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I Traded Limited Sneakers For My Grail Sneakers| Worth It?

4 009 views | 10 Oct. 2020

I Traded Limited Sneakers

I Traded Limited Sneakers For My Grail Sneakers

Trading sneakers can be better thank sneaker shopping. buying shoes can be very expensive at times and the better way to get your grail sneakers is trading your shoes. ive traded for jordans, adidas, yeezys, off white and other shoes for limited shoes. your grail is a shoe that you have had your eye on for a while and you cant wait to have it in your sneaker collection.

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Kiara Hargrove




Robert Artis

solid video


Great trade. Azaels are ?

Steven Roberts

Wow I wouldn't have done that trade but at the end of the day its your stuff tho so get wat u like.....

Jordan K

What idiot trader 200.0 shoe for 700.00 ??

Ed Thegr8one

You won that trade.

jerome patricio

You know da vibez

Willie Cavanaugh

Just picked up another pair of those Azaels for $750 on goat


Got yaaaaaaaa ?

Demetrius James

I'm wit'cha, bruh! #SnipeSquad

Camo WTA

Is there an app or only there ig?

Jason Howard

Love your shoes!! I’ve tried trade block though, their communication was non existent when I reached out to them in IG though. Won’t use them.

Sweet Cash

I like the Fear of God’s I think you took an L

All Style Hype

I’m feeling this one. The FOG’s are cool but that 700 v3 is ??? trade was on point.

Michael Morris

Keep doing ya thang fam love your content

Christopher Felix


JohnsonBoySr318 Likes Kicks

Brother at the end of the day it all boils down to whether you like ‘em or not! Stay safe & blessed!

Shawn Love

I’m trying to trade my AlVAH for the blue 700


Oh yea bro. I just got in with Tradeblock. Looking forward to it. That New Camera hit different. Which one did you end up going with?

Cj Martin

Snipe squad let's go!

Сергей Крайнов


Baby On3Shot

Came from live stream



Carlitos Way305

U traded some ?for some even bigger???!!! Yea makes sense but hey to eaches own. Always enjoys your videos even tho sometimes u like some straight BASURA !!! IMO


We got u snipe?

Kevin Alce



hi, we have many sneankers on sale, whether u are interested in helping us to do an advertisement


Videos would be better if you added a on feet view, I would never trade my fear of gods for those ?

Jordan K

There it is ..... fed ex will
Looose your package or steal . Wouldn’t trust 3rd party company to legit check .. easy passs UPS only

Luis Montes

My opinion if it matters:
I would have done it personally.
BUT you weren’t gonna rock the FOG!
And I’m ? you will where the 700
Soooo buy what your want, rock what want
Their your toes, not nobody else’s ✊?

TyTy O

This gotta go down as one of the worst trades in sneaker trade history smh, snipe gonna regret that one in a year.

Clarence Crockett

Pretty dope!! Like what you like!! Good video!


Good trade??

Kevarrius Wright

Cool ?

Nate Hartman

Great trade

Sniper J0nes

Let’s spam the likes and comments y’all please ???✅✅✅

Aidan Torres

Just saw your video glad I can help out any way I can much love brodie stay safe and nice video?

Junior Garrett

That’s a great trade

Maine Da Bay

New camera is fire good shit

Doriane LeDay-Davis

Really Snipe? Idk about this one bro....

Miles Dutton

ye dat worth it

Ramon Campos

Not worth the trade


100% worth it fam.

Desmond Friday

I think the azaels is fire and I have never seen the hype behind fog. I think it was a good look bro, youbused an asset you had for something you really like. Damn what all the haters say as long as you happy it was worth it. Wish I had a pair but can't do a $1000 for the toe. Be easy homie

Jose Rivera

Most people talking bad about the trade. If they are basing it on simple value, y’all do know that the OG colorway of a successful silhouette keeps going up in price right? Those FOG aren’t stylish to wear. They too bulky, heavy, and too high on your leg. Great vid for sure.

Sleepy Firekiccs


3Jays TV


Vaness Simmons

Yeezy over fear of gods and a day

Dream Big34

Yessir ??

Robb over 9000!!

I would've trade for those joints too... I'm feeling you!!! The fear of Gods are O.k.but, something about the 700v3 OG....Kanye is really pushing his shoe to a whole different level and he makes his shoes very versatile. Beside, the Fear of God is limited to style. A very good trade in my opinion. Much love my brother... Keep up the good work!!


Nice vid man ??

Latisha Rucker

It's all about what you like, and that yeezy is more you, good trade in my personal opinion ?

Gface227 BPTct

Congrats Brodsky


I would’ve done the same thing bro ?

Baby On3Shot


Brannon RRMartin

It's always good to get your grails

KillaK Williams

Yeah it’s a good trade cause you ain’t want the other shoes lol




Hahaha going to trade block immediately

Bryce Hammond

Got you bro!!!!

Marlon The Real Emcee973

Do u go to FedEx for the shipping label?

Kevin Offixial

You could’ve really waited for the safflower to release and green those for retail & still could’ve kept the fear of gods

Evan Lewis

I fw Yeezys but you should’ve waited for the Off White 5 Sails ?



The GOAT52

I’m definitely gonna see what that app is about.

Francisco Hernandez

Man that’s a hard vote. I’ve always wanted Fear of gods, but then again we both boat gang size 12, they too impractical to rock just anywhere. So i honestly probably would trade because I like to rock my shoes ??

Adam T.

commenting just to comment

Mr. Nobody

I don’t think I would have made that trade Snips But you got what you want so good for you b

Mohammed Jameel

I fw you snipe squad????????

IronBlackMan IronBlackMan

Hit that like button

Maine Da Bay

One time for the one time on dwag ???vid


I like the 380s over the 700v3 but I would of done that same trade expeditiously! ♨️??

GT from AG Black Lycan

Nice trade. F the hype, buy what you like.
Just wore my foams today(all star) and cmgot a compliment. Wear what u like.

Whodat 4life

Good trade


Not gonna lie I was gonna say you was buggin lol but once you explained why, it’s understandable ??‍♂️ you can really rock those yeezys with anything. Gotta have a certain style/fit for the fear of gods

Official Kicks



I love that you love them, but it’s a big N-O for me.

Jayleen Richardson




Official Kicks


JumperMan Kris

Lebron is not the ? ....

but you are tho ✊


Do you have a promo code snipe❓


That New Background Fire ?? Up the score On em Snipe

Christian Dillingham

Snipe squad

Talks With TJ

Love TradeBlock! Awesome option and glad you got a pair you really wanted in the transaction!!!

Official Kicks

Them 700 cool can’t wait to see you out em on feet

Sancho Claus

Those jeezys are uglier than your pimples

Robert Artis

i wouldn’t have traded fa that but it’s all preference


worth the trade and its wearable too meaning more enjoyment

Noe Banda


Official Kicks


Rudeboy 910

Snipe Squad

Quattro XL

Yes, that’s definitely an even swap for the FOG sail colorway!



Baby On3Shot


Justin Yang


Sneaker King

I don’t usually rock with yeezy...but those are aight??‍♂️


This was a great video I hope my channel can become as perfect as yours ??????❤️❤️❤️


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6 Players on the Trade Block - Trade Rumors

6 387 views | 22 Oct. 2020

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New York Jets TRADE Jordan Willis to San Francisco 49ers

vox vapors

The problem isn’t Sam, what’s going to happen is the jets will trade him and be sorry every day after, this team is just poison to whoever comes here. The Johnsons need to sell the franchise because they don’t give a shit and it’s not fare to the entire fan base who have suffered all these years, if you can’t put out a good product then just sell. We as fans all deserve much more then what these owners are giving us! Total junk heap.

JJ Maryles

Dont trade Quinnen, give him a chance. Maye is also one of our best defensive players and we need to keep him. Crowder is the only good receiver on the team. You have to keep him.

Daniel Zolo

Maye would hurt but okay. Williams damn that would really hurt. Gase really destroyed Sam . What a waste


Keep Darnold and improve the pieces around him!! O-line, receivers and a decent running back to keep pressure of Him. How many snaps have Denzel Mims played?? How many games has the starting O line played together?? He just need help! I say draft the best O lineman or the best pass rusher.

Michael Hart

Trade Maye and Crowder for two thirds, Poole and Williamson for two 4ths, and Sam for a 2nd. Keep Quinnen he’s only 22 every one else except for Sam is 27 or 28 and already in their football prime. Quinnen Should be the defensive cornerstone. Tank for Trevor and use the rest of the picks to build around these two.

Carl Johnson

i mean as much as i love sam, they cant pass on trevor lawrence

Nikhil Sodhi

I hope we trade Sam to the Colts, Steelers, or Saints. Just feel so bad for the kid want him to go to a solid organization and solid head coach and find success. Adam Gase is unconstitutional, cruel and unusual punishment

Wasted Bear

I’ve been wanting Sam to go to the colts for while... I think he’ll be perfect there.. good coaching, good mentor and a good team over all
We’d be doing Sam a favor letting him go

I’m just praying Gase is gone next season too

Edison Campoverde

i dont understand how this organization can just turn on their players that are LITERALLY THE FACES OF THIS TEAM. BUT YET CANT GET RID OF THE REAL PROBLEM OF THIS TEAM: ADAM FREAKING GASE.

Don Murray

None of the players are hot garbage! They are just on a garbage NFL franchise team right now! Sam Darnold will win a Super Bowl with another team!

Jay Long

I think we will be watching sam throw for 4000 yards a season if he goes somewhere else. Imagine him in Minnesota or NO? He is gonna make us regret it, I just know it

shake ya booty

i mean this in the nicest way but how is brian poole a 4th rounder when hes the 6th best corner according to pff, and hes pretty young i thinks hes worth a 3rd

James Cox

Poole, Maye, and Crowder should be extended, not traded. I will never understand the logic behind getting rid of your only talented players for draft picks that only have a slight chance of being as good as the guy you traded them for. I just dont get it.

Q on the other hand I can see if you can get a really good pick like a late first he just has not made a difference whatsoever. And Sam makes sense ONLY after the season if we are sure to get Lawrence.


I’m all for improving but hearing that some of these players may be traded upsets me a bit.

whatever yaw

A Scout whose articles I have read many years has called qbs bust when ppl have said they were top picks.. and when he calls someone a bust he is always right about it.. right on bortles, gabbert, winston .. was on bout mahomes wayyyy before anyone else and says Herbert of Chargers is special too.. this same guy has been saying darnold is one of the worst qbs in the league.. even before he was drafted.. y’all will regret wanted this guy over tLAW.. I know it’s asking for a lot but please jets don’t be stupid

Howie Kahan

Only untouchables should be becton and quinnen. Build around those two (and the Punter - awesome) and Trevor Lawrence. Great nucleus. Mims, maye, Poole and crowder are next to hold on to or resign. The rest are up for sale.

Niko Blue

If they trade Sam before the deadline. I think gase gonna still be HC, for next season


Imma be honest... I feel if we trade Darnold and pick Lawrence we’re gonna regret it heavily...

Nicholas Antonicello

You just contradicted yourself. If he has "all the tools" why you trade him? He doesn't display it on the field. I can't name a single moment in his career that's memorable. He will be a back-up wherever he goes like very other USC prospect over the last decade. He is not a starter and let's see what Morgan can do, Flacco is awful. Only an idiot would give-up a first round pick for Darnold, you would be lucky to get a third or even a fourth round based on his play on the field.


Sam Darnold to Chicago would be fun

Tahj Berrien

Keep Poole, Maye, Crowder, and Williams. You still need competent players in a rebuild. They are the best at their position. Reward good play!!!!

Rafik Baines

Trading Maye makes sense. We already have his replacement on the roster.

Stephen Collins

You would put a used car salesman to shame with this enthusiastic sell-off ? Really feeling your hurt as we have been there?

Arianna's Adventures


Meistro Shine

The Bills need Brian Pool.

Landy Valle

Dallas needs a safety badly. Marcus Maye for 3rd round in Dallas would be great. Go Jets

Mit Flair

I can't help but feel like we're gonna win this next game. Its the Jet thing to do.

Reynard Blake

Trade Sam Darnold to Saints for Taysom Hill and picks and give him a chance!

sir dick ellis

My sources r telling me sam Donald close to being traded to the Washington football team 2 this year n 3 the following year n one of there d lineman

Mac Davidson

I want to keep all the defensive players you listed (except for Williamson), I think if we fix some holes and get a new DC they can be great pieces for a Defense, especially Poole and Quinnen.


im a Titan fan i think they should try and get Quinnen Williams Vrabel would coach him up and put him next to Simmons that would be nasty, but for 2nd round pick i would do it not a 1, Poole would help them out too

Meistro Shine

Have ppl not seen Matt stafford? He would’ve been a legend on a better team. Tanking for Trevor won’t solve every issue especially if the jets clean house & fail at that too

Lindles J

Does Joe think his draft picks can make a new team? Not evidence of this so far....

the swingmaker

Send Darnold to Vikings

Biggz Smith

Can the Johnsons who own the Jets be traded?, those dumbasses need to traded


Avery to the steelers makes too much sense, also do you think joe Douglas is stockpiling late round picks to make a push for a wr?

Alex Jannace

If they trade these players it would be a mistake we are losing the value we took drafted them at. Just because joe Douglas didn’t draft them... look at what we took in the 3rd and 4th round this year none of them even hit the field. If Douglas did this I would want him gone

Anthony Phouthakhanty

Trade Williamson, keep Crowder unless someone offers a 2-3 which I think won’t happen. Re-Sign Maye. Keep Quinnen for the next coach.

Evan Feldman

We don't need to trade all of are established stars, we need to keep pmsome why would we trade an elite corner like poolefor a fourth rounder why not try to resign him

Jimmy Donohoe

So sad. We draft all these guys in the 1st and 2nd round, just to trade them for 3rd and 4th round picks.

Rob F

Honestly I hope the Jets win some games so they don't get the 1st pick and we keep Darnold. He has a lot of potential but Gase has to go so Sam could shine with the right coach and some receivers that can help him

Devina Linder

bruh people laughing at us but we gonna be the only team with a 16 in our record

Its Just me

they should trade sam to the saints let him learn behind drew perfect mentor ???

Benjamin Kuchipudi

If we trade Maye or quinnen imma flip shit

whatever yaw

Sam is a bust HES lucky gase is being used as the scapegoat( rightfully so) but trading Sam for picks and getting Lawrence is the smartest thing they can do.. Sam is nothing more than what winston, bortles, Sanchez , gabbert , was..

Griffin Ellis

I’d want a 2nd for Crowder
Also what could we get for Herndon or Griffin, and Jordan Jenkins

Scott Baudier

It would be stupid to trade Sam!! Ok the Jets get the 1st pick and Trevor decides to pull a Manning or Elway? We are stuck looking through the trash pile. At least Sam might do better with a different coach. I still believe Sam is better than Tanninghill

rafi sanders

Can the Jets trade the johnson's for Steve Cohen?

Rob Graham

In Theory a Fire sale seems like a Good Idea but would giving away Solid Players for picks really improve The Jets in 2021? Joe Douglas the GM, thus far has added 1 starter via the Draft .Instead of dumping Players Fire Adam Gase !!

Madden mobile Tips

There’s a chance we can have 3 firsts 3 2nds and 3 3rds lol if we do these trades

HY Kung Fu

Have to trade Darnold right after Buffalo. He has the chance to make the games against Miami and Chargers competitive and may steal a game. Winning just one game can mess up chances at #1 pick.

Eagle Fang

Avery, Poole, Crowder are the 3 biggest names i can see being moved but Henry Anderson if he can be moved for a scrub player you mind as well he has been a ghost since he signed his contract

kdett 23

I don’t wanna trade any of these guys. They’re all solid and all we’re getting back is 4th and 3rd round picks

Daniel Roberts

It makes me sick to my stomach to think about getting rid of Sam Darnold. However, it could be great for his career. I would rather see him be successful somewhere else than continue to be ruined by Adam Gase and be a bust here. He's a good kid who deserves far better.

Tom Langley

I really hate to say it but I personally think every evaluation are to low outside of quinnen. Darnold must be a 1st, Poole and crowder should be 3rd or 2nd Avery could be a 3rd for the right team

Column Wheel

Nuclear fall out rebuild. Sit back and watch JD do his magic. Yes Jets fans will suffer some more but I’m a die hard fan. Ain’t going nowhere.


I think you hit most of the values right and as a Giants fan I was actually kind of hoping it would be Darnold and Jones here in NYC. I could see Darnold in Pittsburgh or perhaps going to Tampa Bay to learn under TB12. I don’t think you’re getting a first rounder for Quinnen Williams personally and I think it’s in your best interest to hang on to Jamison Crowder. Good luck on Sunday.


lol quinnen williams is nowhere near worth a 1st rounder


I wouldn't trust the eyes gase had in the Jets press conference.
They say he's an Offensive genius...
1st and goal on the 1.
Run play - stopped
Run play - stopped again
Run play - stopped
Go for it on 4th down.
Play action - Turnover on downs..

Dennis L

What if we trade Sam and not get the first pick. New England could really screw us up by not trying on the last game if they are not in the playoff hunt.

David Moran

sad state of affairs!

Chad Marlow

Trading Q Williams would make no sense. He was a recent top pick and is just starting to come into his own. It doesn't matter who drafted him - you don't lose top, cheap, young players just for the sake of making a trade. The Jets CANNOT trade Darnold until it is certain they have the #1 pick. Otherwise (as would be standard bad luck for the Jets), they could trade Darnold for a low 1/high 2, not get Lawrence, and have to expend our top 3 1st rounder on a QB that is not as good as Darnold. The risk is too high.

Christopher Cancel

We need to get players not more draft picks. And while were at it, why would Sam want to go to New Orleans, Pittsburgh or Dallas? New Orleans has Brees, Pittsburgh has Rothlesberger and Dallas has Prescott. All elite QBs.

Connor21jets on tiktok


Flyyy Huncho

The colts need to get Sam Darnold

Jet Nation

I mean to be fair, in Denver, Sam hit the ground and was running

Landy Valle

I think the jets can get a 1st round pick from the Steelers. Ben is owed a ton of money. And they will be hoping he retires. Steelers have to start paying their other talent. With Sam in a Steelers uniform he will be protected with a great organization that can make him fulfill his promise as a first round pick.


For the Steelers it would be great! He could sit this year and next! Because as of right now Ben plans on playing next year! The problem is its a lot of cap room for a guy to ride the bench for a year and a half!

Philip 3rd

Sam will not be traded before the deadline. I can't believe ppl are actually thinking that will happen.


Williams n poole to the bills for a total of a second round pick. Come on. ???

Dylan Dunn

Why would we trade maye Poole williams or crowder specifically????? Especially young players like this....even Williamson our linebacker Corp is rough and lacking depth

Mumtaz Shamsee

I don't want to trade Crowder. Third-rounder won't do us any good. Even if you get #1 QB Lawrence, he would need someone. I think you kind of said same thing while I was typing. Brian Poole is bit older but team deprived of all CBs could use anyone. Again, even if we get Lawrence we can't make team so SHITTY that they are not even competitive. We still need to put team on field that helps develop him. We ruined Sanchez because we killed his Oline in 3rd year. We ruined Sam last year as we has NO OLINE an NO WEAPONS. If we get Lawrence, the ANSWER to all the QUESTION should be what is needed so he develops. If we don't do that, we will remain in bottom. Also as far as Sam is concerned, ONLY AFTER WE GET LAWRENCE should we trade him even if we get a bit less. It would be suicidal to trade Sam, win couple of games which I know we will do to lose #1 pick, and have NO QB and NO TEAM.

Jonathan Rosen

Think all that was spot on.
Man our jets are in a bad spot.

Illuminati 187

You don’t trade Sam unless you know you have the number one pick that would be such a jet move if we trade him then win enough not to get Trevor

young kobe

Breaking: Jets release all these players for no draft capital...Gase signs 10yr extension

Matt Wisnieski

Love the video, but Marcus Maye is 27

Joe S

I can’t see the jet trading Sam Darnold without assurances of getting the number 1 pick,that would be too risky

Donald Schaefer

Don't blame Sam. There are passing plays that have two receivers running patterns that take them out of the play. The ball is snapped, the line shifts and rolls left and Sam follows and so does the defense. But the two receivers on the right head to the right sideline totally out of reach and out of the play. The one receiver now has 2,000 defenders covering him.?‍♂️?‍♀️

Victor Cerda

Just End The Suffering

Tom Sixspeed

Add an elite edge rusher with Quinnen ... Quinnen is a keeper

Ted Chen

Trade Gase for a pack of gum.

Luis Atiles

I’d trade Sam Quinn and Avery and crowder.. I believe that would give us (2) firsts and (2) 3rds.. the jets need to bring young talent to this offense this draft.. imagine grab trev, Etianne, and a Wr & TE in the back end of the first :p!!! No excuses for any OC coming in!!

Benjamin Kuchipudi

Trade darnold after you secure the first pick. If you trade him now and you somehow don’t get the first pick were screwed


as a fan of Sam D ... and with Big Ben at the end of his Career .... yeah ... I could see him with Pittsburgh as the future post Ben

Politically Correct Redskin

You can't move Darnold without securing the first overall first. So the deadline is probably off. It would be amazingly Jets if Frank Gore and Joe Flacco accidentally rattled off three wins at the end of the season to move you out of first overall. If that happens, I think it might actually be the most Jets thing yet.


I’d just fire Gase! No more trades!

Xavier D

I wouldn't trade Crowder, Maye, or Poole. I get rebuilding but you don't want to leave the team completely stripped of talent. No coach is gonna want to coach here with absolutely no talent. Also, I would not trade Darnold until we lock in the #1 pick. If we trade him and we win a couple games then what?


We don't have to draft a franchise quarterback just trade for an already established one like Ryan or Rodgers. I don't think a young qb would benefit us with how poor our team is

Pat Iorio

I hope NFL forces the owner to sell the team it seams to me its rebuilding mode every year .you'll get Trevor Laurence it be the same pattern. At this point picks its garbage not going to fix problems.SAM NOT THE ISSUE...

Donald Kephart

It will be the biggest mistake that they have made if they trade the Ghost.. We need Darnold


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Janes Dough

I want to be clear. You traded DS Bred Jordan 4 for DS Sacai Waffle Nylon and you also gave cash? Just curious if you checked Stock X pricing before hand. Maybe pricing was different at the time but as of today, given your size, they should have given you cash. Your happiness with the deal is what matters but the trade seems unbalanced to me.


Just joined the waitlist


Are the service fees always $40?

Chad Poole

Tj you get your nails done every week . I swear every video it's a diffrent color.. ?


I'm mad I wore my royal toes and mochas. Someone offered to trade me a new 2013 breds for those two new and also add $175. ? I could have gotten breds : a $700 sneaker for $250 considering I got the mochas and royals for retail.


Those Waffles have always looked like the Saucony Jazz to me except without the protruding heel.

Fear Jayden

Can you trade slightly used pairs?

Leo Anderson

I love the hairstyle TJ ???????????⛹?????????????


Do both parties pay the $40 service fee? If not, who gets hit with the fee?

Casey Johnson

Great video. And Your hair looks fly tj.

Ceonile 23

Very dope‼️ i might have to try this.. very good video????

cris smooth

I have a question... i traded my shoes but it says i have 64 hours left to ship my shoe is there a button i click that says dfopped off or something

Leo Anderson

Hopefully I start having better luck. The offers I get are pathetic! Thanks for making this great video! ⛹?????????????

NonTaxable Money

ur hair looks good ???

Jay Agosto

am i crazy for wanting to trade sum jordan 13 for sum jordan 11 breds those are literally the shoes i’ve been dying to have?

Samuel Russell

Question please.. Does tradeblock authenticate for all transactions?

Controversial Wolf



This is dope! I’m gonna have to try this out! Great video!

Cookies S

How do you know you aren’t getting a fake

Charles Mr. Emoji Eley


Sed Jones

Those fees look a little high Tj.


I love that Sacai waffles! It's one of my wishlist! Thank you for your video.

Talks With TJ

As soon as my Nike Sacai Waffle Black Nylon arrives I will have a full review and unboxing. Thanks again Tradeblock for changing the game, putting the trade back in sneakers.

Check out Tradeblock at tradeblock.us/

Bobby’s World

Hair is beautiful and fly

Bobby’s World

I’m sorry but I would never trade an Air Jordan sneaker for anything other than another Air Jordan. Especially not a retro Air Jordan exactly like how the OG was.


Just signed up for the waiting list. Thanks for posting this!

Miri Astro

This is a game changer for real! I love the option to combine product/cash to make for fair trading. Does Tradeblock also legit check the shoes as well?

Jo Owens

The concept is dope, and the website is legit, but the fees are what kill me. About $60 in total fees to trade 1shoe.

DarkStar Zero

First time hearing about this new platform (app) and just watched this video for the first time now I’m a subscriber???


here is the other video in case folks don't want to search: