Apr. 2019

The 3D model cost

The 3D model cost estimate, in which each of the work items has been assigned to a work

category, allows you to generate bills of quantities, or BOQs, automatically!

Referring to the 3D model - special THANKS to:

Holder of Intellectual Property "Reload Architects"

Modelling Software: "GRAPHISOFT ARCHICAD 22"