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Million Dollar Listing NY: Official Season 6 Trailer - New Listings, New Drama (Season 6) | Bravo

139 390 views | 7 Apr. 2017

New listings, new drama,

New listings, new drama, new broker!

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Hotshot New York realtors Fredrik Eklund and Ryan Serhant return for season six of "Million Dollar Listing New York." This season features new deals, new drama and the addition of a new broker to the group. Fredrik is busier than ever working on a number of multi-million dollar projects while trying again for a baby. Meanwhile, Ryan has his hands full dealing with intensifying pressures at work while adjusting to married life with Emilia. This season, Fredrik and Ryan are joined by Steve Gold, a successful Manhattan real estate agent specializing in luxury properties.


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Million Dollar Listing NY: Official Season 6 Trailer - New Listings, New Drama (Season 6) | Bravo


Independent Politics

So Luis isn't a full time cast member anymore?

James C.

01:50 Trouble!

bobby cole

sway in the morning brought me here

The Last Taarakian

What a stupid show, now I know that Seeso's Bajillion Dollar Properties is based on mocking this show.

Gabriella Björklund

I wish they brought a girl on the show!

ATLien 1985

It's sickening to see gentrification make them so much money.


Luis!!!!!!??that's the only episode I wanna watch


So they kicked the Spanish guy to the curb in order to make America great again with another white guy ?


That girl that the new guy was dating came on Rich Kids of Instagram

Justice Andrew

Omg Luis!


I can't wait for MDLNY to come back. Lookig forwarf to getting to know the new guy. The shot of Luis made me the happiest whether, full time cast member or not such a big part of the show.

Rodrick-Travon Hawthrone

Ryan needs to come out of the closet.

Felix RG

Looks like Ryan has competition, a dude that doesn't need and makeup to look nice.

Hello Kati

When Steve fell in the tub mee fckin too. #TallPeopleProblems


I ❤ Luis.....


Did a parody mix of Fredrik selling Winterfell in Game of Thrones:


I'm thinking of doing another one with Fredrik confusing Steve Gold for Jon Snow and both of them getting pissed

Angel Del Valle

Wow new guy is hotttt botox or not

Julie Klotzer

I love Fredrick!❤️?

Brendan Madden

Have never seen this show, but it seems quite scripted, no?

Butterfly Londrès

I love Fredrik he is my favourite

ramoshaba ramoshaba

hey new guy.I'm single african and love me some white boys lol?????. hey from south africa how you doing?

Roxanne perez

I love Fredrick


High Five Fredrik , Luis and Ryan from Poland! :D

aprelia swise

Million Dollar Listing New York Season 6 episode 1-2


It won't be the same without my puertorican papi Luis! We miss you! Boom!❤?

Raymond C

AWW, I'm gonna miss you Luis !!


This show is more fake than pro wrestling. They don't actually sell those properties (many are still listed for sale after the deals "close" on TV) or they have already been sold and they make up a fake script and contrived drama to "sell" them again.


that new man is FUCKING PERFECTION

ll sue

don't like the new guy. something is his soul is missing... he's more Instagram than tv


Missing me some Luis but looking forward to season 6!

Arn Gyssels

fake as fuck, all of these dudes even look like typical actors

Ratenawati Karim

its hard to find a house three bedrooms two baths for only one million dollars in new york.

Youths of Dublin

New guy is hot! #MDLNY


On this show it's always the tackiest nouveau riche apts, in giant eyesore glass buildings that are being built in Tribeca. The client is always some douchebag white guy who works in finance. I love NYC real estate but I wish they featured some pre-war buildings, or brownstones, the type of things that are historical and unique about the city. That gold bathroom? blegh

New listings

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From $2,000-$20,000/Month

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Do the work.


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Poetic Nation

This has been a GREAT discussion - I learned A LOT. Thank you for sharing.

Matt K

bravo love it

MASTER nobody

Real estate is hard thx for the video

klaas victor

Great interview! Thank you!

MASTER nobody

Sam ovens is legendary


the interviewer looks dead inside haha

Random person

Brandon looks like a dick. Step 37: Be a dick.


Nick, excellent job keeping the interview flowing nicely with questions that dig deep into Brandon’s journey and the real estate agent industry.

Jason Wardrop

Real estate is where it's at.

The Kashif Khalid

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Neil Hansen

His implementation strategy is good road map and example for my project. These real life interviews are priceless. Thanks Nick/Sam/Brandon.

Ahmed Adam

Nick is much better at asking questions than Sam. He goes deep. Sam take tips please. Ask how they do it. The beginning. Their repeat system etc.

G Blake

Why can't Americas pronounce their words...niche is pronounced neech (taken from a French word) not nitch ! totally ignorant.

Luis Cancilleri

it´s brandon what? the other name...?

Ivan Alkemist

Where is my man!???

New listings

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10 883 views | 26 Dec. 2020

Staking contract address:

Staking contract address: https://etherscan.io/address/0x66a0f676479Cee1d7373f3DC2e2952778BfF5bd6#code

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None of the opinions stated in this video should be taken as financial advice.

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WISE token was made by the community and for the community. The central idea that WISE leverages is the fact that blockchain protocols are systems that can exist forever for $0 overhead cost. The only other crypto that seems to take advantage of this is Bitcoin. Most other projects are created with the silicon valley model of creating wealth for the founders/seed investors of the project. This destroys the efficiency for every day crypto users! Cryptos that are meant to be money should be fair. WISE token is a non profit, fairly distributed, well designed crypto project that is meant to be money.

So what do cryptos that intend to be money need in order for success? Two things: consistent ROI and a market to cash out large amounts. Bitcoin has a market of $200 Billion and has consistently become more and more valuable. WISE has a staking ecosystem that allows users to gain ROI from interest on top of the normal ROI they recieve when the price of the token goes up. WISE also has a massive market, and this is one of the most distinguishing factors about the token. 90% or more of the presale ETH sent in to buy WISE is sent to Uniswap to form the WISE/ETH liquidity pool. The Uniswap LP tokens are then sent to a burn address, protecting that liquidity from ever being rug pulled or touched in any way. This means users will always have a large market to buy or sell WISE at any time.

So what is the bottom line? $WISE is crypto done right. Zero team tokens. 90%+ of presale money goes to Uniswap liquidity. Contract BURNS Uniswap LP tokens. No admin keys.

Thanks for watching, and don't forget to invest wisely with WISE!

Solutions Manager

Thank you Peter. Super helpful!

Saul Goodman


Genius G

Learnt something new today. Thanks.

akeem vieira

Thanks peter! Going for it


New to uniswap, do I need metamask or will it work with coinbase wallet too?

redbull Vodka

How much ETH do I need? Can I use Atomic, or do I need metamask??

Jay Raz

Thank you peter, dont you think Slippage 49% means you gonna lose like 49% of money or token in that transaction?


Solid best practices here Peter, been burned in the past and didn't really understand how or why and you explained it really clearly along with the tips. I will be following these in the future, really helpful!

Sean Cullen

I don't really get the sense in telling people to buy with 50% slippage (meaning then could pay 50% higher price) on what will possibly be a target that is already moving upwards fast when they could have bought at double the Uni listing price pre-launch and be done with it. This is like Vitalik Butterin telling people to max the slippage and gas on their accounts and prepare to buy recklessly before ETH was launched (yes I know there was no gas back then). Just sounds very suspect and a total pump fest. There will be bots that will buy then sell this immediately after listing so it seems to me like you are better off waiting for the dust to settle before buying. But obviously that is not in the interest of the owner here whose main concern is to try and pump the hell out of this thing.

Connor Sellers

love it! Thanks for sharing all of your knowledge with the WISE community Peter! Seriously some awesome stuff to learn here


Thanks Peter. I might be wrong but i think if you buy Wise you don't need to ask approval only if you sell the wise token


G'day Pete i followed the instructions now i have UNI-V2 icon in my Metamask after i linked my wallet to the contract and confirmed in Metamask as you describe in the vid?
I also have Wise token i added in Metamask wallet with this address 0x66a0f676479Cee1d7373f3DC2e2952778BfF5bd6 i hope is this correct?

Mike Bravo

the address I see for the uniswap pair is different from the ones in the video

Gabe Carr-Harris

Thanks Peter for sharing this!


What date and time does wise get listed on uniswap ?

Hans Meiser

Nice ?! Now you could do a video on how to automate this with a bot plz

Amy Eger

Hi Peter, thanks so much for the tips and lesson on how to snipe! Can you tell me - exactly when will WISE will be available to buy on Uniswap? I think it's January 1, 2021 but at what time? I am in EST. Thanks for all you do and your generosity in taking the time to share this valuable information.

Michael Olanipekun

Thanks Peter, I have not been able to claim my wise token from reservation, I have tried all the steps suggested. Please any help


Hi, really love the movement. Been binge reading about this for the past few days. I have linked my Metamask on the website and made a small reservation as a test. However, upon trying to making a new reservation, when I click confirm reservation, the metamask wallet doesn't pop up asking me to confirm the transaction, effectively preventing me from placing a new order. Oddly, it only pops up the meta mask confirmation when I try to reserve with the minimum amount, but not with the amount that I type in, which is greater than the minimum. Any help would be awesome. Love the idea of WISE!


Very helpful video, tnx

Scott H

Does myetherwallet work as well? I think it would.


i kept fucking up with the gas fee, had set it too close to max, delayed me by like a minute, got it at 24c

DuRtY Crypto

Very cool!


Becarefull Peter if you set 49% slippage and the demand is skyhigh you will pay a very high price with slippage and be in a loss that will be automatically deducted from your ETH stack, have you tested this before? Put the gas fee high makes you first but you pay the most for it this risk is still manageble and clear in worst case scenario. I would trade with multiple wallets at the same time, and save the last wallet with the high settings only in emergency but it can go very wrong as well. When the demand will skyrocket we could well see the 250 million Wise tokens being sold out within a short period. And if you set the slippage to 49% that could mean if the demand goes crazy you pay 49% costs without receiving Wise tokens for it. I have lost many Ethereum's with high slippage trades if you want I can sent you the transactions hashes.

Chucker Lucker

My man, thanks for uploading this!

Jake Grimshaw

will wise eventually be on coinbase or binance?

Xheenia Pendragon

Hi just wanna ask if 80% slippage is advisable if there will be a low liquidity token on uniswap and there are high demand of buyers making the token to pump really fast and I want to get in and buy that token so using 80% the max slippage is that ok or risky?

Hour D

All this video did for me was leave me further confused on how to acquire WISE tokens. So now I am no longer comfortable doing it.

David Diaz

If I buy wise.with reservations the ETH goes to.the liquidity pool .. If I buy on Uniswap does that ETH go junto.thaw liquidity pool ?..?

Patrik Nosreti

Will this also work when i want to swap something for usdt ?

Bharath Vasa

I think you don't need to approve wiseright, it's needed when you sell or stake wise. If you are buying, no need to approve wise.


So to receive wise a gas fee is required to transfer to Meta mask?

Jake Grimshaw

does the uniswap site auto refresh though? or will we need to keep refreshing the page

Ketsukhon Bond

when i try this, it says it will be over $7 to approve. I followed the instructions

matt grabow

Thanks for the video. You said you had Expert mode on, but it was actually turned off in the video and you are still able to confirm higher slippage with expert mode turned off, the only dif is that with expert mode on you dont have to confirm the transaction, only set the gas and buy,

Wise Staking

2:10 - Add the token to Uniswap
3:43 - Disregard this step (unnecessary)
5:57 - (Bonus tip - don't use a hardware wallet)
7:44 - Adjust the slippage to 49%
11:33 - MANUALLY adjust the GWEI higher in the advanced tab

Crypto Panther

500 set on gas is that going to make the price of gas go up 10 times

Maxime Coeman

Is there no way to pre set the gas?

Jay Raz

do we need to refresh uni swap page once token launch to be able to see wise? i know its stupid question LOL, just keeping some Eth to Snipe


Let's do some snipin! What a lucky bunch who got the 7,000,000 pot yesterday. Thanks for all the videos my man—really excited to see this thing start moving.


Thanks! ?

I'll be ready on December 30th!

Teodor Corhana

very good video

D'meji Odunlami

Peter, you're simply wonderful, the old fuddy daddy is learning fast, thanks for your time

Crypto Activator

great video Peter

Olivia Grey

I hold my bitcoins on axisoption,com. They give the best security and also give 4% interests on bitcoins you hold on their platform.

Vivek Rajasekaran

Peter I think approve requires only during selling for buying no approval needed

Aidan Hoffman

I’ll be trying to beat the bots!

The Awakening

Done ✅

My Parents Music

So just to confirm, I don't have to refresh the uniswap page its going to be automatically turn blue when the token is available

Someone FromMatrix

Peter, you are the best!!!

Abel Tekle

Awesome video Peter!! Thanks for the help

patrick ryan

that was a very valuable lesson thank you!

David Diaz

I Like it ! I'm just buying with Reservations .. LOL .. I am super new to Crypto ( 3 Months ) I may make a mistake and then have to make the noise the Sand People make in Star Wars ... I will buy later with UNI . I feel really lucky to have come across this project . All this is very surreal, ever since I got my 1st BTC in late October to now .. I Had no idea this digital world existed .. Welcome to the future of $$$$.