President trump coin

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I bought a GOLD Donald Trump coin for $2 on Amazon

1 708 views | 2 Oct. 2019

I bought a GOLD Donald

I bought a GOLD Donald Trump coin for $2 on Amazon

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Night Owl Native flute

Those are made in china lol talk about chump change

Tyler Bedillion

Thought this was a Mr. Beast video for a sec ?

Jeremy Fry

Was free , fuooock lol

Flor de Vida - Detección Metálica

Beautiful coin, I have a silver and gold plated, greetings from Uruguay. WWG1WGA

Josh Higgins

Give it to me

Oblivion Light

Dude. That was a scary pop up pic of DT with his super 80s hair.

Robbies Vaping tech


devon berns

I would've done the same thing ?

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Over 62 million Americans voted for Trump should get this coin https://tinyurl.com/y5f3yuo2

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Becca Corrick


XxDarudePvPxX - Call of Duty & more

6 democrats clicked the dislike button on this video

Neil Williams

What's an actually made of?

Stephanie Garcia

Because nobody wants Donald on their currency

Henry McCoy

i wonder how many people bought one just to destroy or deface it

Beto D

Dalm I need to get one asap... Very nice man

President trump coin

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Trump Coin Review - Free Gold And Silver Plated President Trump 2020 Coin

250 views | 7 Apr. 2020

Click Here:

Click Here: http://www.greatguideonline.com/trumpcoin/

Trump Coin Review

Introducing the Trump Coin, a high quality sizeable coin with a colourized image of Donald Trump that was made exclusively for both American patriots and collectors. This unique item has been specifically designed with the highest quality craftsmanship and is worthy of any collection.

Created by the Raw Conservative Opinions team, a group of Christian American patriots, the gold and silver plated President Trump 2020 coin is the perfect gift for any real patriot who loves their country. This limited edition victory coin will allow you to own a part of history and comes with a complementary plastic case to maintain 'proof-like' quality. So if you want to show your support for President Donald Trump during the upcoming 2020 election campaign, now is the time to take action and get involved.


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President trump coin

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2017 President Trump Ingratiation Coin

10 893 views | 4 Aug. 2017

Not legal tender but a

Not legal tender but a coin that you can currently buy on ebay for just $1. As the package indicated it is made in China which is ironic given Trump's stance on making things in China compared to the United States. I was very impressed with the quality of the coin. It is clearly not silver or gold but it is still a cool coin to add to the collection.

Vera Buen

Hey i Already Subscribe to Your Channel so that i don't miss out on Your Cool Coin & Coffee videos Thanks!

Bo McGillacutty

A president made by Russia and his coin made in China. So fitting of this POTUS.

Dianne McCartney

Of course Trump had to have the tacky gold coin. It fits his lifestyle. Tacky gold Oval Office, & his penthouse which is really tacky. Too much gold! Even wealthy people have tacky taste.

Nova six

that coin will be worthless thru the end of time

Josh Fowler

Got this for Christmas very excited


This coin actually has one of the best portraits of him on it.

Vera Buen

Hi BigDCoins & YouTubers! Wow You sure have alot of Cool Coin collection! Well i like Your Donald J.Trump Coin & Give You Thumbs up in the Comment section of Your Video! There could be Trump Haters on my Channel that i'm Subscribe to Their Channels. Would rather keep the Peace on YouTube & Arque! Anyway i like Your Videos!


Trump is disgusting

BabbyFace Revocation

I think after this is all done and over they should put president Trump's face on Mount Rushmore.

Huncho Purp

Fuck Donald trump

randy palla

The Joe. Biden coin is better

Night Owl Native flute

Talk about chump change

wanda 777

the coin should have 13 arrows not 12

Paid Survey Nest

There is now a 2020 TRUMP COIN. You can get one for free here while it lasts! www.paidsurveynest.com/donald-trump

Mohamad AboHana

Is it spendable like can I use it as a normal 50 cents


Super cool coin!!! Also, super low price, I might need to search ebay and buy one too!!


He looks like he's getting ready to kiss Putins ass. ?

Legends of Hollywu

Cheap worthless trash coin just like the mfer on it.

Ritchie Vernon

This has got to be the biggest bunch of garbage ever! From a corrupt pandemic idiot who has blood on his hands! These United States And our allies!


I just bought 10 of these and after I receive them and if the quality is this good I will buy many more. Of course in August 2019 I paid $4 each for them but I don't care. It's a novelty just like those Obama notes that were passed around. These will make great stocking stuffers for Christmas!

Whistle Blower


Marsha Conklin

Looks like Nero. Oh wow and acts like Nero

Vera Buen

Was Collecting Those Voting Signs that Read "Make America Great Again" In large Picture Frames of Gold Since it goes with Navy Blue. Those Signs will probably be worth Something down the line. Your just like me don't want to deal with the YouTube Dramas with Politics Anyway i like Your Coin Collection Videos & Think Your a Cool Guy!

Dawn Damron

Wish I would have seen this video before I bought mine at a gun show last month , I got rooked on mine cost me ten dollars for a 99 cent coin - ugh , I will not make the same mistake again ever - thanks for the video on this appreciate it a lot.

Colin The Computer

I got mine for $9

doni woods

OMG i think buying it for a 1$ a piece is a damn bargain. those coins can easily reach 100$ in ten years.what the hell can you do with 1$ ??

thats just like ur opinion man

i bought some toilet paper with my trump coin good trade

Sandra Cash

probably zinc/brass combination like the US penny. very impressive quality minting though

Dan R

I want the Trump "insurrection" coin.

I haven't left my room in 8 years, but

I knew you would showcase this and it would be cool if you told us about the coin that was mistaken to be copper instead of zinc 1943 D penny please

Lindsey J

He is so ugly

Make Money Online

Over 62 million Americans voted for Trump should get this coin https://tinyurl.com/y5f3yuo2

Ann Schiraldi

Hi ,I am so confused about proof sets,can you send a coin from proof to be grated? They are on ebay,what is cameo?thank you Ann


Trump sucks. That coin is garbage.

shiny packAGe

Excellent coin! And what a great bargain on that one. Thanks for the look


You can get it on amazon for $8.95 so I’m going to go on eBay and get it.


Do you remember the seller? Does anyone have any recommendations of a good quality coin seller that sells this coin please?


i got one for 7 bucks that was 24 karat gold. also, any 2019?