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Louis Vuitton St. Germain MM | New Handbag Unboxing!

39 543 views | 25 Nov. 2015

Handbag video! Unboxing

Handbag video! Unboxing of my new Louis Vuitton St Germain MM ;) I love handbag videos so I thought I would share my new one because these types of videos always help me when I am looking for a new bag ;) Thanks for being here with me!

XO Bri

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Louis Vuitton St Germain MM

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I wish I could push the like button a thousand times!! It's gorgeous!! I was just in LV &"didn't see this bag. Definitely on my Xmas list, now!!!?? Happy Thanksgiving! XOXO????

The Glamorous Life

gorgeous bag!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! kat xx


Gorgeous bag???

Noemi ace

Gorgeous bag!


Wow!!!!!  Nice.....Happy Thanksgiving:))

Annette Barletta

Love the bag! Simple, practical, yet elegant. Sort of like you Bri!! Wear it in good health. Do you ever use those "bottom inserts" in your bags? I never knew they existed but apparently lots of women use them to retain the shape of their bag when filled. Brian did a good job! Almost happy birthday! Happy Thanksgiving. Love to Shannon too.


Love it!!!  THx for showing us!!  Happy Thanksgiving!!! :)))

diva d

I love this bag because I'm in a wheelchair cross bodies are the best because I don't drop it. My DB purse is so small it keep falling off my foot pedal. Do more purse hauls please?

Heart Break Hotel Inc

I bought a new handbag yesterday. So now I dont feel too bad lol.


Perfect size and so pretty! Happy Thanksgiving!

cindy williams

beautiful bag! love it! where is your jewelry that you are wearing from? could you do a video on christmas gift ideas for him/her?

Stacy Angel

AHHHHH its so pretty, Its been on my wish list forever. Enjoy!

Karen .c.h

Wow wasn't expecting you to pop up. I searched for St. Germaine reviews. Lol I'm going to DM a question on IG.

Annie J

Hi! Beautiful bag! How is it holding up? How about the hardware and chain strap? I am
Trying to gather as much info as possible on some LV bags before buying one for my mom. If anybody has a suggestion for LV shoulder bags I am open to it! Thank-you!


Congrats nice one

Karen Mullakandov

I love those tops with the thumb holes.....where did you buys yours? I live in Phoenix and can't find them. Also wanted to say that I'm loving my skin care products!!!! I will be ordering more soon!

Lori K.

Happy Thanksgiving to my American friend ! Does Brian have an older brother please???? Beautiful handbag....wear it in good health ?????

Lindsay Chaple

Girl yaaaassss!!! Gorgeous bag!! ??

Much love my beautiful friend!! ?

Beth B

Classic black with gold bag will always be one you reach for  great pick ...thanks for sharing!!!

erica vigil

Stunning hand bag bri !!

Elizabeth Stamler

The bag is so pretty! I want one! Lol hope you and the fam have a happy thanksgiving :)


Nice choice of bag, classic look :)


Love it!!! Thanks for sharing
You should show your entire LV collection :)

Daria Isaksen

Gorgeous bag ? xo, Daria


Congratulations and Happy Birthday! She is perfect! thanks Pam



Jesse Dana

How beautiful! I would love to see your collection of LVs :)


Beautiful Bag! I'm so jealous. I've never had an LV & have been wanting one for a while now. Can u share where your sweater & necklace(s) are from? I love the really short one! Happy Thanksgiving!

Carrie Berschman

Gorgeous bag, Brianna! It is so classic! I'm sure you will get so much use out of it! Thanks for sharing with us! :) have a happy thanksgiving & enjoy the long weekend with family!!


Nice bag Brianna xoxo Pat

melissa pintone

Gorgeous bag Brianna!! Wear it in good health! Had a question on the palette your wearing, I have the TF matte palette and UD basic ones is the shade and light one similar? Do I need it? Lol happy thanksgiving!!!!

Kloves3lvandcc Kelli

It's beautiful!! Congrats!!??✔️❤️?

damini qazi

that bag is gorgeous girl.....loooooved it. enjoy it.

Noemi ace

Love louis vuitton!
I own a couple of bags just purchased the Sully MM


very nice,, i think you would like" HouseOfHaute', her collection she is classy.beautiful..such as yourself


great video. I love the St. Germain

Rachel Anderson

Love your new purse!! Why don't you do a favorite purse video? Both purses you own and/or ones you would like to get. Need a new purse and I could use some inspiration. Thanks!!!




You're my favourite!!!!! <3

Gloria Martinez

I am a Louis Vuitton addict. Have some from way years back and some new ones. I do keep them in their cloth bag. Enjoy!!!!XOXO

Marla Robinson

Such a pretty bag. I know you will enjoy using it.

Deborah Wilhelm



could you do a review wear and tear on this bag ?

Sarah Stroud

i love it happy early b day!!!you deserve it!!


Hi Brianna, where are your necklaces from? Beautiful handbag:)

Sarwat Nadeem

Love this bag xx u look gorgouse as always xx

Shalana Crawford

love this bag!!!!

Irma Montalvo

i would LOVE to see you LV collection

Lourdes Maya

Love it!


Gorgeous bag!! Nothing like an LV unboxing. Enjoy wearing it and have a Happy Thanksgiving. xo Lois


What a beauty! Enjoy! Happy early Birthday! xx

Schuylar Aesthetics

Love! Please do a purse collection! ♡

c nevett

Congrats on the LV! It is very gorgeous. Your eyeliner is looking so pretty! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. hugs, Cindy

Hanna Augustyn

OMG... gorgeous beg..????very elegant ?just dream?


She's a beauty Bri!! Great taste as always, enjoy her!!


OMG LOVE LOVE LOVE that LV bag ! My birthday is next month too , so i def will be telling my hubby about this . hahaha Also love your sweater !! Who makes it ? Hope u had a great Thanksgiving ! xoxo Teri


What a gift, 2,960 dollars, it is gorgeous!

Kelly Turner

Oooh love this bag girl! Don't ya just love the beautiful packaging they come in?!

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family! And tell your beautiful sister too! ☺️. Muah!

Tina Madden

Love! I have the Montaigne but love this one for a good shoulder bag. I don't think they are too similar.. or maybe? Anyways, Question: Does your hair get caught up in the chain? I've always been hesitant to get a chain because of one time a while ago my hair would get caught up in a chain but it was a tiny link than this.. Let me know. Then this is going on my Valentine's Day list.. ;)

Deborah Wilhelm

So impressed that you take the time to answer!


HI beauty i am not a fan of LV bag because of the logo everywhere on the bag but this one i very like it so much lol, i am gonna try it at store, :-) i love your style kiss from paris


Gorgeous bag! When is your birthday? Mine is next week. I'm still deciding what I want for my bday. Gotta decide soon, so I can tell my hubby what to get me.


I love the bag. I love handbag videos.


She's got the mooooneey

Shelia Dennis

Love your lv very pretty!!

Tami Armstrong

I love the bag!!!! so pretty and classic. I also love the shirt that you have on. XOXO

Karen Mullakandov

Thank you Brianna! Ordered 2 fantastic tops and ordered fantastic facial products!

Kindal Nay

Love these videos!!! Awesome.

Maria Pedota

Beautiful!! Wear it in good health!! ??

Joseph T.

Do a men's fragrances video with your man.....do U pick out his scents or does he pick his own?


Hi Brianna, I'm pretty sure this is the GM size, St Germain doesn't come in mm size ;-)

Zornitza Vladimirova

Enjoy it Bri:))) Happy Thanksgiving

Melissa Sanchez

Jesus I love this bag! You go girl!

Joseph T.

Great bag. I'm working on getting my lady a Birkin bag next.

Eva Lives in Paris

That's a beautiful bag.  And I agree, LV leather goods are a good staple.  I was fortunate enough to visit the atelier where they and the bespoke luggage is made, and I can honestly say, you really pay for the quality.  Not only of the material, the leather, but the craftsmanship that I saw was mindblowing.  They pay incredible attention to detail in quality to make sure each piece is perfect.

dkla diann

Stunning bag! As my mom would have said, wear it in good health! Happy Thanksgiving & early happy birthday! (Mine is 12/29)


That is an absolutely gorgeous bag! I love it. I just ordered the Speedy 35 for my bday which is on the 21st?


Bonjour from France. Do you still have your Saint Germain bag MM ? If so, are you still happy with it ? Merci. Florence

Jennifer Wright-Crowley

WOWZA.......Soooooo Gorgeous.........Happy Thanksgiving & Happy Birthday ........Love ya and big hugs....


Fragrance collection video please! Would love to see your and Brian's. Great gift guide

St germain price

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James Davis

Good stuff. Thanks.

St germain price

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