Very volatile

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Texas blast scenario still 'very volatile': police

157 views | 19 Apr. 2013

Officials in Texas

Officials in Texas wouldn't give the number of casualties in the massive blast a fertilizer factory near Waco but said the disaster took place in a "highly populated" area and said they were still seeking survivors in a "very volatile" situation.Duration:00:55

Very volatile

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IGT FIRE PEARL Very volatile Game Free Spin bonus

78 views | 13 Mar. 2016

@ The Lodge Deadwood

@ The Lodge Deadwood

Some Lady won 5k on dollar bet on this game. very crazy possibilities

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Very volatile

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The Craziest Week in the History of the Oldschool Runescape Economy! [OSRS]

83 086 views | 7 Feb. 2021

The oldschool runesacpe

The oldschool runesacpe economy has had a few crazy weeks. Everything is very volatile with the looming equipment rebalancing changes. Today I am going to be breaking down what has happened.

The market has been very volatile as more and more news has been released for rebalancing changes. Items directly effected have changed a lot including items like the toxic blowpipe, dragon warhammer and dhin's bulwark. More so than that though there has been huge market changes in other items not so directly effected.

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Faerell 2000



I was telling myself I need to sell my acb when it was at 39m and 2 days later it was back down to 29 lol. Never did end up selling sadly.

Lars Landsem

Did he even go over the BP?


Just got an ad to start botting on runescape. Disgusting.

Stain Master

Bank value go brrrrrrrr


Bonds going up just means people are quitting. And I don't blame them fuck this game. The bot problem is too big and the devs are too retarded

Treyvon Martin

Do you trade stocks?

Steven Artuso

the hedgefunds are manipulating the markets ;) thats why they all crashed at the same time. Pure market manipulation.

Dukeman 2000

Speaking about the dwh like nothing is happening? It’s getting changed to strength requirement instead of attack so that opens the market to a lot more people, I don’t think it’s rising because it’s a knock on effect I personally think it will hit 60m. invest while you can

Panciceva omorika

"The jaw dropped by 6 mil. Im sure there's a pun in there somewhere"
Holy fuck lmao. The funniest thing is the number 6 mil.

nam man

See how people panic.. Use your brain..

Will Best

I'm on a bit of a break from osrs atm but I still feel connected to the game because I can see my bank value changing. I dumped my bank and bought a dhcb right before the spike, so I'm pretty happy with the price hike. Stonks plus vorkath farming, I'm a happy scaper right now.

Michael Inocente

What is the difference between bots and gold farmers? Aren't they the same thing?


Bonds prolly rising in prep for the steam release, someone is gonna make a ton..

Matt Cornish

Off topic from g.e prices but anyone else notice all the bots at dust devils in catacombs, they all got granite body/legs, whip and obsidian shield. 1-4 in most worlds


I hear all nightmare stuff is crashing cause of a big nightmare bot farm


i bought a full set of blessed d'hide 2 days before they announced no changes on it, shame im wearing the cheepest one of each slot lmao

Vegetable Soup


Weasel Fartood

If bonds hit 8 or 9m u will see a huge decrease in player count and not for the reason u think, if bonds hit 8 or 9m that means I can can buy 8 or 9 hours worth of grinding for 20 to 25 minutes grinding at my real life job, that means instead of getting on osrs everyday to make gp, I can just buy that gp very cheap and have no reason to grind things out, it would in fact be a massive waste of my time to do anything for gp, so u will see a decrease in real players grinding gp, and an increase in "fun" activities such as raids or pet hunting or mini games, so idk how I feel about that but that will be my plan if this happens my time spent playing will decrease a ton,

Robert DeRoeck

you should do a video comparing real stock options to OSRS items/indexes


Bonds are probably going up because lockdowns are restarting and people are having more time to play osrs


3:15 - The thing that's common between the DhL and the Dwh is that both of their respective bosses are most efficiënt to kill with a Blowpipe. A nerf to the Blowpipe would reduce the k/ph on these bosses. Reduced supply causes demand to increase it's value.

Weasel Fartood

The issue with basalisqs was never the special attack. They're just sooo tanky it's useless to fight them, I could kill rune dragons easy afk and get 1.3m an hour or I could kill basalisqs for 20+ hours make like 200k an hour or something ridiculous like that, I could easily buy a jaw way before I could find one doing other activities, the dragon warhammer is a bit different, ur more likely to find a war hammer before u can buy one, especially when u calc in the drops arent bad like 400 to 500k an hour already, I got lucky and found 2 dragon warhammer in 1k kc and it pretty much propelled my account to max, without those drops I'd never have had money to train and get better money makers, anyways none of that was important but I will say I'm a mobile only player dont own a pc so easier better money makers is what I go for, and basalisqs are just terribleeeeeee they have way too much defense for a 1 in 5k drop, even on task I just skip them because its 1 in 1k but it's a longgggggg boring tasks that ur almost guaranteed to either take hours on or more likely find nothing


You read all your comments? If that's true, I want to be one of the many to thank you for the consistent quality content. Been watching for a couple years now and always enjoy them.


If the bonds rise to 8-9m it will cut 50% of the osrs playerbase because most people can't make that type of GP in 14 days.

Matthew Delgado

I'm surprised you didnt mention the Ely outs been going up crazy

Devin D

I bought 20 bonds when they were at 4m. I feel good seeing now that they rose. Was a good time to buy the premier gold club.

Josh Spontak

Can’t wait for 1 attack dwh!! I have a maxed Obby mauler name is: Lzi


Noob question here. What makes the bonds value change so much across the year? I always thought it would be the most stable item because it has real life value (not accounting RWT)

Manwitha Machinegun

Why on Earth does the thumbnail show DHCB down 10mil? It doesn't even make sense cause the DHCB isn't being nerfed and is being made MORE viable than the blowpipe at certain things. Like no more will there be kids blowpiping Brutal Black Dragons and actually being able to keep up with a DHCB, it's not gonna happen anymore lol.

dustin herman

So what do we invest our GP into for good potential flips.


i was so Glad with the DWH, i farmed myself 3 of em and notice they were on 50M and i sold 2, easyest extra cash because ppl always Panik.....i love stupid people made me a couple extra Millions.

PS: who now want a Bulwark a "Tank" shield that cant Tank anymore, because Stupid pkers didnt catched freezes in 20k Mage gear, i watched Tanzoos Video and Holy Shit how often Torveste catched a Freeze on him WITH a still not nerfed Bullwark just shows how USELESS the Shield will be after the change, i guess Jagex just wanna feed the Vene Clans who can just pk in 20k Mage gear to protect their bot farms at Black Chins.....

Joel Wells

How did you work out the dhcb is -10m coz it was 125m now 100m..

William M.

Bond Prices are due to Sir Pugger's new series where he drops thousands of USD into bonds and mass sells them tanking the price, and as soon as he has the gp for the reward of the series - the supply is used up and spikes back. Its really annoying, lol.

A guy from Fenway

Interesting botting advertisement I got

Knot Brothers

You missed ranger boots! Why have those dropped 2-3M

aaron davis

Why has the ghrazi rapier dropped so much in price?

Bunny Douglas

It's actually all because of small groups of Scapers' manipulating and controlling the GE. EZPZ.


The Dragon Warhammer was changed though! Alongside every Warhammer, they now require only strength to wield. So a 60 str pure can wield the dwh now!


Whats going on with ring of endurance?

Shane Havelock

What are some good items to buy and hold?


No mention about the Elysian Spirit Shield being at an all-time high was hoping to find some answers in this vid

Jacob Andersen

People investing dollars on stocks whilst I'm investing gp on the grand exchange

Sasha Grey

The only stock that has plummeted is my exs love for me


It still feels like integrity changes in a game that has such a condensed top tier meta is less important than coming up with content that could save the skilling side of the game. Bots have condensed money making methods worth doing basically down to bossing and maybe making runite bars, which itself is dropping because bots now have more access to runite.

Furious Power

3rd age pick went up 400m and 3rd age bow 1.5b in a month

James Callaghan

Anyone else get a botting ad before the video?

Digger Nick

1:44 “ did a couple tweaks to the blow pipe HAHAHHAHAHAHH ?

Alex Hashaga

Blowpipe will go to 3.5 after nerf. This is because the 100% accuracy with special is especially useful for inferno and also it is still bis for its requirements/speed. The only reason it's been so cheap while being so powerful is because supply was always extremely high from bots and zulrah farmers

blake carr

lol f2p pking after the update is gonna be fun rangers wont have to get any att to hit big once they hit 40 they can use rune baxe.... small change to the meta not sure if it'll help any of the other builds maybe the str pures with no att?? gonna be good to see what people will come up with :)

Otto Rapp

Anyone else get a botting add right away? Lmao

Joshua Holmes

Just had a botting add come up? Wtf ????

daniel meman

It seems to me a few people just dumped their investments, i don't reckon it has anything to do with fundamentals. It's probably just some douch paniced and insta sold his items with relatively thin buy orders in the market since the price had rallied a lot in the week before hand thus had cleared the orders through that price range. E.g. with dwarhammers if this is the case and the orders between 38-53m were relatively thin then someone instaselling like 20 dwarhammers could completely tank the market. The flip side is if they just chucked in an order to sell at 53m and waited they'd have had relatively little effect on the prices. Someone panic insta sold like a bitch and tanked the market costing themselves money in the process.
Couple of reasons why this could be correct. The day of the changes some people invested across a range of items, e.g. dragon cbows acbs god hide armor etc so one person could literally be holding a few bill worth of items spread across multiple markets secondly this isn't the stock market and the idea that we don't have an impact on market prices is based on highly liquid stock markets or currency markets where none of us have the same kind of capital as banks or hedge funds. The higher the liquidity the harder it is to impact market prices as an individual. This is a video game. In video games there is likely to be many accounts with the ability to impact market prices and the market is far less liquid so individually it would be far easier to impact the market prices. Literally i reckon one or two dudes freaked out and panic sold tanking the market. Now, which one of you was it?


nightmare loot was being heavily botted and those accounts got nuked.

a solja

idk why people doubt arma cbow its honestly op i have a better time with that then i do tbow half the time


i made an insane amount of money on zammy d'hide bodies lmao 600k into 940k each body

tony V

Are they buffing dragonbone necklace? It went up 3/4x in prices.


Why would harmonized orb drop price? Legit d hide nerf is coming that staff is going to demolish pkers.


8:40 many players were directly affected from the equipment rebalance. The 75 to 85 attack requirement deterred all pures, zerks and limited builds from wanting to level up their attack and ruin their accounts. Many people sold of their scythes, maces, rapiers for this reason, causing them to crash

Jacob Lombardi

They should bring old-school runescape to the nintendo switch.


Just had a betting ad on this vid, lmao


Scythe / harm drop is easily explained by people selling bank for tbow to get inferno attempts in before the nerf

willempje willem

Any idea why the sgs dropped from +40m to 33-34 over like two weeks?

Lucas Rogers

I’m pretty sure someone’s got a high level nightmare boss bot farm.

Randy williams

If bonds get that high I may actually have to stop playing

Michael Blane

Your videos help me understand real world economics as well, thank you keep it up : )

Doom Slayer

I began playing RuneScape on my iPad. It’s simple but complex. I’m running around with a broamze shield and scimitar lmao. Killing goblins and mans.

Lewis Carroll

What about ancient d'hide? ???

Riley Blaisdell

I bought a jaw for 12m lmao

Eesti Mees

Jagex is gay

Samon sounds

Oooo what a treat to wake up too! Also any reason you think Sara swords have crashed so hard? In the last year they've gone from 1.1m to 300k haha ?


And my jaw hit the floor and my jaw hit the floor and my jaw hit the. FLOOR!!!


I play an iron Man I don't even know why I watch these.

Straight Six

Wanting to buy an Ely and Harmonized for Soul Wars but I'm a little spooked that I'm going to lose my ass on them.

Epso RKS

Regular Crossbows (Arma, dragon) crashed because people realized it's dogshit and not even that good.

Chelsea Main

I find it crazy how much stuff can change in price over the mention of a single items changes


I lost my ass on arma crossbows . I have 15 of them and they crashed and Iost 5m each. I'm holding onto them hoping they go back up

Guy hache

got the bot farm ad... well

Ian Eviston

Someone just tell me why the fuck the dwh, literal GARBAGE, is 43m today. Fucking. Why.


I wonder what would happen if you were 75 attack and wielding a sythe when the update actually hits, but both your bank and invent were full? ?


dragon warhammer surged in price because it gets goldfarmed/botted at shamans using a blowpipe. If blowpipe is nerfed the amount of dragon warhammers coming into the game decreases

Jeremy Caton

What if they made lower tier blow pipes so darts aren’t completely useless


You missed the Ghrazi rapier


basically people who already had a lot of gp will have made more from the quick flips XD

Alexander Diana

runesacpe, nice.

Edgar Alba

for me it's not about what's dropping or such but that we have a complex market system within an Online game, imagine explaining this to Economic Majors back in the 40s-60s

o MoJo

What is happening with the occults?

Nick T.

The rebalance update was set to go live tomorrow but got postponed. This should be an interesting week.

Mr. kuna

Is it worth coming back?

Space J

All i can think is that most expensive item should cost 10m, i dont see any reason why items that will be on auction house anyway should cost more.


"Equipment rebalancing" sounds very similar to "GLOBAL RESET" or "THE GREAT RESET"

War Chief V

I bought a scythe for 600m and I’m loving it


Man you wanna talk about weird osrs economy talk about how I used to buy burnt food for 5gp and sell it to max lvl junk collectors for 50gp per pop per 100k+ stacks, any green stack, used to make an average of 750kgp/hr just standing in ge buying burnts ?

Josh Spontak

10:25 halfway through the year? More like summertime for all the teens ??


I sold all my volatile items. Kept all my basic items like bandos and arma with other gear I actively use. I have 1.1B cash and that will stay 1.1B cash regardless item prices ??‍♂️


will the volatile and harmonised orb go up again?


They nerfed the buy limit on GameStop.

Zac Craig

Reckon it’s worth now investing few mills into blessed dhides while normal is being nerfed?

Francis Balfour

Wdym no one could check what the meta would be, you literally add those stats /take on a dps calc lmao


osrs stocks when

Nick F

The short of this is speculation caused massive spikes then the market corrected itself.