Price of gold in euro

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Nordic Gold - 50 Euro Cent Coin from Ireland

14 289 views | 22 Mar. 2018

Looking at a 2005 50 Euro

Looking at a 2005 50 Euro Cent Coin from Ireland. The coin is one of over 7.5 million that were minted in 2005. It features an indented edge and the coin is made up of Nordic Gold.

More Details:

50 Euro Cent Coin

Year 2005

Featured on the Obverse of the coin, 

to the left the word Eire which means Ireland,

in the center is the Irish Coat of Arms, a harp

which was designed by jarloth hayes.......

on the right the year 2005

All of this encircled by the twelve stars of Europe.

The reverse shows a map that symbolizes the fifteen nations of the European Union as well as 50 EURO CENT and the initials LL for the engraver Luke Lewike.

The edge of the coin is indented

The coin is made up of Nordic Gold, which is a gold colored copper alloy comprised of 89% copper, 5% aluminum, 5% zinc and 1% tin.

Value is 50 Euro Cent and in 2005 over 7.5 million were minted.

درب كلبك في بيتك

I own one of this coin with the same specification. How much is it

Ahmad Saifudin

i have one,since 1999

Anton Yan Srianto

Euro my coins for sale really good condition:
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1 euro Italy 2010,Espana 2011.
50c : Espana 1999.
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whats a value of 50 euro cent in india

แสงเทียน มูลมาตร์

อยากขายเหรียน50Euro Cent จะขายได้ที่ไหนคับ


I have a 2002 one

p chirag

Mere pass euro cent 50 ka coins he to India KI karancy me exchange karna he to kese or kaha kre


I have a 2005 One aswell

alaa alaa112

عندي مثلها كم تساوي لتواصل 0994657474

Ijaz Jutt

Mere pas 50 euro cent coin hai Pakistan main kahan cheng kare plz koi jawab de

Marlon Beragsang Jomar

Ahm 50 cent euro..ur true gold or not gold pls.. Answer my question

Price of gold in euro

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Nordic Gold Euro Coins (10, 20, 50 Cent Coins)

6 453 views | 26 Oct. 2017

Nordic Gold is the

Nordic Gold is the gold-coloured copper alloy from which the middle three denominations of euro coins, 50 cent, 20 cent, and 10 cent coins are made. It has also been in use for a number of years in other countries, most notably in the Swedish 10-krona coin for which it was originally developed[1] (hence the Swedish name: nordiskt guld).[2] Its composition is 89% copper, 5% aluminium, 5% zinc, and 1% tin.[3]

Despite its name, it contains no gold and its colour and weight are quite unlike pure gold. It is non-allergenic; its other advantages include antimycotic[4] and weak antimicrobial (especially after abrasion)[5] attributes, and resistance to tarnishing. The alloy and its tradename are the intellectual property of the global metals and manufacturing group Luvata (formerly Outokumpu Copper Products)

Euro Coins

Like ?

C. Sparrow

If i havé one in dis coins

nawal nawal

10 euro 2000

Vitor Fernandes

A onde posso ver o valor das moedas que tenho.

Tarek Cafe

عندي5 قطع

Rana antic

i have 50. 20,20, 10 euro cent
for sell +8801745508089 whats up + direct call

Saleh Khan

I have many nordic gold euro cent 50 30 20 my watsap number 03138457872

Ehlla Fernandez


Raja Shah

I sale my 20 euro cent
Espana CERVANTES 1999.
contact 8013291801.how much price.????

Xhevahire Korra

Quanto vale a 10 cent20. 50cent

Salah Ramiz

عندي بحاله212643562853

Jorge Botelho

tanhoessamueda 2000 Tele 926382940

Nathaniel Rentoria

10 euro coin 2001 is a gold ???

Henry Bautista

Yo tengo 4 monedas de 10 centavos euros de estos y 2 de 5 centavos los vendo alguien los quiere comprar

Syed Nasir Abbas Zaidi

10 euro cent 2002 is agold

Santosh kumar

I have this coin 10 20 50euro cent 9412607180

Price of gold in euro

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Gold & Silver Price Analysis - January 6, 2016 + Euro Gold Price

6 947 views | 7 Jan. 2016

Welcome everyone back from

Welcome everyone back from the holidays. Today we look at the latest in the pending gold/silver bottoms, the Euro price analysis for both metals, and an updated view on the mining complex.

Links to articles:

Identifying Top Gold/Silver Mining Companies, Part I: http://www.gold-eagle.com/article/identifying-winners-business-gold

Identifying Top Gold/Silver Mining Companies, Part II: http://www.gold-eagle.com/article/identifying-winners-business-gold-part-ii-top-picks


Main Website: iGoldAdvisor.com


Good analysis. Thanks, Mike


ty for info very informative, quick question, im living in aussie, now i could easily transfere this info to the current aussie xchange?? just startin out at what appears to be a golden age... well hopefully ty

iGold Advisor

+ConsideringPhlebas Thank you for your opinion. Of course, I disagree, but that is what makes markets. Oil has only existed as a tradable commodity for 130 years, and trades in a wild range with gold. I have demonstrated in previous videos that the DXY has no bearing on the price of gold over the long run -- DXY being roughly where it was 25 years ago but gold being much higher. Even in the short run, there are multi-year timeframes where both can move in the same direction (2005-06, 08-09). Cheers.


Also,, if all the viewers are like me, they don't mind if your videos go long because the information is important and interesting and helpful.


thank Chris...good that the euro - gold analysis will be coming by frequently.


Thanks for the update as I was again in panic mode after today's craziness. Exciting times! Keep up the good work, it's much appreciated.


Very much look forward to your analysis and updates, thank you for your time. Cheers from Alberta Canada


the final price action of silver in that chart was almost prefectly inverse of the dollar...action in silver has been so range bound it's not surprising to see that relationship but seeing it diverge from oil is curious.

Antony Levendi

Brilliant analysis. Would you consider Gold & Silver to be back on a bull run when priced in Euros?


I enjoy your videos. Keep up the good work

Rick Nelson

Maybe someone can help me with this.Other channels are saying gold does not do well in a deflationary situation, so if i,m prepping for shtf what would be good investment? Long term bonds? reality?I have been stacking in gold and silver.Any advise be good. Thanks

iGold Advisor

+Nicholas Zounis A respectable position. I do try to balance covering long term and short term as there are diverse interests.

Liberty Warrior

I don't care about short term noise, I'm in this for the dollar collapse.

Bill Rundell

I need to protect my assets from fiat dollar collapse.
This is why I am buying silver eagles.
Even Christoper Aaron does not seem to understand.
First time listener to part of this weeks Metals Analyst.
He has tunnel vision on silver and gold investment.
Just take a look at the world around us and there is a world wide situation coming upon us.
There real story behind silver is in OPEC, Russia, Israel, Banking and WW3 looming over our heads.

Eric Yanez

Happy you're doing you videos twice weekly, always in anticipation to watch Wednesday and Sunday night. you show great analysis and make it easy to understand. Thank you for your time. Eric Yanez Hayward, Ca.

Chase McBee

I will gladly watch a 3 hour presentation from you, even longer to learn more from your expertise. Thank you kindly.


Gold and silver are headed lower, with a bottom possibly being reached within 5 years. Movements in the oil price often precede the direction of gold, oil just happens to be more volatile and so gold lags behind it:
Add to that the rising USD strength in the DXY, and if there is a recession that will likely affect both gold and silver prices in a downward direction as is usually the case.

phil scott

'weregonnabe' is not  a word.   it is irritating however.