Weekly option screener

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Trading Weekly Options - Weekly Option Screener

2 166 views | 22 Oct. 2016

MTR Investors Group Expert

MTR Investors Group Expert Option Screen can be used to screen and find potential weekly option trades fast. Screen over 250,000 options in seconds!

In Oct 2005, CBOE introduced Weeklys Options "Weeklys". Weeklys were established to provide expiration opportunities every week, affording investors the ability to implement more targeted buying, selling and spreading strategies. Specifically, Weeklys may help investors to more efficiently take advantage of major market events, such as earnings, government reports and Fed announcements.

For most securities, Weeklys are typically listed on Thursdays and expire on Fridays, provided that such expirations were not previously listed (i.e., Weeklys are not listed if they would expire on a standard 3rd Friday expiration or where a Quarterly or End of Month expiring option already exists). In addition, if the listing or expiration dates fall on a holiday the listing or expiration date would typically be the day prior to the holiday.

Closing times for most Weeklys match the closing times for standard, non-Weeklys on the same underlying. See links below for exact times, and click here for a comprehensive listing of the available Weeklys expirations currently listed for trading.

Weekly option screener

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How to use the Trading View Screener to Day Trade Options

2 385 views | 13 Dec. 2020

In today's stock market

In today's stock market update we will talk about what exactly we need to do to use the TradingView stock screener to find good options to day trade. Finding the perfect stocks to trade will yield high returns. You can use the screener along with technical analysis to day trade options. Subscribe to the Channel ✅ ?️?https://www.youtube.com/c/TRADEPROAcademy

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Trading Equity and commodity futures involves the risk of loss. Only risk capital should be used (money you can afford to lose). You should carefully consider your investment objectives, level of experience, and risk appetite.

Any opinions, news, research, analyses, prices or other information contained during this program is provided as general market commentary. This does not constitute investment advice. Neither TPA not Victorio Stefanov will accept liability for any loss or damage, including without limitation, any loss of principle or profit, which may arise directly or indirectly from use of or reliance on such information.

We are not CTAs. We will NOT trade your account for you, nor will we call trade entries and exits in real time.

We WILL teach you how to use the tools and information we use for high-probability opportunities and provide real time analysis and ideas. We WILL coach you and review your trades with an eye to help you be successful. We WILL answer your questions to the best of our abilities.

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Bellz 17

Do you ever change the time interval? For example 5min on pre market may be better? Does that matter? Let me know!


Another great vid! When is the best time to use this screener? Just before market open, or can it be used sooner and still be effective?

NDri Kouassi

Thank you so much, this is really useful. Can you make the same tutorial for Flowalgo? It's the first time I heard about this tool.


Thank you Victorio! I'm really interested in learning more about Flowalgo! Tradepro is the BEST!

David Bartsch

This is great. I’ve been using trading view a few weeks but not to its full potential. This helped a lot! Maybe a future one on indicators? Or overlaying option picking on chargs

John DeVault

Another vote for Flowalgo!

Kyle Lowy

Aye I saw your video show up and checked out what you're about. Keep grinding, I make videos about trading too. Hmu on IG @lowystrong I've gotten some awesome gains this last year and just want to share the knowledge. Would be down to collaborate and create some sick content.

Dan Trader

Hello Vic
Thank you for the great video as always
TPA always gives useful and practical information and techniques that we can study and learn from
Keep up the great service

Dmitry Mizulin

Thank you, it is a great video. Flowalgo looks expensive for a beginner, so if you would mention some alternatives in your upcoming video, that would be useful.

Weekly option screener

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How to search for stocks/options on the Finviz screener

546 views | 24 May. 2020


We Are Waiting for the second Part of the Video ??

Angeleina beighley

Anyone else have trouble getting the white cord out? My fingers are killing me!

George, you know, THE George, yeah that's me.

How is this hard, sure it's easier on other things, but your lucky it's like this. Ever try to change the battery in a new iPhone, exactly. I'm not even good with electronics but I can't believe people are fussing over something this easy to do. Seriously people are so stupid.

Joe Gee

So if i just replace the hard drive and its good to go?

Amen The Great

So it'd take a fucking hour just to ensure my new xbox has all the data and games from the old one? No, fuck that, whoever designed Xbox one needs to be fired.

shotgun pyro

Damn why did microsoft have to do that? With xbox 360 you just slid a little thing on the side panel, part of the panel came off, and you could just pull out the hard drive.

Shahyar Shafiei

Hi But swamping the hard drive do not work ,even I tried to swap between 2 XBOX One S ,I am getting error massage. any advise please ?

Malachi Colon

Love trying to slide the power cord back on...... Thanks Microsoft.

WireOf Encore

OH MY GOD! This actually worked for me! I replaced the standard 500GB hard drive with a 5 Terabyte Hard Drive and it’s working like a charm! Thank you so much!!!!!!


Do you need to format it or run some sort of script to get the Xbox to recognize the new drive?


Why the heck did MS make this so hard to do...

RTaR -

so i kmow this is late but if you take out an xbox 360 hardrive could you take the one out of your xbox one and put the 360 one in it?

Kevin Barton

I rather replace my Xbox One hard drive with a 1TB Samsung Solid State Drive.

Knuckles 54

What happens to the data on it


Can you put a Xbox One Hard drive inside an Xbox One S and it properly work?


Ight imma just use an external hard drive

bab to the bone

Lol damn. No offense to Xbox one owners but this is why I own a PS4. I was just watching this video, since I was curious on what it looks like to remove an internal drive at least

James Lance

A moment of Silence for the ONES that broke their BOX whilst doing this...............................

C Jahmal

wtf... it's a damn hard drive it should be readily accessible without having to do all that shit..


I just need to know how to take out the hard drive since my Xbox one broke so I don’t really care if I break anything else

ss ss

haha dirty peasants and their tiny little sata HDD ;]

bobbykins 175

Is there a certain type of hard drive type I have to install in it or do all hard drives automatically work

Giant Push

dont know why everyone is whining, it literally took about 10 minutes lol. ty for the tutorial. now to format the new hd :)


video guide suggesting to watch a video guide

Jonathan Cary

to you have to use the laptop harddrive in the xbox one


Damn was thinking about upgrading harddrives but damn it gone take all day fo this shit man fuck that


I think ill just install 2 or 3 big games at a time. This is way 2much


with new Simply method,use new 1tb SSD(or 500gb) ,no partition needed,put the new drive inside unformatted. Plug-in USB pendrive with latest osu1 unzipped in root folder $SystemUpdate . Power on, system update offline and voilà new powered up One S/X, ultra Easy today. PS: with this method 480/960GB doesnt works. SSD 860EVO/MX500 for best sata performance. https://support.xbox.com/help/hardware-network/console/system-update-solution/offline-system-update


What a waste of time, should of done a video of how not to remove your hard drive.
now I know how homeless people feel.

Alex B

does this make the xbox one run better? I just don't know if it is worth my time/money

Steve C

Takes about 2 seconds on a ps4! You couldn’t time lapse this bs

Kriss TmK

Who else is watching this cause he had the idea to get another HDD for his PC?


Great im a doctor now

Junior Rodriguez

Can the internal HDD be replaced with with a SSD?

Mathew Wyrick

Wtf ps4 don't need this much work btw I'm from ps4 not going to xbox


Who the fuck wanna do all that

Mr. Asshole

The PS4 is more easier to replace the hard drive than the Xbox One. You don't need to disconnect the cables and shit on the PS4.

Angel Mendez

Did it, but the wifi got detached at the front (sigh) good thing my ethernet is good even if my wifi totally sucks.



Nightwalker 515

Why is she so happy in this video this looks like a nightmare of a job.


Aaaand this is why nobody likes Microsoft.

Jason P

Yeah nah I’m good


What happens if you load windows inside of the new hard drive?

SubUrban Cowboy

Good video but super annoying background music.


Why not just include the reassembly in this video, you'd think if someone was watching this video they'd also want to know how to put everything back together without having to click another video, ass holes

Justin Delacerda

GTA Online loads faster than this

john superhist


Svn Yea

Well fuck that idea microsoft!


Okay but can I remove the Hard Drive and say put it in my PC or Laptop?

DJ Sanddy

this is very complicated as compared to changing sdd on ps4

Zenya Borchers

Needed to replace my garbage original HDD on my Xbox one (Original) this video definitely helped a lot. You will the T heads or else it might get tricky to open the box. Thank you!


Don’t add annoying, interference music on a tutorial video!

Gabriel Ferrão

I f'ing blew it

Ronnel Cato

This some shit you gotta do at your own risk


Cool video, but now what about All the software that needs to go into the hard drive.


Does any internal hard drive work?

Marco Gonçalves

She do cute


i was contemplating doing an ssd swap, but after watching this i didn't want to dissect a freaking terminator thank you very much.


Wait so if you change a hard drive will it save data

Advanced Computers

useless video. should show how to replace from old to new HD, not to show where's the Harddisk or how look like the harddisk.

micah Kiker

Do I buy a 2.5 inch or 3.5 inch hard drive?

Majster z Piwnicy

Or buy another hard drive and USB cabel

The Funky Junkie

Thats why i bought a Ps4

Qinghui Jiang

I broke my Xbox:(


BRuh THis VIdeo WAs KInd OF COol


Can you stick a Xbox hard drive in a ps4

Cam Ben

Uh or you could just plug in a external hard drive?

Nicolas Travis Daniel

rather leave it out damn.

A engimatic Bread

Woah, now I know how to see mettatons insides! (Undertale joke)

James Fleming

Is the series x is like this...


........and where can i buy your tools i like it iFix (ᵔᴥᵔ)

Victoria D

Super easy to follow - thanks! I'm an amateur with tech but I completed this in ~45 minutes.

Lorenzo Capogrossi

Can you change an hdd to a ssd on the Xbox one s


Why did Microsoft not make the Xbox One hard drive like the Xbox 360 (which is easy to remove) !?!


Why are you not using ESD??

Theo Hahne Regild

And where do you get the Operating system from ?

Nick Denny

Can you use any Xbox one disk drive for this? I found one for the Xbox one S... but I have this Xbox that’s in the video.


Yo ifixit can you make a video of a evoo windows 10 hard disk replacement

Editor Tidak berkelas

Yeah Maybe i will stick with external hdd

Marcelo Arturo P

i know its 2020....but it was really nice to have a girl doing this!

Mayco C.

Lol uhhh hell no

Deckard Cain

Can I just put a normal hard drive or it should be Microsoft branded ??


Threat video. What's the size of that hard drive? The dimensions? I have a 2.5" data drive but its 15mm, will that fit in there?

Darius Stone

So after I replaced the hard drive, my Xbox would turn on, then turn off by itself within a couple of seconds. Any advice?

Dayveien Allen

Thank you for having this video up here saved my Xbox one!

Judah McElroy

oh god its a girl

Dido Ortiz

thanks for only showing half the battle. maybe the steps to reinstalling the OS?


First time I took my Xbox apart didn’t know there was that cable in the front so I’ve had no top case for years now


Can the hard drive from an x box one s fit in an Xbox one x


hehe my pc is getting 500 gigies so i can download even more eroge XD. im gonna miss playing bf hardline but whatever you can't get titty physics on xbox

todd laber

If I change my hard drive from one xbox 1 to another will all my files and save data still be there cause i got a new one and i dont have internet to transfer my stuff


Way easier on the 360

toubal hamza

And xboxone s ?


I really do appreciate the informative video. I was thinking about buying an xbox one but guess I'll just stick with ps4, they're so much more user friendly.

Bearded Wavy

Void my warranty??? Aiight I’m out ✌?

Bernard Kuffler

I had to find another video to get the top and faceplate off. I highly suggest looking at this video for more detail and techniques on opening the Xbox one...https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6RbTEmGL22w


Came here because setting up my external hard drive has been a pain in the ass for reasons I do not understand. Thought maybe swapping the hard drive would be easier. This doesn't look...hard...but I don't trust myself nor do I wanna shell out double my console's worth just for somebody else to do it.
I just want more space, man. My 360 has double the amount of games my One has.


3:32 You can remove it with your hands

Proceeds to use screwdriver

Caolan Robinson

Brain surgery for xbox

Robert T

Isn't this SATA 2? 3gb/s

Adam Michaels

Thanks for the walkthrough! I had to use a T8 bit for the wifi card.