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Catch'N'Close from KNC - Closes safely and silently

15 957 views | 29 Nov. 2016

K.N. Crowder now offers

K.N. Crowder now offers the Catch´N´Close® closing system for its Sliding Door Track and Hardware line. Bouncing and slamming is no longer an issue for Crowdertrack’s sliding doors as the Catch´N´Close® technology allows for a smooth and controlled opening and closing of the door - ranging from doors as light as 50 pounds or as heavy as 300 pounds. This amazing technology allows the door to automatically slow and shut itself for the final few inches as the door travels to the closed/opened position.

Robert Shaver

Love it. Good demo haha.

High Performance Design

Can you use a drop-down door seal with these?

Knc technologies

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KNC - Episode 4

185 views | 26 Sep. 2013

KNC - Episode

KNC - Episode 4


Local Artis, Viva Hot Babes, Osang and Mr. DJ Durano

KNC Travel

Nihonggo Everyday

Feng Shui Consultant: Marivic Oyama


Kabayan Nippon Channel


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nice ate marivic oyama

Knc technologies

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How Does A Bitcoin Minting Machine Work? | Forbes

24 794 views | 16 Dec. 2013

KnC Miner sells machines

KnC Miner sells machines that help the Bitcoin network work. The reward, if a miner is lucky, is a cut of the digital money.

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Very bad audio....can't even hear a thing even after I had turn on my volume to the max....

Crypto Girl

The audio is really bad :( what is the hashrate?


the audio on this is terrible... super cool stuff tho


Mining not MinTing


What happens when mining become so slow and expensive that it defeats the purpose of mining?

donald ngoho

Was there a possibility of disconnection?

farlan doley

i would buy one of them if u can invest some BTC 1BN7wdMkt4iLRCcu42AixEjuqLugYoT2dR

Tu Ja

Machine price

Jam Schwa

Audio bad. Cant hear or understand